EXCLUSIVE: Ashlee Marie Preston on CNN Town Hall

>>So CNN held their forum on LGBTQ rights
with a number of different presidential contenders showing up yesterday. We’ve got a variety of clips we’re gonna show
you. But although there was good representation,
there was not universal representation for all communities affected by the issues discussed
at last night’s event. And so activists stepped in to make sure that
their voices and concerns were heard.>>To validate the pain of our transgender
siblings that demonstrated earlier, and that have spoken up today.>>Especially black trans women.>>I’m so sorry, I don’t wanna take this away
from you, but let me tell you something. Black trans women are being killed in this
country and, CNN, you have erased black trans women for the last time! Let me tell you something, black trans women
are dying. Our lives matter! I’m a extraordinary black trans woman and
I deserve to be here! My black trans sisters that are here, I am
tired! I am so tired, I’m just saying this.>>Ma’am.>>And it’s not just my black trans women.>>Ma’am.>>It’s black trans brothers too!>>So Don Lemon engages the activist and we’re
gonna have a little bit more on that. But I wanted to give you both a chance to
step in initially.>>So Ashlee Marie, you were supposed to be
involved somehow in this CNN.>>Yes.>>So I wanna talk about what Blossom C Brown
did there in a second. But first, let’s talk about what she was referring
to in black trans woman being erased from this event.>>Right, well, so initially, HRC and CNN
had reached out to me to have me attend the event. I really didn’t want to be too much involved
because there’s a lot of controversy right now with HRC’s new president who said some
pretty controversial things in response to an op-ed of sorts from Out Magazine. And his response to the transgender community
was a little bit shaky. But after careful consideration, and them
continuing to reach out to me and offering me to ask questions of the candidate, I figured
that it was an opportunity to really engage these candidates around the issues that are
specifically impacting trans women of color. That is an opportunity that doesn’t come around
all the time,as Blossom C Brown alluded to, and I was there for it. Hours before the event took place, I received
a call from the producer that I had been corresponding with. And even in the opening of the call, I could
hear this forced optimism in her voice like she was about to deliver a blow. And she said, hey, we’re so excited to meet
you tonight and it’s gonna be a great event. By the way, don’t worry about those questions
or anything like that but we’re still excited to see you, when you come you can find a seat. And I was like, wait, it was that blow when
you know you’ve just being gaslighted but you’re trying to figure out if it’s, maybe
I need more sleep, maybe it’s those flights back and forth. Did I just hear her basically cut me and then
try to make it look as though it’s a beautiful thing? And so she then was like, yeah, I understand. We’re gonna do some amazing things with you
in the future. And I was like, but you just gave us a voice
and then you took it away. And at a time where black trans women are
disproportionately impacted by the actions of the current administration we need to have
visibility front and center. And so a lot of Blossom’s rage and anger,
as she’s been talking to other outlets about, stem from people like me who, I mean, not
only am I a trans activist, I’m a political analyst and cultural commentator. This is my trade, this is what I do. So the fact that I wasn’t even doing something
more involved to begin with, even Chris Cuomo sitting there telling transphobic jokes, that
could have been a seat that had a trans woman there. And it was just one of those moments where
I was reminded that no matter how high you think you are out in the world, or in your
industry, in your field, there are always those people who are there to remind you that
we still have work to do.>>Yeah.>>So let me ask a couple more, first of all
HRC a lot of people are familiar but a lot of people aren’t. It’s the Human Rights Campaign.>>Yes, the Human Rights Campaign.>>Okay, and they were working with CNN and
they represent the LGBTQ community in a lot of ways.>>Right, well let’s just be really specific,
they typically represent wealthy gay white men. And so what happens is that, this goes way
back to the days of ENDA, with Barney Frank and the idea that we would just leave trans
people behind and it’s just way too weird, way too confusing, way too complex. We’ll come back for you all, we’ll send you
a post card, happy holidays, that vibe. And so there was never any healing around
that. And so what’s happening, I don’t know how
much of it is HRC and how much of it is just those who are involved and it ends up informing
the culture. But the truth is that there are many wealthy
gay white men who use their sexuality as a shield to hide their racism, sexism, and transphobia.>>Peter.>>Okay, well he’s a avid Trump supporter,
so he’s not hiding it very well. But there are others who claim to be in the
Democratic camp, the progressive camp and sometimes do as well. So now what was, so you got that call from
