FACT CHECK: Venezuela’s “that’s not real socialism” is actually real socialism

Pags: Whenever you
bring up Venezuela, they always say, “That’s
not the socialism we mean.” Let’s talk about what you know
is happening in Venezuela, which is, in fact, socialism.
That’s what it is. That’s what this country would
look like if we gave into that. You still have family there.
You still have friends there. What are you hearing?
It’s not getting better, is it? D’Souza: It’s not getting better,
and, as a matter of fact, I just heard from my cousin, and he said, “Debbie, we’re losing hope. We don’t trust the political
party that’s on the right. We don’t trust the political
party that’s on the left. We don’t really trust anyone.” They are still left with a horrific situation in Venezuela, where the infrastructure has fallen apart. This was a very wealthy
country, as you know, and now people are eating garbage and they’re very, very poor. I think that they really feel like the world has just forgotten them. And, in a way, I feel like
America has forgotten them because in the last, I don’t know, couple of months that
we’ve been talking, Guaido stepped up to try to get the regime to leave,
but this hasn’t happened yet. As a matter of fact,
yesterday, a naval officer by the name of Rafael Acosta was murdered. He was tortured, and he
died in a tribunal court. He was appearing in court,
and he collapsed and died, obviously from injuries
sustained during torture. This has gone on. Meanwhile, Russia’s still there. Iran is still there. Pags: I was going to
ask you is your family, are your cousins, are your people seeing encouraging from Russia and from Iran? Is there a real presence that’s palpable in that country right now, and
what do they stand to gain? Are they trying to get
control of Venezuelan oil? Why are they there? D’Souza: Oh, absolutely. They see them all over. Yes, I think that Iran
actually wants their uranium. They are not going to stop
until they have a nuke, and I believe Venezuela is just such a strategically better place for them to have one, along with the enriched uranium that is just so plentiful in Venezuela. I think that’s what Iran is there for. They have Hezbollah
camps all over, as well. They even have infiltration,
within the regime, of Iranians. And Russia is there for
other reasons, probably oil. Also, maybe strategically
for nuclear weapons. Pags: It’s an important,
geographically-strategic place. It’s pretty close to us in
comparison to where Russia is. One last question, just so the people watching
and listening understand. It’s Debbie D’Souza,
originally from Venezuela, and certainly still in contact every day. Venezuela’s like this because the
government took everything over, right? That’s why this happened. When it was private enterprise,
it was a great place. D’Souza: Right, they did. The government decided
that they were better at handling things than
the actual business owners, so not only did they nationalize industry, the oil industry and banks, they also took over small
businesses and entrepreneurs. And they left Venezuela because they couldn’t deal
with the price controls that were thrown upon them. Venezuela has let… The wealthier people of
Venezuela have left Venezuela, so what was once the
middle class in Venezuela is now extremely poor. My aunt, who once had
quite a bit of money, now depends on me to send her money. Socialism doesn’t work. I think Venezuela is
just such a great example of that very fact. If anybody wants to look to see: what does Venezuela
actually represent? It represents a society
that was once prosperous, that had an election that was democratic, and now is just falling apart.

Maurice Vega

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  1. 2:25 Why is Venezuela enriching Uranium ? I don't think Israel is going to allow Iran to get a nuke,  I dont think where they have it is going to make a difference . They have already executed one airstrike to prevent it so I don't think they would hesitate to do it again .

  2. No, the world has not forgotten them. They voted for socialism, so the world is letting them enjoy what they voted for.

  3. practical socialism kills people – not like theorethical socialism which makes all people happy in UTOPIA :):)

  4. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" Albert Einstein. Countries keep trying socialism (which K. Marx said was a stepping stone to Communism) with the expectation that although it has NEVER worked, it will somehow work this time, or the next time, or the time after that…..

  5. This regime was voted in democratically decades ago. Stop voting these people in. If the Chinese didn't want Mao and the Russians didn't want the ussr to gain power they wouldn't have.

  6. Socialism has murdered so many people & ALWAYS will. NEVER vote for a DIM O KKK RAT. Party of corruption racism & murder!


  8. The US probably has some sort of backdoor diplomacy going on. It's in our interest to offset the influences of the Russian & the Iranians.We can't stand by because this turmoil is right on our doorstep. How are the people going to fight their military if they don't have toilet paper & eating garbage? It may not be America's responsibility, but it's our duty. That's one reason why we're great. We extend our hand to help those in need or help the oppressed. That's what great means.

