Features of Imam Ali's Governance – Sayed Mohammed Baqer Al-Qazwini

audhu billahi min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem mismaloya rahmanir rahim' I begin in the name of the Almighty God the compassionate the merciful the one who created everything an utmost perfection and made a peace and blessings of the Almighty God be upon his pure and beloved messenger the peak of his creation the symbol of humanity the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu aleyhi wa ala muhammad ali Adam from Eduardo Hamid and its immaculate progeny of the a little bait peace be upon them especially the leader of our time the awaited Saviour and Imam al-mahdi ajar allahu ta'ala firaga may Allah haste and his reappearance and make us all amongst his sincere and dedicated servants my respected brothers and sisters on this night I extend to you my sincerest condolences as we have gathered to commemorate the tragedy of the martyrdom of Amir al-mumineen sayyed al Mohideen the commander of the faithful as we commemorate the legacy of imam amir al mu'minin alehissalaam on such a holy night which could possibly be the night of tidal the night of the holy quran let's remember that allah subhana wa ta'ala gave us the opportunity to experience the spirituality of this night due to the sacrifices of amirul mumineen the holy quran was revealed on the night of god Etta's ali IBN ABI talib al salam after the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala who saved the holy quran who demonstrated the holy quran who embodied the Book of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala on such a night as we commemorate his legacy let's express our grad to the servant of allah subhanahu wata'ala who saved this religion for us when you examine the legacy of Amir al-mumineen alehissalaam you stand before an infinite ocean of accomplishments and achievements an infinite ocean of lessons in every step that he took imam ali IBN ABI talib ali saddam provides for us beautiful lessons how to worship the Almighty God how to uphold justice how to seek the path of knowledge and scholarship how to deal with others in your society how to be patient in the face of calamities this is a Leoben a atlanta body is Salaam but in this evening I would like to share with you and shed some light on the legacy of Amir al-mumineen Allah's Salam when it comes to his governance how did Ali ibn ABI Taleb Adi Salaam rule in those five years we are proud of our leader and Imam fourteen centuries later we must know why is it that ali bin ABI talib al salam is special what did he offer to the world if I am asked today by people who live in democratic countries with a strong economy in capitalist societies in places where there is some relative human dignity and freedom if I were to be asked why is that even a beautified it special what did he contribute to the world fourteen centuries ago I must have some understanding of his form of governance to really appreciate my Imam and the one whom I follow therefore I will briefly examine some aspects of the governance of Imam Ali Ali Salim economically and politically to better appreciate this leader that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has endowed us with before we examine the contributions and accomplishments of Imam Ali honest it's important to understand the chaos and turmoil that he had to face when he became the Calif Imam Ali bin Abi Talib re salaam came after three caliphs but if you really examine what was happening in the Muslim Ummah you find that it was nothing but chaos especially after the rule of the third caliph Uthman ibn Affan if you examine what he did to the resources that Muslims had to the public funds in order for you to appreciate how the Imam Mahdi's Salaam brought a new system and why is it that he faced so many challenges during the time of Othman you find that there were social stratification people who were selfish were brought to power and the earth man would spend from the Muslim public funds on his family members on his relatives from the Umayyads there were two people who were exiled by rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala al-haqq am OpenNebula house once he came to medina he was conspiring he would send word to the pagans so they would attack the people in medina and he would mark the prophet once he was walking before the prophets allah llahu allahu allah he started making funny faces and mocking rasul allah so allah who are they you are the prophet sallallaahu elevated due to his conspiracies and the fact that he undermined the national security of muslims he exiled him along with his young son Marwan abdel hakim when ours man came to power he welcomed them to medina not only that do you know what he did he took from the Muslim funds from the public treasury and he gave al Hakim the one who exile was exiled by rasoolallah he gave him three hundred thousand silver coins three hundred thousand dirhams and he gave Marwan one hundred thousand when he married his own daughter and he gave all the members of the bonito mania special privileges to the point where some companions had to starve to death Imam Ali bin Abi lot about his salaam had to face this type of rule when he came this type of chaos nepotism Lamia was empowered with so much resources there was no regard for human right or for human dignity even the companions of the Prophet SAW Allah Allahu Allah had no respecting the era of Othman Abu Dharr was exiled he died a miserable death and marhaban Yasser was harassed Sandman was harassed these great companions of Rasul Allah struggle during those eras and you know he himself Othman when he died do you know how much money they found in his house this is history my dear brothers and sisters not necessarily from our Shia sources from all Muslim sources look at the book maruja at the hub and see what he says about the wealth that Othman had amassed when Muslims were literally starving do you know how much money was found in his house they found one hundred fifty thousand dinars 150 thousand golden coins do you know how much money that it that isn't today's currency one dinar is about four grams