‘Filthy piece of toerag’: Boris Johnson constituent speaks her mind

Just here in Uxbridge today,
Boris Johnson’s constituency. – Don’t you even mention that name in
front of me, that filthy piece of toerag.

Maurice Vega

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  1. What's this Guardian? The British version of the Trump derangement syndrome? 'Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing'.

  2. Hilarious, the Graun pretending female MPs getting abuse when all the objective evidence, pew, university of Sheffield etc, show men get the most online abuse.
    But then, they run constant articles about the mythical and totally debunked 'gender pay gap' and 'sexist' hiring policies.

  3. What a star. Other than a few more revulsion adjectives, I couldn’t have decribed PIFFLEWAFFLE Johnson any better.

  4. Im quite sure you could find a constituent of Jess Phillips' who thinks shes a revolting muppet but that wouldnt really be news would it? The guardian is now the gutter press of the left, which is a shame, it used to be a half decent paper

  5. Yay, 'stick it to da man' dear!
    Go commisar Jeremy Corbyn for truth, integrity, clarity of purpose and for being a thoroughly likeable gentleman and a shining example of an outstanding patriot for the UK.
    Go team red!
    Socialism rulez ok…

  6. 'Filthy piece of toerag' video of Boris Johnson critic goes viral ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/06/boris-johnson-filthy-piece-of-toerag-video-critic-goes-viral

  7. Why is the Guardian pushing so much hate around all the time, would it prefer to have the anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn in power? Does this mean the Guardian is anti semetic

  8. I can rewatch this again and again. 😎Can I adopt this lady as a fill in Grandmum? I also need a tshirt with grandmum's face, her quote and 'MY FANCY GRANDMUM' written on it.

  9. They obviously paid her to say that. You can see she's about to break into laughter before the camera cuts her off. More extreme leftist spin by remoaners.

  10. Mr.Johnson told her back: "My lady, one your wish and this toe rag will turn into a black jack and we will sail to treasure island for our fortune and glory!"

  11. Go Go Go!! Lady please do over corbyn and become our new illustrustious leader of the Labour Party. You sure could have given Maggie Thatcher a hard time she wouldn't have gotten into the ring with you she'd be paste xx

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