Former Government Insider Spills the Beans! The NWO Plan To Take Out the Church Is Happening!

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you so much for joining us today Thank You Lyn thanks for having me well
it is great to have you and I’m just so excited to do our second show Gary is
the author of the book the new world religion and this book covers so much
ground about the end times and this new world order new world religion and we’re
going to talk about some very exciting things today that Gary discusses in
depth in his book so Gary why don’t you first of all you were a former
high-ranking government liaison and why don’t you go ahead and share some
information about that for the people who may have missed the first show that
we did as well as your testimony because I feel like your testimony is just very
powerful and it’s something that people need to hear okay sure I was born in the
United States in the Dayton Ohio area the son of European immigrants my father
grew up in Croatia and toward the end of the war when the Nazis and communists
were closing in on the people there he and his family and their relatives they
had to run for their lives they were able to just pack a suitcase
or to take a few pots and pans and they ran for their lives fleeing both the
Nazis and communists and they became refugees and then after the war he met
my mother who grew up in Nazi Germany and she was in a family her her father
was very outspoken against Hitler my grandfather and it was so bad that at
one point the Gestapo showed up in their little village looking for my grandpa
and that’s the type of pressure that they felt growing up and also
persecution of Christians not to speak of the Jews and anyway my parents met
they got married they came to the States I was born and growing up I heard about
these stories these were stories of what they went through and especially at
family gatherings with cousins and aunts and uncles and so by the time I was in
fifth grade or so I was old enough to begin to grasp just what happened you
know and how horrific this was and I remember that that summer accepting
Christ as my savior then the following year in school we had our first World
War two history lesson and it I realized for the first time how huge world war
two was and everything that happened and I thought how could something like that
have happened in a country like Germany that had such such strong Christian
roots and I remember praying silently to the Lord in my classroom God if anything
were to ever happen like this in America I promise to you I will take a stand no
matter the cost and he took me up on that many years later really I believe
through somewhat of a miracle I ended up at a young age in a key government
position in the state of Indiana where I would travel all around the
world dealing with our foreign embassies and promoting trade for the state of
Indiana and all together I went to 23 countries during that time and the
people at the embassies actually set up my meetings with international business
leaders and so I got to know the people at the embassies as well as various
international business leaders in the area of energy medicine and also
robotics and through all those meetings and contacts long story short I began to
hear talk about a move toward a one-world
government system and some of these people were in favor of that concept and
we’re even involved in trying to help bring about this world government system
and I have to say I got rather good at playing dumb I asked questions that
would sound very naive and sometimes they were intentional because I wanted
to get an honest answer from these people and if I would have immediately
told them where I stand on this then they would you know back off and and and
not tell me what they really thought and so over a period of time I gathered a
lot of information from people like that some of them working inside of our
government some of them international business figures I began to do research
on it and eventually I was invited to actually join two organizations involved
in this agenda moving the world toward a new world order
and one was inside the government one was outside of the government and after
a number of years of collecting documents and evidence from those
organizations I finally wrote my first book on that and eventually my second
one the new world religion which looks more it that really the the motivation
behind this one world movement because I think it’s helpful to understand what
this is all about why these people are doing what they’re doing it’s not just
about control and money although that’s part of it but there is a driving force
behind this they are motivated by religion and by their worldview more
than anything else and and and so it took me a couple years to put the book
together but it’s packed with with documents from various organizations
heavily footnoted and I always encourage readers to actually look things up for
themselves because some of it is so difficult to believe that unless you
make the effort to look into it yourself and realize that this is for real and
when you do so it has a powerful impact on your life and it helps you as a
Christian to take a more effective stand in defending the faith well yes and then
of course you’ll tell somebody about something hey I read this or that and
it’s something really incredible and then someone
say to you well how do you know and then you can just say well I read it and it
looks better if you say well I read it and I researched it and I found it here
here and here go look for yourself right gives it more credibility always but you
know it’s really amazing when we think about these things that we hear about
that do you sound so far out that they’re they’re hard to believe that hey
this is real it’s not conspiracy this is a reality and it’s just it’s
mind-blowing some of the stuff that really goes on in the shadow government
you know in the places that we just would never think such things exist so
you know as far as this new world religion we’re seeing that happening
before our eyes and some people are aware of it and some people are not
aware of it in fact I would say a vast majority of churchgoers are unaware of
how much of this new-age business has crept into the church or how much of
this false doctrine you know the apostate Church that is
just rising up and it looks like Christianity and it looks sweet and
loving and wonderful but it’s not in fact I believe a lot of this whole
loving people straight to hell business comes straight in this whole entire New
Age stuff that seeped in so why don’t you go ahead and talk a
little bit about that and you’ve written extensively about it in your book well I
think that maybe the best place to begin would be with an individual by the name
of Alice Bailey who oftentimes is referred to as the mother of the New Age
movement she eventually in the early 1900’s became the leader of the
Theosophical Society proceeded in that position by people like Elena Blavatsky
who wrote the Secret Doctrine and Annie Besant but eventually Alice Bailey
became the leader of the of the Theosophical Society then in the early
1920s founded a magazine I mean a publishing company called Lucifer
publishing which she changed to years later two looses trust and through
that organization and the materials that it published it really effectively
reached tens of thousands of of people and helped lay the groundwork for the
New Age movement now what a lot of people are not aware of is that Alice
Bailey was a trans Chandler and according to her husband foster Bailey
she would go into a room and sometimes be in there for two or three days and
come out with a book totally finished and the way it happened is she would go
into a trance state or as I say the book an altered state of consciousness and it
would invoke this demonic spirit being who would communicate through her and
she just began to write down whatever this spirit told her she even had a name
for this being Dwolla cool and she believed that he lived that he resided
