Father Of UCSB Shooting Victim Speaks Out On CNN

Richard Martinez a son was one of the
victims in the Santa Barbara shooting and he talked about his son christopher
during a CNN interview and it’s a really really difficult video to watch because not only is the advocating for gun
control you can see the emotion just pouring out of him and you can see how frustrated and angry
he is with congress and their in action according to him
let’s take a look so the reason I’m doing this right now try to see if we can do anything to make my son’s death mean something because that’s all we’ve got if there’s
all these things in the media about the shooter and there’s nothing about the victims
then it sends the wrong message and the people need to understand that real people died here and they need
to know put faces names and histories to the people people who died to make it
real for them I think he makes a really great point
about that because oftentimes when the mainstream press covers the
shootings they focus solely on the shooter they they identify him and I think a lot of other people who
see that a lot of people who also carry out shootings later kinda
been turned on a bye by the pain that comes along with that
and so that’s the reason why we’re not talking about or identifying the shooter although
obviously a lot of you already know who he is but he makes a great point there I mean
these are innocent people that were fatally shot or stabbed
because this guy could not get a woman to sleep with him
I mean the sentiment I don’t mean he had with absolutely sick and you know later on we’re gonna talk
about the number people were actually defending him and the number people
actually felt sorry for him but I before we get to that lets go to
the second video the politicians after Sandy Hook swore that they would do
something we’re all proud to be americans but what
kind of message does it send to the world when we have such an subject such a rudderless buncha idiots in government I can’t tell you how angry I am you it’s just awful and no parent should have to go
through this no parent to have a kid dying because in this kinda situation where what has changed how we learn nothing
these things are going to continue until somebody does something so where the hell is the leadership
where that Howarth these people we elect a congress that we
spend so much money on these people getting rich sitting in
congress it what do they do they don’t take care of our kids my kid
died because nobody responded to a record at
Sandy Hook both parents rothman ok words it’s bad
enough but I lost my 20-year-old but I heard twenty years of my problem
there are other but those people are ridiculous things
in 30 years old how do you think very very rope but
whose brother do that now who do you think they were there now who start me up those kids that died back
then but an elementary school why wasn’t something done it’s
outrageous it’s really difficult video to watch and he is referencing congress voting
down a strict gun laws including a background
checks federal back background checks %uh a limit to magazine capacity
basically commandant sense logger lower gun reform I should say
that would prevent mass shootings from happening
that would prevent guns a falling in the hands of the wrong
people and up you know in this case again he lived
in a state the shooter lived in a state that had the strictest gun laws and
unfortunately it wasn’t enough he still was able to legally purchase guns and he
was still able to use those guns to kill three people and again he stabbed his roommates the
three people that he stabbed first but were his roommates they had
absolutely nothing to do with anything they were quiet students that
never gave many problem but this guy was unhinged I mean he was
diagnosed with something Aspergers Syndrome he was given drugs are prescribed drugs
he refused to take them he still got his hands on guns he still
carried out this heinous act and when you really look into our gun
laws look guys the reality is its heavily influenced by gun
manufacturers it always goes back to money in politics regardless of what you
believe about gun laws regardless of whether or not you’re an advocate for
god’s the reality is your opinion doesn’t
really matter because gun manufacturers have all the power the NRA which gets funded by these gun
manufacturers has all the power to give you an example
ProPublica looked into studies that were done %uh in gun laws
and what they found was this since 1996 when a small CBC funded study
on the risks owning a firearm ignited opposition from Republicans the CDC’s budget for research on firearm
injuries was shrunk 20 so why why would they do
that why would they be fun not type research it’s because it goes against what they
want to do and that is to profit as much as possible from selling as many guns as possible so
unfortunately you see that video with the victim’s father he’s upset and of course you CNN you
can’t help but tear up as you see it but unfortunately nothing will be done
unless you get the money out of politics unless you ensure that gun manufacturers stop funding the
NRA and the NRA stops funding politicians we need common sense gun legislation
that’s not to say that we need to ban guns I’m certainly not an advocate for
that but I’m definitely an advocate of making
sure that we have the strictest background checks possible so crazy ass people don’t get their
hands on guns we don’t legally purchased three guns in
a three-month span to carry out shootings that killed six
innocent people

Maurice Vega

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  1. There are so many people saying this was all faked. I will admit this the irony of him talking about gun control and sandy hook iss questionable.

