Federal Watchdog Says Trump Admin Broke The Law…Again

On Thursday, the Government Accountability
Office released the results of an investigation they had been conducting for quite some time,
showing that once again, the Donald Trump administration broke the law, specifically
the Interior Department and the National Park Service broke the law earlier this year during
the government shutdown when they took a funds from park fees, roughly 250 million of it. And they use that to keep some of the most
popular national parks in this country operating during the government shutdown now on it’s
a on its face here that that actually seems like a good thing, right? You know, we don’t want the national parks
to shut down. We want the workers to continue to get paid. It’s not fair to them that they get furloughed. And so they took some of the money and they
paid a couple of people at some of the parks to stay open, clean the bathrooms and a, you
know, take out the trash essentially is what the report says. They weren’t paid very much and it certainly
wasn’t even a majority of workers who still got paid. You know, they wanted people to keep their
vacation plans. And be able to go to these national parks. The problem is where the money came from. Actually, let me take that back. The problem is it was still illegal. It doesn’t matter. You know what your intentions were. If you wanted people to not see how bad the
government shutdown was, which is exactly why they did this, um, it doesn’t matter. That’s illegal. You cannot do that. That we have a thing that is called the Anti
Deficiency Act and the GAO says that this anti deficiency act was absolutely violated
by the Trump administration and because congress did not approve the use of these funds, it’s
illegal. You can’t do it. You robbed your own agencies in order to keep
them open for a little bit longer, $250 million and that $250 million came from things like
upgrading national park facilities, paying the firefighters who have to go out there
and monitor things and keep them safe. So no, once you dig past the surface, it does
not look like a good thing because what you did was you kept them open for a couple of
weeks at the expense of possibly destroying them in the future. And of course, again, that’s illegal, but
you did it anyway. You know, we’re really starting to see this
pattern develop with quite literally everything this administration does. They either don’t care about the rule of law
or they’re too stupid to take the time to look up and see what the law actually says
they can or cannot do. Either way, it’s a bad scenario for the American
public. It’s a bad scenario for the future of this
country. When you have an administration that again
is either willfully breaking the law at every possible turn or doesn’t have a single person
in it, smart enough to say, hey, we can’t do this because it’s illegal and I don’t care
if you agree with this law, the Anti Deficiency Act or if you disagree with it, that doesn’t
matter. Still the law and you can’t break it, but
according to the GAO, the Trump administration 100% broke the law again.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It seems like Trump can break all the laws he wants, and still remains in office! He and all Republicans are TOTALLY disgusting!

  2. I think the American people should do a "V for Vendetta". We need to get together as a group and show the politicans that they CANNOT lie anymore. People should not be afraid of the government. Governments should be afraid of the people. Revolution time!

  3. I love your videos would like to see you do a video on The black sharpies that Donald Trump is selling for $ 15.00 DOLLARS and the idiots that are buying them!!! No joke

  4. Since when does Trump and his cult let laws stand in their way, especially if they can help themselves in any way, shape or form?

  5. What is legal in a country that now has no law, that isn't approved of by the corrupt president. A third world Republic of Republicans. Known as The Trump Family Party.

  6. If Obama would have done that the republican party would have lynch him for it. Democrats get some back bone republicans get your panties out your ass this mf is destroying our country.

  7. America get your house in order take the trash out? make america the country it was again? it's dragging you down in the eyes of the world.

  8. Every week or even more often than once a week we hear about Trump and his Gov breaking the law, But there are never any consequences. Until people are actually punished for doing this it will continue.

  9. the cesspool is over flowing….. time to get the tar and feathers out …..thump and the rat-pub. have a lot drink suck it up

  10. The military families can't have schools where the kids are not crowded? I'm so angry at this administration that spends are tax money on themselves like they are entitled to it.

  11. When it comes time to impeach, they better not pick just one or two horrible things. Put EVERYTHING in there. Make Republicans defend every single action

  12. what is it with UK and US politicians at the moment from any other direction law breakers would be labeled anarchists or terror groups depending on the day of the week of course !

  13. $250 million from National Park maintenance spending, $3.8 billion from military upgrade spending, etc., etc. Is there no end to this Admin's blatant corruption !

  14. This has gotten to the point where Trump is violating federal laws on a weekly basis, the justifications for impeachment is getting crowded so pick one, there are so many and Trump keeps violating again and again.