of gold today what's the price of gold it's about $50 per gram you have 150 thousand coins times that by 4 that's around 600 thousand grams of gold multiply that by 50 you get 30 million dollars in today's value in addition to that he had 1 million dirhams silver coins in his house this was the Khalifa who was representing the Prophet Sal Allahu Allahu Allah you see the chaos imam ali bin abu talib a nice and i'm had to face when he came to power the miserable condition 30 million dollars in your house and there are people starving when they ask you why is it you follow I didn't even have you thought about his said I'm tell the world which one should I follow the one who died and he left 30 million dollars or the one when he would go to the Friday sermon and people would see him fluttering his garment in the wind he would be asked why why do you do this you're giving a speech and you hold your garment and cloak and you flap it against the wind why he would say I only have one garment today's Friday I washed this garment I did not have time for it to dry which one would you follow Eileen you've been a beaut item or the others which one is my leader my dear brothers and sisters think about this logically put emotions aside which one is chosen by allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala in my mind even have you thought about his salaam had to face these challenges selfish governors who i'd wrecked havoc in the Muslim Ummah secondly when he came to power there were some power-hungry companions like pal hands obey they wanted a share of the power for their own interests that presented a challenge to Imam Ali ibn ABI Taleb Ali his Sunna and you find that there were shallow minded extremist Muslims just like we have today who thought they were worshipping God maybe they memorized the Quran maybe they could take 3 hours doing one Salah but they were extremists in their ideology very shallow minded and they turned to be the Hajj the Imam also had to deal with people like that when the Imam Hani Salaam came there was chaos everywhere you need to understand that to appreciate the contributions of Ameer al-mumineen on his Sunnah despite all of that we find that the achievements of Ameer al-mumineen are nothing short of spectacular he ruled from the year 35 to the year 40 after the hijra about five years let's examine some features of the governance of Ali ibn ABI Taleb Allah's Salam to better appreciate this divinely appointed leader and so we can also learn from his legacy in our everyday life the first thing that Imam Ali Allah's Salam did when he came to power he put very strict conditions on the governors and those who would rule the Imam did not tolerate any governor who was corrupt or who was selfish so one thing that he did he deposed and removed from power a number of governors who were known for their corruption and selfishness they mom would not tolerate that you represent the omen you represent the path of God you cannot be selfish and misuse your position in fact you find there are subtle issues that I leave Natali would not tolerate once he wrote a letter to his governor in Basra Oh saman Bunnell hanif the Imam wrote him a letter the amount of Samoas man it has come to my attention that some rich people in Basra invited you to this very extravagant dinner he did not steal any money he did not violate to anyone all he did he went to that dinner which only rich people were invited poor people had no access to that invitation the Imam rebukes him he tells him Osman is this something that's fair how do you dare go to such a meal to such a dinner when poor people are not welcome the imam ali said I've threatened him you see the firmness of a mural many nannies Salah this is a man of God who really cares about his people another feature that we find amongst the governors of Imam Ali RA Salam the Imam Ali Salaam made sure that his governors have the following qualities number one they had to be approachable you know back in history governors rulers Kings were not approachable its Imam Ali Ali Saddam who actually shifted this mindset that a ruler must be approachable in his letter to his governor on Egypt Muhammad ibn ABI buck listened to the words of Ameer al-mumineen Hani Salaam the Imam Hani Salaam tells his governor Phil de l'homme Generac why Ellen janab ik lower your wings for the people be approachable be sociable live amongst the people well up slit logic let people see you don't be like the kings who are always hiding from their people well I Sabina home Falana to another hot mama the imam ali salam is telling him when you're sociable and approachable the evil ones will not have the greed to influence you because they know the poor ones also go to you so they will not have this powerful lobby on you because when you're approachable accessible everyone can come and see you in that case you give access to the poor to voice their concerns to voice their grievances that blocks the powerful elites from influencing you these are the words of emulate medina is set up to his governors don't take advantage of your position that that was number one even if you have to go to a meal don't don't misuse your position and this is a lesson for us my dear brothers and sisters if i work at a company if I am a manager I'm a CEO don't misuse your position if you're a teacher you have some power don't misuse your position a lot of times we use our positions if we are in a position of power if I am in charge of something in order to achieve personal interests the Imam at Eastertime says never allow your position in society to secure your personal interests so one of the very important qualities of the governors of Imam Ali Ali Saddam was that they had to be approachable and the Imam would tell them don't go into hiding for too long on a regular basis the people have to see you then let's examine some other qualities the Imam Mahdi's Saddam would put for his governors one of the qualities is that the governor should not be stingy because when you're in a position of power and you're stingy what are the consequences you are disturbed or bothered when the nation benefits you can't see