in the region of Tibet and that she could summon him whenever she wanted to
and then he would come and take over and and write this stuff so I believe it was
a demonic entity is that the same thing is spirit writing because I’ve heard
about spirit yes or automatic writing it’s also called by that name and so
that’s how her books were written and in my appendix section in fact Appendix A I
have a whole section on just what she had to say about Jews and Christians and
how they needed to be dealt with I mean it’s absolutely it’s frightful and to
know that this came from a spirit through her that she opened herself up
like that yeah you know it makes it all that much more potent but what’s
interesting I want to backtrack just a little bit and this this is a lesson to
all Christian parents Alice Bailey was the daughter of Christian missionaries
to India and eventually over time she became so strongly influenced by some of
the teachings of Hinduism in clue and some of that came from nannies who
basically took charge of her life when her parents were gone on the mission
field and over a period of time her Christian beliefs came undone
and she began to migrate more and more into Eastern mysticism and eventually
having her own spirit guide this t’wall cool entity and so through this young
girl that grew up in a Christian home eventually she became maybe the most
visible occult leader of the last 100 years and today her books are the
classics the occult classics and bookstores you can go into most
bookstores and get them or order them and the loosest trust that she founded
also has had a significant influence at the United Nations in fact a friend of
mine who’s a Canadian went to a meeting this was back when Kofi Annan was UN
Secretary General and Lucius trusts materials were openly being distributed
with the consent of the UN and it brought a whole spiritual not in a good
sense spiritual the spiritual dimension to
that UN meeting and they were praying a prayer called the great invocation and
many New Agers especially those tied in with Lucis trust and their affiliated
organizations believe that if they can pray the same prayer at the same time
especially during the changes of the seasons like when the equinox takes
place that a certain energy will be released and it will empower this spirit
realm to be able to move more quickly to build the New World Order to usher in
this new age and so that’s one of their key motivations is through meditation
I’m talking about occult meditation here to help open up the gateways to the
realm of the occult so these spirits can work more effectively on planet earth to
help bring all of this about and again it sounds crazy but I promise you people
are involved in this and it’s not just a few thousands we’re in the millions now
in the United States of people that are into these types of trance state
communications with the spirit world which is strictly forbidden in Scripture
oh well we’re seeing all sorts of stuff like that manifest in the church and
we’re going to talk about that just a second but I just want to encourage
everyone out there to go to our online bookstore at prophecy
in the and check out this book the new world religion it has got
information important information that you truly need to be aware of to protect
yourself your children your family friends because we’re all going to be so
diluted we’re all gonna be so lied to and deceived and we’re gonna believe a
lie and that’s what the enemy wants and the only way we can really know the
truth is to dig into the truth the Word of God for ourselves and also to read
about what Gary shares in this book the new world religion I also want to
encourage you as well to sign up for our magazine the prophecy
in the news magazine and you can order that online it is available digitally as
well and you can call the 1-800 number at the bottom of the screen but be sure
and check that out for all the latest updates gary is going to be contributing
to that as well so Gary back to what we were talking about I’m seeing things
that don’t belong in the church that are in the church like yoga and just various
forms of what I would call new-age Bale worship so to speak you talked about
that in your book yes we cover a lot of those bases and a lot of it is has to do
with confusion of terminology for example New Agers use the term
meditation all the time but to someone involved in the New Age or a no call
tech occult practices the term meditation has to do with going into an
altered state of consciousness or a trance which opens up the gateway to the
occult in Christian circles meditation means something totally different in
fact King David used the term frequently in the Psalms but what he meant by
meditation was it had to do with dwelling upon reflecting upon thinking
about God and His goodness it was an active thought process of really
contemplating every thing that God has done in your life and
the goodness of God totally different from going into a trance State I
remember a friend calling me one day saying hey turn on the television did
you know that Shirley MacLaine just became a Christian I said really I
wasn’t aware of that I said well what makes you think that and he said well
she’s talking all about meditation and prayer and and my I turned on the
television set and she had really changed anything at least at that point
of what she believed but it shows how the terminology is being confused also a
big focus on on unity unity is good if it’s a unity centered on the truth but
there’s a false unity in the world today that’s pulling this New World Order
together and so we should never sacrifice truth for the sake of of unity
something else that I want to touch on is the whole concept of angels usually
around Christmastime there are a lot of books out and Christian bookstores on
angels and some of them are very good their Bible based but I’ve picked up
some of them and they’re really presenting a new-age position on all of
this and let me try to explain this in the short time that we have here these
these demonic beings that can appear to people when they open themselves up
through these altered states they can take on just about any appearance that
they want to to make themselves acceptable to that particular individual
and so let’s say you’re an atheist and you don’t even believe in a spirit realm
but you’ve dabbled in self-hypnosis and have gone into an altered state and all
of a sudden this being appears to you while you’re in this trance what is the
only palatable explanation that neh theists would receive for the existence
of these beings extraterrestrials if you believe that that life evolved here on
earth then who’s to say that life didn’t evolve somewhere else and that there are
beings out there that are more advanced than we are and they’re able to
communicate to us in ways that we cannot yet understand so some of these things
are taking place in places like Russia and China
among atheists but they’re not realizing they’re having a religious experience a
spiritual experience from the realm of the occult because they don’t believe in
that so they simply believe these are extraterrestrials on the other hand New
Agers believe that they are spirit guides that’s the most frequently used
term sometimes they’re referred to as masters or ascended masters or initiated
adepts a German term that’s used a lot as Eber mention which means basically
super beings they’ve gone through numerous incarnations and the
reincarnation process and they’re so highly advanced now that they can
communicate to us in ways that we cannot yet comprehend and the goal of some New
Agers is to become like these beings eventually that we will have these
powers as well in in Catholic circles people that open themselves up by going
into a trance and eventually have one of these experiences more than likely
they’re going to believe that they are communicating with one of the patron
saints or with Mary herself because in their position in their frame of mind