the producer/booker.>>Yes.>>So what was your reaction and what did
you decide to do?>>Well it was a really awkward situation
because I had already promised people I would be in attendance. So people were excited to see me. Some people had even flown in for this event. It put me in a really peculiar situation so
I had to decide whether or not I was going to play public relations, keep it cute, smooth
it over. Or if I were going to stay on brand which
is say it like it is shoot from the hip, give it to him straight up, no chaser, and that’s
what I did. So I went to Twitter and just let people know
that hey, I was excited about this. But I’m actually going to pull out because
really, when you tell me that you want my visibility and not my voice, you are exploiting
the optics. You are trying to present this false veneer
that you’re inclusive and we’re doing this amazing thing, but in reality you’re not. The same dynamic that we see when sometimes
a black man is walking down the street and maybe a white woman across the street holding
her purse. When trans women of color are in these very
white moneyed LGBTQ spaces, they take the mic and cross the street. They don’t trust us. They don’t know what we’re gonna say. They’re almost, it’s like we’re relative that
they’ll let us sit at Thanksgiving dinner but they are always keeping an eye on you
because they don’t want you to embarrass them in front of company. And that’s kind of.>>Well, it’s interesting because as you were
saying that I was thinking, it’s kind of like how this outreach treats voters. Like you’re not allowed to talk to senators
and congressmen, you’re not allowed to talk to my dinner. You’re not allowed to go into their office
and do sit ins, you’re not allowed to communicate with them cuz that’s uncivil. Right, so we want the optics of a democracy
without you guys actually having any power. So, as you were describing it that was what
was resonating in my head. We’re like, yeah, hey why don’t you show up
and we’ll show you on camera but don’t say anything. And so I guarantee the reaction to Blossom
is see we knew it.>>Yeah, but that’s the thing. It was a self fulfilling prophecy. You did that because, had you, we could have
did this one of two ways. You could have left me in the program. We could have asked questions that were pertinent
to the experience of trans people who are disproportionately impacted which is another
thing. The fact that they have all of these, again,
white moneyed wealthy privilege people talking about experiences that don’t directly impact
them. It’s like cosplay of trauma between trauma
cosplay is what’s happening. And so they’re like, yes. We’ve been discriminated against but you’re
building the entire platforms on the box of people who aren’t invited into the room, they
aren’t at the table, nor are we invited into the conversation.>>So you’re not allowed to complain about
someone shouting if you never allowed them to speak in the first place.>>Exactly.>>Yeah.>>And so just real quick last question on
that front, did you and Blossom talk ahead of time?>>No, so Blossom, it’s really interesting. So Blossom and I have a history. If you recall the video at PolitiCon. It was me, Patrice colors of Black Lives Matter
and Blossom Brown. That’s who that was when we disrupted it was
MSNBC, Charlemagne the God. So with. So like we have that history, but to be honest
with you, contrary to popular belief, I usually don’t like to be in spaces where I’m uncomfortable
or that kind of possibility is present with which is why I decided to stay home. So Blossom like many other people had no idea
until people started tweeting around and while they were waiting on the program, people were
like, my god Ashley is not coming. Do you see this thing that happened? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, president and
vice president of Trans-Latina Coaltion Bambi Saucedo and Maria Ramond Taylor had their
own demonstration with the flags when Pete Buttigieg was speaking. And then there was Shea Diamond, Angelica
Ross was a part of that. So basically what you saw, was trans women
of color as a collective saying to the community at large, do better. What we’re learning is that yes, race definitely
does play a part in the discrimination that we face even within our own community. But it’s a bigger conversation around class
solidarity and we saw this happen with even Ellen DeGeneres this week. These people who forget what it’s like to
be a person of marginalized experience who have now crossed the threshold and who are
distancing themselves from the realities that we face.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Take a look at professor Robert Sopolski from Stanford. Human Sexual
    Behavior 1 lecture. Start at around 1hr8min into the lecture. He is a
    neuroscientist and this will help people understand what actually happens
    in the brains of gay, trans etc people. By the way, his other lectures
    on depression etc are fantastic too. I could listen to him all day.
    Absolutely brilliant man. Not being a dick, just thought folks would like
    more information to understand better.