  9. AOC should take a trip to Venezuela…..so she can see first hand how Marxist Socialism can destroy a once prosperous country. Hopefully it would be a reality check for this aspiring radical Socialist. 😎

  10. Equality as a dogma for outcomes leads to global poverty ! the hard way or the easy way is up to you to get the picture and understand

  11. Equality as a dogma for outcomes leads to global poverty ! the hard way or the easy way is up to you to get the picture and understand

  12. Government destroys everything it touches, and when there is nothing left to destroy, it will destroy the people and eventually itself.

  13. Venezuela was once a I wonderful country beautiful people many Americans love to go there on vacation now the people in fear of the government that's what socialism was about all because a few people wanted free stuff communism always runs a nation into the ground because it always runs out of other people's money

  14. It's always the same story. The Socialists thought that with all those resources, they would prosper, regardless of how corruptly run they were and seizing control of industry would appear benign in the aftermath but, of course, the ideology is fundamentally flawed in terms of prosperity. It cultures mediocrity and fatalism and even MORE corruption, then reaps what is sown …every time!

  15. If these people aren't willing to fight and risk their own lives to get their country where they want it….why should other countries do anything …why are they waiting on the U.S…its time for a revolution …rise up …take back your country.. stop being weak

  16. America hasn't forgotten them, they voted for this, this is what they wanted, who are we to interupt their ongoing blissful utopia.
    Even if we helped they'd just elect another commie anyway.

  17. When I was young (53 now) I went there to play Baseball on a Little League tournament. I was impressed by the country and their people. So sad to see it like that now.

  18. Could not resist slipping the call for war against Iran in there eh? Do you have neocon handlers? WHO IS YOUR MASTER, Dinesh?

  19. What, all of the top govt. officials are living high on the hog. I dont see what you could see is wrong with that.
    God Bless, Let Freedom Reign
    Trump 2020 KAG

  20. The government co-opted the people's very capacity for survival.
    When the government sank, the clueless people on it stood around and drowned effortlessly.

  21. That’s why all of this socialism nonsense coming from the left is so dangerous. Socialism is a pipe dream, there are no money trees to go pick from, and sooner or later they will run out of other peoples money and that’s when it falls apart. They can’t sustain themselves for long, if they could Venezuela would be a shining example of how well it works.
    Send Bernie and AOC and their clan of followers to live there. They have all the answers, I’m sure they could fix it. Haha
    How anybody can be so stupid as to believe their bullshit is beyond me….free houses, free medical, free education, you don’t even have to work and we’ll give you free money.
    NOTHING IS FREE, and you can take that to the bank.

  22. The socialists in Venezuela nationalized all the industry. With no idea how to run it, the country economy is in ruins.
    Happens all over the world.

  23. My heart is with the Venezuelan people and I support admire and respect Dinesh and Debbie. The president does not want to start military operations there for fear of it escalating into a war between us and Russia Cuba and Iran considering they all have boots on the ground. It would be a disaster for Venezuela and the surrounding countries. I wish he would and at least give the Russians and Iraqis 1 week to get out of the way before we go in just to avoid WWIII but if they dont move out they had their warning and tough shyte for them. I'd tell the Russians if they dont pull out some of our first targets will be their war ships and their troops on the ground will be cut off from returning. Let's see how well Putin feels about strength then. Iraq, well if you wanna play in the big leagues this is what they'd have to deal with.

  24. We need a Fiscal Civil War to end Red State Socialism and stop the massive @ from the hardworking progressive blue MAKER states to the lazy welfare red TAKER states.

  25. What a hor rible lesson the Venezuelan people have brought upon themselves to learn. Didn't they vote this ideology in, thinking that it would help the lower classes by making things more equal? This is a perfect example of what absolutely will happen in the u s a if we vote away our right to gov ern ourselves to a po liti cal machine that will, little by little (so we don't really see the diminishment), erode away the collection of rights our founding fathers fought so hard to create for us. The leaders of this soci alist move ment in the u s a are in the process of conq uering our country from within. Open your eyes & see it for what it is & always will be. Please don't allow that kind of des tru ction to happen here!

  26. It is standard procedure in a communist or socialist country to claim, "THIS IS NOT REAL SOCIALISM". I know this for a fact because I had a friend who lived under Communist USSR for fifty years. He told me many stories about what it was like. One story he said,…. "Every new leader come to power and he say PREVIOUS LEADER NOT IMPLEMENT COMMUNISM CORRECTLY! BUT I AM NEW LEADER AND I WILL DO IT RIGHT." Then he told me how each leader tightened the grip of power and control over the people. The outcome was always the same he said, "More misery and less money." I am an American Patriot, but I thank that old Russian man for telling me the truth.

