Fox News SHOCK Poll: 51% Want Trump Removed

There is a stunning new poll from right wing
Fox news showing that that more than half of Americans want Donald Trump,
not just impeached, but impeached and removed from office. Now. Earlier this week I told you about the new
Washington post poll and that one said 60% of the country agrees with the impeachment
inquiry and that support for the inquiry has tripled among Republicans from about 10% to
about 30% the Fox news poll asked something else which is do you believe that Donald Trump
should be impeached and removed and 51% of Americans now say yes, he should an additional
4% say yes on impeachment but not yet sure on the removal. This poll being from Fox news will likely
accelerate Donald Trump’s breakup with Fox news, which we’ve been tracking for a long
time. That’s really kind of a sad store, a side
story, but there is one interesting thing to mention there. Remember how last week I told you that former
Republican speaker of the house, Paul Ryan is now a board member at Fox news. There is speculation. People are saying as Donald Trump likes to
say, there is speculation that it is Paul Ryan’s disgust with Donald Trump. That may actually be behind some of the separation
that we’re seeing between Fox and Trump recently, which is an interesting theory, but a story
for another day. Back to the polling, truly devastating numbers,
and I want to talk about why and I really want you to understand the significance of
these numbers. I went back and looked at polling from the
1970s Gallop was doing a lot of polling of the Nixon white house in the 1970s this was
when the water date’s scandal was ramping up for Richard Nixon and the portion of the
country that wanted Nixon impeached remained quite low, well into the impeachment inquiry
even when the majority of the country already believed Watergate is serious. Already believed that Nixon was guilty of
wrongdoing in that only 26% of the country believed that Richard Nixon should be impeached
and removed and Nixon remember, didn’t have the benefit of a right wing media echo chamber
defending everything that he does all the time. This thing started two weeks ago and more
than half of the country now believes that the president should be removed from office
in a Fox news poll. Now there’s another interesting thing for
most presidents. You gauge how things are going by approval
rating. Trump’s approval rating has become completely
secondary. We are now gauging how things are going by
how many people want Donald Trump impeached and removed. This is not normal. The fact that the focus now is not on approval,
but on impeachment support means that things are are very different from the way they normally
are with American presidents. This is also, by the way, new territory for
Trump in that in business, when he’s gotten into trouble, he has the escape hatch of bankruptcy
and he’s used it. He’s pulled, he’s pulled the cord on that
escape hatch. Many times you can’t declare bankruptcy from
what’s going on right now. I guess the equivalent would be resignation,
but we’re very, very far from that really being a discussion. So that being said, a refusal to cooperate
with the impeachment inquiry makes him look more guilty to normal people. His followers will resist that. They’ll say, no, no, he’s doing the right
thing. It’s a witch hunt. He’s fighting it. He’s not going to bow down to the witch hunt. But even some Republicans are going to see
Trump’s refusal to cooperate at all as a sign of guilt. Nixon tried to fight impeachment. He lost. Trump, thinks he can fight it, and when he
may be right, a buddy may not. Now let me throw something else at you. About the 51% wanting Donald Trump impeached
and removed. Trump lost the popular vote. Okay. By a lot, by more than any previous president,
millions of votes. This is now being called a coup attempt by
defenders of Trump. And by Trump himself. This is a cue to reverse the election results
and remove Donald Trump from office by the very people who never voted for him in the
first place. I went back and looked, every impeachment
in history was called a coup attempt by the defenders of the president that was at risk
of being removed. So that is another propaganda technique made
to once again, uh, distract from the fact. And I encourage you not to fall for it. This is a constitutionally enshrined mechanism
to investigate and adjudicate the wrongdoing of a precedent. It is not a coup. It’s almost the opposite and it is not a new
thing. Every president facing impeachment has had
defenders say, this is an attempt at a coup. It is not. This is how the system is designed.

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is an amazing split in numbers – 51% want Trump removed from office, 41% approve of the job he is doing. To top it off big business money will support Trump if the Democrats run someone considered to be "socialist". The next year should be interesting.

  2. You can be far right but if you are a teacher farmer soldier trucker working class homeowner renewable energy worker humanitarian black hispanic LGBTQ person you cant like trump.

  3. Dems this is it, your one moment of glory to save democracy The Apprentice style…Ya fired!!!! 
    I'm talkin' arrest the entire Whitehouse!! Helicopters, SWAT teams, hostage negotiators and those tanks that shoot tear gas!!!