that’s what is most logical to them in Protestant circles a person might think
that it’s an angel and I’ll never forget I was in Denver Colorado doing a book
signing at a Christian bookstore and at one point the lady working at the
cashier came over to me she asked me a question she said a friend of hers went
to a conference that was put on there and the in the Denver Boulder area and
they taught her that all of us have several angels that we can communicate
to anytime we want to and so they assigned various angels to her one was
overseeing her love life one her finances and they covered together they
covered all the different aspects of her life and so whenever she had a problem
now she would go into a trance and summon up one of these beings believing
they were angels and it it was beginning to wreck her life actually but she was
trying to get her friend working at the Christian bookstore into
this and telling her hey we all have have angels watching over us and we can
communicate with them anytime we want to and you really need to be doing this
because you’re missing out and so her friend this this lady working at the
bookstore asked me what do I say to her is this wrong or is this acceptable and
I said I do believe that we have angels that are on assignments that protect us
you know there are good angels that are obedient to God but when you try to
summon an angel that’s a no cultic practice and what you’re gonna get is a
fallen angel or a demon that’s gonna respond to you
that’s off-limits it’s called spiritism and it’s strongly forbidden in the Bible
especially in the book of Deuteronomy it goes through a litany of occult
practices and and spiritism is is one of we are never to invoke a spirit we are
to pray only to God in the name of Jesus Christ
anything beyond that of trying to communicate with spirits opens us up to
the realm of the occult and so Christians need to be aware of this
because there’s a deception for everybody out there depending where
they’re at and this is where a lot of people naively are getting drawn in and
are being deceived we’re seeing more and more of this all the time so do you
think and I know this is kind of a big question but I’m really curious to hear
your thoughts do you believe that this one world religion the Bible talks about
that happens during the end times do you believe it’s already here and or
possibly what are your thoughts about that I can’t have my own thoughts about
it too so I’m curious to hear what you would say it’s in the making the final
pieces of it are coming together but what might throw people off if Alice
Bailey was close to being correct and what she projected what she believed the
new world religion would be and that’s where I got the title for the book the
new world religion she believed that it would be a conglomeration of
Christianity I’ll come back to that in a moment Christianity Freemasonry and in
the secret societies and efforts of Education all brought to
in a way that it would produce this this new world religion but that it would
have a top dressing of Christianity on it
in other words she came out and basically said that they were working to
redefine Christianity so people would think that they are Christians and they
aren’t Christians at all and if you think about it that approach makes sense
Jesus in Matthew 24 said that even the elect would be deceived if that were
possible that’s how deceptive things would be in the end times and somebody
who has any knowledge of Scripture at all it’d be very difficult to deceive
them into following an other religion whether it’s Buddhism Hinduism Islam
whatever but if if it can somehow be presented under the guise of
Christianity and there’s a better chance that people will go along with it and so
I do believe you’re going to see some type of topdressing of Christian
terminology on this I’ll bring in Pope Francis right now he is very much
involved in the one world movement and is pushing it and so the globalists and
the New Agers right now are really pushing strongly because they would like
to bring all this together at its climax while he is Pope if at all possible
because they believe he’s on board with their agenda and so that’s why the push
is on and and why the battle is heating up and you’re gonna see more and more
public statements of hatred against Christians and conservative Jews because
they realize we’re the ones standing in the way of this new world order coming
on board but in my book on the last two or three pages of chapter 9 at the very
end I actually have a quote from Alice Bailey where in her own words she
describes the new world religion and what it would be and it I just
summarized it for you but people can read it for themselves in her own words
yeah and I noticed and I’m sure you noticed too because we talked about it
but people don’t want to be convicted for sin anymore they have that whole
happy-go-lucky mentality and if you notice a lot of New Agers always have
that peace mentality you know like that new
not the Christian kind of peace that we have inside of our heart oh Jesus Christ
but that hold new-age style and you’re seeing that in the church you know
people don’t want to hear about sin they don’t want to know what their sin is
they just want to keep the covering over their eyes and walk blindly about you
know being happy-go-lucky and and they’re very against people like myself
who are truth tellers and like you you know they don’t want to know about it so
you’re seeing no conviction in the church and there’s just no repentance
person and a lot of these people who think that they’re following the Jesus
of the Bible aren’t even following the real Jesus of the Bible they’re
following this New Age Jesus who is not the real Jesus so we have just a couple
of minutes left and I wanted to just ask you do you have any final thoughts that
you’d like to share with the people watching to warn them about this well we
always have to hold out the hope as well because this is heavy stuff I mean it is
very demonic but we do need to have a basic understanding of it just so we can
defend the faith and so that we ourselves can steer clear of occultic
ideas that are permeating society what I try to do in the book is at the end of
each chapter offer some instructions and hope reminding people that God is
ultimately still in control and that he will have the final say and so in the
end we win but that doesn’t mean that we will have an easy time of it here in
this world and Jesus said so much he said if I am persecuted how much more so
will you my servants be persecuted and so we really in this fallen world we
have to expect persecution to come so far in this country we’ve had a very
easy you know when you look at our brothers and sisters a places like the
Sudan and in Iran and and it now in Venezuela and other places around the
world so we really need to toughen up a little bit as Christians and have thick
skin because of what I think is coming down the pike yes and amen to that
because being a Christian people always think that it’s going to be easier
well there are certain aspects of it that are easier because you do have
peace with Jesus Christ you have the comforter living within you and that
does make it easier to know that but there are things that we face in this
world when we walk with Jesus because we put off the old man a sin and we put on
the new which goes against the whole grain of the flesh so that’s just to be
expected well I just want to remind all of you who are out there watching to be
sure and go to our website that is prophecy in the get this book
you’ve got to have this book trust me it is so important to get it and be sure
and visit Gary his website is Gary Kah that’s G AR y ka h org check him out as
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  1. Lyn is doing a great job on the show as the new host. Everything is current up-to-date and very fun to watch as well. I love Bible prophecy and it is good to have someone hosting who knows how to interview the guest the way she does.

