Fox News Hires ANOTHER Trump Stooge

>>Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be a contributor
on Fox News. I had like a cutesy little lead written for
this. And it’s not a cute story. There’s a revolving door of politics when
it comes to the media. And there’s an argument that it’s with the
Trump administration, but no, with every administration. It’s just particularly disgusting when it
happens under the Trump administration, because it rewards bad behavior. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has lied to the American
people over and over again. And this is on the heels of the story we did
just yesterday about Sean Spicer getting a role on Dancing with the Stars. It’s like, you’re a bad person? Well, what can we do to launder your image? So, in this case, it’s Fox. So it’s a little more expected. But what do you guys have to say about this? I have to be honest, I’m not that outraged
and I don’t care that much. I find it fairly normal. So look, at some point, Fox actually dropped
their fair and balanced tagline and at that point, I then felt better. I mean, sometimes a lot of the rest of the
media continue to cover for them, which is frustrating. And by cover for them, I just mean like they’re
conservative. That’s okay, just say it. And they started to say it by dropping fair
and balanced, and if the rest of the media would just say, yeah, of course they represent
the Conservative position. And they support the Republican Party, etc.,
it’s a free country, they are allowed to do that. Hiring people that work for Trump is fairly
logical. But remember, look, MSNBC and CNN hire former
politicians all the time. Yep. Former administration all the time. I mean MSNBC just hired Claire McCaskill to
tell us how to win when she just lost her Senate seat. It makes no sense at all. They’d hire Jake Carney, David Axelrod, so
the democrats do it, the republicans do it, MSNBC, CNN and and Fox do it. So- Yeah, I mean, a, it’s a racket, right? Because it’s all everybody taking care of
their own and their own has nothing to do with you and me. It’s not our own, it’s their own. So that’s a huge piece of it. Secondly, once I saw General Pinochet, the
former dictator of Chile, on America’s Got Talent, no, that didn’t happen. My God, I was about to say. And the thirdly, I mean, I have to be honest,
I think that just reading her personality off the screen, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is
a deeply unpleasant person to experience for me. And I’m just thinking for personality, her
vibe. Yeah. It’s just horrible when she’s on the screen
so Fox can have her. Fox’s audience can have her, take her. I mean that’s that’s my gut at it, but you’re
absolutely right to be as angry as you are. Even if I’m just like good riddance, you’re
absolutely right to be as angry as you are because it just shows the media corruption. As our politics gets violent, the media gets
violent. Look, I think Fox News is a natural fit. Like it was something that we were all joking
around about on the day that she resigned from her job. So I would be much angrier if she got hired
at a different place as a contributor. I think on Fox, it’s to be expected. But one of the things that I came across today
was Sean Spicer reacting to the critics in regard to how he was chosen to be on Dancing
with the Stars. And he said, I’m perfectly happy with who
I am. And I thought to myself, well, of course you’re
perfectly happy with who you are. No one’s ever really held you to account for
who you are, you were a liar. You lied for possibly the worst president
this country has ever had. Who’s a crook, a criminal. Who’s a brutal and has brutalized children
at the border. I mean this country rewards bad behavior. Yeah. And that show is rehabilitating his image. Yeah, but, look, I think that last phrase
there is the critical one. Are you rehabilitating people or not? And so Fox News doesn’t rehabilitate anyone,
it just serves the same audience. So I think most people when they hear Sarah
Huckabee Sanders in that monotone voice delivering things that we know are not true, it gets
on our nerves but for the Fox audience, they’re like, she’s so mean. We love her. That’s where the heels go. And if you like heels, you go to watch Fox
News. So it’s a natural fit. Like you said earlier and I’d be much more
annoyed if other news networks treated her as if she was a legitimate source of news. But to be fair, look, a lot of the press secretaries
mislead the press all the time under, quote, unquote, normal administrations too. But that’s an impolite little thing that you’re
not allowed to say in Washington. No, that’s- Cuz everybody else is friends. That’s absolutely true. And I rarely make hard and fast predictions. I’m gonna make a prediction about Sarah Huckabee
Sanders now. Her tenure at Fox will not last three months
past the end of the Trump presidency. She is there to cozy or keep the relationship
warm with the Trump administration. The audience won’t like her. That’s my prediction. She won’t have good or whatever. And she’ll be gone as soon as
Trump’s gone. Saul predicts. All right, well, I love predictions. So there we go. All right.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I love Dancing with the Stars but I wont be watching this season. Just cant do it. Maybe they'll have Huckabee on next season

