Facing New Bribery Evidence, Trump Claims He ‘Doesn’t Know’ The Donor He Appointed | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Is Sondland going to go to prison for Agolf Twittler? I doubt it, but he better start telling the whole truth or he's heading to a cell.

  2. Trump hates anyone who tells the truth
    😧 Trump really believes he is invincible and can't be touched
    Someone" Putin" gave the Trumpster the wrong information
    American people fight back,they don't need Dictators running their country

  3. This is the 'Sergeant Schultz' defence, "I know NOTHING, I see NOTHING, I hear NOTHING, I remember NOTHINGGGGG……….."

  4. This fake impeachment will crumble just like the fake dossier. Biden is on camera committing High crimes lol. Yet you don't have anything to say about it. You are so corrupt CNN

  5. If dumber than a stump Trump keeps forgetting people, places, or things or doesn't recall events, it might be time to have him tested for dementia.

  6. What is a million dollars get you in this White House… Prison for perjury and potentially other high crimes and misdemeanors! Money well-spent I guess

  7. Was it Amb Kent who explained Biden's role in fighting corruption? He explained who the corrupt prosecutor was and the need to get him out. We heard what he said but of course the trolls didn't and they are simply going on what they were told to comment. LOL Amb Kent blew that lie out of the water yet trolls will continue to harp on it. lmao

  8. 1:24 Trump, "I HARDLY know the guy"
    MSNBC immediately after: Trump claiming he does not remember who he is, cut to mariah carey clip!!
    Good job guys, you got him!

  9. The Russian asset (Trump), has to be held responsible! Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia!!!

  10. 73 with a family history of Alzheimer's, his Multimillionaire father, he built NYC City Housing Complexes, after a 6 year battle with it, passed away from it in 1999. Track down videos of him from 15 to 20 years ago, then Google the symptoms of Alzheimer's. He might not be lying, he doesn't know him because he doesn't even remember nominating him.

  11. Trump is using American tax money, allocated to protect the US interests, to win re-election.

    How is excusable by ANY American.!!


  13. There should be a procedure that before somebody can be voted as president he or she has to undergo a psychological test, even a child can see that this man is not behaving normal, he is even not a hidden narcissist but a very clearly narcissistic personality disorder.

  14. The Incumbent Democrats consistently show that their is no legal consequence’s for lying 🤥!
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  15. Even if drumpf had the smoking gun…his DNA all over the crime scene and a billion dollar motive..in America they’ll make him POTUS. America doesn’t seem to have any standards?

  16. Good ‘ol donny, that memory’s just getting worse and worse. Names places and conversations, just doesn’t remember a thing. Good job Vlads on hand to tell him what to do.

  17. Youtube comments really reveal how divided America is, and how some commenters are angry emotional people. Trump does not know a lot of people who work for him, who give him lots of money. There will be cult trumpers who believe it. Some will believe what they want to be true.

  18. Sondland could yet twist or flip again, hoping for a pardon for taking a bullet for 45. Risky strategy. 45 is already disowning him.

  19. Here it is folks… …lie number 13, 654.1.5.3.x=y. Sorry, I really don't know what lie number he is on. But this is the same lie, different name. If the American people don't wake up and smell the Vanilla Latte, Non-fat, hold the foam and three packets of stevia and see the buffoon play his: "I don't know this guy.!" line AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, they are just as bad as this clown and should be ashamed of themselves for
    failing to fall for such a slimy, smary used car salesman to try to lead our country full of very different people who want nothing better but to have a safe place to live and raise their children without fear of hate, war, scorn for their religious beliefs. And yet, a lot of people were not listening to anything but to the hate that spewed out everytime this clown opened his mouth. How stupid do the republicans think we Americans are?

  20. Trump said "I really don't know him" he didn't say he never met him or never heard of him. I've heard of and seen Jennifer Lopez, but for me to say that I know her would be wrong, wouldn't it? The media has to quit spinning the stories. Only a moron would say they know someone merely because they've met or seen. I've lived next to many neighbors of mine 4 years, who've I seen, talked to, but I really don't know them.

  21. If term limits were applied to Congress and federal judges, all this stuff would be reduced drastically…..these people would not be so concerned about re-elected but rather seeking the truth………well I hope. But, I also thought the constitution would have stopped these people’s behaviors a long time ago. I was wrong, that document does not mean anything anymore and I am sad.

  22. Well he really doesn't know sondland. He knew his money and said good enough. I appoint him. Gotta make it ILLEGAL to bribe politicians. And illegal for politicians to accept.

  23. Gordon Sondland's assets should be frozen as he's tried for perjury in his Congressional testimony. Use ResistBOT to send a message to your Congressman and Senators. It takes less than a minute. and here the link to the app.

  24. Long over due, the GOP lemmings need to Mutiny in numbers. The more one tries to defend him the more he makes them look stupid in public and when pressed throws them under the bus! They need to be insanely stupid to continue to defend him. Worse, if you are defending him that much then it can be perceived that you must be as guilty or that Trump is blackmailing you for illegal acts.

  25. “no, not even a little bit”?!

    Jesus, this guy isn’t even GOOD at lying. What the f••• is happening?! I just don’t get Trump supporters. How could anyone be that stupid?

  26. Americans, your granffathers landed on our beaches and gave all to rid europe of a retoric screaming and a man that blamed a ethnic group. These guys wore red armbands. Now this kind of man runs the us. And his followers were red hats. Anyone voting Trump distepects your heroes from the great generation.

  27. After 1 day of public hearing and the comments that follow, like this interview, it is sufficient to start impeachment immediately. No need for further confirmation of the necessity to impeach and remove. It is a huge scandal and an unmitigated disgrace.

  28. Huh…I forgot what time i got to work everyday..why is my boss yelling at me for bringing late?!? I didn't know I can't change my time for your time..I'm going to sue for making me work the way you want me too! It's a sham its a witch Hunt!! I was only 3hrs late why are they made?!?!… that people is the kinda teenager we have in office…..

  29. Professor Tim Edgar is very impressive in this interview. His conclusion was very well put. His assessment is brilliant.

  30. Considering how he knew "all the best people" on campaign trail? He "Now doesn't know any of them?" Impeach him on a memory issue due to old age.

  31. Melber lol you change your deminar when you go black. I love it and you always make me laugh. Trump from the black hole. You so silly…

  32. Lmfaoooo you people are so ridiculous it's a crime. No matter what you say Biden is going down along with a lot of the Democrats

  33. trump completely blew it. He could have risen to a shining moment and undid decades of his vile, corrupt, shady life by doing good for his country. He didn't care to do that. He is evil. Pure evil. He does not care about doing good. He does not care about other people. He does not care about America.


  35. I'm a liberal and this is bad reporting. Mariah Cary references make you just look ridiculous. I think he's corrupt and should be impeached, yet what he does and says should be reported EXACTLY as it's said, and you're twisting what he's said. I believe what Trump says about you is true, that you hold a strong liberal bias and you don't even try to conceal it. At least TRY to seem impartial, which means do your job.

  36. Trump next month: Ghouliani was never my personal attorney. He was a very low-level employee. I barley saw or talked with him. Everything he did was on his own.

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