  2. Take a look at professor Robert Sopolski from Stanford. Human Sexual
    Behavior 1 lecture. Start at around 1hr8min into the lecture. He is a
    neuroscientist and this will help people understand what actually happens
    in the brains of gay, trans etc people. By the way, his other lectures
    on depression etc are fantastic too. I could listen to him all day.
    Absolutely brilliant man. Not being a dick, just thought folks would like
    more information to understand better.

  3. Selfish. Bigger things going on at the moment than your particular plight.

    My opinion matters more because I am a blue eyed, brown haired boxer brief wearing, balding, man with an ankle sprain…and I'm tired of being silenced!!!!. …on the backs of… ECT…grow up. The POTUS is doing favors for Putin and we are worried about the so called oppression of not LGBT/q but, black trans fems????

    Black trans fems are less than one percent of one percent of the 365 million people in this country.

    I absolutely don't care and never will care about "your" narcissistic issue(s). And I am as leftist as the come idealistically. Why is my fav TYT perpetuating this ?

    Tyt you perpe

  4. Wow what a "beauty" he, she, or whatever, is! And why is the freak wearing a black sheep on his head? Oh wait a minute. Now I get it. Halloween is coming up soon and he's merely showing off his new costume. But he should be careful not to frighten little kids with that ghastly getup.

  5. Ashlee is a narcissist who’s only out for her own self. People “flew in” to see you ask a question, girl? Please. This was a FIVE-HOUR LGBTQ town hall where there were multiple, even many, planned trans questioners asking about trans issues. And even that was not enough and trans women kept commandeering attention. Meanwhile, there was not even a single questioner specifically asking about lesbian issues. And only one bisexual questioner. Where were the Ls and Bs, Ashlee? Don’t you see that your services as a questioner were probably not needed after all because of the overrepresentation of Ts among the questioners, despite Blossom and you misleadingly insisting that there weren’t any? Also, as a gender-nonconforming POC myself, what exactly do black trans women want us to do about the men who murder them? They’re in many (almost all?) cases Black men who are deeply homophobic. Racism isn’t the central issue, so is it that y’all want the death penalty for these guys? Do you want Black men to be overpoliced? What exactly are you asking for? The message is muddled to say the least.

  6. These people are so full of hate they will cut off their child's genitals and drug them just to show how much they hate you………terrifying, the New Democrats lost so many votes the other night…..parents, blacks, libertarians, Christians, Muslims, alpha males…they probably lost a lot of gay votes too with that circus believe it or not……it was kind of beautiful in a way…like seeing the Devil with no clothes on.

  7. That Warren ass licker called me a liar and sexist for not liking her candidate. Maybe it was my cheeks that were not native enough for her or the Warren donor who casually asked her during the townhall. Warren currently attend a church that promotes homophobia and she does not remember that she was homophobic as a republican well in her 40s or what she did to a trans person in 2012. She voted twice for Trump's war budget that included a trans ban..

  8. Remember this, liberals love superficial diversity, they like everyone to look different, colors, disabilities clothing religions age etc….. BUT you all better think the same on the inside OR they will call you racists xenophobes misogynists etc…. they are the biggest gang of phonies on Earth !!

  9. Man snatches microphone from trans pandering women, man gets applauded. This is such bullshit. Another sign that the current trans movement is misogynist and homophobic.

  10. This hack is literally on Twitter pretending like Bernie's 40+ years of advocating for LGBTQ+ rights are meaningless because he didn't attend an event a few weeks ago. Consistently having a Warren surrogate on without even disclosing that information is the exact kind of shit we criticize all of MSM for doing 24/7. Can't believe I used to actually think TYT was above this kind of crap.

  11. I agree w her about the town hall, and as usual they had donors and insiders ask questions as if they were just randos. But Her idiocy about bernie on LGBTQ issues on twitter today reflects either lazy ignorance or bad faith and she needs to be pressed on that HARD. Or quit pretending to be different than MSNBC.

    I actually like TYT having more ideological and representation diversity but if they’re going to do that they need to push back, and they hardly ever do when it comes to people like Ashlee and Aida that often analyze everything through MSNBC-like social liberalism that imo (and that of progressives and the left) is an incorrect analysis of power that creates more suffering. Edit: happy to see Ashlee acknowledge the key importance of class in this w the reference to Ellen. I don’t usually see her say that kind of thing on tyt

    Point is, have whoever on, but if you’re not willing (or the guest isn’t willing) to be tough and adversarial, then DONT have them on.

  12. "You're not allowed to complain about someone shouting if you never allowed them to speak in the first place." That's absolutely right.

  13. TYT should fire Preston, ASAP. She's no better than your typical CNN/MSNBC anchor who is non-stop smearing/lying about Bernie Sanders all over social-media and gaslighting/attacking his supporters on a regular basis. It's one thing to have someone on who has a different opinion, but it's another if you have a serial liar and a smear-merchant on your program.

