Exit Poll 2019: Who Will Win This Election? What Poll Of Polls Predict

think we're getting some first data in some Republic seawater and that is showing if I'm not mistaken that the NDA is getting to 87 yeah up on this team or to 87 at times now has also come up with this number right so the times now VMR poll is at seven six for the NDA and it's 287 for the seawater republic poll and fossil fuel yes Congress is 128 for the public sea water and this is Congress plus the UPA and 142 for in The Times Now poll and the others are 127 in Republic and 94 in The Times now VMI polls so to your point about up keep our theme so far so according to time so the ends of power hoagie I will pick up with my point so we as a political party or as a student of a policymaking I would rather see the entry polls which are there six months before and that gives you reason to understand what are the needs of the voters what are the purse there and you decide your decisions of making the strategy accordingly okay but exit poll post the last day of voting it's good thing to keep it alive till you know the actual numbers come out okay now the numbers are coming so let's talk a little bit about the numbers we just had a the daily number was flashed by one of the polling agencies that's it 7-0 to the BJP I am not sure which particular polling agency that was let's just try it but the India TV can India TV is saying 7-0 to the BJP and now on screen you have mother Pradesh this is access my India now we've gone back to Delhi so it's seven zero for the BJP in Delhi so exact repeat of 2014 mother predation access my India access my India 26 to 28 for the BJP one two three for the Congress zero to the BSP you so again pretty much yeah of 2014 2014 so this is like virtually turning out to be looking like Melungeon just based on these numbers almost like a repeat of 2014 perhaps a slight reduction in numbers but pretty much like kind of a BJP and ESV I mean we'll have to go back and see what the breakdown is especially because we thought the BGP might be breaking into some places in the east right so is it a situation where at least a few were going in the Hindi Belt and they're being made up in Orissa in West Bengal or is it a situation where it looks exactly like 2014 where there was a lot of geographic specificity to the BJP win right some are you want to your quick first comments on this comment is I was just going through this agencies and I see your axis is only 38 percent accuracy sea water is 15 percent accuracy CSDs is zero percent Chanakya is 25 percent so I don't know what basis are we going on this you know let's wait till the 23rd because I don't believe in this we have gone leading she's saying I'm shocked because the labor was supposed to be winning so when you are doing exit polls we are all acting under a certain assumption that these are broadly the numbers that we are accepting we're not saying that we necessarily have to believe exit polls but this is like something no no I'm not saying you accept it as as gospel truth but let's assume these numbers are true what would you make of it I'm not assuming this number is true that's your thing is it was generally a flawed time the news I mean the exact polls have been wrong it's known so I'm not going to go with this that's okay but but you've come here so I'm not agreeing to these numbers it'll be interesting to see what the individual breakup is of parties as well this is the news 18 poll which just well it's flipping so fast but this is what the all-india picture looks like right now the NDA anywhere between 282 to 90 could we just slow down the chain the stickers are changing so that we can actually read it okay all right it's automated so if you can read faster I mean it's it's pretty straightforward it's showing that the NDA is winning is winning it's winning bicubic very very comfortably but we also have an answer number there yeah TDP 10 to 12 a Sharpie is about 13 to 14 and I think that we still have with us mr. Mattoon ready of the visage TP can we just go across to him and get his quick reactions mr. Reddy is not what you into sweep perhaps the jug and ready would have wanted yes it's sort of showing split down the middle I think there are two exit polls Vasu that are showing the NDA crossing 300 you have the Republic TV junkie bath hole which gives them 305 okay and The Times Now VMR poll which gives them 306 so both of them showing the NDA crossing 300 plus there right Amitabh do you want to respond to this or are you also rejecting exit polls outright no I mean we have to take them for what they are they are exit polls if the results look like this is obviously good news for the BJP the generally when you have a big gap in the vote it does get picked up in the exit polls I wouldn't put much faith in the state-level number state-level numbers tend to be all over the place in exit polls and very often they're not wrong but if the Chhattisgarh an MP results are even remotely representative that's very good news for the BJP it's not consistent with my experience on the ground and so on but we have to accept the numbers for what they are for the purposes of this program certainly it'll be interesting to see also then what the Rajasthan numbers are are tedious because Rajasthan and Madhu police the tools the two seats the Congress just won a few months ago but in both the assembly elections there the margins were very narrow the BJP belly I mean the Congress barely was able to cross the halfway mark in Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh was not that much different does this surprise you if this is actually correct that there would be a BJP sweep in Madhya Pradesh the way that it is a virtual repeat of last time and possibly Rajasthan is well given that they're both showing 300 plus for the Indian no very much and you know to go back to what we were talking about turnout I mean if you remember mother Pradesh showed a surge in turnout so his Rajasthan shown a surgeon turnout which I think the Hindustan Times interpreted as being being something which would go in favor of the Congress but these numbers don't show that so I mean I really don't know what to make of them you know maybe maybe it just you know maybe all of us who traveled have really misread you know what we saw and the pollsters have got it right they've seen something that you know journalists have not seen which is in fact they have in Rajasthan that was before they changed 21 says times now VMR and arch tuck accesses between 23 to 25 so really not being able to translate the gains but yeah I will say this about Rajasthan yeah but if you remember even at the time of the assembly elections yes the thing that we kept hearing from everybody who went was that we in the assembly elections we are going to vote against the BJP because we want the syndra out but for the looks of my elections we will go back to Modi but that was almost unanimous refrain yes so I mean these figures would confirm but moody to taberna he was not very handy

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  1. Aarti says "The pollstars saw something we journalists did not" something she also said in 2014. She accepts that her blindness and stupidity has actually gone worse from 2014 to 2019, and her tone and language tells me that she is going to go completely blind and certifiable fool in next five years

  2. They keep saying they traveled all over India. Obviously they stayed inside their 5 star hotels. These guys are completely outdated.

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ congress ke ghulamo ke chere to dheko…kitne mujraye huye hai….. today i m really happy..me sirf inke chere dhekne ayi thi…mja agya..

  4. I think this ndtv should be declared
    as official Congress news channelsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚other media ko godi media bolte hai khud hai Congress ka media agenda hai



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