Exclusive: CNN whistleblower one-on-one Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity interviewed CNN Whistler
blower Kerry porch Monday night and spoke to him about how his dream job at
the cable news channel developed into a nightmare I came there thinking this was
my dream job and it very quickly descended into a nightmare that gave me
trouble sleeping every night because it contradicted what I originally thought
porch said undercover recordings made by porch capture Sienna and employees
casually confirming the network’s anti-trump I listen show company
president Jeff Zucker telling top news executives to focus solely on
impeachment even at the expense of other important news according to the
conservative activist group that posted the bombshell footage online project ver
ITA’s whose founder James O’Keefe describes himself as a guerrilla
journalist published the first segment Monday of what is billed as a multi-part
series featuring porch who claims he was a satellite uplink technician at CNN’s
Washington bureau port said he was disturbed by the network’s dishonesty
from the beginning like I’m not trying to hurt anybody here taken Network down
I just want the biases to be up front porch said the former CNN employee also
said he was close to quitting before he met O’Keefe I was honestly shocked I was
about to quit at that time about two years into my employment I had honestly
had enough porch said

Maurice Vega

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