  2. We are going to lose our rights thanks to an emotionally lead charge against the very right so many people died for. Emotions are clouding the judgment of so many and the media knows this. Just as many people died from this kid by a knife as well as a gun. Nothing would have changed if someone did something different in response to sandy hook this kid was looking for way to kill people because he was mentally ill. You can't read his mind no amount of laws can stop someone from doing anything

  3. You know why "something wasn't done"?  Because the American people didn't want the government's bs gun control laws.  Were there people on the other side that wanted more control too?  Yes, and those anti gun states made more gun control laws akin to the granddaddy of gun control Commyfornia and look what happened.  It's not guns, it's about crazy people and the deterioration of our society and lack of care for other people.  The NRA is also funded by millions of Americans not just gun manufacturers.

    How come we don't enforce background checks on alcohol which kills far more than guns and leads to murder, rape, suicide, etc. but no it's because treehuggers that like to party it up with booze but have no education or experience with guns want to take away rights and freedoms from others simply just because they don't use it.

    Sad to see people die in any scenario but the bottom line is that there is and always will be evil in humanity and people seem to be more upset that people get killed with a gun than with knives or cars like this scenario which are far more easily obtained.

  4. He seems to care more about politicians and the NRA than his own son.  If he cared more about his son, he would be directing much more of his grief and anger towards the parents of the murderer.

  5. I'm chewing on my hand trying not to cry.

    And fuuuuuuuuck, another aspie gone nuts. That does not make us look good. I'm so lucky I got to go to a special school where I was able to learn social skills, I can't imagine going through public school as a young adult on the autism spectrum, there's just NO good way to learn social skills. I know special schooling is incredibly expensive, but why? Why does it have to be? There was nothing at my school that was inherently costly. Appropriate education needs to be made available to all kids. It won't fix everything but if this guy had known how to handle himself he wouldn't have done this.

  6. Did you know MULTIPLE witnesses reported TWO people in the BMW?  Google:

    ""Guys in a BMW. Maybe they were trying to prove they're tough," Vitak said during a live televised interview. Vitak saw them shooting at two girls; one was shot dead, the other was critically hurt.

    One woman identified as Sierra told Sanchez she was approached by two men in a black BMW. The driver flashed a small black handgun and asked '"Hey, what's up?"'

    The guy had a handler. Another MKULTRA psy-op. 

  7. Lets look at where a lot of these shootings occur, places like NY, CT, CA what do they all have in common? You said it yourself. Some of the strictest gun laws in America, all restrictive gun control does is punish the LAW ABIDING! Crazy ass people who want to do crazy ass things will do them regardless of what laws are in place. You and the rest of the gun grabbing tard ass libs need to get that through your thick ass skulls.

  8. If one wants to kill another human being, then guess what, they're going to find an alternative. Guns are not the problem, for bad guardianship, poor mental healthcare, and poor background checks are.

  9. And yet again, Anna is being a complete idiot. Sure, lets worry about what fucking firearm the killer used, but let's not actually focus on what made the killer pick up the gun in the first place. Psychopaths will always find ways to do psychotic shit,so your firearms bans is like trying to put out a fire by removing the burning logs, instead of dealing with the actual fire.

    Deal with the mental problems of the nation first.


  11. This is more reasons why I'm glad I don't live in USA.  Man…  I don't get why there's still no gun control.  How many shooting should take for government to realize there must be something they need to do about guns?  

  12. Should we ban cars from the insane from driving their SUV into a bus stop full of innocent people? Yes a 10,000 lb 100 mph bullet with a steering wheel is more deadly. I'm a father of two in highschool and both know how to handle a gun, and what to do if a common tragic situation can happen to the innocent now days. We should not go backwards but forewords look for the possibility of such a situation like teaching your kids about STDs they kill many more then the psycho with a gun or a SUV projectile weapon when he or she is not intelligent enough to figure out how to obtain a gun like a felon on the damn street with cash as it's done in any country on our so called civilized planet we are forced to Learn and Teach our kids how to not only share but how to SURVIVE SIR!

  13. Why is there no blood in the BMW at the crime scene? That's impossible if he was actually shot in the head…

  14. Here's my thought, as much as gun control would be nice, it's still bad.  Let's not forget about Adolf Hitler who did it for his country and that didn't go well at all because he was in complete control and the citizens had no way of fighting back.  The Nazis had all the guns and terrorized people.  Now granted, I feel awful for what happened and I can't stand a mad man or anyone killing people for no reason at all.  Its PEOPLE that kill PEOPLE, not GUNS.  Just remember guys, we are the people and we control this country, not the government, so don't lose your rights! 

  15. If we just went around the world and banded together. Took EVERY gun, even government guns and just went and threw them at the bottom of the ocean or melted them down. We would have far less problems in every part of the world.

