Farrow Recounts Struggles At NBC News Over Weinstein Reporting | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. I like how he coyly alluded that the NBC outlet was used by Weinstein to try and shut Ronan down.
    Surprised they let him on the news and they didn’t force him to go to fox.
    I bet he made it conditional that they not rehearse what he would say.

  2. WOW! Ronan Farrow is simply the ultimate truth story teller. He walks the walk and talks the talk. He is open, brilliant, concise, and determined. He has harnessed his "fame" to a whole other level.

  3. The BBC did this too in England. They reported on the coverup of sexual assault by numerous BBC stars in the '70s. It was bizarre but shows real journalistic integrity. – Mostly this was about Jimmy Saville (one of Brtains worst paedophiles).

  4. Check out the interview at 7:20 where Rachel indicates she has a final question to ask of Farrow. The video never lets us know what that is. Could it have to do with what Farrow learned about Matt Lauer?

  5. I'm on the opposite side of the political Spectrum from these guys, but I'm grateful to both of them for their integrity on this issue. It's not easy to do what they are doing and we need more of this from both sides of the aisle

  6. This is what happens when money and image are prioritized over truth and decency. Great work by Farrow. Good for him. And NBC having him on, and trying to make changes, feels like a step in the right direction, or as he says, "Positive steps." But I feel like there's still a long way to go as an industry, overall.

  7. Farrow's allegations tend to confirm the networks' bias and favoritism shown to trump during the 2016 campaign. No other candidate in history for potus, whose personal baggage included serial adultery, three divorces, five bankruptcies and scores of fraud lawsuits could have gone without any of that being mentioned in the national press. Howard Dean was skewered for his exuberant Yeehaw! and butheremails!!! and benghazzi!!! being flogged endlessly negatively affected HRC despite her winning the popular vote by three million.

  8. But, but, but . . . . Sexual assault is OK now in Republican-controlled America. Dotard Trump leads the charge and now everybody is on board with it, right? The time has come to route out all sexual predators and bring them to justice. Let's start teaching our sons to be respectful to women and stop abusing them. Let's start teaching our daughters to not accept abuse from men ever.

  9. These two journalists are treasures. I’m very critical of the profit motives in mainstream media but people like this give me hope.

  10. Is there any reason she just wears a black coat and a dirty t-shirt underneath? I like how they doll their face up and dress horribly.

  11. Farrow was bad mouthed by NBC until Chris Hayes came out and chastised NBC for their response and handling of the Weinstein story. The fact Farrow is on Maddow now and NBC is backing down shows that a house cleaning is needed of senior management is not only required but needed.

  12. Good on you Rachel, for following Chris Hayes lead, and airing this … I was watching to see if you would go “there” !

  13. Apparently, the answer to all this Sexual Predator business is to have Harvey Weinstein appear on the ELLEN show where he and Ellen can then hold hands, dance around the studio, and sing Kumbaya, so all can be forgiven and forgotten.

  14. Well, Rachel, kudos to you for following up on Chris Hayes' reporting on this issue. Because of your stature as No.1 talking head on MSNBC, you probably have the most immunity from not having your contract renewed or being fired outright. And if Chris Hayes faces a buzz saw in the future, I hope you would show some REAL courage and go to bat for Chris Hayes even if it means threatening to quit (and, if necessary, following up on that threat) if Chris Hayes faced being expunged from the MSNBC line-up as was Ed Shultz for daring to want to cover Bernie Sanders' announcement of his candidacy for the Democratic nomination back in 2015.