  2. Thanks for this, I started going to a church that i thought was bible based, but after a while was told by the pastor that the bible wasn't as important as a message outside of it. Also only half the gospel is taught in short sermons, no mention of repentance or Gods wrath. Homosexuality is condoned. The leadership is now embracing fellowship with Roman catholics. It was all so subtle and introduced lovingly. It's so difficult to find a real Christian church in the UK. Please pray

  3. Shalom and blessings to you. Thank you for this interesting interview and the subject matter it brings up, which I am quite familiar with. I did have a question for Lyn and Gary though. It has to do with what many of the biggest Whistle-blowers in the Church that appeal to Christian audiences tend to do, which is make the unseen spiritual world around us seem extremely dangerous and full to the brim with demonic entities that are out to deceive us. Why do you Conservative Whistle Blowers forget to remind believers in Yahshua as the Only Son of God and Messiah of all Israel that – if they are born again – the Holy Spirit is within them, and also will speak to them through dreams, or visions, or flashes of insight, or words of knowledge, or a combination of all of these methods of spiritual communication?

    Why do the Conservative Whistle Blowers seem unwilling to discuss the fact that, though not every spirit that a believer might hear when engaging in prayer or meditation is necessarily of or from God, and could in fact be demonic, the way to tell is through what believers are being told by the voices they can hear within their hearts and minds that are not their own? Why don't you remind believers that, like the Bereans did (See Acts 17:10-11), we need to test what every person and spirit we hear in waking life, and in dreams, visions and in prayer and meditation are telling us against what the Word of God in the Bible tells us? If what we are hearing from within or outside of ourselves is in agreement with the Word of God (i.e. scripturally sound), we can tell that it is not evil, but from God.

    Another thing that we don't hear enough of from the Whistle-Blowers is how we can and should study the Bible daily after praying for discernment and retention of important points, and also praying daily for PROTECTION from demonic deception and attack, and for the gifts of the Spirit like spiritual discernment, spiritual knowledge, and divine wisdom and insight. If we are loving and faithful to God in prayer, and continue to ask Him to help us discern the truth from the lies, He will be faithful to show us the way, and to guide us into all of His Spiritual Light and Truth, even when we are being tested by demons to show how loyal and devoted we are to Yahshua.

  4. As believer's in Christ we won't be easily swayed because we know what's happening. But for the millions of people who don't know the truth they will be caught up in all of the false religion. That's what scares me the most.

  5. I believe that the NAR, New Apostolic Reformation is the one world religion. Rick Warren is pushing this with his cronies and meets with the pope often.

  6. True religion is ONLY about JESUS CHRIST. If CHRIST IS never mentioned, magnified, focused on then it's not true religion but false.

  7. The KJlV bible is being changed supernaturally now. Preachers are blind and can't see the changes. Every pastor and christian knows John 3:16 but now cant quote it and when they do they quote the new changes and not what it has been for 500 years. If you want more, go to EYA on youtube and just check it out. You will either see or won't. It is in the hands of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  8. People (including innocent children) are being molested, raped, tortured and killed at the cloning centers. These cloning centers are located in Deep Underground Military Bases. For example, Area 51 (Lincoln County, Nevada), Dulce Base (Dulce, New Mexico) and Montauk Base (Montauk, New York). Most of these bases have a cloning floor and that cloning floor IS a cloning center. Some cloning centers are above ground though. There’s an above ground cloning center somewhere in western Canada, which Queen Elizabeth owns. She knows where the cloning center in Canada is and so does the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin and high-up Chinese people pretty much RUN the cloning centers. In addition, Kevin Sullivan (ex-pro wrestler) is a rich, satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati.