people in your lands in your territory benefit that disturbs you so you will come up with every excuse to withhold the funds from the people from development projects from benefiting the people the amount said no stingy people's in my government but at the same time no greedy people those who are selfish and greedy they have no room in the government of Imam Ali Allah's Salam number three and this is the problem of many third world countries the Imam Mahdi's salam tells his governors that you have to choose public officials who are experienced and they have a good track record you can't just bring someone who doesn't have any experience check their experience are they honest do they know what they're doing do they have the qualifications or no listen to the words of the Imam on Easter on he says what to us Shafi him elected Juba t1 hiya min al buta to Saleh ha go after those good families who have a good track record people who are decent and qualified they know what they're doing they have expertise in agriculture they have experience and the economy they have experience and managing the affairs of the Ummah politically they have experience bring experienced people that way you succeed then we also find him I might even have you thought about his salon commanding his governors don't take credit for you for yourself and secondly don't act as if you have a favor over your nation you are a servant to the nation they have a favour over you by following you obeying you and allowing you to be to be the leader not the other way around don't act arrogantly with them we see that imam ali ali said and put these amazing guidelines for his governors and this was something unprecedented none of the previous caliphs was so strict so wise when it came to the selection of governors and the strict qualifications that he imposed this is one amazing feature of the governors of Imam Ali Allah's Salam the second feature that we find in the government of Imam Ali ibn ABI Taleb Allah's Salam is the amazing economic system that the Imam Mahdi's Salam brought forth for Humanity at the time let's examine some of these economic features number one Imam Ali bin Abi body body salam established a welfare state at a time in the world where no other nation on earth had a conception of a welfare state if you look at his treaty tomalak olestra you find that imam ali ali salam tells him there is a category of people i want you to put them on the payroll they should get a monthly salary who are they disabled people those who have disabilities they should receive a monthly salary from the state because their disability prevents them from working so we have to sponsor them and take care of them that's number one number two people who are so poor they're stuck in poverty they're desperate they have no way to lift themselves from poverty give them that initial boost lift them once they're established then they can take care of themselves number three a divorced or widowed woman who has no one to spend on her you put her on the public payroll she must receive a monthly salary you know today in the West we take pride in our welfare systems right Social Security 14 centuries ago in my mind even a beautiful body said I've instituted the policy of Social Security by taking care of those who were miserable the Imam Mahdi's Salam commands milah can I start to fear allah subhanaw taala that's part of what makes you a Muslim a Muslim doesn't mean you only pray and fast it means you take care of these people some Allah a bucket is so flour look at the lower class fear Allah in the lower classes and take care of them one feature of his economic state the amazing welfare system that he instituted that's number one number two we find that Imam Ali bin Abi Talib alehissalaam he encouraged the ease of starting a business the Imam Ali Salaam tells his governor's that you have to encourage businessmen traders merchants and craftsmen the more you help them the more you make things easy for them the more the nation prospers don't put impediments in their way make it easy you know subhanAllah today when you look at the economic condition of most countries around the world do you know those countries that are the most powerful economically what is it that distinguishes them from other countries the ease of starting your business and do you think the 50 or so Muslim countries come top in the list according to a study done by George Washington University some professors there they wanted to examine which of the Muslim countries or countries of the world were implementing the spirit of the Quran when it comes to the economy one factor is the ease of starting a business in some countries in the world so-called Muslim countries if you want to start a business you need to run for five years and you need connections and need to give bribes here and there but in the prosperous countries you can open a business in one day and you can register your business the Ammannati salaam tells them in order for your nation to prosper you have to support the businessman these are the words of the imam hani salaam some Estelle's EBIT to jar whether we sign out what I will say be him Sarah make them your priority look at the vision of Ameer al-mumineen honor his Silla he gave them so much importance but yes the humanity Salam realizes there are selfish businessmen who want everything for themselves and they will exploit others and they will monopolize essential needs in society impoverishing a lot of people the Imam on Islam does put a addition over here he does it's governors but if you see certain businessmen they're exploiting the weak they're monopolizing basic needs then no you have to step in and resolve this situation and today my dear brothers and sisters even in capitalist economies even in a country like the United States do you know how much monopolization there is just recently I read about a pharmaceutical company in the US during pharmaceuticals they basically bought a pharmaceutical company that would give medicine to treat a certain type of parasitic infection the pill was thirteen point five dollars $13.50 when this new company bought this