  2. Guess she had enough of the family stuff. She better dye her hair platinum blonde and look good in neon colored mini dresses.

  3. Oh man, there goes Trump news Sean Hannity Tucker Carlson and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Prepare for Trump to receive the mother of sugar coating and ass kissing from these 3 charlatans.

  4. Qualification for being on Fox News. 1. Liar
    2. Willing to give up morals ( if you ever had any)
    3. Have no shame
    4. Willing to solicit hate
    5. Give praise to mental illness going unhelped
    6. Willing to betray America and it's citizens
    7. Step up and defend bigotry and race hate
    8. Use the name of God falsely to defend all attacks on humanity.
    And Sarah Huckabee Sanders fits everyone of these qualifications, so she is right where she belongs!!!

  5. Wow! Cenk was the only one on the panel who made an intelligent statement, but judging from the comments here it must have ruffled the feathers of most of the TYT devotees.

  6. Nobody is surprised that these corporatists rub each others backs. They all make money uniting to lie to the American people. It's Americans versus the elite. Vote out anyone with a corporate SuperPac.

  7. Welcome to Fox Sarah, go to the first door on the right where OReilly will give you a pelvic exam, from there to Judge Jeanine where she will insult your face and weight till you cry, and then to the top floor where Hannity sits between 2 slave girls and will permit you to kneel before him, you have reached the top of the pile.

  8. At least Fox has the token liberal pundit. When was the last time TYT invited anyone remotely conservative onto their show?

  9. Hey the bright side for faux, they don’t have to worry about her accusing anyone of sexual harassment…yeah I said it…well maybe everyone but tucker, and great, now Laura is saying I ain’t the ugliest around here lmaoooo

  10. Man, I thought we were done with that big fat ugly face with the one eye that points 50-degrees opposite the other one like a lizard. The thought of not only her fierce ugliness staring back from our Tvs, but the thought of that southern trailer trash voice filling the airways is an absolute nightmare. But, in the era of the Trump reich, any disgusting and un-qualified white person will do to help with the cause of white nationalism.

  11. Hey I glad she got that job cause I won 100 bucks off some of my friends… I told them as soon as I heard she was leaving the WH… she's going to fox news… lol I wonπŸ˜‚

  12. Ohh, I hope this means we'll be getting to see the supremely-talented Melissa McCarthy play/mock the Spicer guy again on SNL. I can already see her doing the DWTS thing, lol.

  13. Fox and the right wing propaganda feedback loop is the disease. Sowing hate, fear and misinformation to promote their corporate political agenda.
    Fox viewers somehow claim Trump is a great businessman that will do the same for the country what he has done to his business.
    Fact is, Trump The Chump inherited $200 million then went broke, $900 million in the hole.
    At the same time, Don The Con was paying a guy to ghostwrite write "ART OF THE DEAL" all while he was going bankrupt and fighting thousands of lawsuits (contractors he screwed).

  14. Fox news should be boycotted. The majority of fox news lie to the American people and that should not be allowed. They are worse then tabloids. Fox news: # spam news

  15. I'm not sure going to Fox News counts as laundering your image. It's pretty much a step sideways from "Overpaid Public Service Trump Stooge" to "Overpaid Private Sector Trump Stooge". But you're absolutely right, this IS still a 50 foot blinking neon sign pointing to their corruption.

