Fox News asks Ohio voters about the Hunter Biden scandal

Maurice Vega

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  1. The Democrats in the house have done nothing to help this country because they hate Trump so much and trying to get rid of them through impeachment or whatever means they have not done anything for the people of this nation by passing any bills we could have been in such better shape not that it's all that bad now but it could have been even better but they sacrifice to people and this country for their agenda

  2. Why would there be a poll to see where Michelle Obama would enter? Why does a poll like that exist? When you figure out the answer to that question? Youll figure out why POLLS were designed for use in MARKETING in the first place

  3. Evidently they asked the people that came to town for the debate because some of them are clueless. Ohio Loves Trump except the ones who still think fake news is true news and too lazy to do true research.

  4. So annoying how the media keeps talking about trump and Giuliani like they did something wrong by running legitimate business years ago….

  5. I'm not sure if everyone here are fake news puppets or Trump puppets. Your news sources must be very limited? If it smells like sh.. looks like sh.. and in this case sounds like sh.. it must be!
    Soon Trump's stone wall-ing will come crumbling down with the rest of his mob.
    Bernie Sanders 2020!

  6. It's becoming too obvious what CNN MSNBC and the Democrats in the house Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi so on and so forth are doing to this nation and our president I believe our presidents innocent he's looking out for this country and the Democrats and the media

  7. liberal idiots can't and will never see passed their hatred of Trump! Ignorance is abundant among the liberal left, and it's supporters. Facts and truth mean nothing to these people. All that see and care about is their hatred of Trump. If they could actually see their lifestyles and earnings are there because of Trump. However, if you talk to them, they'll tell you it's all because of what Obama had started. If that doesn't prove their true ignorance nothing will!!!

  8. I am worried about Joe B and his family. He didn't even know, didn't ask, where his son was working. That's a bad family vibe. I didn't speak to my dad for 3 years but we kept track of each other. Maybe family counselling would help.

  9. No mention of how the investigation of Burisma started before Biden took his position there? Not surprised. It's fox news after all…

  10. Democrats are convinced they can do no wrong and purposely ignore evidence of corruption on their side just so they can regain power.

    That is evil to the core.

  11. The stench from the debate crowd becomes unbearable especially when you learn Columbus Ohio dismantled their VICE police squad before these hate and hoax epstein politicians arrived. Maybe the epstein/oblama cheerleaders will look into this hate and hoax deamoncrat controlled city before you can no longer drink the water.

  12. All I need to say is when Director Oliver Stone does mini series project "The Putin Interviews" in 2017 he asks the question Who was your direct contact in Russia or Ukraine?' They replied Joe Biden.

  13. The media tells (or should) the public the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. In this way, they control what people think and know. Our media tells us what they want us to know and nothing more. Most likely, they tell us what Hollywood wants us to know.

  14. They said the President was bad because he was an outsider but Michelle Obama has never had any political experience.

  15. The fact that they label it a scandal is just flat out comical. He was never under investigation, and yet Fox labels it a scandal. The scandal is the fact that Trump tried to get political dirt on Joe Biden on a half baked conspiracy theory. Hannity is so dumb.

  16. This whole thing about impeachment is absolute rubbish, The President has done nothing wrong. These crazy Democrats must be tried for TREASON.

  17. VOTE FOR WARREN. Let's make America awesome for every one of us that doesn't make over 50 grand a year. VOTE FOR WARREN if you're paying every cent you earn in taxes and fees and health care while the richest of the rich buy their 5th house. VOTE FOR WARREN and we can change everything!

  18. lambs to the slaughter ….. pls keep focused on biden lol …… anything to keep you from reality and yall just suck it up …. the consequences you so richly deserve are happening while you all watch the sparkly ball …. duh

  19. Hunter was so called innocent that he had to resign from the Chinese company where he bought his way onto the board with his father’s payoffs and bribes …..

  20. I think it is certainly significant that the Dems are blatantly guilty of the very things they are accusing Trump of.

  21. Michele Obama wont run because of the dirt that will be brought up By Trump , when Biden is indicted and his son! Who was in charge at that moment in time? (OBAMA!)

  22. Like Michelle 0bama is going to come out and answer for what her husband did. LMAO! Isn't Joe exposing them enough already? LOL!