    With his 'unmatched wisdom' he'll hold up in the oval office with a rocket launcher and shoot himself in the head with it…best ending to a reality (horror) show ever!!

  4. This is incredible seeing it's from trump TV – in the real world then 80% know trump is a criminal and needs to be removed. This is good and my faith in human intelligence and reason renewed.

  5. The US has been flying on auto pilot with Trump on twitter for too long, it's time for a real president to take over and make America more than just a punch line in political jokes all over the world.

  6. What an amoral human being!…It seems, like, everything he touches is tainted, in one form or another and to one degree or another…This man is a greater threat to America's national security, than, Russia, ISIS, Iran, Turkey and North Korea, combined.

  7. Impeachment is enshrined in Constitution but isn’t the presidential pardon also? People are so focused on damage limitation (getting Trump out ASAP) they forget justice for the destruction of USA’s credibility and institutions. Pence must be removed too, or Trump will never face justice, just like Nixon.
    Only if replaced by a Democrat (by election, or impeachment-plus) will Trump answer for his crimes. Impeach-swap him for Pence, and Trump gets away with it all.

  8. I'm surprised it took this long for this train wreck to maybe? come to completion. It's been like watching a 4 year super slow mo car crash not knowing when it's going to end, just a black ice road with car after car after truck after semi after car after car … slamming into each other with no end in sight. Are we maybe seeing the car that manages to stop before slamming into the car ahead of it ? Is this salt on the road that stops the crash?

  9. I was listening to the echo chamber Hannity today as I was hiking. I listen to him while hiking for two reasons: I get so angry I hike faster, and if I have to puke I can do it in the dirt. Anyway Hannity had Gingrich on who acknowledged the Fox poll and said the 51% will go down as time goes on. I hope he is wrong.

  10. David/Producer – Is there a way to get your transcript? The full one, not a President Trump style one. I'd like to quote you more, but I'm too lazy to type it out while listening.

  11. It will be revealed that Trumpuppet's entire political career was and is still being directed by Taskmaster Putin. If you think that pulling troops out of Syria is bad, just wait until Putin tasks his Trumpuppet with something even worse before all of this is said and done. In the end, Trumpuppet will not only be removed from office but charged with treason. The only thing I fear is Trumpuppet fleeing back to motherland Russia before facing jury, judge, and executioner.

  12. I know this was just a freudian slip (or just a slip of the tongue), but the DumpFox breakup isn't a sad story, David! It's a happy, funny story that you can tell your kids to cheer them up on a bad day! =D
    "Once, there was an awful propaganda network, and an awful 'president', and both were so bad they ended up hating each other despite their mutual interest in maintaining a ruinous status quo that was turning the US into a third world country."

  13. Donald Trump already sent his personal lawyer Bill Barr to talk to Rupert Murdoch today. I can't remember an Attorney General being an errand boy for the POTUS. If this isn't abuse of power than I don't know what is.

  14. I find it rather hilarious that Republicans feel that impeaching Trump is an attempt to change the results of the 2016 election. Meanwhile during Obama's first term all you would hear from Republicans is how they wanted to ensure that Obama was only a one-term president. It's effectively the same thing. They didn't like the results and wanted to ensure he didn't stick around while also stonewalling basically every effort Obama attempted to make, even if it helped Americans.

  15. Imagine, for a second, if Donald Trump was brilliant, rather than a bona fide idiot (I know, it's hard to do). Imagine the even greater damage and stronger chokehold he would have on our government now. Once Trump is impeached or elected out, our country needs a serious review of the presidential powers, like a mechanic checking the bolts on a steep rollercoaster. Let's admit it: we nearly skated straight off the tracks (or still could).

  16. I'll just say it – If anything, Trump should be impeached, convicted and face summary (execution) for high treason. Heck, he threatens people all the time. Back at cha, asshole. A dead Trump = A happy nation

  17. Does people really believes he will resign with dignity? No. If he goes down, he will do so kicking and screaming, probably launched a nuclear missile or two. If he's a king of any kind, he's a drama king.


  19. Funny that Republicans are the so-called 'party of law and order' but when it comes to a legitimate and (as David says) constitutionally enshrined process of investigation that they don't like, then suddenly that all goes out the window. Typical.