  16.  Every once in a Blue Moon the universe dispenses Karma in the most beautiful & unexpected ways . Consider the tearful outrage & plea of this father who's son's bullet ridden corpse was Elliot Rodgers handiwork. Here is the great irony …He is a retired ''private practice'' criminal Defense attorney ….How hysterical it is watching this lowlife go on his little mourning tirade when he amassed his fortune defending men who put their cocks in Toddlers , Beat and raped women unrecognizable and Sold crystal death to elementary school children on street corners . What joy it would have given me to see the look on his face when the coroner pulled back that plastic wrap revealing the Swiss cheese that is now his son ……Awesome!……You sew that harvest …you reap it baby!

  17. People in America don't need guns, they want them, that's why gun laws won't change because there's a demand for them. 
    People who are pro gun laws need to think about when was the last time they NEEDED a gun, the answer is never.
    Guns are a hobby, and if this hobby kills thousands of people every year, then there isn't really a reason to keep it.

  18. thank god all these laws against drugs and drunk driving have made drug related and drunk driving deaths non-existent!

  19. Everyone said the same thing after Columbine in 1999. That was 15 years ago. Society is to blame for all these shootings. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech etc. You sideline people that can't fit into your brainwashed society of "sheeple" where everyone has to look the same, be the same, say the same things and conform to brainless bullshit. You make their lives hell. You poke fun at them for being sexually inexperienced [you did it to Elliot Rodger and you did it to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold]. That's why these people hate your fucking SHALLOW asses. FUCK THIS AND FUCK YOU ALL. Suck it up. Another one might well be in the post. You ignorant sacks of brainwashed SHIT

  20. The killer would have found other ways to kill people.
    Sadly, we need to work on society before anything else!

  21. He can't even cry for real and bringing back sandy hoax great. Also that Ana chick giving cpr to a guy who is dead and had his head blown up. This sounds so fake it's unbelievable how stupid people can get to buy this shit. They had the deli workers cleaning the blood, ha, normal crime scenes get cleaned differently with contract companies putting hazmat type of clothes. Too many things in order to keep taking rights away from people.

  22. this guy was injected into the story to highlight it.hes a paid actor.
    why isnt anyone on this show talking about how obviously phony this guys performance is.???

  23. poverty causes most gun crimes.but you dont here a word about stopping that.because they dont really care about the crimes.they care about taking guns away from citizens who are under a police state.

  24. No law in the world. Would stop a person from killing. I don't hear a cry for knife and car control. All I hear from people is they want to pass laws that already exists.

  25. I'm sorry he lost his son but he is doing himself no favors by screaming gun control in a place where the strictest gun control Laws are applied and he still bought them and managed to Kill and while he's at it call for Knife control cause he stabbed his roommates and BMW control cause that wear used and we can also take a jab at junk food cause he most likely ate chips that change his mood sending him into a violent rage and video cameras ya that to and Youtube.get the point. Down to brass tax How about Our FAILING mental health industry cause a lot of these guys were seeing counseled and it didn't stop Shit.

  26. Over 300 people per year are struck by lightning. Under 70 killed in "multiple shootings". You are over 3 times more likely to be struck by lightning, yet you talk about an "epidemic of shootings" like it is an occurrence that we should expect to happen to us… You need to start being honest Jenk….stop feeding us bullshit. I love watching your show, but we are not stupid and we can SEE instantly if you are feeding us bullshit…stop hyping up something extremely rare, to get ratings. It's not like you to be dishonest with your viewers. Stop it.

  27. I really enjoy watching you guys. Although I don't agree with some of the things you say. I do not believe in more gun laws. We need to enforce the ones we have. I live in Indiana and own several firearms. Background checks are there. They check mental illness. Magazine size doesn't mean anything. I agree on your point about the NRA though. I don't support them. They do not support the firearm owner but the companies.

  28. Incidents of gun related deaths have fallen by half in the past 20 years. The amount of people killed in mass shootings is one in ten million. How about let's put our focus on what's really killing people: toxins, poor food supply, prescription drugs, traffic accidents, etc. If your concern is saving lives, prove it by working to solve those problems, not disarm the people.

  29. 1 question. If a civil war broke out what side would you choose? The built up abraham lincoln obama changing the constitution or the soldiers and patriots defending the constitution?

