Fascism vs Democracy – What’s The Difference? – Political Comparison

Throughout history, the world has seen the
rise and fall of numerous types of political ideologies.>From Feudalism to Monarchy, Communism to Democracy,
humanity has almost always chosen some form of government over anarchy. With politics seeming to show up in everyone’s
news feed now more than ever before, and with the word ‘fascist’ being slung around
more and more, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the two forms of
government currently pulling at the United States, in this episode of The Infographics
Show; Fascism vs Democracy. Fascism is a political philosophy that exalts
nation and often race over the individual. The term is derived from the latin “fasces,”
which is a bound bundle of wooden rods, often including an axe with its blade emerging,
an obvious symbol of power. Fascism is usually coupled with a centralized
autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader that typically imposes severe social
and economic regimentation, along with the forceful suppression of any opposition. Similar to socialism, the economic regimentation
of fascism is a big pillar of the ideology. However, the two differ in that socialism
seeks direct, totalitarian control of the economic process, while fascism seeks similar
control, but more indirectly. Socialism would do things like nationalize
property explicitly and abolish market relations outright, while fascism would require property
to be used for the good of nation, but still allow for it to be owned privately, leaving
the appearance of market relations, while manipulating the market behind the scenes. On the other hand, Democracy, which literally
means “ruled by the people,” is a political system in which all members have an equivalent
access to power. Democracy is looked at as one of the oldest
political systems on Earth. While modern-day democracies are quite a bit
more complex, scientists believe that simple forms of democracy known as tribalism, or
primitive democracy, could have existed for thousands of years. The origins for a more complex form of democracy
is often thought to have originated around the turn of the 5th century B.C. with the
Greeks in Ancient Athens. The term democracy actually derives from the
Greek word “demos,” which means people. However, even Ancient Athens was a far cry
from the democracies of today since large portions of their society weren’t allowed
to participate, most notably slaves and women. True democracies do not disqualify any group
of people from having a say in government. Perhaps surprisingly, Finland is the first
government to herald a more fair democracy at the national level when, in 1906, it was
the first to abolish both race and gender requirements for voting and serving in government. Other modern forms of democracy are seen today
in places like Canada, Australia, and many countries in Europe. Fascism has seen quite a collection of political
leaders try to spread its ideologies as well, even though it is a relatively new concept
compared to democracy. Benito Mussolini turned Italy into the first
fascist country in 1922, and he is known as one of the most prominent architects of fascism. Many fascist parties, like China’s Blue
Shirts Society, popped up soon after, and even places like Canada had fascist fringe
groups. Adolf Hitler is also seen as a fascist, though
some are misled by the name of his political party and think he was a socialist. Hitler adapted Germany to fascism in 1933
with the Nazi, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party. According to the officials of the Nobel Prize,
only four places in the world actually claim NOT to be democracies; Vatican City, Saudi
Arabia, Burma, and Brunei. In reality, regardless of how they label themselves,
over 100 other countries have either non-democratic governments or only partially democratic governments. In today’s political climate, there have
been growing comparisons between the current President of the United States’ Donald Trump
and fascist leaders of the past. Many cite his growing list of policies and
executive orders to be akin to fascism. His views on suppression of the media and
anyone that differs from or criticizes him can also come across as similar to suppression
by fascism. Also, his Muslim Ban, his promise to build
a wall on the Mexican border, his seemingly sexist views on women, and his choice of cabinet
picks rife with conflicts of interest, all lead many to believe that America just elected
its first fascist. Comparisons of the Trump regime to fascism
is upsetting to many people because they feel the democracy of the US is being threatened. However, while the United States of America
is often thought of as simply a democracy, it is actually a little more complicated than
that. The United States is considered a republic
rather than a democracy, but the most accurate term for the United States is “representative
democracy.” The citizens of the US rarely, if ever, have
direct say in their government, but rather they elect officials to make political decisions
on their behalf. While this is hardly as firm as the grip of
fascism, it is a little different than a direct democracy. Differing forms of government have risen and
fallen, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Do you think Fascism can ever rise again,
and, if so, could it be a suitable form of government in today’s society? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you would like a quick daily comparison
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Please note that we do not state our own opinion but are simply trying to communicate what both sides are saying. It's best we stay away from politics in the future.

  2. one day fascism will truly come to this land, and all you autists calling trump a "facist" will be massacred.

  3. Hey America isn’t a democracy, we are a republic. Democracy would never work. Also trump is not a fascist. He’s a republican. And the wall isn’t to keep everyone out, it’s to keep out illegals, which is what we need.