  15. Who cares. trump has committed over 30 felonies LIVE ON TV. Yet NOTHING is done. This might as well be russia or china. No one arrested for committing a mass amount of serial felonies. He is a serial lawbreaker. Might as well stop talking about it. Trump should already have been arrested and jailed., President or not. THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS the president can not be arrested. POLICY MEANS SQUAT.

  16. Someone needs to make a full list of every illegal thing he has done. From before his presidency and including the things he wasn’t prosecuted for. Every crime, proven or just alleged.

    Trump seems to think that since he wasn’t immediately impeached after the Mueller Report that he’s in the clear and can do whatever he wants. He just doesn’t understand how govt works and it will come back to bite him.

  17. Try asking the police to enforce these laws since the Feds won’t. Oh wait, they’re busy doing…well something. It seems every law enforcement agency from top to bottom is completely incapable of both preventing crime but also punishing clearly committed crimes. The little guys would rather be a road pirate ignoring actual crime in their community and the big guys want to spend years gathering evidence just to not do anything about anything ever.

  18. Holy shit! The trump admin pretty much breaks a law every couple of weeks (for once i'm being conservative) when the fuck is America going to do something about this shit show? I am Canadian, but America's bullshit is affecting the entire world. Fix your shit America

  19. The best way to really hurt Trump is to Vote him out of The White House and watch the humiliation of a loss on a worldwide scale.

  20. The Government Accountability Office might a as well dismantle for all the good having them does. The do nothing Congress and Senate make the reports they put out meaningless. Leaders we have not. In any branch of government. It's an every man for himself type of a government we now have.

  21. John Gotti, Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Al "Scarface" Capone could've went into politics rather than bribe politicians, that way they could commit crimes out in the open with ease.

    The whole world was starting to think that something was
    in your water or food supply had something wrong with it
    that made the whole fuckin united stats population
    retarded and very stupid.
    The big joke Trump was worried about other countries
    laughing at the USA HA HA!!
    Putin’s probably thinking that taking the USA power
    was no harder than taking candy from a baby
    The allies are understandably worried about how
    deep was trump kissing Putin’s ass?
    Was it deep enough to tell military secrets,really now
    you can’t blame them for that.
    So it’s finally time to act and. Kick him out!
    Kick him out! Kick him out!Kick him out!
    Kick him out!
    Kick him out!
    Kick him out!
    Kick him out!

  23. So let me know when someone actually does something about it, ower government is nothing but sissies and retards and at this point getting tired of hearing about presidential incompetence and government stupidity. It will be real news when someone gets off their lazy ass and do their jobs like their are supposed to.

  24. Trump will compromise the US to Russia and China. The takeover is coming, and Israel has sold our tech to China and Russia, with Trump's blessing. Plenty of MAGAturds would like to see Putin as the POTUS if Trump doesn't get elected. Russia is the Biblical Whore of Babylon and the great deciever who has planted her stooges throughout the West.

  25. How many times do they have to break the law before this bastard goes to prison. I would like to let my voice be heard that I want to place Donld J. TRUMP UNDER A CITIZENS ARREST FOR EMBEZZELING FUNDS FROM SCHOOLS, EMERGENCY SERVICES AND FROM MILITARY TO BUILD A WALL HE WAS TOLD TO STOP BUILDING!!!PLEASE AMERICANS DEMAND THIS DOGS DAYS ARE DONE!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!

  26. You keep telling us this Farron, but there is NOTHING you can do about it, because USA is a confirmed SHITHOLE country!! Your laws are NOOB to a president out to destroy USA!!! it is PATHETIC to watch you bicth on him, while you are unable to get rid of the obvious shit that just sticks on your shue!!! Where are the guns to protect you against this??? better to kill schoolchildren and infants and just keep being retarded!!! FUCK ALL USA for not getting rid of their own destruction!!! Incapable morons! The guns are there, but you are all too pussy scared to use them as intended??? time to clear out the guns then you pussies!!! And I mean…..having an ASSAULT RIFLE as protection??? Maybe they should make a protection rifle then??? The plain stupidity of USA will always be a laughing subject in the rest of the world……your stupidity is alarming and funny, and shows the shallow depht of US brains!!!


