Ex-CNN Anchor Joins TYT to Talk About the Role of the Media

%uh we’re gonna frank sesno these of those
the planet for debt is going to be a p_b_s_ special on april fifteenth any to find out
more about it when a four dot or right before we leave you i want to go back to c_n_n_ for
one quick second up up because you know i i don’t i’ll be honest with you you know we
have said c_n_n_ reporters on but not a lot right now to you that there’s perfect the
the the talk about a little bit more freely %uh i see as c_n_n_ all the time whether it’s
on this global warming issue which they’ve got of of beyond a little bit as you pointed
out but on all other political issues is facing trial where they say well back says this unwise is this and not really objectivity which side is true is that something handed down by the editors that says hey wait
a minute now you have to represent the republican and democratic parties it will lead to a matter which side seems
to be true or not %uh i wouldn’t say it’s quite that rigid i think the attitude of c_n_n_ it’s what i
agree with by the way i mean all say that he did it you know the little dirty water to hang out
there is that what’s happening in this country is that we
serve man the barricades here fox news m_s_ n_b_c_ it’s become increasingly polarized increasingly ideological and some of it is
just silly at times %um i mean and i thought the c_n_b_c_ to arrive in kuwait
john stewart earthquake you know heart attacks absolutely brilliant absolutely they’re on and that should be happening
more and mainstream media we should be holding one another our feet to the fire more often sometimes it’s a statement about it sometimes it’s the subjectivity okay let’s
have a republican let’s have a democrat you know let’s have you know one world is someone to go that the
the the good side of that issue to represent multiple sides of the debate the bad part
of that is sometimes it’s only debate sometimes it it’s strike that debated sometimes you can’t
let go of a minority viewpoint to demonstrate that you’ve
got ballot if that’s the case then it just lazy yes c_n_n_ the skipper cable news in general be
scared only present that democrats only represent the republican of
the things that is a more active portion as you know the other side will accuse them
of biases center well i don’t think i don’t think the boxes
bit of an advantage of a police vehicle with that i’ve talked with him and you that c_n_n_ is
second somebody needs to look there needs to be a place where the audience
can calm and say we’re going to get multiple sides of the story
here not just and this was driving the car and i’ve been
in washington longer than i care to admit it cannot come around doing that and congressman gephardt for a
really long time i am but most of them are actually hard working people who believe in what they are doing
fact recently with one congressman who’s talking about he didn’t he didn’t actually
said he didn’t believe in this global warming to the think that it’s probably happening
and most people believe it is so there’s no point in arguing that point of view any more but this whole thing was we just can’t remember what we did a lot know
a bit about for a long time so let’s go do it well a lot of people who are opposed to that this is a complex i think the public has every right to be exposed
to them c_n_n_’s approach that it is i find we’ll bring that to you and we’re not
going away and one way or the other %uh one side or the other to you and you know
i mean but i have a significant delay the because and
then you just sort of and searching quote unquote balance or objectivity few people
knew the story a c_f_c_’s well thank goodness i think that %uh each side has a right to their opinion and
i wouldn’t want c_n_n_ san pedro is not the right answer will that’s an opinion and and i’m not interested
in that but the site is i have a right to their own
facts that’s right but you know it’s also how you choose to remember
that take an example right so the rock group hamas the new president and then have a log he has this huge and ask you to a halt it’s down clear that the coverage it’s hitting hard enough to meet not clear
at all but the coverage is pretty hard enough as to what he is taking on in terms of national
debt and deficit i mean that the democrats are getting a little
windy about of course the republicans are running around screaming but is it proper to really look into what
that means if the coverage going beyond what you know
something person from capitol hill is same thing okay we do want one trillion dollars for x_ number
of years oh we had nine trillion dollars to the debt what’s going to happen to the criticism of
c_n_b_c_ and hope stock market crash right so he didn’t look into it are not he didn’t tell us what was going to happen and now after work you know also visit the and we have to try
to figure out and go backwards i think that’s right and i think that that tom is there now breaking down either be so
easy to say it was spending too much but it’s a lot harder to say white we shouldn’t spend
on that’s right you know and say here the different things that we’re spending on and you make a judgment call on whether it’s
too much into it cetera and and i don’t think we’ve done that kind
of thorough a priority on it at all but finally on the
issue of access that isn’t that a real big part of the game here
though and does not play politics is also this is so c_n_b_c_’s at fault for it the sea and some of the channels at fault
for tried it get those congressmen and senators on in the
piece is called on congress to win bag that you’re not going to get ’em on the enhancing
the lease them i think too much yes i think too much and it’s very interesting because watched
the b_b_c_ some time when the interview people there was there was fact well up to a point but they are really going on and i think with i don’t think you i think i hosted on c_n_n_ you know late edition
i started the program late edition which will spend it is going to become john king you know of the program but i do that over seven years and i know that game and you try and do you
know that more difficult to get the best best guesstimate make the most there’s too much of a tendency to denied him
the probably and not enough to just play and i think it was a kid this very very well really hold people’s feet to the fire and
if they don’t like it too bad %uh well i i i wish that they would do that
because this is go back to doing that but i don’t remember when these days both this
well i have is i think i digress just did a very good job at it on that night the night
but it began you know watching t_v_ see some time because they will prime minister and absolutely
right from over the coals got a great tradition of doing that and we should do it here because you know
what that means how else will people know and into the den the candidate because forcefully not really intelligently in a respectful way but still the real quick ass i would love to go to these well i would that frank sesno’s the close a plant
afford ever teach a health plan a four dot or where you can also submit your own video
to have a video of others and of course that yes i feel on april fifteenth frank thank you so much for your time with
the kids are going to try to but again absolutely