  4. Fascism? Could be. Due to the current world racism, sexism and also islamophobiasm that meant the your religion, gender and also race could be a mirror to yourself for others. For the economics, i think fascism's way for corporation is smart. Because if a company invented a new thing the government didn't, they would (probably) use it as a new government invention as long as credits are for the company. I'm sure fascism beliefs could be considered Ultranationalism for newbies and i think the government could work with a bit of ideology tweaks such as race doesn't matter as long as you're useful. Useless people shouldn't be sent to "Special Education" camps but rather they should be supervised to slowly see thier useful abilities. Lower the oppression and suppression of the media sector (news, paparazzis etc etc) by using censorship laws. Dictatorship is considerable as long as the leader wouldn't do anything too harmful to the nation's economy, government and population. If the dictator dead, do an election to choose the late dictator's family should be in charge or dump them for a new leader from different family.

  5. Democrats are more fascist like, they arrest people who criticize them, look at espionage, sedition acts, they implemented the trail of tears, slavery, internment camps, killed millions of Native Americans, suppress free speech, mob rule, want to disarm the population, violate the constitution multiple times, socialist, anti-individualism, collectivist.

  6. @3:19 the US is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic. The Electoral college exists to keep the mob from ruling.


  8. The U.S. isn't a democracy. The founding fathers even stated that democracy was an insane idea. It's a Republic, that's why a lot of American architecture is inspired by Roman and why you'll see statues with the founding fathers in Roman garb.

  9. Your definition of socialism as a totalitarian state is completely inaccurate. What's called democracy in the United States is really plutocracy leaning towards fascism. Very wealthy contribute to politicians political campaigns anonymously who then vote for their corporate interest in a quid pro quo. The will of the American people is manufactured consent by various media corporations

  10. There's very little difference between a democracy and fascism, the only difference is that a democracy operates in a stealthy fascist manner in which the corporate ocracy and conglomerates devise ways of utilizing political correctness and the manipulation of people's feelings as a means by which to subvert the Constitution, hence hate speech laws which clearly contravenes the Constitution, even more severe the Patriot Act. On towards fascism it's something that you can see it's very clear doesn't require a magnifying glass or any deep analysis unless of course it too is hidden but point being that a democracy operates on the premise that people's feelings, and subjective experiences can and will from time to time diminish the quality of your constitutional rights. This eventually leads to the complete the ball ashment of the Constitution rule of law and then ushering in of Chaos and tyranny and ultimately dictatorship Spirit what's fascism you have a quiet dictatorship doesn't operate covertly in the open and in your face but rather from behind the curtains while it holds the puppet strings of politicians which are used to help conceal their power and their true intentions and the damage is done to the human spirit, politicians tend to give people the placebo and short-term sugar affect giving people a false illusion of security and safety by stealthily getting them to give up their inherent Liberties and rights, so that that fascist corporate ocracy can be in a better position to force everybody on the assembly line as slaves oh, let's look at corporate ocracy fascism in general VW BMW Volkswagen and Nestle all successfully lobbied government the bringing the law policies that allowed fascist corporates to take humans as actual slaves. This is history simply repeating itself, as the fascist corporate tax receipt uses the vulnerability of democracy itself since it relies on people's feelings and not facts, ultimately it is the Perfect Weapon by which to enslave the people, yet in a way that takes time as a method to it which is so stealthy operates right under our nose and becomes a bigger and bigger and posing factor in all our lives

  11. The UK is part facist since it is arresting people who criticise the government like the protesters in the news.

  12. Wait he's a sexist fascist? Weird? wasn't the second point in the fascist manifesto to give women voting rights? It's almost like you have no idea what you're talking about.

  13. You very clearly stated your bias in this video when commenting on the “Trump Regime”. Also, the United States is a republic.

  14. More leftist propaganda talking points. Every one of those things you listed as "Trump" ideas being "fascist" were word for word promises by Obama over his 8 years. From immigration to restricting entry from middle eastern countries who lack reliable law enforcement, NONE of these were Trump's ideas, but came from Democrats before him. Was Obama fascist when he closed the border? When he deported MORE people that Trump?