    The Illuminati or New World Order (NWO) have technology that allows them to be able to transfer one’s consciousness (or soul) to a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone body at the cloning centers (in this dimension) during REM-phase of sleep. They can also transfer one’s consciousness to a Mark 3 duplication clone body at the cloning centers (in this dimension) while one is in a meditative state (no REM required).

    All they need is a blood, tissue or possibly even a DNA sample to make a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone of you and they “come out" the same age as when your sample was taken. It takes them around five months or less and it only costs around $30 (for test tubes/maintenance).

    They can kill anyone remotely from the cloning centers, if they have a clone of you. They can do this (kill your real body) by either applying a constant electrical current to your clone or by torturing your clone. Your real body will die from a heart attack or an aneurysm, the same day or the next day.

    They are victimizing people all around the world while they’re asleep. Some people don’t recall anything that takes place and some people think the experience is a dream or a nightmare. Additionally, they’re deceiving people by making them believe that their experience was a Lucid Dream (or just a regular dream or a nightmare) or Astral Projection (or an OBE aka an Out-Of-Body-Experience). They tell people different things (e.g. that they're in the Astral plane, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, etc.), it depends on the person and what they are more likely to believe. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection both take place at the cloning centers (in this dimension). They use clones, MK Ultra and drugs to manipulate and deceive you. You’re not having a Lucid Dream and you’re not in another dimension or in the Astral plane “in” your Astral body. You’re a clone at the cloning centers in THIS dimension, most likely in a MK Ultra scenario.

    The clones at the cloning centers have a microchip called Mindvoice (also known as Artificial Telepathy or MK Audio Effects) implanted in their head, so they can use MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) on you and to control you. With the use of this chip, they can make anyone see or hear anything. You can even feel and see yourself floating, flying, shooting fireballs, etc. but it’s all an illusion known as MK Ultra visualizations, that only you can see (the people in control know what you’re seeing though and other people that they’re using MK Ultra on, may be able to see as well). They put people in what’s called a MK Ultra scenario, which is basically a controlled experience (at the cloning centers) using MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) and drugs. For example, someone flying around fighting monsters, they’re in a MK Ultra scenario. They do this (MK Ultra scenarios) for entertainment (e.g. sit back and laugh at the person because they look-like an idiot running around doing whatever), to test them (i.e. to see what one does or how they react in certain situations) and to influence the person (real body) in real life (e.g. make them feel a certain way about someone or whatever, like increasing the likelihood of a girl wanting to go out with someone). Lets say that there’s this old man that wants to have sex with this pretty girl at the cloning centers… they can put a MK Ultra visual effect of some celebrity face (that she would most likely be attracted to) over this ugly old man’s face, so that she’d be willing to have sex with him. They use drugs in addition to MK Ultra to help with the manipulation. One may be pre-drugged prior to clone activation (transfer of one’s consciousness to a clone) and/or drugged during the experience.

    One may even find themselves in the same area or room where their real body was sleeping or meditating at. This is not a dream or a lucid dream and you didn’t project or go out-of-body, you are simply seeing MK Ultra visuals (or illusions) at the cloning centers as a clone. You’re in a MK Ultra scenario.

    When one "sells their soul", it means that they agreed for the Illuminati to use a clone of them at the cloning centers for sex (or whatever) while they're asleep in exchange for fame and fortune. In addition, some have “sold out” and joined the Illuminati (even YouTubers and Twitch streamers) to receive benefits at the cloning centers (e.g. being able to have sex with celebrities as clones) and/or benefits in real life (e.g. money and fame).

    Vril type 1 lizards (terrestrial aliens) are parasitic, carnivorous and malevolent. They’re about one to two feet tall. Their head resembles the body of a king crab and their body is covered in red diamond-shaped scales. They dwell underground. They’re dumb (and are able to talk) but smarter when they turn a human into a host (drone). They have a proboscis (called the Quill), which is located on the top of their head. The proboscis (which looks-like a chocolate chip) contains everything that the lizard is (its consciousness). Their lizard body is dead once the proboscis leaves its body. They can only do this once in their lifetime and if they fail (turning a human into a host), they die. The human that is about to be bodysnatched is either unconscious or restrained. The proboscis enters the human’s eye and spirals around the optic nerve. It then proceeds to go to an area of the brain (driven by taste) that tastes like butterscotch to them. Then, they do a feeling of holding your breath and pushing outwards. Finally, it does what's called “Sweating the Quill” (at the tip of the proboscis), which excretes the parasitic cells that take over the human body. This kills the human and replaces their consciousness with the Vril lizard’s consciousness. The Vril lizard becomes that human (after about a month’s recovery time).

    This transition from Vril lizard to human is what’s called "Droning". Once a Vril lizard becomes a human, they are then known as a Drone, Host of Vril or a Parasited Host. A person that has had this happen to them, may be referred to as someone that had been possessed by a demon. This is what demonic possession is. In addition, some hosts of Vril (drones) call themselves “walk-ins”, in which they describe how an alien consciousness or soul took over their body.

