FBI Had Legitimate Reason To INVES. Trump Campaign, No Evidence Of Political Bias | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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  1. As we've seen time and time again, Trump, Rudy, Graham, Nunes, Gaetz and others, are wilfully aiding and abetting Putin and his Russian security services in propagating their false narratives and propaganda here in America. What's worse is that they are attacking America's democratic institutions and our intelligence agencies, the very same institutions and agencies  that exists to protect America from foreign adversaries like Russia. This constitutes an immediate threat to America's national security. This is something that should concern every American, regardless of party affiliation.

  2. They knew Trump was a Career Criminal before he got in Office, And he was never Qualified too run for the Presidency, And this Should never Happen again ! 🙄
    P.S We must put in New Safty Regulations !

  3. It proves Trump and his administration is corrupt theirselves and Trump is disappointed. Yeah it's way worse Trump, for you and your currupted inner circle, no one else but I do agree, It should not happen to another president and I hope he's right as America should never vote for another corrupted president in the future, fingers crossed!

  4. Trump may not be receiving a paycheck for being a fake president.
    But because he has such a shady past it is costing the American taxpayers it might get to a point a billion dollars.
    I prefer president that'll get paid.🇺🇸

  5. anyone who reads Horowitz Report knows you're mischaracterizing the depth of crimes laid out in the report. Horowitz being limited to within the department gave him limited scope of his investigation whereas Prosecutor John Durham (highly respected on both sides of the isle) has unlimited scope within and outside the department and country! Of course Prosecutor John Durham and Attorney General Barr has more evidence, testimony and both foreign and domestic witnesses than a person in Horowitz position. Horowitz was to investigate FISA Abuses which are clearly documented in his report 'Yes FISA's were abused, they lied to the FISA Court, Yes, they altered documents and framed innocent people in order to spy on Trump campaign / Administration. Better get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show, because this is just the intro to the real facts!

  6. It's almost like NBC didn't even read a single page of the report 😂 The subsource even stated they didn't believe his statements were believable.

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