  27. I am entirely willing to look any legal adult in the eyes and say "sink or swim". If someone wants charity, they can humbly ask for it; anyone who stamps their feet and demands a handout should be left to starve lest their mindset spread.

  28. “Real” socialism is that beautiful unicorn that you can immediately recognize when you first see it. 🤣

  29. Trump's foreign policy is a disaster. Former President Kennedy would've chased Iran and Russia out of the America's Trump is a chump! People from Venezuela are the only legitimate American's that qualify for Asylum in the USA

  30. I know i didn't forget about Venezuela, they are a shining modern example of what socialism WILL result in. I think about their dead asses all the time!

  31. Venezuela is a dump created by its own people. What about if these people organize themselves and take charge of their own country. For fucks sake. Also, I'm venezuelan.

  32. Sorry America should forget, why you ask, because they all hate us , we get attacked when we leave our country for vacation or holiday we get assaulted, spit on . so in my words carma is a bitch and you have to sleep in the bed you made.

  33. MSM & Communist Demonrats Defend Maduro/Venezula/Cuba Communists! Demonrats want Power to take away Americans Guns, Free Speech, Healthcare!

  34. Venezuela is a perfect example of socialism at it's "best". And the socialists of this country are a perfect example of humanity at it's worst. Both socialism and those who espouse it are evil, a cancerous disease on this country.

  35. It is very sad that this happens in Venezuela, but they had a chance to wake up with Hugo Chavez and most of them didn't. I remember how many times we, Cubans in exile, warned our Venezuelan friends in South Florida about Chavez and his love for the Castros' revolution and socialism. All our Venezuelan friends called us overzealous Cubans and now we know what happened. When someone comes to you like us who had suffered communism and warns you it's best to listen. Young Americans are not listening and it's our responsibility to keep reminding them.
    With your permission, I would like to share this video I created a while back based on my own experiences under Communist Cuba, this is not a conspiracy theory but a sad reality that touched me and my family in Cuba, please, wake up and listen to us… thank you.

  36. This is the kind of socialism Cortez, Tliab, Omar and Pressley is supporting, along with Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer and the democratic party wants. Venezuela is deteriorating because of socialism. My heart and prayers goes to the citizens of Venezuela.

  37. Never let big government take over. The greed and laziness will prevail. Socialism creates a nation of underachievers and when the middle class are gone civil war starts. Keep your guns America. Vote Trump 2020.

  38. Socialism. That fatal tendency of man, to live at the expense of his fellow man taken to its logical inevitable conclusion. Bastiat's wisdom in his classic "The Law" is timeless.

  39. The U.S. tried to send food and meds to Venezuela and the Venezuelan commies shot at the Americans. Time for the wonderful people of Venezuela, who voted this BS in, to take control of their own country.

  40. This is what's coming to the usa when the politicians get your guns, and impose their demon rat socialism . You can't fight back and if you try your dead.

  41. The people that sold out Venezuela's wealth was their leftist government officials which I'm sure had lined their own pockets. Sounds a lot like the Clintons and their bogus Clinton Foundation …aka money laundering operation.

  42. it has nothing to do with he government. it has to do with an relentless attach by the usa for the past 20 years. they guys a liar

  43. Elections have consequences. People need to educate themselves. To many wilfully ignorant people. That vote with their feelings and not their heads!

  44. Fallen apart because no one is taking care of the infrastructure, It's not matter of socialism or capitalism, It's disregard to the commons, also prevailing in the USA

  45. Pags is super obnoxious. Tried to listen to him on the radio but damn. He's just such an obnoxious dickhead.

  46. Actually, I have to disagree with Debbie on one point: socialism does work great for some people like the elites in government and society as that’s what it’s intended to do, in other words pillage the economy and the middle class. Venezuela is essentially the “utopia” that Bernie Sanders promises us, although he can’t say so because he wouldn’t have to live in that hellhole, which is what Venezuela has become and what our country will. After all the masses are all equal in their misery and that’s what socialism means for the masses when the society has equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity which capitalism promises.

  47. We have a lot of problems in America rn we need to solve before we should help other countries again. Every time we help it gets worst

  48. Republican politicians weak spineless no backbone gutless sellouts !!!!!! Run for the hills !!!!!!!!!! Always !!!!!!!!!

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