  15. I've always had my own idea of Governing style which I never knew what it would be called. After watching your video, I believe in a form I would call Democratic Fascism. The People could vote and make decisions directly (not Represented), but The State still allots a certain percentage of the housing and personal transportation to youth which just Graduated. All contributing members of society would be entitled to a type of personal allowance not to be confused with employment compensation. Basically the Government takes a small percentage of everything and actually uses it in places and puts it toward programs that make a difference. I would not have For Profit Prisons and Police Forces. Most crimes other than violence and theft would result in mandatory therapy. Prescription Drugs would NOT be prescribed to those in this State Therapy Program. Fresh, clean cuttings and edible but undesirable foods would be utilized to give to homeless and hungry people THAT night. Education would teach Discipline in Academia once again. Parents would once again be held accountable for their childs actions, not the child. The People would decide on large matters using hard evidence and integrity.

    The problem is enlightening the people on this. If they aren't The One in charge, they can't accept it. With my plan, they would be in charge, but they would need to attribute the lifestyle to the initiator.

  16. First & foremost, there are very distinct differences between Patriotism & Nationalism. Unfortunately recently equated with Populism? as if Socialism ie Marxism aka Communism ever has a chance of overtaking Capitalism?
    Yet Progressivism aka Liberalism seemingly laying blame on supposed Fascism. Perhaps lacking Conservatism in preventing Radicalism?
    Perhaps Ethnicism of Prussia and Culturalism of Fukuoka 福岡市 enabled such realization of too many Schisms?

  17. First & foremost, there are very distinct differences between Patriotism & Nationalism. Unfortunately recently equated with Populism? as if Socialism ie Marxism aka Communism ever has a chance of overtaking Capitalism?
    Yet Progressivism aka Liberalism seemingly laying blame on supposed Fascism. Perhaps lacking Conservatism in preventing Radicalism?
    Perhaps Ethnicism of Prussia and Culturalism of Fukuoka 福岡市 enabled such realization of too many Schisms?

  18. First & foremost, there are very distinct differences between Patriotism & Nationalism. Unfortunately recently equated with Populism? as if Socialism ie Marxism aka Communism ever has a chance of overtaking Capitalism?
    Yet Progressivism aka Liberalism seemingly laying blame on supposed Fascism. Perhaps lacking Conservatism in preventing Radicalism?
    Perhaps Ethnicism of Prussia and Culturalism of Fukuoka 福岡市 enabled such realization of too many Schisms?

  19. Equating fascism and socialism is specious. Fascism is by definition authoritarian…there can't be democratic fascism. It looks like making that equation is what this video is actually all about.

    Socialism is at the core democratic. Socialism cannot be imposed. The insane malevolent cruel stupidities that we've seen in Russia, China etc etc etc have nothing to do with democratic socialism which cannot work without the informed and active consent and participation of the governed.

  20. Fascism is the way to go in the United States of America. Fascism is far-right, ultranationalist, one-party system, Totalitarianism, dictatorship, private property, class society, and more. That’s why I’m a Fascist and we need a Fascist for a new political party for the future in the United States of America to turn this country into Totalitarianism of a dictatorship.

  21. I don't think anyone needed clarification on the differences between fascism and democracy. That said, I've seen so many people in these comments advancing poorly-informed, half-baked ideas (like the idea that the United States isn't a democracy, or that you can draw a sharp distinction between democracies or republics, or that Franco was a fascist leader, or that fascism was a left-wing movement, etc.).

  22. In a democracy, the majority rules. If the magority decided they want your bike, they could take it. In Republic, your bike is your property and you do not owe it to anyone. It cannot be taken against your will by law. America is a Constitutinal Republic. Therefore the Constitution is the law by which was supposed to be protected. In Republic, the individual is protected FROM the majority by Constitutional law. A Constitutional Republic is what we were given. It is up to us to keep it.

  23. New Zealand has had right of women to vote since 1893, and earlier for Māori voters since 1867 (although some property owners had been eligible to vote since 1853).
    Property ownership as a qualification for voter enrolment was all but removed in 1879 extending rights to working-class leaseholders (renters). In 1893 when women’s suffrage was passed, NZ garnered international attention also, for not only being the first self-governing country in the world to grant the right to vote to all adult women, but also to abolish plural votes, endorsing “one person, one vote”

  24. You get a dislike. Not for anything you've said here; but because you edited the video, and made it difficult to follow the video. That doesn't mean I agree with you.

  25. USA USA USA Trump is not a Fascist

    Socialism tricks people it works out in the start but end up extremely bad

  26. Obama spied on journalists, seized their records and prosecuted them. Trumpnjist calls them.out publicly. Who is worse?