  14. Ashlee Marie Preston is spreading misinformation about Bernie Sanders online. She shouldn’t be on TYT anymore. Being a Warren supporter or even a surrogate is one thing, but this is something else entirely. She said Bernie hasn’t been to a Pride event since the 70’s which is insanely easy to disprove. Giving someone who would lie on Twitter about a progressive candidate makes her place on any panels feel inappropriate. Well, unless she tries to rectify it of course.

  15. Unsubscribed. Ashlee Marie Preston is a joke. She spreads lies about Bernie, propagates bullshit and has completely ruined how I look at you as a "news" organization". Eventually you're going to have to legitimately answer to all of us real lefty progressives after you help lose us the 2020 election, Im sure for now we'll just be smeared as "transphobic" or whatever the new false Berniebro narrative will be pushed.

  16. Oh dear, Ashlee's homophobic and racists tweets have caused quite a stir on twitter. How will she explain those hurtful comments?

  17. please stop having Preston on. if the fact that she constantly smears bernie on and off TYT maybe the fact that she has numerous racist tweets about asians and latinos will convince you, she's deleting them as we speak and has made her twitter private after it was exposed.. i know you guys read this so please dont bring someone like that on the show.

  18. Please address the lies about Bernie Sanders spread on twitter by Ashlee Marie Preston. If someone on CNN, MSNBS, CNBC, Fox did the same TYT would rightfully call them out. Preferably have her on and hold her accountable, but if you can't have her on, at least bring up the actual facts on the show. I know she supports Warren but spreading lies about Bernie isn't going to help Warren if she ends up being the general election candidate.

  19. First Bravenak, now Preston. For the love of god, stop with the Bernie hating guttersnipe guests. I know you want to appear fair, but Preston is not an honest actor.

  20. That's it for me with you guys. Unsubscribing on YouTube for now until you explain why you are having this lying sack full of BS constantly on your show and not fact checking her. You lost every credibility with me here. Bye…

  21. It appears that it is possible to be racist, sexist and homophobic while being a black trans-woman.
    It's also possible to be a shill and a liar while being a political activist and a cultural commentator.

  22. Ashlee has attended the same amount of CNN LGBTQ forums as Bernie Sanders has. I can't believe she flaked on this event!

  23. Ashlee Marie Preston is a well known, bigly Bernie basher. Shame on TYT for having a biased commentator on their channel.

  24. What's with the head tent? Are you presenting yourself in such an absurd way so you can spam "bigot!" at anyone that thinks you look silly and desperate for attention?

  25. They didn’t take away the voice of a black trans woman you’re an official campaign surrogate for 1 specific candidate and they shouldn’t have been allowing you a platform in the first place. All this tells me is CNN ain’t learn shit from the Donna Brazille thing

  26. if CNN had hired a surrogate of any of the establishment candidates, you guys would be snarky af over here on youtube but warren gets a pass as usual

  27. Sad that to see her on the show. Smears sanders supporters constantly. I don’t trust y’all at all. Thank god for other progressive YouTube channels.

  28. That strong faced fool just made her community look like fools! Leave it up the the black ghetto class to jump up yelling and snatching mics!

  29. Will TYT be addressing Ashlee Preston’s racist and homophobic tweets?
    And why didn’t TYT disclose that Preston was a paid staff member of Elizabeth Warren?

  30. AMP smears the most pro LGBTQ+ rights candidate, and props up a candidate that showed up to the party 20 years late bringing a history of indifference and even anti-trans baggage, and even now won't say that assaulting trans people is a hate crime.
    TYT Get this disingenuous bigot off your show. she is a toxic troll, her twitter feed says it all. AMP is a racist, that uses transphobic slurs on the regular, kick her to the bin TYT she is trash.

  31. Look up “ part 1 cnn insider blows whistle “ holy crap how disappointing . You tube is making it hard to find this documentary.

  32. She is a warren surrogate, lied about sanders saying he never went to lgbtq events, said all his lgbtq supporters had stockholm syndrome, then said we were like Trump supporters when that made us upset, that was this week.

    Years ago she let out a lot of homophobic tweets and racist tweets but said drugs made her racist.

    Fire this abhorrent excuse for a person.