Maurice Vega

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  1. climate change? as in the weather changing seasonally? lol or the global warming because of excess in CO2? because that is still up for debate.. and by the way, this year's global temperatures are among the lowest recorded in recent history.. so much for global WARMING huh lol

  2. Well said. Given the history of the earth, I don't thin kit really matters either way though, if we are affecting the climate directly, there is no doubt the earth will adjust, as it did when plants were dominant and Oxygen was their poison, but the planet adjusted.
    If we aren't… then we are just enjoying the ride. Not saying we shouldn't be more conscious of our actions and reduce pollution, but not because of global warming, but because we want to have a healthy environment for our kids.

  3. Very heart warming to hear this man talk about the brilliant work of Jon Stewart. We don't want advocacy we want inquiry for the truth for all our benefits.

    Why not make the real drama of finding the truth the attractive piece. Trust me often the media makes two things seem equal rather than the actual story that lets us realise the truth. ie. how many people are on welfare, how many people live above 200,000 dollars etc.

  4. global warming implies the whole earth getting warmer, and that's misleading. some places may get warmer, some colder, the weather will get to extremes.

  5. If you want real information based on research check out Greg Palast, his page and links to radio PRN are fresh and insightful.

  6. Because in recent years the party line has no meet on the bones for anyone but those who have something to hide. The air in their stuff was just attack drama for the sake of getting attention. Watching Fox was like watching someone piercing themselves to get a feeling of something real. They started the spin when they elected Reagan and never stopped to consider that liberty and justice for all doesn't mean only for those who can jump higher and higher.

  7. All big networks are part of the same establishment. The views they represent are all within the same narrow slice of the spectrum. So there's besides a rare fluke never any real "other side of the story" being reported.

    Regarding what Cenk calls fake neutrality, the MSM is almost completely void of investigating journalism. What should be core business of news media is absent. Thats where US journalism fails. And again, it is because big media is part of the (ruling) establishment.

  8. Yea after the last eight years, the media has really shown there true colors, a women having 14 kids can make headlines and ran into the ground, but war crimes has only been touched on if even that.

  9. Problem with information is it's not old enough, regardless of the source. We just don't have the data to make accurate predictions about climate change. What we do know shows that the earth changes a lot and often quite dramatically, while humans were not on the earth. The burden of proof lies in those who think global warming is caused by us, and quite frankly the evidence isn't substantial.
    Not saying there isn't evidence we hurt the environment, but changing the whole climate?
    Not buying it

  10. Fact is humans produce less than 3% of total CO2 emissions.
    There have been droughts for hundreds of years in many places all over the earth. Heat waves that lasted much longer than 10 years happened well before this century.
    Everything you're telling me has happened, long ago, before we existed.

  11. Too bad the record doesn't go far enough back to be an accurate piece of data to support climate change theory.
    Sorry, your facts don't support the premise.

