Five things Trump and Republicans have blamed for inaction on guns

Maurice Vega

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  1. China- Big Tech- Bidens- Clintons

    Report on the real reason you want Trump impeached: We found the
    ☢️ Crowdstrike Server☢️
    that Google used with Clinton to interfere in the 2016 election, begin the coup de ata using the fake dossier with the help of the 5 nations in the 5 Eyes program, illegal surveillance using fraudulant FISA courts, and allowed backdoor access to Clinton's emails. If you're not going to report on the
    ☢️ Crowdstrike Server☢️
    mentioned in transcript of the phone call, you're proving to the world why you're an enemy and why you're scared of the Ukraine truth coming out. It's obvious by the fact that you aren't concerned with Bidens illegal & treasonous activity that was admitted on TV.


    How many MSM talking heads are KNOWINGLY guilty of cover up?

  2. if democrats actually cared and wanted to solve the problem they would have passed the bill to give money for schools to hire armed security.

  3. Washington post, cnn FAKE NEWS!

  4. ive never actually owned a gun so i dont really know that much about guns in general all i know is that if the government takes away guns homicides will continue but in different ways such as ( bombs, knives, toxic and more)

  5. Most of you crying dems said you were moving to Canada if Trump got elected well he got elected so start moving all the demorats in Washington want is to try to keep Trump from being re-elected they are a do nothing bunch and have been trying to oust a elected president all they (presidential candidates) can talk about is ousting Trump and raising tax’s on everybody and becoming a socialist country which I hope never happens they talk about everything being free nothing in my lifetime has been free watch what you wish for on the green movement turn off your phone shut down your air conditioning and get your but outside and raise next years dinner by Carthell Williams

  6. Man, I love how the first thing you see in the comments section are the crazies that literally wait to pounce on anything that closely resembles any position that opposes theirs.

    This video isn't about the second motherfucking amendment, it's about how Trump is backtracking and self-contradicting-which sometimes he is. All presidents are, democrats and republicans alike. Gun control doesn't mean you won't have a right to bear arms, however said arms are in theory simply not going to be as harmful with control. You guys know we already have laws in place saying you can't own specific weapons, right? People just want another leg of the danger cut off.

    No president is perfect, no agenda is perfect, no form of media is perfect, but when I look at a mildly left-wing video early in its upload stage, and the only thing I see is mental patients from both the left wing and the right wing trying their hardest to turn the comments section into a battleground…let's just say, you have the freedom of speech, but others have the right to laugh at what you say.

  7. There isn't gonna be any "action" on guns or the 2nd Amendment. However, there will be a "Red" tsunami come November 2020 and it will mark the end of the crooked Dem party.

  8. Anyone who supports the 2nd amendment while hating what happened to Steve scalise doesn't really care about the amendment.

  9. Let’s say this… If children are fighting and one of them picks up a stick, do you give the other children sticks?
    No. You take the stick away.

  10. Call me old, but I remember when there was an assault weapon ban, & there weren’t record mass shootings occurring year round 🤔 Coincidence? I think not.

  11. Any law pertaining to guns should only be a direct aim at the criminals who are responsible , not the law-abiding gun owners , that's why the 2nd Amendment is so important ! It is not to protect or assist a criminal or their crimes !!!!!

  12. Chicago – 394 killings this year so far

    Mass shootings -125 killings this year so far.

    Yet, according to Democrats, Mass Shootings are more important than the Mass killings of Black Americans in Chicago. I think that's F'd up.

    What's also F'd up is that most mass shootings happen in Democrat "Gun Free Zones". So instead of protecting those people who don't carry, you just let them die? And then Blame Trump? That's stupid. How about you protect your people. I'd rather carry in a Democrat "Gun Free Zone" and risk going to jail. At least I might have a chance of living if some lunatic decides to open fire on me because HE KNOWS DAMN WELL WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE THAT CANNOT PROTECT THEMSELVES. Most gun crimes are done with non registered, illegal firearms. Plus, if I ever go to Democrat Chicago, your damn well I'm gonna carry something. Lol.

  13. Impeach this Russian tool already. How much more blatantly obvious can he make it that he is Putin's boy. Another attempt to distract from his crimes.

  14. With all the BS going on now, nothing will be getting done! The Dems do not care about the common citizens of these United States.

  15. I believe that IF EXISTING LAWS were vigorously enforced we probably wouldn't need more laws…if laws aren't enforced you can enact a thousand more & nuthin' will improve. Work with enforcing the existing laws & see what happens.

  16. If TRUMP COMMITS TO BACKGROUND CHECKS, the House & Senate will pass legislation to allow him to make it THE LAW OF THE LAND. All it will cost Trump is $5 Million in NRA funding. Trump has done his Cost/Ben. Analysis and decided he wants the $5 Million.

  17. It's dangerous out there. Lots of batshit crazy democrats running around.
    So all you have to do is commit crime until something honest people do is banned.
    You must think we are stupid like democrats.