  33. Blossom pulled a Kanye on that poor woman! She said "I don't wanna take this away from you" while taking the microphone out of the hands of the woman who was speaking. That was incredibly rude. If she didn't like the forum, she should create her own event where those issues are adequately addressed, or start a petition, etc. There are more productive things to do than angrily shout facts into a mic, that people are already aware of.

  34. The Young Turks should be ashamed at having this drug-addled racist homophobe on their show talking about anything. Russiagate, vetting your guests – when you guys get it wrong you really get it wrong.

  35. He's just a drag queen. Tragic thing. There's no such thing as a "black trans woman". Absurd. Get back on the rainbow float, queen.

  36. AMP is fully in Warren's corner and that's her right but she has been guilty of gaslighting herself with her non- factual attacks on Sanders.

    TYT does a good job of being inclusive of marginalized people on their show but AMP is not exactly the brightest bulb in the barrel or on the Xmas tree or wherever. Point is there are way better reps of the trans community out there to choose from. In fact bring in the person featured on the clip. That babe knew how to cut to the chase.

    On a superficial note that mix of hair, tats and girth is a bit challenging on the eyes. Sorry for going there and if you cancel me, I'll understand but I had to get it out.

    Go Bernie
    Go Tulsi
    Go Marianne
    Go Money out of Politics
    Go Medicare for All
    Go Peace not War
    Go Knicks

  37. I can ramble on, but ill just repeat what other have said about Ashless, this hurt the pro progressive voice that TYT was known for, just SAD!!
    Ana, John and Brooke are still #1

  38. It's sad that TYT keep bringing That dude Ashlee on the show when she openingly lies about Bernie Sanders and most of tyt supporters/viewers are Bernie Sanders supporters. So if this is not a slap in the face then I don't know what is.

  39. Hey TYT…you need to start doing some better vetting of your panelists, especially when many of you keep saying you're Bernie supporters. This Ashley person is smearing Bernie with lies that are easily disproved…not to mention their racist, homophobic past. It's not a good look for TYT, but then again, neither is constantly pushing Warren as a Progressive when she's clearly not.

  40. Preston is not a progressive and neither is Warren. TYT is losing credibility with every day of its dishonest claims about Warren. She will not support MFA, all by itself a complete disqualification. Why TYT doesn't see this is disturbing. Any true progressive knows Sanders if 100% correct in saying that a true challenge of the corporate control of politics is what we need, perhaps even to survive as a species, never mind win an election. Wake up!

  41. Ashlee tones it way down for TYT but if you go on her twitter you get a totally different vibe, mostly: Histrionic disordered, veiled racism, veiled misandry and uses triangulation or abuse by proxy ad nauseum. I love her hair though.

  42. I unsubbed from TYT a couple months ago after one of AMP’s segments when it was obvious that TYT was giving a platform to paid shills for Warren. I really didn’t know that it was THIS bad. Her Twitter is atrocious and TYT needs to address why they allowed her to smear Bernie and never vetted a guest like this. NOT A GOOD LOOK TYT.

  43. "There are many wealthy, gay white men who use their sexuality as a shield to hide their racism, sexism, and transphobia."

    True, but maybe Ashlee isn't the one to say this.

  44. Last year, this person told a gay man that she could crush his head like a soda can and then called him a d!ckrider. The idea that she represents the LGBT community is a joke. Her treatment of gay men, in particular, is astounding. Please ban her from TYT. It is outrageous that she is given a forum here.

  45. Somebody at TYT ask Ashlee Marie Preston, Warren shill par excellence, why she lied on twitter about Bernie and his great relation to LGBTQ rights. Unlike her boss, Sanders remembers very well the history of his comments on LGBTQ rights. There are also visual records of his support for such rights when it was neither safe, nor cool nor vote winning to support such rights.. He has nothing to hide and no comments to be ashamed of (and retract when caught out). Also, his M4A includes body reassignment surgery and treatment. And this guy is smeared by a ghastly Warren shill like Preston on LGBTQ rights! They took the gloves off, time we take the gloves off. I wish TYT would come clean with the people they include in their panels (who shills for whom, for example) and also question Preston on her twitter dishonesty.

  46. I use to enjoy tyt perspective but over the year or two I’ve come to stop listening to them. Sorry but their perspectives makes my mind tired. I don’t know what it is but it has nothing to do with Liberty… it’s like, fake liberty

  47. I had really liked Ashlee in the past, but seeing her racism and homophobia combined with lying about Sanders then saying his LGBTQ supporters have stockholm syndrome I absolutely loathe her and am baffled that TYT has stayed quiet about this.

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