pharmaceutical company they increase the price of this pill called daraprim to $700 from $13 to $700 per pill they monopolized having access to this pill and suddenly families found themselves needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to treat their infections is there something that's fair Imam Ali bin Abi Talib Addison says there is freedom let the businessmen do whatever they want in order to develop business in society but not at the expense of exploiting other people this is unfair another company that bought a pharmaceutical company in the United States that treats one type of tuberculosis basically you would buy 30 pills they would cost $500 it increased to ten thousand eight hundred dollars this is happening every day on Wall Street and so many people are suffering yes the United States is the most prosperous country a country on Earth but there are millions of Americans who are suffering you think the media talks about them and their plight you think Fox News and even CNN will go to these poor people and tell you what's happening to them there are millions of such Americans the Imam Mahdi's Saddam while he encouraged business but he put some guidelines that it should not be at the expense of exploiting other people this is the second beauty future of his economic system the third feature of the economic system of Imam Ali Allah's Salam is that he supported those sectors in society that actually gave you concrete services like agriculture the Imam Mahdi's said I'm his priority in society was agriculture he would always tell his people his guards his troops the governors if I hear that you've done any act of injustice to a farmer then who will save you from the wrath of alia have you thought him don't you go near farmers because everyone in society needs the services of farmers the Imam had so much respect for farmers because that represents real economy today you know how the world is being managed economically look at Wall Street people in Wall Street what do you think they do those who give financial services the most profitable sector today in America and the world is financial services those people who go to Wall Street people who go to Wall Street they don't develop anything they don't manufacture anything they don't grow anything they don't give you anything all they do is they charge money for services and that sucks up the resources of society it makes the poor poorer and the rich richer they might not even have you thought about it Salam he would support those people in society who would work with their hands who develop who developed the land construction projects the Imam Mahdi's Salam would support them in one hadith the Imam Mahdi's Salam says if you have a piece of land and there is water and you don't develop the land it's your fault don't say allah subhanaw taala did not provide me and he would quote this verse in the holy quran which says allah created you from the earth and allah subhana WA Ta'ala has caused you to inhabit the earth and to develop the land the a man would pay special emphasis to the development of the land to labor because the Imam knew the value of labor in the eyes of Amir al-mumineen that poor farmer who works Knight is much better than the guy sitting on Wall Street charging billions and million dollars of interest and not really benefiting you in any way he's not producing anything for you he's not making a product for you all he's doing he's sucking the money out of the nation the Imam at Islam would support agriculture this is one feature of his economic government and we have to be approch we have to appreciate that my dear brothers and sisters if the world today hears about the economic policy policies of amirul mumineen they will have so much respect for him one day imam had even have you thought about his salaam passed by a woman who lived in the city of Kufa ohm hassan and na hai that was her name the a man passed by her and he saw her having a spindle and she was spinning to probably make some thread some yarn the Imam and his sallam told her om Hassan what are you doing she said oh I mean what meaning I'm using my spindle I'm making some thread in order to make a living to sell it to live by it the Imam and he said I'm told her om Hassan this work that you do is one of the most honorable works a person can do you see how he supported small businesses just regular people working how he gave them a boost this was one of the features of his economic policy but I he magnify he says one day I was passing by I saw this old lady who should retire right this old lady she had a spindle and she was spinning I told her yeah Mottola o servant of God why are you working in this old age you're so old you should retire imam ali ali Saddam he taught that as long as Allah gives you health and power don't retire retirement it's not good for you it's not good for you psychologically it's not good for you physically you can work work she told him I mean a little mini in ali IBN ABI talib encouraged me to work and he told me this work is an honorable work you look at the spirits of MU many Nadia Sunna if we can take the spirit today and implement it in our society how much progress can we achieve and the Imam Ali said I'm also encourage the slaves who would be freed those slaves who would be emancipated he might not even have you thought about he said I would empower them and he would tell them work don't think that others can work you can also work be successful and he would really give them a boost these are some amazing economic policies and features of the government of the Imam Ali Salaam there is so much to discuss here I just want to give you an overview of the government of amirul mumineen the third feature that we examine in the government of the Imam Ali Salaam is the political feature politically how was the rule of Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib a nasara' politically we find that the emphasis of Ameer al-mumineen on is salam in all of his government policies in all of his negotiations and treaties was honesty the imam ali salam has one powerful statement when some people objected they said it seems like