  18. What a bunch of horse doo doo.
    If he cared he could just do an executive order. PERIOD.
    But he is bought and paid for by the NRA MAFIA.

  19. we know the anti gunners end goal. if they banned rifles they would just move the goal post to wanting to ban handguns, like they did in other countries like AU, UK etc. according to the FBI handguns are used in 7,032
    homicides per year and rifles are only used in 403. handguns are used in 60% of mass shootings and rifles are only used in 26% of mass shootings.

    you look at those stats and tell me anti gunners dont want handguns banned… they want to restrict gun ownership as much as possible with bans and expensive licensing and training requirements.

    according to the CDC guns are used by good people up to 3,000,000 times per year in self defense, but the anti gun people wont tell you that stat…

    i dont want to end up like the UK or AU where they dont believe in the concept of self defense and a woman cant even carry pepper spray or a knife to defend herself. a law abiding citizen should be able to carry a handgun, knife and pepper spray if they want… a criminal wont follow the law and will carry whatever weapon he wants. you think a criminal will follow the law that makes it illegal to carry a knife or gun? LOL, the absurdity of it is hilarious. there are 350m guns in the USA and probably 50m of those are on the black market. a criminal will always be able to get a gun, so its time to wake up and accept that reality. all you can do is learn how to defend yourself and carry your own handgun and have an AR15 or AR 9mm for home defense. the police will always be minutes away when you need them. you are the first responder responsible for defending your own life… its a simple concept

  20. The gun-grabbers absolutely LOVE IT when another mass shooting takes place. They actually want them to happen more often, and they always hope the death toll is immense. They don't actually give a sh!t "about the children", they just want more bodies in the streets so they can inch closer and closer to a TOTAL ban on private ownership of firearms in this country. That is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, their main goal, and if things were ACTUALLY DONE to protect children in schools, then school shootings would stop (or at least decrease), and it would take away their main talking point. If they ACTUALLY cared about children being safe in schools, they would be THRILLED to work WITH gun owners to implement a plan to increase school security nationwide. But they won't even TALK about school security because they want as many victims as possible in order to push their agenda…they don't give a flying fvck about actually "protecting the children".

  21. We don't have a gun problem we have a mental health problem. Why blame the guns when we have perfectly unhealthy people to throw under the buss. Oh yeah, control over the citizens, that's the motive to ban guns.

    If there are no guns from citizens, then who is left with them?
    People have never trusted the Government regardless of who is in office, why allow to only have them and cops to have the only guns, but wait I'm forgetting something, another group of people would be left with guns, but who could that be… Oh yeah, the criminals who attain their guns most of the time illegally. It's already easy to target gun free zones, so how much easier would it be for the criminals who criminally break the law to illegally receive a gun to then know that nobody else is armed… Super easy.

  22. No blame needed , as we have that pesky little clause in the 2nd Amendment , "Shall Not Be Infringed " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Some folks are trying to protect their families against the violence we have here in America today…They are fighting the good fight…some folks have changed their position from pro gun to pro society following that "I'm sorry to report that there has been as accident" knock…knock….knock on their door….Fight the good fight, nobody wants the knock…

  24. The Washington post is the biggest disgrace to America I have ever seen. The economy is at a career high and all they care about is blasting The President of The United States over everything.

  25. Are you really that inbred that you blame one person for all your problems? why not blame random hand signs that don't mean anything and try to. spark racial divide. Brought to you by the media run by the jewish elites.

  26. If those stupid democrats haven't caught on, Trump is a loyal American, he's not gona f up our amendments. Why don't those morons find something they're educated in to whine about.

  27. This is what I don't understand. Democrats want registration and
    background checks to ostensibly root out people that shouldn't have

    Then why are they pushing to decriminalize everything and expunge
    people's records? It was reported the one Florida shooter was a major
    problem in the schools but they often wouldn't call the police or press
    charges because they have a saying "books not bars". But that record may
    have stopped him from buying a gun.

    The recent Ohio shooter, same scenario. Records were expunged, he was
    able to obtain firearms.

    You can't say we want background checks as a solution and then create
    policies that make background checks useless. Unless they really don't
    care about shootings.

  28. Same old story from the dog and pony show Republicans. Inaction, thoughts and prayers. Not leadership. Shameful behavior.

  29. 🇺🇸Just follow the rules and laws already in place! Sloppy follow of rules already in place! = the tragedies already are due to criminals & schools etc not following the rules they already have in place! (A retired Caseworker) President Donald Trump tell them to go by the books they already have! No more laws or liscensing required!👍

  30. What are you doing about voter ID If you ignore rigged voting machines and illegal alien problem with no voter ID it won’t matter how many people vote for you now will it. I voted for you once I’d like to believe my next vote will really count. Remember they keep saying they will take you out no matter what the cost. We understand how seriously evil these people are now.

  31. Senator Graham said then in 1999 (as a House Representative from SC),

    "You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.
    Because impeachment is not about punishment.
    Impeachment is about cleansing the office.
    Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office."

    (Prosecuted President Clinton in the House)

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