Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage announces his return

well not it has to be set for the first time Nigel Farage has announced his official return to the brexit fray this morning right in the Daily Telegraph the former leader of you Kip says it will be negligent to stand by and watch mp's wreck Britain's bid to leave the European Union and he joins me now welcome good morning Nigel Farage I mean what you're saying is you're preparing to stand in the European elections but actually we're not going to be having any European like all's country there were lots of things we weren't gonna happen that have happened over the course of the last two years the position had it is very simple you know my new year's resolution was to hope for the best but prepare for the worst the best of course is that 498 MPs voted for article 50 which says we negotiate their withdrawal agreement but if that doesn't go through we leave on WTO terms I mean that is the law of the land right now if that holds I will be delighted because we'll be out and you know what will be an independent self-governing nation okay was what it was about but my fear is that our political establishment including our prime minister because you know when she spoke at Florence she talked about this deep and special partnership so I think that I fear that the House of Commons is going to effectively overturn that brexit and to me the most likely outcome of all of this is an extension of article 50 if article 50 gets extended for more than three months we will be contesting the European election but no one is saying that's going to happen in fact there are ways as you well know because you'll remember the European Parliament of getting round this and simply rolling over your membership or whatever well you're saying you think it's quite likely now that we're going to have European election it's point firstly it's possible we get European elections and secondly you know it's the worst case scenario but there could be another referendum and what I do know is that the remain side are well-funded well-organized they're getting ready for a second referendum it would be negligent of the Euroskeptics not to do so okay now the next question is you're not a member of you clip anymore I know I'm not and the way you get elected is by being on a list party list so if you're serious about getting real to the European Parliament you're gonna have to find a party to stand for he's absolutely right and that is work in progress so you'll be rejoining UK I think that's now impossible sadly I think new cube has gone down a route that makes it unsolvable so now it'll have to be a new vehicle and that is working progress and what what would it be called well as I say that's working protein there are lots of little parties out there that one could sort of pick up and use right now the constant new applications going in now I'm working on it I mean there will be a vehicle ready my point is this you know if suddenly this was sprung upon us yeah if a European election was sprung upon us or if a second referendum were sprung upon us if we weren't ready we've been a very bad you you are a patriot I think you'd see yourself as a patriot I would and dad's army found another thing now just let me encourage you that if we're not ready to leave what on earth is wrong in delaying for a few months and that may well become the argument you know that may well become the argument I personally think is a total failure of government that during two and a half years we've not got ourselves ready to leave we're not fit and proper to do it I don't want the extension of article 50 because I fear that once you kick the can down the road once you do it again and the second referendum comes into that gap look I was you'd actually quite like to carry on being a member the European I mean it gives you know I've been there for 20 years and I'll be very happy not to go back of look Adam I want us to leave the European Union become an independent country and then my role in politics is over this is what I came into it to do now I fear yeah we're on the verge of it being betrayed I'm not going to stand by and watch this I do want to ask you about that because you know one of the reasons why he left you Kip it was because of it's moving closer to Tommy Robinson yeah a video we've had those very nice tea incidents outside Parliament's involved I've been involved in some kind of MPs and other yeah it's in their risk if you run around talking about betrayal and all the rest of it that you are saying to unsavory elements you know get stirred up get on the streets know what I mean oh that's exactly the reason for getting a political party ready rather than people going out onto the streets and being var let's do it democratically through a political party and you know whatever criticisms were made of me in all the years running and leading you care we never allowed that violent fringe to ever be a part of it and this is why democracy works democracy works because it gives you it gives you a mechanism it's a let off steam without resorting device so you would never say to people take to the streets I would say to people peaceful protest is absolutely fine but anything beyond that is just plain wrong if Parliament takes control as people are saying and works through the options and comes out with something which takes Britain out of the political structures of the European Union including them sorry the European Parliament that surely would be democracy in action as well wouldn't it well I think what's frustrating Adam is this you know every single leading player on both the leave and remains side in that referendum said a vote to leave means we are leaving the single market and the customs unit it could not have been clearer and what I see with these cross party talks that are now going on is a move towards well they talk about the Norway model but actually what's being discussed here is worse than Norway because it wouldn't just be single market rules it would be customs union membership as well we'd be Norway