maja we're outsmarts a leave maybe a tip because he manages to mobilize people he comes up with tactics with the help of amram than us and he comes up with these new strategies in order to undermine the power of Imam Ali on ISA ran in order to make supporters of Imam Ali defect as my Ally a smarter the Imam Ali Salaam got frustrated and he made his historic statement the imam al islam says wallahi mom or are we are to be at harmony i swear by god mahalia's not smarter than me he's not more savvy politically savvy than me but the thing is i have principles and deception has no room in my government otherwise if I wanted to use deception I would have been the savviest person in the OMA you think mahalia can outsmart Ameer al-mumineen but the Imam Mahdi's salam has principles the principles of honesty therefore all of the dealings of imam ali all of his transactions all of his political were based on honesty be honest and upfront don't resort to deception yes sometimes it's not your advantage politically but the Imam says take the high road this is the legacy that we take from Imam Ali Ali said I'm today the politicians do they go by this legacy today the politicians of the world do they sacrifice short-term personal interests for the interest of the nation or do they engage in deception but this is a message to us my dear brothers and sisters tonight we the followers of imam ali honest and i'm gathered to commemorate his legacy the imam teaches us in all of your dealings in life whether it's in the world of business whether it's family ties community ties be honest and upfront and through honesty allah subhanaw taala will compensate you just recently one of my very dear brothers told me about an incident at his company in which one of his associates was going into a business deal and his company was supposed to do that deal on behalf of those associates but he stopped from signing that deal because between him and allah subhana wa ta'ala he did not think it was the best deal he treated that associate just like he would treat his own company when that other company found out they were shocked they requested a meeting they were shocked why is it that you did not sign this because you have a commitments with your Lord to be honest and treat leather others by yourself that this opportunity was too expensive the price of this negotiation was too expensive here you write whatever you think is just and see how allah subhanaw taala turns things for you when you show that honesty my dear brothers and sisters let others know in your society that you are the most honest people we are the followers of amir al mu'minin even if there's millions of dollars involved but in the end is their honesty or no the imam ali salaam had many opportunities to use deception to even make a white lie but the Imam an Islam refused at the six-member council when Othman was selected the Imam was given the opportunity Abdul Rahman even I've told him all you have to say Ali is one word that I will go by the book of Allah the Serie of the prophet and the seal and the path of the shame Omar and Abu Bakr all you have to do is say that and we'll choose you as the Calif analyst mine won't come to power why did the Imam Mahdi's salam refused you could make up thousands of arguments it's for the sake of the ummah the amount doesn't care about his own self he cares about society no allium never thought it was a man in principle because had he accepted that and he would be dishonest imam ali IBN ABI talib would have failed justice and the religion of god and what's the worth of this world without the justice of allah subhanahu wata'ala you see the principles of MU and many Nadia Sarah even at the Battle of Siffin Imam Ali was one hour away from crushing bajalia one hour away with the garage those shallow minded people they surrounded him they forced him to stop the war because they thought well I will really wanted to negotiate they were fooled by mahalia and his evil tactics Monica leshner was fighting at the forefront one hour away from crushing mahalia for good for history in my my leave never thought about his nonsense in word come back come back why he said the Hawara have surrounded the believers they've surrounded us they're threatening to kill us to fight us and I had no choice but to give them my word that we will stop this war my little Esther felt so depressed in that moment he begged Imam and he told him I'm just one hour away just let me finish this battle the Imam Ali Saddam was a man of his word the Imam Ali Saddam explained to them that even if we crush morale we are now but because of these her entire g's history will say Ali was the aggressor and mahalia was the poor oppressed he wanted me to negotiate he wanted peace but honey did not want the peace the Imam did not want this to stay in history the Imam wants to leave this world Azzam of loom as oppressed so the world would know who their oppressor is and who the oppressor not is yes he gave up that victory at the feem but in order to save justice in order for the world not to be confused so they know where justice is so the most important feature in the political system of Imam Ali Allah's Salam is that there is absolutely no room for deception that's number one number two the Imam Ali Salaam gave liberty and freedom even to his opponents have you seen this in history the how our age who later fought Imam Ali bin Abi Talib the Imam Ali Salaam would allow them to come to his own message it they would argue he would give a speech they would cut him off have you seen a king who tolerates that you're giving a speech to your people the higher G's your enemies they stand up and they cut your speech they mock you they start mobilizing against you yet the Imam Ali Salaam he never kicked one of them out of the messaging or from the city of Kufa or he told them you have no right to speak this is the political freedom that Imam Ali even have you thought about his Salaam gave to his nation and this is something that we are appreciative of my dear brothers and sisters the third political feature in the government of Imam Ali was that he would never start a battle at Safina