all right, let’s do this. I have a story for you today about the unmitigated
control that large media and social media platforms have over the content. You see when it comes to news, no matter what
your intentions are, and I’ll explain that in a second. It’s been months since I’ve come to you about
a problem on our various platforms because things have actually been going okay for the
last couple of months. In fact, this week was one of our best weeks
for the David Pakman show in one sense, but it also has very quickly become one of the
worst. CNN filed a completely bogus fraudulent claim
against our coverage of day one of the Trump impeachment inquiry. And Facebook has completely shut down our
monetization of videos and I mean a hundred like literally to $0 million and 0 million
cents with no explanation or prior notice. I’ll explain it to you and I believe you are
going to be shocked and appalled by this. So we’ve had a great week going right on Tuesday
our YouTube channel had about a million views, just that one day it was our best day of the
year in terms of views and normally we get nine to 11 million views a month. So one day with a million views is a really
great day. In fact, our best day of the year, Wednesday
is going great. We do this six hour live stream of the Trump
impeachment inquiry. As many of you know, house proceedings are
public domain made available by the house of representatives, video feeds and by C-SPAN. So our six hour stream yesterday, which we
spent all day producing, was using the house feed and the CSPAN feed, no copyright issues. We’re not using content from CNN or Fox news
or anything like that. We’re in the clear, the live stream ends. We put up the video of the archive of that
six hour stream so people can go back and check out our commentary. We do that in addition to our one hour show
and our members show within a few minutes, I get a notification that CNN has filed a
claim against our video, which is on screen right now for our television audience and
I say, wait, wait a second. CNN, we didn’t use any CNN video. We use the feed from the house of representatives
and from Seaspan. Why on earth is CNN filing a copyright claim
against me for something that has none of their content. We spent six hours on this and then CNN takes
it down and we go to YouTube and the videos, visibility is totally off and of course monetization
is off. So not only can we not make money from a six
hour stream, we spent all day producing because of a bogus claim by CNN, but the video’s not
even visible. Not making money would be one thing, but the
entire video was made invisible. This should be against the law to file fraudulent
copyright claims by the morning. Now, by this morning, after I appealed it,
emailed people at CNN. They have removed the claim with no explanation
for why would CNN claim a video that doesn’t have any of their content. They got away with it. The video made no money during those key hours
after being published. Sickening. But it got even worse. More than a year ago, I think it was September
of 2018 I was notified by Facebook. Hey, listen, great news. You’ve been uploading your videos to your
Facebook page for a long time. You can now monetize your videos. So we were thrilled because we had this great
potential for Facebook video monetization to be a new revenue source. We’ve had YouTube monetization issues. Now we can monetize on Facebook and maybe
even it out a little bit, but sadly, it didn’t work out so well because we were monetizing
starting in, uh, in 2018. But sometimes we would make $7 in a month
from monetizing Facebook video or $25 the next month. Sadly, it sort of fell flat based on what
we were hoping for, but then suddenly three months ago, Facebook monetization starts becoming
a real thing. We actually start making some real money that’s
important for the show by monetizing on Facebook and it’s some new revenue potential for us. What fantastic news, and a few days ago I
go on and I notice we’re back down to like we made a dollar. We made 50 cents, we made $0 million and 0
million cents on Facebook despite uploading all of our videos there. What the hell happened? They never contacted me about any issue. We’re, we’ve been uploading our videos, the
videos are getting views, so what’s going on? I click around our control panel on Facebook
yesterday and notice this big red exclamation point that says restricted monetization. The David Pakman show shared content that
was removed by Facebook for going against community standards on November six 2019 they
claimed that they notified us on that date of what video violated their standards. I can assure you we were not notified on Facebook. I didn’t get an email. No email went to my spam folder. I tried to look into this. I tried to contact someone, which Facebook
of course makes impossible to do contact support, nothing, contact ad team, nothing, contact
anyone, nothing. The one thing I can do is submit an appeal,
which I do and within hours I get a message back saying, thank you for submitting an appeal. After taking a look, we’ve decided to temporarily
suspend monetization because your page goes against our policies. They of course don’t tell me anything about
why or what violated their policies or which page it was. Of course understand we do an FCC safe show
with no profanity, Gore or anything like that. Understand the insanity of white supremacists
content is being spread on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is in front of Congress saying,
we don’t fact check ads. We don’t do this. We don’t do that. We are as hands off as we can be and they
shut off monetization for the David Pakman show and FCC safe show and we’re the problem. We’re the ones sharing the problematic content. Of course, I tried writing right back to Facebook’s
bogus letter and I got an automatic replying saying, Oh, this case is closed. No one will see your response. Feel free to file another appeal. So listen, this is supposed to be when shows
like ours start to flourish. It’s the 365 days before an election. Historically, these are the best moments for
us. Now in the immediate, if you have a contact
like a real person at Facebook that you know, uh, in the ad side, in the monetization side,
in the video side, any real person you can put me in touch with, it would be more than
greatly appreciated if you did that. Um, audience wise, we’re growing quickly. We’ve added like 3000 YouTube subscribers
in the last five days or something like that, but we are getting hit with this stuff everywhere. So I’m not gonna make a big pitch. This is really about the way in which these
platforms are controlling what you ultimately get to see in support. But consider grabbing a membership on our
website. No one can shut that down. There is no copyright claims. There’s no demonetization. It’s just you sign [email protected] we pay
a 2.9% fee for processing your payment and we keep the rest. Okay. Very much appreciated. We have a coupon code. The code is half 19 it’ll save you 50% I don’t
care at what price you sign up. Use the coupon code. Don’t you can save 50% with the coupon code
half 19 this is how we grow our base of support, you know, in a real grassroots way with small
contributions. Also, if it’s easier for you or if you prefer,
you can pledge on Patrion at patrion.com/david Pakman show. This is a very backwards situation and I’m
coming to you laying out the full scope of it and it is disturbing and it is disappointing.

