FBI reportedly looking into pardons by former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

Maurice Vega

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  1. If Gov Matt Bevin accepted bribes for giving pardons, he faces criminal charge of BRIBERY.
    "Pay to Play" is Bribery by another name.

  2. Come on republicans defend the ex~governor….
    Defend the guy who freed child predators. ..

  3. That's why he wasn't reelected. He has no morals. Not all Republicans are worth respect… But. The FBI investigation is ridiculous.. If it was a dummycrat no one would care.

  4. i don't see how he can pardon some guy that is a murderer that is the brother of someone who raised money for his reelection. this guy is a murderer and did not pay his debt to society!

  5. How does the FBI get away with fabricating falsities on anyone's FBI Rap Sheet thus turning anyone into a Felon for example without said persons ever being convicted of a Felony in any court????

  6. They should look at the pardons that filthy Cuomo has done in NY and he is still governor, unfortunately. He's pardoned cop killers, terrorists, illegal aliens, you name it, ole Adolph Cuomo has set far too many loose to prey upon innocent victoms again making our communities a dangerous place. Wake up America and NY !!!

  7. Now, the leftys here in NY passed a law stating that criminals will only be held on bail for a very few crimes, most to be arraigned, released, and never seen again until next time they're arrested ! NO COMMON SENSE IN NY, THAT'S FOR CERTAIN !!

  8. Obama pardoned 330 convicts on his last day in office. He deemed the sentances to harsh for the crimes committed. Executive pardons are strange and dangerous territory.

  9. The impression I have of the FBI in recent years is that they look into Republicans, and they seem less enthusiastic when it comes to Democrats. That being said. Pardoning 650 people seems a lot. The FBI has quite a lot to look into after the IG report I guess. Hope they get the opportunity to do that too.

  10. To start the first Federal Government Independent Army base in Carmel Indiana, to buy a house on 3434 Club Estates drive in Carmel Indiana for myself to live in, when I meet with the lawyers and accountant to help me start a legal Federal Government Independent Army. Offer $2,600,000.00. I believe that Mary Stanley's gang owns that house, and I believe that Mary Stanley's gang owns the other eight homes on Club Estates Drive, and I believe that Mary Stanley's gang owns the Bridgewater association there to, to buy the other eight homes on Club Estates Drive and to buy the Bridgewater association, to offer $20,000,000.00 for the other eight homes on Club Estates Drive, and to offer $100,000,000.00 for the Bridgewater association. To buy all of the homes that are part of the Bridgewater association, estimated at about 400 homes, to offer $550,000,000.00 for 400 homes, I estimated 300 homes at $1,000,000.00 each, and 100 homes at $2,500,000.00 each, that's how I come to that estimate, of $550,000,000.00 for 400 homes. Estimated total offers of $672,600,000.00. To have one of the homes on Club Estates drive as an office, to meet with the lawyers and accountant to help me start a legal Federal Government Independent Army. To use the Bridgewater Association Club building to hire some Federal Government Independent Army worker's, and for the Federal Government Independent Army worker's to exercise there. To make a parking area for the Army jeeps and Army trucks where the Bridgewater golf course is at. To tear those 400 homes down, to make more parking area for the Federal Government Independent Army, to park more Army jeeps and Army trucks there. To start the first Federal Government Independent Army base in Carmel Indiana.

  11. More Republicans committed crimes. No surprise anymore. Much more evidence that anothet GOP is a crook. At least one side has the facts behind them and it's not the right side.

  12. Hooooooooooly smokes. Left and right…. agree to something? Asians in Asia be like. … what about the one in the White House?

  13. The democrats to the same thing all the time and even worse. And why the fbi have never been interested to liberals pardon too?

  14. Slick willie never suffered any scrutiny for pardoning billionaires or his cocaine brother there was proof the billionaires wife gave slick willie a hugh amount of money, I'm not saying what the Kentucky gov.did was right just saying both sides should be held accountable to same scrutiny.