    And here's how you, Rachel, could REALLY show genuine courage: call out MSNBC and the rest of the corporate media for its "Strategy Handbook for Dealing with Bernie Sanders," which is: smear him, mock him, denigrate him, lie about him, dismiss him, and, if none of that works, shun him and/or ignore him altogether — the same strategy MSNBC and the rest of the print and TV corporate media deployed against Bernie during the last Presidential election cycle. If you don't have the courage for that, then at least bring on Bernie to the show on a regular basis, bring on at least one of his surrogates at least once or twice a week, and provide OBJECTIVE reporting on his campaign on a regular basis. And do the same for any other candidate polling above 10% (The rest are, frankly, losers, who don't stand a chance of winning the Democratic nomination, so why waste your and your viewers' time in discussions of their candidacies.)

    But most important, start providing OBJECTIVE coverage of the issues voters actually care about: single payer health insurance, the obscene wealth and income gap, the corruption in our political system exemplified in the legalized bribery of a significant portion of members of Congress, free college tuition, free day care, and a Green New Deal. Give the impeachment no more than 15 minutes of coverage on your shows: provide crisp, fact-based coverage of it and lose the "drama queen" act while doing so. The rest of MSNBC's talking heads will continue their non-stop coverage of the impeachment drama, as if it's the only thing woth discussing.

    Show some courage, Rachel. Or just continue to be irrelevantu drama queen, at which case your legacy will be that of just another corporate establishment media hack working for the most despised corporation in America, Comcast.

  15. Rachel Maddow and Ronan Farrow, true American heroes. Love that this guy is outing all these powerful predators.
    What's up with this video having about 29% of the views of other videos in the same time frame and any other of Rachel's' videos? It doesn't surprise me it's probably not getting promoted in the algorithm.. another tool to silence women and support the patriarchy.

  16. This is no different to Trump admitting his crimes in public.
    It's an MSDNC PR tactic to avoid admitting direct complicity in covering up Weinstein to protect CLINTON and avoid the DNC stripping campaign ad spend money with them. The woefully corrupt DNC OWNS this network.

  17. For the love of all things holy, this is Sinatra’s son. So smart, handsome and brave-his mother must be so proud!

  18. Kudoos to Rachael for taking this on and for having Ronan Farrow as a guest! Investigative journalism and ethical journalism are a pillar of democracy, and it has to be protected from corporate profit decisions. I am so grateful for the work and ethics of both these individuals and the people around them!

  19. Blessing in disguise that he was able to leave NBC and the New Yorker picked him up. That's why when he reports something it's going to be true. I mean if he lied about his reporting his credibility as a journalist goes down the toilet. No one is going to believe him.

  20. Ronan Farrow is the Brad Pitt of Journalism, I know it inappropriate considering the commentary. I said it. Someone else thought it. I am very proud of him considering the drama he was raised with. What a good man.

  21. After watching this, it is utterly bothersome to me right this moment that Michael Moore made reference to Weinstein in Fahrenheit 11/9, and yet all his documentaries are produced by the Weinstein Company. Surely, Michael Moore has to forgo whatever ties he himself has to that production company and move on to more respectable pastures.

  22. Ronan, go have a talk with Scarlett Johansson will you, and set her straight before i lose all respect for her…

  23. How can we trust somebody that leaves wet towels on the bed is the question Rachel should have asked. /s great reporting and a greta guy. (Joke is for crooked media followers)

  24. Good job Ronan. And good job Rachel for discussing bad behavior by your bosses that can't be easy to do. However I don't understand why NBC wouldn't do an independent review. This was gotten them (rightly might I add) a lot of negative publicity. Putting myself in their shoes wouldn't be a chance to restore credibility? Saying "we aren't going to investigate ourselves and this review is a first step to regain the trust of those we lost." That seems like self interest to me.

  25. There can be heroes. They don't always look like Clint Eastwood or Paul Newman or even Jane Fonda….these are PATRIOTS who care about what is in the Constitution.

  26. Rachel has falsely reported so many hateful attacks that never are accurate..its emotions she pedals..not news..she just wants power so bad..and gets paid more money than any liar should.

  27. Wow! An interview with out interruptions, yelling or arguing. Just the facts and discussion. What a pleasant exchange. I'm tired of interruptions, arguing, yelling or just of board of unfamiliar people giving their opinions and speculations on the facts.

