Former CIA whistleblower on Durham probing Brennan’s role in Russia probe

Maurice Vega

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  1. I would love to see Brennan go to jail, even more so than that snake Comey. Let's not forget about the mastermind of the Russian Collusion Hoax, Obama. He needs to pay for his crimes against his successor also.

  2. All these dramatics ,which are going on, tells me that ,we in this world have too many people who are idiots and so stupid and have become like zombies looking for an escape in making money by hook or crook and getting high with drugs/ gambling/scamming others/ entertaining/good times.What a world we live in. I am getting sick in my stomach.THINK STUPID PEOPLE ?

  3. Investigating the Investigators is a splendid idea. And yes hopefully the FISA Judge will get to the bottom of this unlawfulness and injustice practice. Keep in mind that this "Quid pro quo" is what many politicians are now doing under the guise of 501-C charity status. 501-C charity status have become a legal maneuver for tax evasions/exemptions as well as bribery-big-time and this needs to be cleaned up!
    We Americans do not need a bunch of criminal Attorneys running our country! Look at the Billions that the Clinton's and many others have collected into their 501-C Quid pro quo for exchange of favors.

  4. Much easier to Judge, than be Judged.
    Judge not, lest you be judged Pelosi, Nadler,Schiff,and all you dnc puppets. Oops too late it cometh soon.

  5. A real whistleblower standing up for truth … compare John to the anonymous Ukraine gossiper who had no evidence whatsoever for anything. Brennan is a perjurer.

  6. They should change the FISA court procedures to include a watchdog group to review warrant applications and argue against its approval. The attorney who holds that role has to have term limits and a record of the FISA Court proceedings has to be made for oversight review.

  7. John brennan is a straight criminal. He needs to be prosecuted.
    I'm sure the left were hoping that Mueller would have lied for them. Without his integrity this would have never been even questioned. I think he stretched his investigation out for the democrats advantage without a doubt because the evidence was never there early on,

  8. It all stems down to Obama because He is such a egomaniac that He would only Hire people with a much lower IQ then Himself.

  9. Kiriakou is the waterboarding whistleblower and regardless of opinion on that matter the Bush admin declined to prosecute him. Waterboarding became an embarassment to the Obama admin (there's a video of clapper blaming the practice on bush admin to deflect) and Kiriakou was subsequently prosecuted. Obama has a history of prosecuting people in what can be viewed as a retalitory prosecution.

  10. Shouldn’t cnn be outside Brennan’s house waiting for an fbi army of agents to roust him out of bed at 5 am, and put him in cuffs.

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  12. I think we are about to see the trash bag break open on the sidewalk for all to see. We just needed a person that couldn't be bought to do it.

  13. The CIA whisperer
    (What? You wanted me to wis you a
    Merry Christmas?)
    🎅 ha!
    😣 fine…

  14. Funny that Foxers fixate on the past (Hillary, Obama, Steele, etc.) yet seem to think that Trump's impeachment will not be remembered in history. They forget that they will stink along with him for a thousand years.

  15. All the Republican conspiracy stories in the world cannot distract from the worst failure of leadership in history.
    From Inauguration to Impeachment in less than three years.
    Actually it took him less than TWO years to make enemies of half the population, as shown by his loss of the Republican House in 2018.

  16. Tucker will not be on air much longer. He’s bringing too many truth tellers to the forefront. John K. and Tulsi Gabbard are legends. What’s next, Julian Assange?

  17. I don't believe in karma. I believe in applying the laws equally and fairly, NOT JUST to conservatives. I want to see conservatives grow some balls and throw these corrupt Dems behind bars!


  19. Brennan is probably the most scandalous person they will be investigating. He,s got lot,s of lies, bribery,fraud against him. HE said last week on his great t.v. station that the PRESIDENT WAS A GREAT SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. YOU KNOW WHAT, BRENNAN IS THE SNAKE OIL HIMSELF.

  20. Does anyone feel the way I do that somehow this isn't going to put anyone in jail? Also, even if all the crap that now appears to have been done by Brennan, et al, do you think it'll be ignored by mainstream media and 99% of all leftists? I just wonder if we'll be satisfied that we've gotten to the truth after Durham's report is issued and that the public at large will hear it. My hopes are that these wrongdoers will be found out and be punished but I'm braced to be disappointed.

  21. I can't wait until Barr and Durham reveal they're report to we the people and start going after these anti American traitors.

  22. Didn't President Trump have some cabinet members go to jail for perjury??!?!?…. Does perjury means something else to Dem's??

  23. Where are all the Hollywood Activist and the Upset Democrats that these people of top positions have committed sacrilege of our sacred laws?

  24. What name do they have to look under to find Brennan's notes etc.? To find James Comey notes they had to look under James 8 Corney. Hidden well.

  25. News flash…"John Brennan 'bleach-bits' server. " He used the same company Hillary did. She had them on retainer and Brennan borrowed them in exchange for a large fee to the Clinton Foundation.

  26. Those De Rats are liars and they know that there’s no penalty, they do it just to lie it’s their fun, like a person that steals because they love not getting caught, it’s a disease they have fun lying and getting away with it.

  27. Brennan is lying he committed treasonous acts by participating in a coup to overthrow President Trump. Brennan and Clapper plus all upper management in the FIB where in cahoots together. Democrats know this and continue to act dumb.

  28. Could it be that Trump is trying to flush the Constitution down the toilet, maybe that is why it takes him 10 to 15 flushes.

  29. Why isn't there not one person charged yet, I believe no one will, what the hell is going on. If this was he other way around the democrats would have to be sedated first because they would be laughing so hard that they couldn't keep from writing up the charges before they happened. What the hell are the Republicans waiting for the second coming.

  30. Tucker and Hannity are the most loyal individuals that will lie as much as they can to make Trump look as the victim and a hero. They will always excuse, turn things around and never will admit his wrongdoings. What's sad is that they are lying for him and helping Trump divide the country like there's no tomorrow. Will never cover Truth and facts. Fox is run by Trump. How is it possible that hundreds of news channels around the world, not only in America are fake news with the exception of fox…

  31. I have a strong belief and the ideology of our founding forefathers and I believe is there are enemies within the government system of our society and I believe John Brennan is one of them and if that piece of feces is not hung for treason I will lose all faith in the American system

  32. Kiriakou blew the whistle on Fast and Furious in which the FBI sold guns to the drug cartels some of which were later used to shoot DIA agents.

  33. Brennan and Clapper both stated at different times—that Trump was a traitor—a Russian asset. And obviously…they lied. Where are the consequences?

  34. Psychological warfare is the planned tactical use of propaganda, threats, and other non-combat techniques during wars, threats of war, or periods of geopolitical unrest to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an enemy.

  35. Brennan is a traitor, coward, liar, cheat and fraud… If nobody goes to jail for these crimes then our republic is doomed..

  36. All of them need to be indicted and tried for treason , convicted and hanged in public in Washington D.C. for their lies and corruption towards President Trump.

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