  15. FBI cannot unpardon them. They need to stop giving peeps the power to pardon. What he did was wrong but well within in his powers given to him.

  16. That " expert" is stoned, pardons are not irreversible, if it Is demonstrated he did it for any other reasons than justice the Gov can certainly be prosecuted

  17. aaa. You stupid pieces of nasty Democrat dog ssht kept screaming for an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, so why aren't you still screaming for that stupid fkng ssht now? Why did you scumbags completely stop caring about your precious FBI investigation as soon as Kavanaugh got confirmed to the Supreme Court????????yyy

  18. Bush leads us into a useless war Millions murdered!! Silence!! But hey the Kentucky gov pardoned someone..Everyone freak out

  19. It is reprehensible to run a story like this without giving any facts of the trial or the crime. People will just make assumptions without checking the facts. Shame on Fox.

  20. And this is why we should not have immunity for ANY politician ! That's like allowing rapists and murderers get away with their crimes cuz they have immunity from the law !

  21. The FBI like going after Republicans but they ignore the real bad criminals like the dems?!? Sickening how they operate!!!

  22. So who is that speaking for Judas Iscariot to make money or save money or trade with caipha the fallen high priest?
    It is the the fallen goddess to goddess conversation through air the lucifer ruler of kingdom of air speaking through the thin air and when IAM😠 commanded get behind the Satan and not MY DISCIPLE.


  23. It comes as no surprise that fox news is quick to exonerate this governor of any wrongdoing without going into much detail about the hundreds of violent offenders he set loose. You can tell by the governors tweet that seems to be out of spite and that alone deserves a conversation.

  24. as reprehensible as Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich nothing like a campaign contribution to solidify one's allegiance. nothing more than a constitutionally protected quid pro quo

  25. These corrupt politicians are the republican party has been purging since the grass roots tea party was created, this one must had slipped through the cracks. The tea party is the same group that Obama used his big government bureaucracy against. Sadly that the democrats are too blind to do the same, cause Obama pardoned all kinds of leftist radicals and domestic terrorists. Not one peep was heard from their party on that matter.


  27. It's difficult enough already to trust a short slight man who got picked on too much in school. Here's to more tall stout politicians with a booming man voice 🍻! like Hillary haha jk

  28. Without a doubt Bevin could not have learned enough facts to justify every one of those cases. His signature was just rubber stamped on all the 650+ documents; he must be investigated. If barry obumer did it, why couldn't he, this is the problem with CORRUPTION, if someone does it, why couldn't I do it. Bevin must not get away.

  29. Republicans eroding the fabric of our democracy at every turn with their core business principle "do what you can get away with, not what's right".

  30. Meanwhile, new Dem governor is allowing thousands of convicted felons to vote! The Rs and the D's in that state are a bunch of dirty liberals!

  31. All the conservative trash is spewing out on our streets since the Putin put Trump in the White House. Good thing Moscow Mitch is just as pathetic and will keep him in office.

  32. This lawyer is a advocate for illegal behavior (pay to play bribery) which is NOT protected by any law. Fox News should more carefully select their lawyers, an experienced prosecutor would have clearly stated that if the elected official is shown to have taken anything of value then they can be charged. The problem is that campaign donations are considered "political free speech" which is protected.

  33. So is the fbi going to look into Clinton's pardons lol. If the fbi said the sky is blue i would have to go check it myself.

  34. I never understood the concept of Pardoning by an elected official who is not a judge. You have some person who usually has no legal experience and often no real experience with the case, stepping in and just cancelling the sentence passed down in a court of law, and backed by a jury of peers. Regardless of pardons being okay or not, I feel there also should be a limit to how many can be pardoned. 650 cases just tossed aside by this one guy's whim??? What if your child's rapist was behind bars and this guy loses re-election and in spite, just pardons him and now he's free? That's supposed to be fair? The appeals process in the courts should be the only avenue for overturning convictions and pardoning.

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