  20. Murdoch has decided to drop support of Trump. He tries to do it slowly, to minimise damage to Fox. A month ago, Fox would never have commissioned such a poll.

  21. I’ve just returned from The Blaze’s comment section on a video covering the same topic. It is a vitriolic place full of functionally illiterate sycophants. It feels so good to be back here.

  22. Just last week, Trump said he’d be concerned IF 50% of Americans wanted him impeached. Well…here we are.

    Trump doesn’t believe he can get elected without foreign help and money. Needing foreign help makes him look weak…and desperate.

  23. The poll is obviously false, meant to spur his base to action and rally his supporters–it has nothing to do with reality. Do not give credence to a broken clock like FoxNews Entertainment network…

  24. You can bet Republicans want him out by the end of the year. Candidates need to get their campaigns in gear for the Republican Primary, which will undoubtedly happen now.

  25. Bullshit,,Fox is in bed with the rest of govt run information freaks, The pelosi freaks,are giving the Numbers,, there are 60 million of us that will re-elect him and 60 million Patriots will shit can the rest of you Communist, anti- Americans,,let's just see what happens, Hillary's Left over's, are now Fox news watchers,it's the only place they can actually hear anything, that's not TRUMP'TRUMP'TRUMP'

  26. Wow. He's actually done. The Democrats would have to straight-up cancel impeachment to keep him in office now.

  27. This could the beginning of the end for Trump – he is starting to cause major damage, like with the Kurds for his own business only and the question will become, who falls with him and who pulls their hands already feeling the heat. But before that one must remember "House of Cards" and the play for Pardoning.

    Trump plays blatantly open now, saying things out loud that are illegal for him being the President – which can either mean he is immensely stupid,
    or that he feels very safe about that he can not fall even under Impeachment. If it is the last one, we can expect even more chaotic choices from him, more havoc, scandal overloads and more bloodshed to come due to his actions, since if he cant not be taken out of office it means he can do what he wants and so will do – the narrative being the President is immune to the laws on which the republic is based on = Dictatorship, Tyranny = Not a democratic construct.

    Mike Pence is a farce! – Just using slow talk to try to be smooth and hope those dumb enough can not remember what he was talking about to being with.
    – "A real Christian without a sliver of sin in his aura", yea right!. He wants to be President for sure, but he is too deep in.

    What actually happens if Both Trump and Pence are being removed from office?.

  28. I fucking despise Trump but do not believe in polls..was the poll taken on even # of D's vs R's? I'm guessing no.
    Don't get me wrong, he should be fired…out of a cannon!!

  29. It was probably like pulling teeth, for Fox, to have to display that poll, knowing it was going to upset their Dear Leader! I can't believe that so many Fox viewers can't even tolerate all this corruption! Republicans and evangelicals are extremely corrupt, but I guess Trump has taken corruption too far, even for them!! Republicans are on Satan's side, but they don't want to suck Satan's cock! Trump is sucking Satan's cock!

  30. My mom is a Fox News watcher and she says that she calls the impeachment “a coup” because she says “the dems” going about the impeachment process illegally somehow.

    Have you heard anything about that from Republican people?

  31. David, I hope you explain how this stat can happen so quickly.
    Things said by the hangers, are all in for liddly don. What??

  32. If that number is even a little bit close to reality that be crazy! 51%? To be flipping removed? I Love it, but I doubt it. Ilibidi:)

  33. He's being targeted by a corrupt DNC. He's being harrassed and hounded weekly and it needs to stop. The Ukraine call is not a basis for an impeachment inquiry. process.

  34. Everyday this trump titanic gets closer to the iceberg. Just tonight it was announced that Michael McKinley, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has resigned from his position amid rising dissatisfaction and plummeting morale inside the State Department regarding the Ukraine controversy.

  35. Fox News Poll is a normal poll. Its not a poll of just Fox News viewers or conservatives. Its a proper poll unlike Rasmussen.

  36. Nixon had lower impeachment poll numbers because he OPENED trade with China..
    Trump has unprecedented highs in his numbers because he CLOSED trade with China..
    for those wondering, the tariffs have put countless farmers and truckers out of work..

  37. Paul Ryan's disgust with Donald Trump? That's impossible. Paul Ryan is potentially worse than Trump in almost every way.

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