without the fish so that is certainly not what people voted for and you know people argue what did what did the brexit vote mean it meant leaving the political structure argument there is always people didn't vote to be poor and we heard about the exchange rate map barriers they were wrong reading with our biggest trading partners which is what coming out knows you know putting up barriers we're bringing down across the world actually make people poorer wouldn't it know we're going to make food cheaper we got to make clothes cheaper we're going to re-engage with the Commonwealth and many other parts of the world that we've effectively turned our backs on we will be a freer trading Britain outside this protectionist club with its added air of authoritarianism I'm absolutely certain we are doing the right thing it's just that Parliament doesn't quite believe in it not if I think very much indeed for joining us well let's get the thoughts now of the MP Westminster MP Conservative MP Shailesh vara you're putting out or supporting a new thing called a better deal a better future for Britain and its relations with Europe is there much you disagree with that knowledge or Farage's actually I have to say I agree with much of what Nigel said and I think it's important that we recognise seventeen point four million people voted in the biggest Democratic exercise in our country's history and it was made absolutely clear as Nigel says by all the leaders of the referendum pain that this was a one-off and the decision would be binding and to the remain as I would say that their own leaders the then Prime Minister David Cameron former Prime Minister's Tony Blair John Major Nick Clegg and it's all out there on social media they can see the video clips of the interviews that you and others did of these people they said the results of this referendum must be binding and I think that I'm glad to say that because legally it wasn't no no they said it because it was true and they meant it but sadly they didn't it from their point of view they didn't expect to lose and it would be absurd if we now had a second referendum because at what point do we stop having referendums if the other side were to win this time does it become best of three best of five now John is looking for a party and sounds like he'd fit into your Conservative Party well we have certain rules of regulations and I happy to put Nigel in the right direction and and he's a seasoned politician and you know if he fulfils our criteria would be happy to have him on board i David mrs. Mays Conservative Party would have me but maybe a Conservative Party that was led by somebody who was a committed brexit ear Boris Johnson's making a bid today would you like to be in Boris Johnson's concern you know I would just like to see a conservative party led by somebody who really believed in Britain III think it is important national is right there that we need to believe in Britain we need to believe in the United Kim this deal that we've got on the table right now Adam has been negotiated on the basis of fear people who can't see beyond Europe if you look at all the economic data the economic progress is going to be in the countries outside the EU in the decades ahead yes but its economic progress from a much smaller base of our economic relationships with them so you know actually a few percentage points in art in relation or trade with Europe and worth a lot more than actually a doubling in our trade with some of these well know if we stay locked in this unending backstop and the customs union we will be tied to EU rules and regulations but if we freed from that then we can do free trade deals with China India where you say can or could I mean the reality we well the we could do and we could do its success reality is if we leave without a and agreement will actually be leaving a lot of current trade deals with a lot of these countries that you say you want to do trade deals which it be wholly it would be very easy to do deals with these people because at the moment they eat the EU has deals with with a lot of these countries and we would be happy to look at those views again and I can tell you this the deals that the UK would make with these premises are can be hugely diplomacy I can see the aspiration that you have but I've been talking to people like you and I've been talking to people from other countries for two years now and I've said okay where are these great fantastic deals that are going to be good for a bridge economy and no one has been able to point to any firm Anita's own limited I have been talking to people as well from other countries Nani you countries and they are saying if you lock yourselves into the customs union whereby the tariff rules are made by the EU you are going to make it difficult for yourselves and Woody Johnson the ambassador of the USA has said if the United Kingdom is stuck in the customs union it'll be difficult to form a big deal where you have extremely good trading relation we can Germany which is a member of the European Union has very good trading relations with a lot of these countries that you say we want you mentioned USA let me just say the USA trades with the EU on wgo rules library about WTO terms have almost no countries that actually trade on WTO terms they all have sides the Commons library has said that there are countries such as the USA Argentina China Australia which we trade protocols right we may have and I will send you the research from house combat you will read it out on the saying you're saying of course we report that it is a chimera to say that most of the world trades on WTO terms they do not Australia trades with the EU on WTO rules the Prime Minister Prime Minister of Australia has said that are straight hundred billion u.s. side pipes another hundred billion Australian dollars rules are the basis for what we have a good trading relationship with the USA which indeed we do based on WTO terms yes with add-ons over time of course why is everybody terrified of trading with the European Union on WTO turn what's the problem here because