Explained: Who's The Premier now? — BC 2017 Election Results

Maurice Vega

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  1. Great job again! I've subscribed and am really looking forward to more on your political posts. I think it is so important that young people help each other understand politics and how it works, creating politic dialogue among a young generation that shy's away from election participation and politics all together.

  2. What the hell are people still voting ndp are Canadians fucking retarded? I live in a country full of Marxist communists for fuck sakes!

  3. unfortunately the greens are siding with the ndp. Get ready bc we are screwed as neither party have enough common sense to keep from running the procince into the ground

  4. This is the result of the Liberals going too far and now they have been put into check. One of the rare times the system works for the people.

  5. Good video. However the correct spelling of the head of government in BC is 'Premier'. Also, the Lieutenant Governor is pronounced 'left-tenant Governor.' The British thought the lew was too French sounding during the Napoleonic Wars and thus the adopted bastardization in Canada.

  6. Is BC the only province where absentee ballots occur, because I've never heard of them in federal elections.

  7. I just prey the Liberals get a majority after the absentee ballots are counted…..I have seen how the NDP ran BC into the ground first hand and I am currently seeing it in Alberta….as for the Greens they want proportional representation because they are a fringe party and they want more power.Under Proportional Representation they would have won 16 seats in the Legislature but at the same time they would not have garnered enough votes in the ridings to acutally win them….this is participation trophy politics and it is done in Europe and just look how fucked up Europe is right now with the immigrant invasion as well as the continued bail out of Greece.

  8. In my riding, the vast majority of the suns were Green signs. Parksville-Qualicum, the only Liberal-won riding on Vancouver Island. Also one of the ridings with the highest voter turnouts, too, I would bet.

  9. If Libs try to form government they need the confidence of the house with a NDP / GREEN coalition a vote no-confidence and a NDP or Green Government form .. kinda skipped that part …

  10. I honestly cant see the Greens going with the Liberals. So many of their supporters would feel betrayed. It will be a huge f#ck you to the people that voted Green. They will loose a lot of credibility if they choose to form a collection with the Liberals. Either way, the Green party is really about to show their true colors next month if the seats dont change.

  11. Great video. I am confused on one thing that is being mentioned sometimes, omitted others, in the media. The Liberals need a speaker, right? That means they need 45 seats, not 44, to have a majority government, right? Is there something I'm missing?

  12. NDP + Green = eternal debt = super high tax = rich got scared away = job loss = unemployment = family Abuses and other social problems = Overall provincial frustration and hopefully not a repeat of Glenn Clarke = back to the drawing board of the late 1990's = tea for two in Victoria again for the NDP and none for Green

  13. Great video – thanks!

    One small comment about the statement 0:33 Based on the "Guide to Recounts" http://www.elections.bc.ca/docs/guidebooks/879.pdf page 7 – a difference of 100 or less is not automatically recounted. It is automatically eligible for a recount request.

    "A recount may only be requested if the difference between the top two candidates is 100 votes or fewer, or if there is a belief that errors were made in the acceptance or rejection of ballots, or if the ballot account does not accurately record the number of votes for a candidate. If a request is received from a candidate or official agent, the District Electoral Officer must conduct a full or partial recount, whichever is requested, as part of final count."

  14. I'm one of the many who abstained.

    There's no one I wanted to vote for and I sure as hell am not voting liberal until they get their shit together.

  15. If the green side with the BC liberals after all this i will never vote for them again. They will have lost my vote and everyone i know.

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