  23. Reality is the American public is wearing out on this narrative. Nobody is going to jail, no REAL investigations are being done by real law enforcement/criminal justice system. This looks and smells like "just more political" theater and people are wearing out and stopped listening. Any reasonable person can look at the POTUS Ukraine phone call transcript and if they take it for face value there is nothing to see. If you want to read into it with bias, then you can make it say what ever you want. In a court of law, this would likely not stand as incriminating evidence…. I do not know all the details about Hunter Biden but my guess is they kept things at arms length so it may look incriminating, but legally there is nothing there criminally. But, I see no reason there should be no proper investigation here either. If there is nothing to see then it would be good to officially clear the air and put this subject back in the box….on both counts actually.

  24. Thats the problem lady, is that its all to common for politicians in washington to advance their wealth in exchange for favors. In America thats called bribing, but thats illegal so politicans call it "lobbying" so its "legal." 🙄.. they get caught doing something illegal and they just deny and make up a new word and call it that..

  25. if the Dems do real corruption, it is nothing for the idiots. But if it is Trump, that the accusation is not even true, the idiots will push for impeachments! that is how corrupt these people of the lefts nowadays.

  26. The answers here are astonishing. Take into account that (most of) Westerville is in Franklin County which is very liberal.

  27. Like I thought.. Michelle and Hillary will be emerging into the fray very, very soon. They'er both looking to make a GRAND entrance. And nothing grander than coming in at the end like Jesus coming to save his disciples.

  28. I wonder if Ivanka would have gotten to be advisor to the president for any other administration. Oh wait, I don’t have to wonder that, because she clearly wouldn’t have.

  29. Ignoring the elephant in the room. What about the trump children holding positions they are clearly not qualified for and the fact that they have dealings in foreign countries?!!!

  30. The democratic political elite preaches equality to us and trying to make us all equally poor, as they sit on top with noses full of cocaine and bellies full of lobster.

  31. FOX = Owned by the Globalist Elites. All of these answers were picked to let Biden off
    the hook. Bottom line is both Biden's are corrupt as they can be & into all sorts of illegal
    schemes. They've sold out our Nation & FOX is only 1 step from being as bad as the rest.
    Fox is not a "Republican/American TV Media Channel. They lend an ear for the Money.

  32. Mike Obama would be a front runner until the scandals are exposed then prison will be the position the corrupt commies in the Dem party will hold!!

  33. Look into Amtrak. who are the players.. slush fund 141 Million . slush: fund n. a reserve of money used for illicit purposes, especially political bribery.

  34. Hunter; I sniff Cocaine and take billions from the Ukraine and China.

    Joe; I sniff dandruff and lie about my son’s dealings with Ukraine and China for doing nothing.

    Nickelback; we had a chance for a comeback because of Presidents funniest tweet using us, but we listen to twitter rants and had them take it down, please continue liking the pickle.

    Trump; I love winning! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  35. Go too a small town in Ohio and you will prob will find people who thinks the whole democratic party is delusional and crazy.

  36. I heard if President Trump gets impeached illegally his first term is voided out so he can run two more times!!! Not sure how true this is but if it is true when the commies in the democratic will crap a purple twinky!!!

  37. Fckin losers the stupidest hypocrits on the globe! Not only devious deceptive but dumb stupid corrupt !! Bite me is a crook obvious cronyism nepotistic slimeball quit touching little girls joe you perverted qb

  38. Hannity will be back to installing toilets ,after trump gets impeached ,he got the creditability of a turnip ….

  39. If the only thing trump has to fight with is a old debunked conspirecy fantasy about biden he's got nothing. Biden showed his tax returns, why is trump afraid of transparency?

  40. Who the everloving CRAP would want Biden as the President are you frickin' kidding me? If "Michelle" runs…"she" needs a DNA test.

  41. I live in Cleveland. What the heck is going on with my peeps?? I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity of these people!
    Good grief.

  42. The talk of Hunter Biden …has been spoken outloud for years …
    I have a 2008 or 2010 Time Magazine wit a long story of truth of Hunter and his dad …but the article reads like a happy fairytale ..nothing wrong here !

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