    The slit-eye videos that you see all over the web are fake. The Illuminati put these out intentionally to mislead everyone into thinking that one can tell who is a “reptilian” (Vril lizard and a host of Vril aka drone) by checking to see, if their eyes turn to slits. This doesn’t occur and they cannot do this. However, the eyes ARE one way to tell… Sometimes, there may be an eye that pops outward (or inward) due to the droning process or it makes the eye stray, so it looks-like the person is cockeyed or walleyed. There is no shape-shifting either. The so-called shape-shifting is the transition from Vril lizard to human. Those that talk about “reptilian shape-shifters” are referring to Vril and people who have been droned.

    Drones (Parasited Hosts of Vril) mimic human behavior. They are willing slaves with no compassion and only care about droning other people, torture and sex. They’re murderers. They killed the human to "use" their body and live life as them… as a human.

    The Soulstone (also known as a Consciousness Chip or The Soul Catcher) is an apple-seed sized microchip that is capable of holding a flawed recording of one’s consciousness. Once a consciousness is recorded on the chip, it is then implanted in a clone body or a real body (which has less side-effects). If it’s a clone body, they would need to get replacement bodies like every six months to a year (possibly longer). They go to certain military hospitals (like the one near Camp David) to get a new clone. If it’s implanted in a real person’s body and turned on, it bodysnatches (kills) the person and whatever consciousness that was recorded on the chip, would then be in full control of that person’s body. After this is done, that person would then be known as a Chiphead. However, if someone dies and that “dead consciousness” was recorded on the chip and then implanted, they would then be known as a Dead Chiphead (also known as a Reanimated or an Undead Chiphead). They can implant the chip by drilling a hole in a persons head or they can remove one’s eyeball and insert the chip with a rod to a certain depth in the brain (the hyper thalamus region). Then, they simply turn it on and it bodysnatches the person via technology as opposed to a Vril lizard that bodysnatches one parasitically. It messes up the person for like a month or something. They can only sleep, get-up and eat. In addition, they have to have a nurse with them.

    Dead Chipheads are: gay or bi-sexual (not that there’s something wrong with that), evil, they’re mentally impaired, they have a “handler”, they’re child molesters and sometimes they want to bite, eat or kill people. This is because the technology to “bring them back” (from the dead) is flawed and cannot be fixed.

  9. Thank you for sharing this very interesting conversation with Gary Kah,Lyn…You doing a really great job too…God bless…Maranatha!

  10. Prophecy in the News – I'm so confused. So which Christian Church is the "real" Jesus Christ church? I'm new to Christianity. I was christened a Catholic. As an adult, I don't like that religion at all. So, I recently joined a
    Pentecostal church. Am I on the right track? Kenneth Copeland recently signed up with the Pope to push for the One World Religion. He's Pentecostal too. Yikes!

    Christians have so many different types of denomination churches. My head is spinning trying to figure out which of these churches actually are churches God approves of.

    Next, why does everyone pray to Jesus, when Jesus himself said to pray to his Father God, in his name. Yet everyone in the Pentecostal church prays to Jesus and asks Him for healing rather than praying to God & asking Him for healing. Like I said, I'm really confused. Please give me your input. Thank you.

  11. Appreciate your program and Gary Kah. There were 2 Christian authors who spoke of the New Age syncretism back in the early 1980s. That was Constance Cumby and David Hunt. They also did extensive research and exposed Alice bailey and her Lucious Trust publications. Also there is another major force impacting Europe and America and that is the rise of militant Islam. They are playing a major role in disrupting governments and displaying complete intolerance toward Jews and Christians.

  12. U have to test the spirits. Ask them basic questions regarding scripture. I've known a few not whole lot of people one of which was my mother, whom she immigrated from Czenstajowa Poland. No time to explain to Americans on how read Polska. But she actually was speaking to Jesus and our holy mother Mary. She would b told to pray for certain people and all of a sudden we found that they were very sick and they all of a sudden would b cured. My mom also knew wen somebody died and was praying for that person before we would get the call. She knew they were dead cause she would speak to them in a dream. My mom always prayed for me web I was a kid growing up in S. Chicago, all I can say is well I'm alive and have made it to 40yrs of age. Remember a house divided can not stand. The devil as evil as he is will not go against his own and deffinatly not do good even a little for a lot of evil! If ur a holy person then evil cannot fool you! For others tho that's another story. Test ur spirits and only one person do u pay homage to, is and always will b Jesus Christ. As Catholic we pray for our Mother to basically intercede or to just pray focus or our loved ones as my mama did for me! Peace to all

  13. It is happening and the events are becoming more frequent. It really started picking up speed once the nation of Israel was reestablished. This is also why the left is trying to take over the country. We could be on the verge of a civil war. The next 20 years will be interesting, if we have 20 years?

  14. Gary Kah is 100% right. This is what happened to Muhammad the founder of Islam. The being was Satan.
    If you read the Bible, Satan was kicked out of Heaven because he wanted to be worshiped like God.
    Look at his activities on Earth. He deceived Adam and Eve. He also tried to get baby Jesus killed and then tried to deceive Jesus when He was in the wilderness. He then caused Jesus to be crucified, but he spilled innocent Blood, which God knew and Jesus' innocent blood paid for our sins. Then Satan tried to exterminate the Jews which are the decedents of Jacob- "Israel". After that happened, The Nation of Israel was reborn. The Jews returned to their homeland from the four corners of the Earth. Did you see how much contempt Obama has for Israel. Look at the Islamic Extremists and Neo Nazis who want to kill the Jews and the Islamic Nations that want to destroy Israel. This stuff is very real and it is happening. Most people either agree or disagree and then push it aside for their Facebook and social lives. Beyond God and Jesus who paid for our sins, there is no one else. All of these other religions are Satan's attempt to pull you away from God. Don't put anything before God and Jesus. This stuff is very real.