  28. We the people of the United States of America should consider putting a law on the books that makes it ILLEGAL to allow any confidentiality agreement to apply to sexual harassment or assault. Any such agreement should be considered null and void, retroactively if possible.

  29. Poor guy has been cursed with a voice that sounds irritatingly similar to Ben Shapiro's.
    Fortunately, Farrow actually does important work.

  30. I feel like Im watching the most amazing true story Hollywood Movie right now… but on that this is real and realtime by real heros like Ronan and Rachel❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻

  31. Ronan hero, Rachel a wonderful INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER…UNLIKE Fux NEWSCASTERS WITH A FINANCIAL AGENDA. Nobody wants to hear bad news, yellow journalists have no ETHICS OR MORALITY. GOOD JOB KIDS…#KEEPINGitREALRACHEL

  32. Heads should roll at NBC. Takes story to Print, publishes in two months, wins Pulitzer.
    Story wasn’t ready? Righhhht!!
    And she brought up the Billy Bush piece, finally!! He has to be the worst cousin ever!
    Hey Jeb, have I got a story for you!! Loser.
    Whatcha gonna do NBC fire your highest rated anchor? I’m certain Netflix and Prime, etc. will give her what she wants. Rachel with no censor!

  33. Oh, boy! I am old school, i grew up hearing the Mia Farrow, Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen crap for way tooooooooooo much sooooooooo this Pulitzer Prize piece of prize just needs to take this and lurk back into the Midnight Enquire Magizine of check out counter news papers magizine world of non-issue importance.

  34. Maddow: " It is so empirical!" She definitely isn't talking about her crackpot, endless Russia conspiracies. Wake me up when MSNBC is no longer serving as a stenographer for the Cow's wars, especially in Syria.

  35. Too bad Ronan and Rachel fell for the Russia hoax. Will they admit their incompetence once the Durham investigation reveals what bad actors at the CIA and FBI did with help from former intelligence officials working as "analysts" at NBC?

  36. Ronan farrow , you forgot Anm Curry in your book. The pain of truth was in her eyes and heart. I ask that you review the day she resigned from the NBC tram she was on. I believe Mat had something to do with her leaving.

  37. As adults, we create, by acceptance or lack of affirmative action or because of our insatiable thirst for success, the environment for beings such as Harvey Weinstin to dwell, hunt and grow. The culture of control is money, power and influence.

  38. Print almost always has an ISBN # assigned. . .meaning that there are copyrights associated. YET there are NO criminal charges for American activities internationally. This person and Sunny Hostin have serious celebrity, credibility issues when they discuss Constitutional protections for criminals who appear to be in command of public tru$t.

  39. Does anyone honestly think the women being told to confront management if they wish to be released from NDA's will genuinely be released as opposed to further threatened?

  40. Ronan is so cool. He did everything the exact way we all did it in our dreams! He just is going to be poked at for being young and pretty, but he is such a straight up intellectual, he is just “It,” he has it all and is making us all proud to be human beings! Real dude!

  41. Geez, this is one smart kid! I would hate to have this guy after me. Now if we could just let him loose on Trump!

  42. The IRONY….
    Americans do understand IRONY He WORKED for NBC
    The Author of the Book is on the Top Rated show on NBC – The Today Show with Rachel Maddow
    He went to NBC with this story. They missed out on the Scoop of the Year and he wins the Pultizer Prize

  43. Thanks, Rachel and Ronan for illustrating why we need to have reporters like you two. Reporters who refuse to be silenced when they discover abuse and cover-ups.

  44. Just finished his book and it’s really terrific, sad and shocking (even to jaded me). Anyone who cares about journalism should read it.

  45. Turns out NBC is saying that those with NDAs must first ask permission to remove the NDA before they are allowed to speak out. So they're already backing down on their remarks talked about in this interview.

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