  16. It was either stay with Trump, fox, the new fox station, OANN, News Max, breitbart, the Renaissance, stromfront………………..πŸ˜²πŸ‘€πŸ˜±

  17. The only people that would hire her is FAUX news. They aren’t even a real news group and she isn’t a real person.

  18. Ur jus bitter to the bone,hahah, fed by hate,nourished by nonsense,NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP IS THE BOSS,just remember that!

  19. Fox wanting Sarah (a.k.a. Donald Trump in Drag) Huckabee Sanders as a commentator is hilarious. Fox is so proud to be the single largest news media station (being it is the only major outlet catering to Trumpanzees). But in putting that eye sore of a face on screen on a regular basis, they can only accomplish one thing, to kill their own ratings. Did they not learn from the Sarah Palin debacle? Television is both a visual and audio experience, so inspiring your viewers to regularly want to vomit is generally considered a bad idea. Let's hope that Donnie-In-Drag sticks with Fox for a very long time, or at least until Fox goes belly up.

  20. Entirely ignoring her background, just as a person: Why would anyone want to sign her for TV? Her charisma score is so far below 0, watching a fridge and listening to it's buzzing is more entertaining than witnessing Sarah Sanders.

  21. It just shown how low is low. FOX is truely fake news that most ppl agree and you know where the liers gather, there are people know no shame, for them it just another way of work to make a living, with trump the mass come out to show their feathers and wings, let hope trump fever will die soon so we can have our normal back.

  22. How many times has AOC? Your actor/puppet that you selected and elected with scripts cause did not get smart overnight.

  23. Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. I'm busy today but felt the impulse to get a little trolling in. Have a nice day, and God bless Israel.

  24. The problem is no t Fox or Sanders, the problem is the ignorance of most US citizens whom support Fox wich is a worst thing to deal with than just Fox.

  25. Fox takes in all the losers, don't they? Ana's dead on here; I've heard soooo many right-wingers tell me that they don't agree with a working social safety net because they don't agree with "rewarding bad behavior". THIS is a prime example of R.B.B.

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  27. If anybody was wondering how somebody looks acts and behaves. When their soul spirit has been sold bought spent beyond usefulness this poor specimen of a female better known as Sarah is a prime example.

  28. Anna, just say it: Trump is the worst President that this country has ever had. Not "possibly"…….he is……by and almost endless margin.

  29. TYT doesn't hire stooges.
    TYT has a diverse group of leftist, moderates and right wingers…
    Just kidding…
    Far left extremists from top to bottom, who talk to nobody outside their own bubble.

  30. She is such a great "actor" – she told and regurgitated lies on a nearly daily basis without pissing herself in hysterical laughter same goes for Spicer….
    Corporate America loves to recycle – at least their biggest sponsored failures. After 2020 D.Trump hopefully might host the "Inmate apprentice" – a conceptual remake in a slightly different environment.

  31. the liar that just keeps on lying ! ! fox news is dead ! ! cnn is dead and msnbc is dead ! ! ! BERNIE SANDERS 2020 AND TULSI GABBARD FOR VICE PRESIDENT ! ! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN'T BE THIS STUPID TO NOT SEE THE POLITICAL THEATRE IS JUST A DISTRACTION TO THE REAL PROBLEMS ! !

  32. I have no problem with sarah sanders she told the lies trump wrote they were not her lies I felt for her and wish her well

  33. You people never cease to amaze me. Those people on the border are in the cages that Obama built, kept in them by the laws that Democrats put there and keep there so that you can blame Trump and his supporters. So find out the facts before spouting out the lies. Oh yes like your front runner for 2020 president Biden… We follow the facts not the truth…I guess you all follow suit

  34. 🦊 fox news is having a hard time spending πŸŒ€truth to lies is why she's there now and the approval from the president mean more than approval from the people

  35. Clearly FOX doesn't care that their minimal credibility continues to erode. Good luck Sarah…you are right where you belong.

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