  30. Wow extra trolling on this video, well trolls every click supports TYT even if you just click and troll, thanks!

  31. Firearms are deterrents and protection for healthy civilians.  If more responsible people (especially women) packed they'd be less likely to be victims.  Increased mental health support is desperately needed to keep these folks stabilized, from killing and out of jail.  Absent a gun, MH killers will find an alternative weapon to kill with.  Mainstream media makes celebrities of MH killers encouraging copycats and should be addressed as well.

  32. In actuality, the Asian roommates that dies had something to do with it. Rodger renounced his half Asian heritage. He was very racist, viewing whites as pure, and he openly criticized Asians for dating white women. He probably killed them because of not being white, which he viewed as pure. Its in his manifesto.

  33. So why didnt we have tons of mass shooters before the federal firearms act in 1968? Any takers? You could order an ACTUAL fully automatic rifle and ammo and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is not a gun issue this is a mental health issue. WAKE THE FUCK UP. 

  34. Yes, lets make policy choices based on emotional overflow. This guy is a fucking actor or a turd of a person. Ive never seen a gun drive it self around town shooting people on its own. 

  35. And when "They" take our guns away and take over this country,  I hope this guy is the First guy "They" torture and kill!!   If by now you cant tell that these assholes are all actors and ALL these shootings are false flags, then that's the exact reason WE are DONE as a country!

  36. I hate this we must "Do something" attitude. That is like 3 guys in a row boat and  the boat springs a leak. Two of the guys look at the hole and the other throws the oars in the water and the others say "At least he did something."  Yes he did do something but was it the RIGHT thing to do?

    Plus does this guy not know that all the laws that people wanted passed after Sandy Hook? So this just proves my point. Mass shooting happens > more gun control passes> another mass shooting happens> more gun control and it just never ends. Until we deal with the source of the problem of why they are killing and deal with social and economic reasons then we are just throwing oars in the water.

  37. She actually buys this whole act haha u can tell he is faking who cries with no tears running down their face? Nobody at sandy hook had real tears not even one child cried not one person really cried biggest hoax ever

  38. Elliot Rodgers was subscribed to the Young Turds. Could it be that these lefty loonies influenced some of his behaviour? Just wondering…

  39. that "father" was a discount actor, the gov't can't even afford to buy decent actors to move their agenda. No tears, "It's just awful". If I had a son and he got shot and killed, I wouldn't be on the news days later kissing Obama's gun controlling ass.

  40. The thing that outrages me most when there is a shooting is that the Liberals start arguing straight off about more gun control.That's right…use someone's grief to further your agenda.I always think,"What IF someone was carrying a gun….the only person to have died was the gunman….."

  41. TYT is run by a bunch of liberal idiots. This bitch in the video makes me so angry. I feel for the father, but guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people. 

  42. I learned from watching this video and then getting the book that we wont stop personality disorders like this elliot jerk from getting guns. EVER. No one tests them or even gives them a diagnosis cause insurance wont pay to treat them cause they just be immoral. 
    How Elliot Rodger Retribution is Biggest 3 Psych Diagnosis

  43. asspergers? nope he never had it and if your opinion dosen't matter than the bitch running her mouth has no say and her opinion dosen't mater either neat huh? derp duh

  44. Every, every day this fact hapens in Brazil, and guess… politicians doesn't do NOTHING. That´s what we feel in Brazil…. exactly as this parents feel…. destroyed in them rights, expectations and everything more… It´s a dog-eat-dog world….

  45. Look Ma, once again another fake ass acting parent with no tears when pretending to cry. You would think that with all that nonsense emotional acting, he could at least pull off one single tear. Nope, not one. 
    Just another fake ass shooting with fake ass actors. He just had to throw Sandy Hook in there, idiot.

  46. You cant stop it. Thats the entire point. People will get guns. What kind of indicator would we have? Depression, how do you know someone is depressed? As far as the magazines, people will just buy more. Theres nothing you can do. I agree we shouldnt let people have machine guns. Maybe let them keep it at home, but not walk around at an airport with them. But there is nothing you can do. Pots been illegal how long? And its all around the country.

  47. Why cant you guys see the man is acting…… I cant believe other people cant see it. Its not an opinion please dont try to minimize this to "everyone's entitled to their opinion" or "people grieve differently" yes these are both true but this man is acting….

  48. Okay, I am not even going to reveal my position on gun control, but I do want to point out a fact about the Isla Vista massacre that has been almost totally overlooked. Elliot Rodger took six innocent lives; beginning with his three roommates, whom were all stabbed to death. He then took to the streets and murdered three more, all by gun. Over and over, on every single news network, we saw the families of the three gun victims bash our government and call for the abolition of the second amendment. Meanwhile, the families of the three knife victims weren't even granted interviews.

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