Foreign Policy Explained, Ep. 1: Government Surveillance: We’re Being Watched – Learn Liberty

Maurice Vega

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  1. I understand the fear on both sides. I wouldn't want government surveillance used as a tool against citizens. And yet I worry that without investigations both inside our country and out, we could get people who seriously want to harm us and cause chaos, taking our nation apart from the inside. It's a complicated issue.

  2. Her and the learn liberty staff may soon be targeted by the NSA for monitoring…
    I guess when you speak out, someone does start hearing (and recording).

  3. and yet hillary clinton has no one to answer to after her casual use of sensitive information and has the temerity to call snowden a traitor ,,,.

  4. Point 1
    Cheap Anti-American bias. Put it in historic international perspective, please. (Soviet Union, anyone) (for just one example)? Oh, that's right, these people ignore history (and worse, rewrite it to their own cheap biases), and like to bash America out-of-context (in order to feel big, of course – since it is safe – the US rarely bites back on such criticisms).
    Point 2
    Abuse, as an exception and not the rule, is no reason to not continue with a program – otherwise there would be no social service programs anywhere (disability program abuse, anyone?)
    Point 3
    This is the highest-level of thinking – all these problems exist due to a lack of an overall life-guiding philosophy (which gives us an ultimate objective core value, which begets a goal (preserving that value), which defines good and evil (which are goal-based), which then gives us a foundation for building worthwhile lives (without twisted mentalities that cause such surveillance abuses) and relevant civilizations. Otherwise we go through life blind and clueless, or like science, like automatons.


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