Maurice Vega

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  1. These are good signs. They hear your footsteps behind them because you are a formidable opponent. Follow the Tim Pool model and have multiple long form interviews and talks about this subject on Twitter.

  2. I'm not surprised it's more and more evilness please you tube block me I need to focus my attention somes where's else's get my comments off the network please I to be doing something better with my time !

  3. YouTube please decline my comments it's becoming additive and I don't want that I have and need a intoxicated life and you tube videos are interesting people lives put the word out they want you hook and I will continue to speak negative about this networking to control your coming & going just be aware of enters your circle be careful this is no boogieman joke to scare you but to keep you informed so if you find yourself up & down your phone go read a book watch a little TV listen to some quiet music talk to a real friend just keep the antenna's up and have a strong ambition to achieve your goals !

  4. Deleting my Facebook was one of the best decisions I ever made. The main problem I had was I couldn't use it anymore the way I liked which was follow pages I was interested in and comment on topics accordingly because Facebook decided to broadcast what I was saying to my fb friends in their newsfeed. I felt they were being irresponsible with the comments I provided. Plus I was just tired of trying to keep up with too much information. I immediately felt less stress once I deleted my account and it turns out life is much better without it.

  5. how come when CCN says something wrong it is fraud, but when trump lies and is a fraud it is considered as he is kidding….

  6. Hi David, I'm sorry to hear you've been targeted by the MSM. They are using legal means to maintain their business and you are threat – even though you have the same political ideology.

    I disagree with you on most of your political viewpoints but I still like watching your videos to hear your viewpoint. Also, the videos you did with Aaron Brooks were great. I was incredibly impressed. It's so rare that people with opposite views sit down and try to have a thorough, rational conversation.

  7. Unfortunate, and aside from the copyright claim that could be a violation of the law, since Facebook and YouTube are private companies they can do whatever they want. They don't have to create a just system. It sounds like they simply respond to complaints about your channel without any system of investigation in place, and then use these responses as proof they are being a responsible platform, protecting the public etc. It's likely the demonitizing is a computer-generated response without any human intervention, so there would be no human to take care of the issue because there is no legal requirement for them to do so.

  8. Fakebook doesn’t surprise me because Zuckerberg is a greedy little crook.
    CNN should in no way mind sharing something which is essentially public domain AND freedom of speech and information!
    Shame on them both! I wish more people would drop Fakebook in principle alone. Stand strong DP and fight for your rights!

  9. Hey David, I am from Germany but used to live in the US for a year. I really enjoy your content and your analysis so hearing about the demonetization in Facebook makes me very unhappy. Maybe you should look into some decentralized alternative for your content, like dtube for example. Wish you and your channel all the best

  10. Facebook and Buttegeig walking together discussing election frightened the life out of me. Zucerberg is a fascist and his involvement in politics is sickening.

  11. Why don't you be the first one to really win one of these unilateral big .com corp bogus sentence? hire a lawyer and beat the S%$· out of FB! If someone has the wit to do it and all the proof in the world to show to a jury your content didn't deserve to be blocked… if someone can do it, that is you… just do it!

  12. Lol it's obvious based on the timespan involved the CNN claim was stemming from an automatic video comparison algorithm not some malicious conspiracy to take down this channel.

  13. "This should be against the law"

    Actually, it is. Filing a DMCA is a legal action. Filing a false DMCA, even through Youtube, is a punishable offense. You just have to fight it, and if they refuse, well, they either have to take you to court, or they're open for you to take them to court.

  14. Even Adam Smith didn't like corporations, because they interfered with the free market. Remember, he is the virtual God of the capitalists.

  15. This is why I support the breaking up of companies like Facebook and YouTube. In fact, the government should look at further regulations that can be applied to such organisations.

