Federal government partially shuts down

Maurice Vega

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  1. Dan
    First: Any shutdown involving compelled work without timely pay violates the FLSA. As such, these shutdowns end up costing us taxpayers a lot of money (required payment of "liquidated damages").See links below to articles explaining the violation of the FLSA. Second: The President clearly explained the purpose of the Shutdown was to "educate" through suffering. Even an idiot knows there would be no reason for a shutdown if it was not intended to cause suffering. Third: Government operations are supposed to be non-partisan (The Hatch Act) as federal employees are prohibited from engaging in partisan politics at work. The Shutdowns cost taxpayers more money than normal government operations AND they are unlawful if there is compelled work without timely pay AND they violate the spirit of non-partisan government operations and probably the letter of the law (Hatch Act). And, since the Executive Branch knows they will lose in court and have to pay back-pay and liquidated damages, this is also a violation of Waste, Fraud and Abuse laws and regulations! Here are the links to just four of many articles explaining why it is unlawful to compel work without timely pay:

  2. we all hate trump so we just want him to fail and get impeached already … but for cnn to get their ratings back … Don Lemon must go… cnn won’t lose the fake news title unless a couple key anchors are replaced … hating trump and being misinformed aren’t mutually exclusive

  3. All they got to do put the military to build the wall if its a state of Emergency lol I don't c what's the problem there Supposed to protect us I'm pretty sure there a few good concrete guys in our military lol 😂

  4. This a bunch of bs on both parties these old ass people are acting like a bunch of kids throwing Tantrums and there the ones fucking up America

  5. CNN, are the congressional members still getting paid throughout the shutdown? If they are, shame on them and shame on ALL MEDIA NETWORKS for not covering this. #2 I suspect they are still getting their paycheck, they should refuse their checks. #3 I wonder how fast both sides would set their behinds down and compromise if they were not getting a paycheck?

  6. I bet this goes on for months until he is impeached or another nine-eleven level of catastrophe occurs and he snaps out of his lil tantrum

  7. That's what happens when you vote for a ignorant president jajaja y'all fucking idiots that's what y'all get

  8. Dear American government, I appeal to you from all Russian people, I ask you, help us. Our government, namely President Putin and his gang of officials, are robbing us and our country. Sell ​​resources and rip off the last penny from us. We live in poverty and unemployment. They themselves write the law for themselves and go unpunished. They take money offshore and take foreign citizenship. They humiliate and destroy the Russian people. We get $ 350 average salary when prices are at the level with yours. We ask for help in overthrowing the government and all these bandits. We ourselves can do nothing, because they created Rosgvardiyu, structures to protect themselves from the protesting people. They break laws legally, do what they want. Help us restore justice and save us ..

  9. I am really touched about the concern of cnn and the Democrats towards the federal employees who are on PAID leave. Yes, paid leave. Pelosi’s congress will reimburse them soon after the wall gets approved. The federal employees are doing just fine; in fact, I wholly encourage anyone and everyone to drive through their neighborhoods in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William counties outside of DC. 7500 square foot homes with well paved roads, these people have no worries about money.

    But, where was that minute by minute concern when the poor nonfederal employees suffered through flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, layoffs due to corporate greed in the other 48 states NOT Virginia or Maryland? Hypocrites. The rest of this country should pay attention to just how much those DC areas are stealing under the guise of federal tax. After all, they ARE supposed to be working for you and me. Not us working for them.

  10. i’ve worked for DOD & DOJ for OVER 34 years and I can’t remember when the Government was NOT under the threat of shutdown. This is all a ploy, peeps. Congressmen know when a shutdown is coming & they put in paperwork for annual leave (AL) because they won’t lose $ or be restricted to their area of work if they’re on AL. Military people, street agents and support personnel don’t have that luxury. But their services, because of this ploy, will be there to serve the US. The news media makes it look like the whole Government, military, drug enforcement, everything deemed essential, will be closed because of a Shutdown. Nah… just Congress & seriously, who can tell if they’re working or not.

    ARE COMING INTO THE US BY PLANE (EUROPEANS, CHINA, INDIA) or boat (East Coast). Using anchor babies or out staying their student Visa! !!!!!

  12. Oh, HORRORS, Government “workers” are starting to “feel the pinch” (after four days since the Government is “shut down” every weekend and Holiday)

    Ooooh Horrors!!! Hey! Reality Check – when businesses shutdown for seasonal retooling or lack of business OR DISPUTING SOME GOVERNMENT AGENCY AUDIT – not only do employees go home w/o a paycheck…

    But – unlike government “workers” THEY NEVER GET THAT BACK PAY BACK!!!

    And, what’s worse, who do you think PAYS those government “workers” WE DO!!! IT’s TAKEN OUT OF OUR PAYCHECKS AND WE HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER!!!

    So we are really crying over the fact that government “workers” (many of them working to get rid of our jobs by making it more profitable to do those jobs overseas) won’t get their paycheck until a week or two after the politicians decide to make our lives more miserable…


    We really can’t buy into this double speak malarkey when the Politician KNOWS FULL WELL those workers will get their FULL SALARIES, along with LIFE TIME PENSIONS AND NON-Obamacare HEATH COVERAGE – which we won’t get – BUT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR…

    Heck, we even have to pay ALL THESE SELF ENTITLED ELITIST’s TAXES!!!

  13. trump's lack of integrity is catching up with him. No one believes him anymore. Except maybe the deluded "base," who only listen to him. SAD that such a small group of misinformed individuals is wagging the dog here.

  14. Keep the gov shut for the next 2 years so trump cant do any more damage to the country. And he HAS damaged the country.

  15. CNN is pathetic, President Trump has more class in his little finger than CNN in their whole staff

  16. Do not forget that ther are more congressional elections on the horizon,republicans who are blindly supporting this president are putting their political careers on the line for a man who may well be impeached. These politicians will gain most of the blame should this president be forced out,they have no where to go except out of office,which will culminate in a reversal of both the house and senate with not even the numbers to hold a filibuster,in effect the gop will collapse.

  17. For everyone who likes the shutdown of government.
    Ask them if they will donate their paychecks to cover all who did not get paid no matter how long it takes. And ask them if they will just dig in their pockets and pay for the wall including the President and every last Republican.
    Not one person has no idea of what people want. No one wants to go without pay so Trump gets a wall, They can't pay their rent order food and take care of their food because Trump does not have a wall. How silly is this? And ask all those who want a wall are they willing to give up their checks for a wall. Let them pay for the wall.

  18. Misinformation? Lies of people invading the country? There were literally thousands of people trying to invade our country for months.

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