  28. Only a stupid ass would be alife long criminal and think he can become president and continue to be a criminal and not be exposed for his whole life it's called showing the character of a witness

  29. Its truely sad.. But if obama would have done a fraction of what trump has done.. The republican woulda pushed for impeachment and woulda got it.. Trump has broken the law numerous times and no one is doing nothing about it.. Its wrong thats the reason why he thinks he is above the law..

  30. By this point we should be keeping track of what laws they haven't broken! I'm sure there are less of those! But, this is what republicans have always done! Republicans throw the constitution and the rule of law, out the window, every time they take power!

  31. We all know con man in chief breaks the law at everything he does. The question is, Is he going to be held accountable ?

  32. How come you news media get the information before congress. Let them borrow some of your investigators so we can stop this B/S.

  33. They break the law because they know they can get away with it, and the people in charge of these are all their buddies.

  34. Why should they care if it’s illegal or not? They do anything they want and we rant and rave about the legality but nothing happens! No one gets arrested, fined or anything! Those are laws that have no way to be enforced! We’ve seen over and over again!

  35. Is there any law that Trump Cartel did not brake ? There is no law for Trump Cartel! Barr the fixer is helping the Cartel! Anyone to stand up? Anyone? Hello corporate Dems?

  36. This is what happens when the president has no previous experience of government and tries to run the country like business my riding rough shot over the established methods he has put psycophants in positions who will act like himself thus further feeding his narcissistic personality and trying to claim glory in the process

  37. tired of all these news about trump breaking the laws, yet nothing ever came out about it…..!!!! can't someone please try placing the feet of those responsible for seeing the enforcement of these laws being carried out to it's full extent……????? seems like after the revelations, somewhere down the line, the claim takes up smoke and disappears like they never happened……!!!!

  38. You are being very confusing, Farron. At one stage, you said the President broke the law, later on, that Trump broke the law. What do the two have to do … Oh, right, I keep forgetting, or rather I keep not wanting to remember that Trump and the POTUS are the same because he lost the election by 3 million votes so was elected President. It's not you who is confusing me, it's this so-called democratic system.

  39. took money for short good thing by screwing people in the future. isn't that what all Trump administration is doing all along?

  40. We keep pointing out he breaks the law and it’s obviously clear no one cares and no ones willing to do anything about it so why care anymore? Shit or get off the pot.

  41. Only in today's world you can lie,slander, scam and make fraudulent claims without being accountable unless you are a conservative. Real talk

  42. Everyone that is or has worked for the government knows that this Administration breaks the law daily. This is just another example of the actions of a wantabe dictator in chief.

  43. I wouldn't be shocked if tomorrow we found out Trump was loosely involved in Watergate. It would be one of the least controversial parts of his past. I'm numb now, MAGA is a synonym for unpunished crimes.

  44. At this point unless someone is going to do something about stop telling me. He the King of Assholes and has the luck of the devil I get it.

  45. Sheesh had to click on this just to see which law breaking episode of trump's administration this was about. And I was wrong, I thought this would be about altering the weather map or perhaps about the diverting of funds for the wall, but I didn't even KNOW about THIS episode of law breaking! Question: How are we ever going to keep track of ALL the times trump breaks the law? DOES ANYONE EVEN CARE ABOUT OUR DEMOCRACY ANYMORE? I think there are revolutionaries spinning in their graves about how we're turning into a dictatorship or kingship. 🙁

  46. Trump sets up charities for children and then Robs them, Now our government is his personal charity to rob! Right-wingers say he don't take a salary give him a break . Cracks me up lol ?

  47. Remember when he said that he's going to hire all the best people the smartest people on the planet that was a bunch of horseshit nobody in this is ministration is qualified to do the job that they were appointed to do

  48. After Trump is Re-elected I’m going to watch TYT cry and then my next stop will watch Farron Cry…

    It’s going to be a wonderful night for America ??

  49. Bottom line folks, clicking LIKE on youtube videos isn't going to cut it. YOU MUST WRITE YOUR REPS AND SENATORS and tell them you support articles of impeachment. Pelosi and Nadler stated they don't feel they have the support of the American voter. SO GIVE 'EM THE FRIGGIN SUPPORT. WRITE. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WRITE HALF A DOZEN POST CARDS AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT DONE. If you're too lazy to send off six damned post cards, we probably deserve 4 more years of this insanity.

  50. Trump said it himself during inauguration. “I don’t give a fuck about the law. I want my fucking money. “. End quote.

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