  27. fashisam can never be a viable form of government and tends to form when a democracy falls
    socialism can work and may be necessary do to automaton

  28. Only if the sjws get power and start arresting people for disagreeing with them about things like lgbt then I think it will be pretty fascist but trump is protecting people's right to speak freely and openly express opposing views he can say cnn fake news but he doesn't interfere with their platform the only justification for that sort of thing would be if said platform started to subvert the election process or something maybe do something like banning conservative politicians

  29. A complete misunderstanding of socialism is exhibited in this video. In true socialism, the government does NOT control the resources of a society; rather the people control those resources THROUGH the government. An example is USPS (United States Postal Service) which is retained as a service to the people and not given to capitalists for the accrual of profit. Many of the programs put into place by FDR – programs that have lent stability, humanity and sanity to the American system – are other examples.The distinction is subtle but powerful and important. Major confusion concerning the real nature of true socialism arose in the intellectual history of the United States starting around 1920, after the Russian Revolution. Business leaders quite deliberately equated socialism with the system that arose in the former USSR, a system that ceased to be socialist in any actual sense some mere months after the revolution. An authoritarian and decidedly totalitarian system was put into place by Lenin. The 'captains of industry' in America wanted to turn people away from socialism, (which was not conducive to their own predatory ends), by drawing this false equation. The confusion remains to this day. Sometimes the system insituted in the USSR was called 'State Capitalism,' a term that can be initially researched on Wikipedia.

  30. If Trump were truly a fascist, there would not be any dissent from Congress, his cabinet officials, media, etc. He has done nothing to shut any of them up.

  31. The rigid class hierarchy and ruthless autocracy of fascism is the problem. If socialism is to be totalitarian, its totalitarianism that favors everybody who doesnt exploit others. I dont see that as oppressive. Fascism however is a form of plutocracy. Its an upper class that thinks it has the right to command people, not serve them.

  32. >"Please note that we do not state our own opinion but are simply trying to communicate what both sides are saying. It's best we stay away from politics in the future."
    > Calls Trump Presidency the "Trump Regime"
    >Pick one

  33. Trump is not a facist. He does not suppress the media he merely is asking them to politically impartial and tell the whole truth or not to report at all. He is not averse to women as he has women working in his establishment. He is not a racist. He wants to stop illegal immigration and not stop immigration. I get so frustrated with people deliberately misrepresenting and misinterpretation of what he actually is saying. The MSM and the shadow government do this on purpose to besmirch his reputation.

  34. Trump is not a fascist. Too many people throw that word around despite not fully comprehending its meaning. If he were a fascist, he would not have done away with as many economic regulations as he has.

  35. Fascist Nazis
    Fascist Nationalists
    Fascist Christians
    Fascist Muslims

    Right-wing is as right-wing does.

    Hateful, dumb, and violent.

  36. Fascism doesn't just pop into existance in it's final form, the groundwork builds up over the years. We push the limits of what we can say about people and then we push the limits of what we can with said people.Desensitize yourself far enough and what do you get

  37. America is a Constitutional Republic. However, we do resemble a democracy somewhat at the local level with referendums, recalls, or ballot initiatives.

  38. This video is making it seem like "pure democracy" is the ideal scenario, whilst completely ignoring the fact that such form of democracy is literally mob rule which inevitably devolves into this type of scenario. For example if 51% of the population votes to steal the other 49 % money they can, in a system of pure democracy with no checks and balances. Our forefathers thought this through and implemented a system of checks and balances, thus birthing the first Constitutional Democratic Republic. This is why America is superior. No where else in the world do the have a constitution like ours.

  39. So that means fascist is the opposite of communism and capitalism and socialism and all ideologies related to individualism. Fascist is an ideology concerning the entire government and country and ideals of the common people or vast majority while individualist ideals tend to individual responsibility or individual needs okokokokok

  40. Trump is more like Ronald Reagan a champion of the forgotten millions, the vets the citizens of USA rather than illegal aliens. If he's fascist to deport criminals, then Obama was too.

  41. Ummm…the US is not a "representative democracy". We are a republic and we are guaranteed in our constitution to always have a republican form of government. Do not confuse our form of government for the names of our parties. A republic is a form of government that is based on a set of laws that restrict the government or the public at large from instituting unfair or unjust laws by majority rule. For example no matter how many representative or majority votes call for an end to the freedom of speech, it can never happen in our republic. There is an old saying…A democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. A republic is the same thing but there is a law that says they can't eat each other.

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