Forensic Files – Season 13, Ep 4: Political Thriller

Maurice Vega

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  1. I'm surprised those RN's did their job. My clinic always messes up my information! They even gave me a daughter one day!

  2. The ER nurses also probably saved the life of another person. The new women he was dating probably would have eventually met the same fate.

  3. Her 4th marriage huh? She sounds like rotten apples to me…piecing this puzzle together is not hard at all. She schemed with her lover (the nurse) to off her 3rd hubby for the million dollars. Now the shoe's in the other foot. He offs her.for her million buckaroos. Two criminals make God laugh.

  4. honestly this one cracked me the fuck up!!!! she thought she was gonna kill her husband and run off with the money, but guess what, your stupid ass was part of the plan too, Kathy!!! 😂😂😂😂

  5. Several comments about the nurses in this story. The thing is, nurses are the heartbeat of any Dr. office or hospital, etc. With the exception of….Chas.

  6. If you read between the lines, Kathy does not come across as a very nice person. To be impeached and convicted for using public employees and money in her election campaign speaks volumes. I suspect she was a bitch who mistook being a strong woman with being a rude and offensive one.

    It is also very suspicious how husband number 3 died. The incentive here to bump him off was the $1million insurance policy. No doubt she thought she had found her soul mate in hubby no 4, but he was as cold, callous and calculating as her. Kathy turned out to be a controlling bitch and so after 3 years, he'd had enough. Out comes the syringe and Kathy is off to meet her maker and account for shuffling off hubby no 3. Neither Kathy or her husband no 4 come out of this very well.

  7. My heroes here are first and foremost the two nurses. As for the murderer, he should have been sent to the Electric Chair. Demons like him must be rid of the earliest.

  8. John Conyers, Congressman from my home state of Michigan, reportedly would use his staff NON-STOP for RE-ELECTION ACTIVITIES.

  9. " So we can hold hands in the sunshine"…..Chazz shut the f*ck up lol, he should go to jail just for that!

  10. Another crooked politician that sold her soul for position in this evil government and her time came sooner than later. Thats the price these sick power hungry satanic money worshipping people pay. Who cares what happened

  11. The nurses did all of that because of all his comments towards his wife..and because of his reputation..they used common sense.they saw his narcissistic side.

  12. The murderer I'd the most idiot of all.. reading a newspaper in the ambulance while his wife is fighting to survive… what a clown

  13. I bet my left nut she was in on the plot to kill the first husband and they say if you live by the sword you shall perish by the sword.

  14. The nurses who took Kathy's blood and urine samples suspecting foul play were the ones who, in fact, solved the crime.

  15. "fortunately" he survived. Well not everyone who attempts suicide would feel that way after being rescued. Maybe most do, but not everyone. Don't put your emotions over the one who felt or still feels so desperate

  16. How disgusting to do what he did the day before her funeral and try to make it ALL about him! We humans never cease to amaze me. Good and bad but still…. 🤔😶🤯

  17. I have always believed in Karma and the Fates. I also believe that they step in sometimes to make sure that everyone stays on the right road. It was total Karma that those attentive nurses saved the blood and urine, freezing them and that the Fates led the detectives to them. KILL THIS @$$HOLE POS!!!! It's a good thing I am not in charge of the penal system because if I were, every Friday, a major prison would be chosen, numbers placed in a hat, a number drawn, the prisoners on Death Row lined up (only the ones where there is ABSOLUTE PROOF of their guilt: DNA, Forensics, etc.), and a count off begins. Those with the number chosen would be taken out back, shot in the head and their organs donated to science or needy recipients. Soon, there would be NO overcrowding. And on holidays, maybe 3 or 4 prisons would be chosen instead of just one. Yeah….and think of the taxpayer money that would be saved.

  18. Funny how Trup was not impeached for the same crime as this poor woman, amazing what you can do if you have big money.

  19. Fourth marriage? Maybe give up after three, something is not working successfully. Very casual approach to marriage some people have, seems they marry anyone who is a romantic interest in their life.

  20. One husband dies and married another three weeks later. Wtf. And number 4 kills her. They were made for each other

  21. 2 minutes in I was suspicious of the husband; the 911 call was far too calm and emotionless for someone who had supposedly been giving CPR.
    If you've ever had to do it, it's exhausting.

  22. Riding along inside the ambulance with your wife on her death bed and your reading the news paper? If that don't have guilty written all over i don't know what does….who does that?

  23. I guess so the nurses suspected some kind of poisoning when he just sits there nonchalantly reading a newspaper while his wife is receiving such care. Those nurses did a great job taking those blood and urine samples…good on them.

  24. 03:45 she was damn attractive You fucked up Chaz your going down ain't got nothing for you now.
    Corrupt cops say their so smart, but in fact it takes a whole team of Experts Scientists and Dr.s to close just 1 case .
    One vs. one with no team to rely on I'd like to see how many perps they catch then.

  25. Hmm her fall from grace came after she started that affair with her 3rd husband's male nurse . I believe they conspired to get rid of him , marry and enjoy the money but Chaz soon learned the reason why her former husbands all wanted to divorce her . Chaz guilt wanted him to commit suicide , unfortunately he lived. Smart nurses to use their six senses .

  26. Bury the 4th and plant the 5th after 3 weeks?!😱 OBVIOUSLY there was something wrong!😰 Was she THAT DESPERATE?!🤔 She dug her own grave, next to no.4, to hold HIS hand during the sun rise/set/shine!😰😒

  27. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier was he,lol.But kudos to the nurses.they should get a pay rise.karma you've gotta love it.

  28. Man that agent is right yes you was in back of the ambulance reading the newspaper I would have been over top of her making sure she was still conscious wow disguise a murderer I guarantee it before it is videos over they can victim and I hope they put them to death and not put them in prison for life I don't care how bad she was you just don't go killing people it's just not right it's up to God With God wants to do with you I can't bring judgment down on Kathy only God can I can't judge her only God can terrible absolutely terrible we live in the evil Society people need to start getting back to church have to start reading the Bible in practicing good phaethon being Good Samaritans this is crazy

  29. Thank God for good people like the FBI in law enforcement and police that are serving to protect I believe her husband probably killed her ex-husband when he was in the hospital he injected that stuff into him that's why he died too quick I'm telling you the devil was out there running rampant the initiator of deception is alive and well

  30. Irony when a nurse is the killer but at the same time, two good nurses were also the reason for his conviction. Good job to the 2 ER nurses.

  31. I remember this…she wasnt such a perfect politician women…but he def ended it for her. She was def a black widow.

  32. Kathy was a murderer too so she got her due .. if not for them nurses he would've hot away with this and the pathetic suicide attempts his laughable

  33. A woman who has been married 4 times…That's a no land wtf was he thinking! she is at th hospital starting another relationship while her husband is on his dying bed….SHe is a real bitch and glad she is off this earth! glad he got locked up too

  34. "so perhaps it wasn't inaaprioate for her to strike up a friendship" While he is laying on his death bed, I'm sick of you all trying to make women seem like some got damn angels call her what she was a dirty piece of shit aka a whore….

  35. Nobody noticed that when they met he convinced her of killing the husband, then keep a marriage and the money, then he kill her over the money and surely would kill the new girlfriend… he used the same words on the victim. Is almost a sure that he killed others before and would have killed more.

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