his companions were anxious they wanted to start the battle to finish Walia the Imam said no do not start the battle unless they start this is my policy even with his enemies he was humane even with his enemies don't start a battle and the Imam would give them instructions anyone injured in the battle leave them you have no right to kill them anyone who's wounded leave them anyone who's fleeing you see someone fleeing the battlefield don't go after them don't go and kill them this is a violation of the principles of algebra Atlanta body his Sara number four we find that Imam Ali did not force any soldier to fight with him you know even today you have countries that draft people to go to war right amount not even a battalion refused this policy the Imam Ali Salaam made it very clear to his governors that if there are soldiers they don't want to fight with you convince them but if they're not convinced don't force them and then he says a beautiful statement the Imam Mahdi is Saddam in his statement he says foreign and LaMotta carry on the one who's forced he doesn't believe in this war and you're just forcing him Mahe buhay rodman Mashhadi me my madam says the people who are forced they're compelled to fight their absence is better than their presence because if they don't believe in this they're going to create more trouble for you than good don't force anyone all those who fought with Nadia have you thought of a longest side they did so out of free will the a man did not compel them the imam ali salam did not force them and we find this amazing feature and the government of Amir al-mumineen and he said on because he was truly a man of humanity why should I force anyone to go to war yes I could mobilize them I can convince them show them right from wrong but in the end I don't force anyone and then we find that the fifth political feature in the government of Imam Ali Hani Salaam was that the Imam would tell his governors every opportunity you get to make a peace treaty with your enemies do so this is the legacy of honey given a baton it listen to the words of the Imam Ali Salaam he says when I had fun a son Honda akka lae here I don't work lillahi fie he loved them if there is a truce there is a treaty that saves lives that satisfies allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala don't hesitate in accepting these treaties and negotiating for them if you want to know the economic policy of imam mahdi we can summarize it in one word any time your enemy comes to negotiate and you know they're genuine in their negotiation allies happy accept don't say no he's my enemy he fought me before allah subhanaw taala wants peace in our ummah and the sixth political feature is that imam ali on islam was not an expansionist you know today when Orientals and Westerners look at the history of Islam one of their criticisms is that after the Prophet Sal Allahu Allahu Allah rulers came with the sword they spread Islam not all even everyone look at us five years they momineen salam did not go invading countries pillaging villages plundering their resources this was not a policy of the government of Imam Ali respect others respect nations respect their neighbors we don't find the Imam and he said I'm invading anyone because the man was a man of justice he was a servant of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala now my dear brothers and sisters today in the 21st century and we conclude with this significant question as we look at the legacy of Imam Ali one may wonder today in today's world why do I need the policy of Imam Ali when all these government's are successful their powerful look at the West Western powers how can Western powers today benefit from the legacy of Imam Ali Ali Sarah what is it that he contributed that today a country like Canada for instance a country like America like Europe can benefit from I would like to share with you three or four brief points how today the world can benefit from the policies of Imam Ali Ali Saleh number one Imam Ali Allah's Salam banned all types of bribery during his reign in fact some people like Allah had been faced they would come to see Imam Hadi and once he brought him this beautiful dish delicious dish of desserts the imam ali said i'm told him what is this was a nice dessert fancy extravagant it's a gift he says what is this is this saga is this charity he said no then what is this eyelash I've told him this is a gift the Imam and his Salaam says the minute I looked at dessert I despised it it's as if it was made with the saliva of a snake look at the descriptions of Imam Ali the Imam despised it not because it's an era of allah subhanaw taala because it was an act of bribery Imam and he says in my eyes if you bring me the most delicious thing but it's through bribery I see it as the saliva of snake what's ruler in history things like that my dear brothers and sisters look at the greatness of immutable meaning he says you're trying to play with my religion gift for what why are you giving me a gift how come you don't give it to the poor guy on the street you're concerned about giving gifts why me you have a reason you have any incentive you have an ulterior motive the Imam would not accept that he told them take it I'm not touching your desert today my dear brothers and sisters the law bans bribery yes in America and Canada the law bans bribery but we have the biggest form of political bribery in the form of campaign contributions in the previous election in the United States and the last election do you know how much Americans spent on the elections any idea six billion dollars US dollars that's I don't know like eight billion Canadian dollars right imagine eight billion dollars spent on the campaign on the elections that's not bribery who's paying this money for what yes there are some limitations that you cannot take more than I don't know a thousand five hundred dollars as a gift to someone in office but through political action committees through super PACs you can donate billions of dollars especially in America now in Canada it's better because there are more strict laws on campaign and political spending over here