  16. Probably a hidden Trumpist at facebook or a group of Russion Trumpists sending many complaints to facebook and facebook will not check out the claim but instead pull the plug on you…

  17. Before you use a site maybe you should find out who funded that site. Follow the money, then you won't be surprised as to why you were shut down. Someone needs to start new sites to compete with both YouTube and FB. With money from somewhere besides russian oligarchs!

  18. Facebook is ridiculous, even at a personal non monetized level. I had someone who took pictures of my girlfriend off my page and was posting the picture on local news sites with a bunch of things I won't repeat… Facebook does nothing. I call the guy "low IQ with a serious case of Dunning-Kruger" and I get suspended. I am about done with Facebook. CNN can pound sand too for what they did, they should volunteer to cover the amount you lost during that time.

  19. What can you expect from a company that openly states that they will take political ads from candidates themselves that tell lies

  20. I suggest you feel free to find a good attorney who will do pro bono lawsuit against Facebook because wild Donald Trump and his Republican buddies can put ads up that tell outright lies and falsehoods you are not allowed to get monetization from your videos Sue them!

  21. CNN SUCKS and FACEBOOK needs to be shut down as for Twatter their rules only apply to regular people not mr trump. Bunch of status quo supporters

  22. Change and remove your user I.D. in Google and YouTube settings, go to terms and privacy settings. I know it would probably be hard for you,but restrict 3rd party access. Also change Browser and search engine, also incognito mode might help.

  23. Changing your ad ,Id is the most helpful when used with a change in ip address and Google or another browser password change should be done at same time.

  24. Soon people need to sue for false advertising, and misrepresentation of personal information, at the expense of users 1st and 2nd ammendment rights, as well as the fair due process of an equal appeal against a company taking and getting more rights and favoritism against the people the constitution was ment to protect, by the corrupt systems unregulated and bias standards that undermine the Americans people right to accurate information concerning political purposes.

  25. I dont understand why people think Zukerberg is anything but a white nationalist.
    He's having private lunches with Shapiro ffs & I get my account suspended for calling a litteral neo nazi a scumbag but because they started their comment with "As a Christian" "I dont think black n**** should be allowed to marry white people its just wrong",it didnt go against community standards but calling him a scumbag is considered bullying & harrassment.

  26. God what a real catch-22…CNN is more reliable as a news source than any right-wing media outlet, but they pull shit like this.

  27. Sue CNN for the loss of revenue after the Hearings. You might want to consider putting a disclaimer in your headline that you are using the Congressional feed, and that you are not using any Networks broadcast.

  28. Sue YouTube and Facebook. For big $. That is the language they understand.
    Potential Russian (or White supremacists) hacking?

  29. Yet YouTube allows ads galore of The Epoch FALSE news. I am sick of their lies, telling us its the truth. I do hope others investigate who funds them. Not to mention all the NRA ads. Feels as though Trump's reach is everywhere.

  30. Just because he's a paranoid narciccist doesn't mean they're not out to git him.
    Hahaha…. ahem…. cough cough….

  31. The Bible says that in the end times good will be considered bad and vice versa (para.). I’ve never seen so much craziness of this type in my 57 years of life. We must TRULY be in the end times 😕

  32. This is happening to a lot of youtubers, Patreon was also demonetizing. They found other services. Someone needs to create an alternate to Facebook and Youtube. Youtube would be easier to get market penetration.

  33. Why did CNN file a fraudulent copyright claim against The David Packman Show? Compensate him for loss of earnings now! A sustained campaign in the comments of their videos would throw a shaming spotlight on them if enough people joined in…

  34. there are anti-semitic facebook groups that blatantly say what they are about and i report them and facebook says they're fine, ergo, Mark Zuckerberg is a NAZI racist SCUMBAG POS

  35. David I've mentioned this before – your show never comes up in my feed even though I am only subscribed to a few channels… not sure what to do. And yes I always double check that i haven't been unsubscribed

  36. File a bogus claim against them at pivotal points … or sue them. Suck it up. You know how the game goes. #Thisisamerica.

  37. Everyone… The guardian had an article back in 05 of 17 that was about Russian oligarchs funding FB and Twitter with marky mark the sucker and Kushner. This is why you are being demonitized and having stuff thrown at you. How dare you resist! The truth must be stopped at all cost! MSNBC is also in on this one, of their heads spent his lost years hanging around the Ukrain with pauly manafort.

  38. DeEp StAtE!!! RePuBlIcAnS!!! . Oh wait….."you should sue them for violating your 1st amendment rights"!…..lol. 🤪🤪🤪

  39. I had a problem with facebook. i went to thir HQ and even the representive at the front desk could not and would not talk about the issue. good luck and fuck facebook!

  40. looks like FB gives you the Tumblr treatment, removing content and / or functionalities of your page, with no way know what the bleep happened

  41. LOL. Left wing fake news media biting their leftist fake news competitors in the ass. All of you assholes need to go away.

  42. My fiance, sister, and two BIL's have been working for Microsoft for over 20 years and they have contacts due to a very similar situation with Facebook. I'll be in touch…

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