Fact-checking Alberta's politicians as election campaign kicks off

the election race is on first up NDP leader Rachel Notley taking a jab at Jason Kenney over his view on women as we can tell from his many remarks Jason Kenney isn't always comfortable with strong women for example he doesn't think that we're very good at what he calls tactical politics what she's talking about here is Kenny was asked at a press conference but how the UCP has tried to recruit female candidates what he actually said is this very typically women candidates for nominations are running for the first time and often running against guys who have been in politics for years or decades and have a network and understand tactical politics a little bit better than than women who are to have been doing usually more useful things like professions and and running businesses and and and helping with with families so it's not quite the same as saying women in general are not as good as men in tactical politics some would say it's a little out of context so let's call this statement money and now on to the next statement made by nalli during her first election speech his plan for health care privatize it his plan for education cut it his plan for new infrastructure tol it it's a good sound bite but it's an overgeneralization at best in relation to health care UCP leader Jason Kenney has said that his party would maintain public health care funding but his party would try to find ways to lower costs including a review of Alberta Health Services and killing the so called super lab of Edmonton as for education Kenny has said he put an end to the NDP's revamp of the school curriculum and expand school choices but he hasn't said anything about closing schools and those tolls that everybody's talking about the UCP said they would bring it in but only for new industrial infrastructure and now for the other side new CP leader Jason Kenney made a lot of claims about the economy in the campaign kickoff people are paying more just to heat their homes and drive to work because of the NDP's carbon tax that turns out to be true homeowners are paying more on their monthly heating bills because of the carbon tax however it's important to note that the carbon tax rebate is offsetting some of those increases and putting money back into the pockets of low and middle-income pal burns that wasn't the only knock against the Karma tax Kenny also said this and we cannot afford the NDP's planned 67% increase in that carbon tax the NDP planned notice the past tense there the 67% figure would have been true had Rachel Notley not pulled Alberta out of the federal government's climate plan in protest of the trans mountain pipeline in reality the Notley government has only raised a carbon tax by 50% so far okay so that's a lot of policy talk what about the nitty-gritty politics in general Kenney avoided taking a lot of personal jabs at Notley but he did have to say this the week after she became premier Rachel Notley said that she was tired of Alberta being the embarrassing cousin that no one wants to talk about did she really say that yeah she did but it was in the context of referencing previous governments and the record of environmental issues that's it for fact checker Stephanie du Bois CBC News Edmonton

Maurice Vega

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  1. hi did you guys know here in calgary the ucp are going after the homless programs thats substize ppl on disabilty to keep them from going homeless starting tomorrow they are auditing the d.i subsadized housing program after they promised they would not do this menny disabled ppl and elderly are now facing homelesness why make homeless ppl out of disabled and elderly ppl ??? to what end must are sick and old ppl suffer the loss of a stable home ??? pls help us

  2. Ok many people in my class said that he wanted to get rid of woman rights and he didnt want woman to have jobs turns out. All he said at a confrence was he didnt think woman should be in government even though he never said he would actually fire them or do anything about it

  3. Did u guys even hear what he said? He said that women are new into politics and dont have enough experience as some guys who have been doing it for a long time. This is sexist. It can be broken down to people with are better at a job if they have more experience than another. Biased news needs to fact check themselves

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha bllpphhhh heh heh heh he ha ha ha chortle choke slurp, ha ha ha ha …… CBC fact check …… ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha bllpphhhh heh heh heh he ha ha ha chortle choke slurp, ha ha ha ha

  5. They are his own words! You people are as bad a trumpsters lol And we're paying more to heat our homes because that drunk Klein thought it would be a good idea to deregulate it!

  6. Nutley…you are a disgrace to woman..
    So dont talk about women because you don't represent real strong women.

  7. I think it's shocking that people actually believe Jason Kenny is going to get a pipeline built or return Alberta's economy to its Glory days. Harper, Kenny, the conservative governments of Alberta and BC had 10 years in power to build the pipeline but could not. Kennys solution give a massive tax break to the highly profitable oil companies making a killing off high gasoline prices and cheap oil, and somehow this will stimulate the economy. Maybe an intelligent conservative/reform party member can explain why the oil companies will not use the money to buy back outstanding shares of their stock to become even more profitable. This will not translate into new jobs. Look to the South and see what Trump's big tax breaks to the rich did. A massive buy back of stock, not new jobs. Hey but don't worry when Kenny falls flat on his face, and believe me for all Alberta's sake, I hope he does not, he has a perfect response- blame the federal government. Further, the UCP will say " but it would have been much worse under the NDP" and Alberta's lemming's( voters) will comply. Not hard to see.

  8. It's really funny that the left are the first to call out on racism. Now they are trying the same ploy. Instead they are using the gender as the tool. This is how politics becomes dirty and is a shot below the belt. They certainly know Jason is not a sexist ! But they are attempting to paint him that way !

  9. well lets see, pc party privatized our healthcare, BOUGHT the wild rose party! put the province in a pickle more than once. Mr kenney himself has drawn millions from canadian taxpayers…..
    Notley…..is a passionate albertan from what i have seen.
    However i think traditional politics have failed our citizens currently, therefor i won't vote for any of the big 4 main party's in canada.

  10. Ndp?
    Borrow borrow borrow borrow!
    Alberta’s debt?
    100 billion with the NDP in power and climbing.
    We need to stop their run away train.

  11. Fact checking from the CBC?
    I have more trust in a blind & deaf person to drive me through the BC Rockies during a winter storm at night.

  12. Something the Alberta Liberal leader said in the debate alarms me he said that he wants to create jobs then get new immigrants or just immigrants{can't remember which} retrain them + put them to work, What's wrong with retraining our own Albertan's + putting them to work. We can't make another 4 yr mistake please do not vote NDP or Liberal. If we do might just as well jump in the hole a fill it with dirt

  13. Hard to trust a new station that is paid for by the Trudeau government which the taxpayers are actually paying. Think about it

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