  15. Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted by man and the angel Gabriel had Muhammed correct the errors and thus the Koran ws written. It is easier to edit a book after it was written or before it was published. Muhammed came about approximately 650 years after Christ. Muhammed re-wrote the Bible for Satan's purposes. It is written in Revelations- Do not add or take away anything from this book. That is exactly what the Koran does as well as the Catholics, L.D.S. and the rest of them. God's word doesn't change unless if was a change that HE made in the Bible.

  16. The Globalist's have never lost a war. They did not lose WW2 either. The world owes Germany an apology for all the lies. Germany was fighting against the same NWO interests of today. Please listen to "Benjamin Freedman 1961 Speech" , or view "Adolph Hitler, the greatest story never told". The victors write the history books.

  17. YOU CAN SEE IT COMING – MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS DEMONIZING CHRISTIANS – ALL IN THE NAME OF "DIVERSITY" ! Ironic, don't ya think ? The Liberal Left is pushing its mantra of "diversity" and "inclusiveness", YET they reject Christians as part of their "rainbow coalition" ! WHY ? Could it be, that Christianity is OPPOSED to their "do as you will" Satanic theme ? YES ! Just look at the groups being assembled in the NWO coalition: homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, illegal aliens, Muslims, atheists, anarchists, socialists, etc. WHAT IT AMOUNTS TO IS "MOB RULE" – WITH AN "ELITE" CONTROLLING THE MOB !

  18. Thank you Sister Lyn for all the Ministry Guests. IT is Blessing People's lives. We Pray A Hedge Of Protection Over You And Family Ministry.

  19. I live just down the road from “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”… every time I see one of those people out there, I tell them I’m going to pray for them. And they get SOOOOOOO mad!!! But I don’t care, I’m going to keep doing it and I’ll really pray for them too. But it’s funny to see how mad that get when you challenge their goofiness!!

    Most Christians are unaware of this, but "the church" (as opposed to His Church) is come to the full to believe and teach another gospel, which is not another, and is deceiving many by that gospel they believe and teach. The true gospel is: His Law, the Ten Commandments, which is the law of righteousness. How we are able to keep His Law is by the power of the Holy Spirit, Whom one receives when they confess and repent of their sins with godly sorrow, as opposed to worldly sorrow. What the Apostate Church has done is turn the gospel and made it to be His testimony (life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension), which is the subtlety of Satan.

    Most of Christendom today comprises of Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical. These three Sects are divided in doctrine, but are united in believing the same gospel, which is not the gospel, which many believe it to be His testimony because of how they misconstrue 1 Cor. 15:1-4.

    The reason the end tines (latter times) began when it did is because the Apostate Church has come to the full (a mindset) to believe and teach another gospel, e.g. that the gospel is His testimony. And not until He pours out His Spirit once again, the Latter Rain, will the Apostate Church be given opportunity to receive the love of the love of the truth. The reason I say not until then is because "the church" has been conditioned to believe this other gospel and won't accept anything else. When the time comes for the Latter Rain, all that refuse to receive the truth will be cast into His wrath along with the ungodly (those that never knew God).

    Repent and believe the true gospel, which "the church" has forsaken, teaching for doctrines that come of men, and deceives many to think they are something they are not, born again.

    God is: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and these Three are one, Amen.

  21. What I discovered, through many years of study, is that the Waldorf School system is deeply based in Theosophy. My son has A.D.D & I sought long & hard for 4 years for a better form of education, than sitting still & listening intently for hours, only to regurgitate information… known as mainstream schooling. When I eventually found the Waldorf system, it was everything I'd been looking for… tactile, creative, physical, grounded learning, organic foods only etc. I prayed for the 2 years I was on the waiting list, that God would help me to get my little boy, who was falling through the cracks in mainstream schooling, into this school & then one day I stumled accross a google search, Waldorf critisism… wondering what anyone could possiblly have against this obviously brilliant way to teach children… well all I can say, humbly, is thank you Lord for showing me the truth… it was aweful. The very next day I was told of a small Christian school, that is perfect for my son.

  22. Great information loved this! I love how Lyn LISTENS and doesn't interrupt him!! 👂👂🙏🏻✝️💯❤️🌈

  23. There are people right now that i have met and know thru other people that claim to be christian and do satanic deeds all at the same time , i believe there are very few few christians left , quick judgement is what most so called christians are doing now ! They believe what the devil says about you . And get even worse , buy hating and finger pointing and gossiping about you .

  24. Few will enter the kingdom of GOD says the bible , so the false belief that there will be trillions of people entering his kingdom is false , narrow is the road and few walk this road ! many many fake christians are about to find out that they are not entering GODs kingdom , they call themselves christian but are just like the world , it's OK to hate this man or that women because he or she did this or that , these are so-called christians !!! who torture other people , would even like to kill other people ! and believe themselves to be born again !