we're that close to here I mean then we could at the unlikely thing we could apply haneda we could apply to a WTO example Canada does not trade with the US on Canada terms because it's its neighbor and the extent of its economic involvement is much greater yes as is our economic involvement for quite obvious geographical reasons so the analogy is in fact to have a Canada style relationship with the EU similar to what Canada has with the US and that's not permitted to get on you tier turn but let's look at the big picture Adam let let 10 years ago 50 percent of our overseas trade was with Europe that figure is now about 38 percent let's not split hairs let's look at the global trip I'm not freaking out let's look at the global trends you know the point about brexit is we are looking ahead we're not looking backwards we look into the world as it goes forward it's aspirational you're walking away from what you've got onto an aspiration which you might be right to say as far as the business community is concerned there is a rich irony here is that once we accept that there'll be short-term difficulty if we were to go out and WTO rules the irony is that the business community no self-respecting businesswoman or man would go into negotiation and tell the other side I'm taking no deal off the table yet the United Kingdom let me finish please the United Kingdom is engaged in the biggest trade deal biggest business deal of our history and yet the business community is asking us to do precisely what they wouldn't do and you need to have no deal on the table because it makes sure that we get a better deal nobody really wants to have no policy will get a better deal because the other side that fears No Deal as much as we do and with ten weeks to go it's a bit late to start talking games actually go to the practice we administer the leader of your party and your government has been negotiating for two and a half years and actually they came to an agreement which has just been rejected by the House of Commons so to now start talking about the brilliant way in which we're going to negotiate with the European Union I mean yeah the truth is the year you can do anything in the European Union has a set of rules and basically for us the decision is at what level we get one thing that changes all of this is that at the moment we have full regulatory alignment and I think the real frustration is that this Prime Minister never sought a genuine free trade agreement and the way you get a genuine free trade agreement is you announced your leaving on WTO terms there'll be overnight blind panic in failure of negotiation by Theresa May who did not strike out on a clear path after decades are trying to opt out of parts of the European Union on leaving she tried to opt us back into it I think it is never too late we've got 10 weeks to go where there's a political will anything and everything can be achieved the point is we need to stand up tell that ye you that we are prepared to walk out on a no deal basis I don't want to walk out no dealer basis but the fact is all those scare stories planes won't fly large road gang all of that is slowly beginning to uh none of those deals have been done yet yeah Brussels has said that we will allow our lorries to go into the EU and that so long as we allow their launch to come here until the end of em I've displayed no no all of these scarce whereas Mike rightly said they've seen it at the time of the RM time of the the referendum yeah at the time of Europe we had all these scarce or okay none of the material ask you one very simple question even if we accept everything you're saying that all these side deals going to be in place and all that nonetheless it's a massive expense to prepare for these things so massive bureaucratic snarl up what is the gain for the ordinary UK so the games you talk about his expense if we go out and No Deal basis we're not paying that you thirty nine billion pounds that thirty nine billion dollar that thirty nine billion pounds can be using a cushion the economy to help individuals to help businesses there is a positive side to this it's not all doom you know you know very well that the price of obtaining any of those side deals is going to be paying up some of that money but also can we just can we just remember one other thing this referendum that we fought and voted on wasn't about whether Peter Mandelson things were going to be worse off or I think we're gonna be better off it was about do we become an independent self-governing that's made your argument it's not been the rise and freedom that's what this is about if I'd asked for sovereignty you know they want us to be able to know how they prepared to be poorer as the price of sovereignty well you are going on speculation and project focus I believe I do not believe that this great nation of ours fifth strongest economy in the world head of the Commonwealth permanent members of UN Security Council I do not believe that after a short term of difficult if you go out on wdsu we will not be a prosper and that's being poorer right short term yeah but this is a deal about our children and our children's children it is about the decades ahead it is about a few months immediately after we leave we need to put things into context here this is not just a deal you honestly therefore say to people how much pain in the short-term they're going to face as a result pursuing though they will be sort short-term difficulty but I'm also telling them that there'll be thirty nine billion pounds to help mitigate some of that pain of course it would be children they won't now be able to live and work in the European Union like they can at the moment well they could mark that's completely because we will have there will be reciprocal rights beyond being been agreed yet has it actually a lot has been agreed the main things are the backstop and the payment of money but it's a backstop that is the sticking point to a lot of my colleagues I leave it there we're going to scrutinize the research thank you

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