members of parliament in Canada on average spent somewhere from $12,000 to $90,000 in America do you know how much it is the average congressman in the House of Representatives spends $500,000 on their campaign and the Senators they spent 1.5 million dollars every senator you've got a hundred senators they spend 1.5 million dollars there's no limitation on what they spend and that's why you find that the most powerful lobbies in the world are in the United States of America why is it this a type of bribery if we want to benefit from the legacy of imam mahdi today this should be resolved six billion dollars this is a bribe you can call it campaign contributions we can play with the words all we want in the end it's groups using money to apply pressure that's all they're doing Imam Ali bin Abi thought about Islam says this is there's no room for such bribery's and a healthy government that way you ensure that the people their rights are protected that's one area in which we can really benefit from the legacy of Imam Ali and hence you find that in powerful countries that like the United States you have lobbies like the NRA the National Rifle Association they spend billions of dollars lobbying Congress in order to loosen gun laws gun control laws in the United States are one of the most flexible laws around the world why do you know how many Americans get killed every year because of gun violence 30,000 Americans every single year 10 years that's 300,000 people 300,000 people they don't have dignity they're not citizens why do you allow 300,000 people in 10 years to be killed it's because of these lobbies this is something that we benefit my dear brothers and sisters from the law of emulate manin Ollie's salaam protect those who are weak by banning these bribery's by banning these lobbyists who only care for their interests that's one area another area we learned my dear brothers and sisters and I conclude with this from the legacy of Imam Hani is that those governor's those leaders they should be morally fit to leave because people in society look up to them they should be people the way they speak the way they carry themselves they should be appropriate they should be polite they should hold moral standards not people who go on public TV and they say immoral things or womanizers them says you should have standards for your rulers people look up to these rulers they should be an example for everyone and they should hold the highest levels of morality this is the legacy that we learn from Imam Ali ibn ABI Taleb alehissalaam but my dear brothers and sisters Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala gave us these shining stars and leaders like Ameer al-mumineen arias and what did the world do to Amir al-mumineen I want to take now your hearts to the city of Kufa after five years of difficulties civil wars his own companions betraying him to the point where Ameer al-mumineen who's a mountain of patience he said I wish I never knew you you think your men you're not even men what did they do to the heart of amira nominee Allah gave us the shining leader on such a night what happened to Imam Ali ibn ABI Talib Ali his historical accounts tell us on such a night on the 9th of the 19th of the month of Ramadan the Imam Ali his Salam was in the house of his daughter Zeynep some narrations say umm Kulthum because in the nights of Ramadan in Kufa every night Imam Ali would go to the house of one of his sons or daughters to have a thought on this night he was in the house of his daughter she approaches him at the time of Adan after he prayed his mother a prayer she brought him his dish so he can have his fr she put for him too loaves of barley bread some milk and some salt they mama D salam looked at her he told her my dear daughter what have you seen your father eat types of food several types of allahu akbar ali IBN ABI talib bread milk and salt and you call this types of food this is amirul mumineen the Imam says take the milk this is my last if thought tonight I want to meet my lord in this humble way having only eaten some bread and some salt and this is how our molla Ameer al-mumineen Ali Saddam broke his fast on such a night after the Imam Ali his Saddam broke his fast he engaged in supplication supplicating to allah subhanaw taala worshipping allah after a while he took a short nap after he woke up from the nap he gasps he gathered his sons and daughters and he told them my sons and daughters just now in my dream I saw Habibi rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa ardu just now I saw your grandfather Rasul Allah he embraced me and he told me Habibi Yanni our beloved Ali we miss you you are to be our guest in the last days of the month of Ramadan o Ali we eagerly await you my dear sons and daughters my time has come Uncle Tom says on such a night I would see my father Ali frequently going to the back yard to the courtyard he would look at the sky he would look at the stars and he would say he o Allah & Nail eternity while I Denny haha baby Rasul Allah he said I swear by God this is the night this is the night that Rasool Allah has promised me this is the night it has approached umm Kulthum she says my father was not normal on such a night never had I seen him so anxious I told him yeah Abbot are my dear father you are the most courageous man I've seen I've seen you in more difficult moments in the midst of battle and the midst of chaos you were always strong but tonight you look a different oh my father I can see it in your face you're at your there's anxiety in your face what's going on he tells her my dear daughter tonight is a different night and one Tata Emma my dear daughter uncle su my age and my time has come one kata alla mmm there is no hope tonight is a different night I'm looking at the Stars I see it it's the Knights the Prophet gave me all the signs imam ali IBN ABI talib engages that night till the federer in supplication and praying to allah subhana wa ta'ala he told his daughter when the time of dawn when the time of Federer approaches I want you to notify me umm Kulthum says shortly before dawn I went to my father Ali ibn ABI but I told him father