  25. In order to find God you have to seek him out , repent and mean it. People have gone to Church thinking that was searching for him and when he wasn't there they walked. Demons make it a lot easier , just ask them , they will heal you, then you yrs later you come down with cancer. Ask them for power and psychic ability they will give it to you. the commandment is "have no gods "before me" , not have no other gods" becaue there is another god and this is how you find him.

  26. I’ve been dvr’ing PITN for a few months now…but haven’t been watching the shows recorded…until recently…I started a new research on cults…Babylon…specifically on how the scriptures will be changed to deceive the church…and how the Dead Sea Scrolls will be used…after starting some research on this topic…I started watching this show…and just about ever show talks directly to what I’m studying… Thank you for the info you talk about on your shows…because I believe Christians will be deceived…or at least question the word of God…which will be devastating to many…

  27. The Messiah wasn't a Christian, the Roman Emperor created the catholic/christian faith. Do research on your faith. Try studying the original Hebrew text in original Hebrew not modern Hebrew. The name God is actually a pagan deity of fortune, the name Lord is actually the name of the pagan god BAAL. The Catholics removed the fathers real name (Yahuah) and replaced it with a pagan title, the Messiah's name isn't Jesus which is Greek which comes from the Greek word Iesus, which means Zeus. Your worshiping the Anti-Messiah and Satan not the true creator Yahuah

  28. i was deceived by a friend after my husband died. she was a “christian medium” and a was very accurate. i was desperate to be close to Him but I sought truth in the bible and never spoke with her again. she was fully convinced what she was doing was of God.

  29. It is expected for the "world" to attempt to take out the church but it will not depart until Christ takes us out!!! After that, they will wish we were still here praying for them.

  30. We are now on Patreon! Please come and help support what we are doing for the Kingdom of Heaven by pledging any amount you feel led to give! Click here

  31. Hi Lyn. I love watching Prophecy in the News every week on TV and you are a real asset to the program. Welcome to the show.

  32. please don't get your wires too crossed here as it seems there's a lot of scare mongering going on. the new world order and the new age (in God) are not the same thing or coordinated movements and these scare tactics are designed to get you to pay for stuff that you don't need.

  33. Long time no see brother..good ole days with Joe and Kaye Gateway St Pete Florida..prophecy conference's!

  34. churches, governments and corporations are all in bed together. the fact is all of them have become Incorporated, through unconstitutional contracts they're forcing us to give up our God given rights in order to pay for their privileges. you must first free your mind from The Matrix before you can free your body. we must learn to self sustain ourselves so that when they pull the carpet out the greater maturity of us don't Parish wake up it's time

  35. "New World Order" – One World Government, One World Religion, Depopulation Biblical explanations!

    Question: Does the Bible describes "One World Government" or is it really in the Bible?
    Answer: Revelation 13:7 – And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
    Question: Does the Bible describes "One World Religion?" or is it really in the Bible?

    Answer: Revelation 13:8 – And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
    Question: Does the Bible describes "Depopulation?" or is it really in the Bible?

    Answer: Revelation 18:24 – And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

  36. The DIFFERENCE between Holy and UNholy trance… WHO controls Entry and Exit? For the demonic trances, the person (with the familiar spirit) controls when it starts and ends. For the HOLY trance, God controls when the trance (or vision) starts and ends. Here's KJV trance search results….

    Numbers 24:4 He hath said, which heard the words of God, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open:
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Numbers 24:16 He hath said, which heard the words of God, and knew the knowledge of the most High, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open:
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 10:10 And he became very hungry, and would have eaten: but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 11:5 I was in the city of Joppa praying: and in a trance I saw a vision, A certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me:
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 22:17 And it came to pass, that, when I was come again to Jerusalem, even while I prayed in the temple, I was in a trance;

    …and HERE are the Amplified Version Trance search results…
    Jeremiah 31:26 At this I (Jeremiah) awoke and looked, and my [trancelike] sleep was sweet [in the assurance it gave] to me.
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 10:10 but he became hungry and wanted something to eat. While the meal was being prepared he fell into a trance;
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 11:5 “I was in the city of Joppa praying; and in a trance I saw a vision of an object coming down from heaven, like a huge sheet being lowered by the four corners; and [it descended until] it came right down to me,
    In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

    Acts 22:17 “Then it happened when I had returned to Jerusalem and was praying in the temple [enclosure], that I fell into a trance (vision);


    "To Fervent Prayer, To Fervent Prayer; The Victory Must Be Exclusively That Of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST; THAT OF OUR TRIUNE GOD!”

    Dear Lord Jesus; lead, guide, direct and protect each of your adopted family as well as Your Chosen Ones, the Jewish People; we and they under constant attack today and we depend entirely on Your Protection in these latter days.



    THIS WE PRAY IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! —- James Allen Wyatt, Jr., Kosciusko, MS H.S. Class of 1956; Mississippi State University University Class of 1961

    Our Triune God's Chosen are the ones that we forever seek through continual pray intercession to promptly replace the purges evil ones from all levels of government be it at the local, county, state and national level; they along with any and all subversives who are currently in control either in industry or among the bureaucrats who are no less than non-elected perverted produces of the evil agenda of their god which is either themselves or the one that is, in fact, their god, Lucifer aka Satan, the Devil, Allah, Baal, Beelzebub, Isis, or whatever name of the god they that possesses their soul, mind and body.

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