the time for Federer is approaching in a few minutes the dawn will break out the mamani sallam asked for some water he did his final with all believers the Imam was now preparing himself to go to their messages the Imam Ali his salon he Fair was on calm his sons and daughters the Imam he passes through the courtyard of the house there were some geese that were gifted to imam al hasan and husayn when I mean a little more money in passed by them they started making commotion Allah Akbar it's as if they were telling him our master don't go in that Masjid we sense danger Imahara Salaam when he heard their commotion he said so I on tobacco ha no I the Imam said right now they're yelling they're making Kuno commotion but soon there will be cries of weeping after me yes the Imam was walking towards his destiny uncle thumb says as my father was about to enter the Masjid he was wearing a belt one side of the belt got stuck to the door subhanAllah even the belt of a mule mumineen was begging him Oh Andy don't go in there the danger awaits you inside imam ali IBN ABI talib fastened his belt and he read these powerful lines of poetry he said o she doth high as a mechanimal Finnell motor ithaca while attaches i am an animal Oh Hannah bernard iike comma of a hika Khadgar geek Oh Annie fasten your seat belt for what for – this is – arriving over here don't run away from death Oh Annie this's life just as life makes you happy one day life also will make you cry one day the imam ali he enters in the mosque o believers imagine now yourself in the mosque of Kufa and your Imam is passing by at the time of Federer the Imam RA is Salam he goes to his Mahad he prays to like a Mustafa prayers than the meymaneh he's the one who makes the call to the other imagine hearing the beautiful words of Amir al-mumineen calling for the other when you have such an amazing leader who's so humble he calls then for you how can you hurt such a leader o believers the EEMA mining is saddam finishes that on all the mousseline the people they gather up in Muslim and Marathi the enemy of Allah he was also in the message he was carrying a poisonous sword underneath his garment he realized that this was his opportunity when Imam Ali Ani Salaam would start his prayer he would go hiding behind a pillar in order to make a surprise attack on Emir a little mini imagine imagine this is the final salad that the Iman does while standing imagine there me or in the mosque and he starts salat al-fajr Allahu Akbar imagine amirul mumineen turning to um o believers on such a night honor your Sunnah play like pray like Amir al-mumineen pray like it's your last prayer just like Amir al-mumineen vemma – and begins the recitation the tragedy is coming o believers can you handle what happened to your Mona amirul mumineen the Imam – and uh says Allah Akbar he goes into his aruku supplicating to his lord submitting himself to allah subhanahu wata'ala his best moment was sunnah the imam an incident stands up then he goes into his first sujood Oh believers the enemy of God upon Muslim comes when the Imam Ali is sanam raises his head from sujood epidermal jam takes out the sword he jumps from behind the pillar he makes a surprise attack and as they mom raises his head from sujood he strikes the head of an EMP funny way mom falls on his face to the ground bismillah he will be loved Rafi Sabine enough I mean little eschewed and fortune to encounter Betty haha my mind all his life he was waiting for this moment for the time to go back to his Lord imam mahdi sam says now i have achieved success by the lord of the Kaabah the gush is now profusely coming out from the head of the Imam his entire garment becomes stained with the blood the believers noticed supernatural events happened a fierce wind in the city of Kufa would blow a sandstorm started and everyone heard a cry coming from the heavens to had Emma to Allah hearken on hooda the pillars of guidance have been destroyed Gibran was shocked at what happened to amirul mumineen he made an announcements in the heavens that the pillars of guidance have been destroyed one fossa mental or oho oh go tell Abby no I'm al Mustafa Portinari your name in the motive of imam al hasan and husayn and they hear that their father was struck if they raised a rush to amirul mumineen they see the Warriors of the battles on the ground and the blood was gushing in my Madiba Nebula tiptoes his son Oh Hasan you finished the Sun I'll lead them in prayer and I will pray while you're sitting allahu akbar how did I leave finish that prayer I did not know then the Imam Ali said I'm on the fin when the prayer was finished he told his sons my dear sons I want you now to carry me back home I don't have the energy to our this is kind of how about the one who removed removed the door of Kay but he says Hassan helped me I cannot walk on my two feet Hasan and Husayn acaba Huma they saw their father in this miserable situation they carried Ameer al-mumineen alehissalaam holding him from the shoulder one historical account says when the Imam Ali his Salaam got close to the house he told them let me try to walk now I don't want you to carry me they told him why Oh father why upon us and let us carry you to the house he says no because now I'm afraid Zainab might see me in this condition and if she sees her father being carried she will panic I don't want sane up to be shocked and see me in the state yeah bilasa you couldn't handle Zeynep seeing you being carried by team your two sons your two jewels say Adi be a little more meaning do you know what Saint about to see on the day of ashura

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  1. A very nice and robust speech which clarified for all human beings the true type of a just ruler that will show the right course of action for today,s chaotic political situation

  2. Finally a lecture about the virtues of imam Ali as a ruler. Especially the business and economic policies. Jazak Allahu khayr.

  3. Excellent very nice speech ever delivered as its topic, may Allah Almighty bless the Syed and give him a long healthy and wealthy life.

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