  12. True! Polar bear are dying… from being hunted to have no place to live. In that sense, they are "exploding"… as in dying

  13. exactly my point.. there is alot of data showing the opposite of what global warming implies.. i'm all over environmental protection and co2 reduction but i don't think everyone should be taxed based on that

  14. The IUCN now lists global warming as the most significant threat to the polar bear, primarily because the melting of its sea ice habitat reduces its ability to find sufficient food. The IUCN states, "If climatic trends continue polar bears may become extirpated from most of their range within 100 years."[1] On May 14, 2008, the United States Department of the Interior listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

  15. always nice to see the bbc get a bit of rep it is truely agreat news outlet

    also channel 4 another british station is really very good

  16. BBC for the win! There was this great clip where a BBC interviewer was respectfully demolishing a representative of the Catholic Church over the Pope's recent condom comments.

  17. If Tim Russert was still alive today and interviewed Sarah Palin, Palin will be able to ACE the "tough" interview of Russert and show the whole world that she is THE ULTIMATE and SUPERIOR politician that she truly is.

  18. Fox News is GOD's NEWS CHANNEL! It is the only news that tells the SUPREME TRUTH!

    CNN = Communist News Network
    CNN = China News Network

  19. I agree with you on the BBC!! I am British, but in this country here we have a no deference for politicians or authority. There is open mistrust. However, the BBC Is left when it suits them. And our BBC is state owned so it can pretty much do what ever it wants without reproach, but on the whole (80%) it is "fair and balanced". If Americans watched more BBC, they would gain a more prosaic view of the world. The greatest strength of the BBC is that it is State owned (people owned)

  20. The BBC is not strong enough to drive Palin to the ground. Palin will be able to fend off the BBC sharks and show her SUPERIORITY to the whole world that she is THE ULTIMATE and SUPERIOR politician.

  21. Palin made fantastic television! Fact. She should go into TV evangelism. She would absolutely clean up. I think she is hot though!! I fantasise about me having my way with her in her priestly robes mmmmmmmmmm!!

  22. No, she will be the NEXT president and the GREATEST Leader of the free world! All world leaders will bow down to President Palin!

  23. If "president Palin" becomes a reality I will cut out my left testicle and eat it raw. I am more likely to put my penis in her vag than for that to happen. Then again "Americans"!

  24. BBC reporters have a thing where they are able to keep the equality and then also turns around the interview… i love that

  25. Actually the BBC has admitted itself that they are left wing biased. This would not be much of an issue for us Brits except we are forced to pay for them by law of the TV Licence.

    Google for a blog called Biased BBC

    Elements of the blog need to be taken with a pinch of salt due to some right wing bias views itself but there is a lot of clear BBC Bias that is correctly pointed out and taken to task.

    Sad fact is, here in the UK we do not have any objective MSM. It's one side or the other.

  26. MSNBC employs pat freaking buchanan and he's all over the place.sometimes i actually agree with him but a liberal he ain't

    more shows should be like hardball with chris matthews,whether you like him or not he won't let somebody get by with a talking point like some do and calls people on ther BS

  27. The US need a bbc like program where because they are paid for by the tax man they are forced to give both sides a hard time. People have lost jobs over showing bias towards a particular side. Of course you get people complain that the bbc is bias when they hold someone accountable that that person agrees with but that is to be expected.

  28. Frank you said it the only real interview i have seen in my life came when jon stewart gave it to kramer a few weeks back.We need more like it.

  29. Clearly you have no understanding of the scientific method. First you draw a hypothesis, which is then tested,then a conclusion is drawn based on if the data from the testing supports the hypothesis. Science doesn't just round up a bunch of facts and see where they go.
    Fact is the Earth is 4.5billion years old approx. The Great lakes were once ten times larger and have begun to drain slowly for 12000 years, all this without global warming.
    There are few facts that actually do support your claim

  30. sure it is only recently that temperatures have dropped down, but also only recently did the sun's rays get less intense.. the scientists are thinking that it was emitting more rays than usual in the last decade or so which had contributed to the global warming phenomena.. and apparently the sun started to emit less in the last few years.. again we should do something about cutting down on the CO2 emissions but we should not tax our industries which will bankrupt the nation

  31. The true problem with FOX and MSNBC is that there isn't just TWO sides to everything. Some shit is so transparent that there's only the Truth and some shit is so broad and mirky that there's thousands of sides to the story… We're getting everything BUT the truth with these stations… it's fucking sad that this country isn't being properly informed by the people we in trusted to do so… I miss Mr. Russert too, one of the last great Journalists (Sorry Anderson)

  32. well about the intensity of the rays, they were measuring it not only in our planet but also in the international space station. as for big companies understanding only the language of money, ya that is true, but i still believe that we can take the Ron Paul approach on this, where cities and citizens can sue big corporations for polluting their air .

  33. CNN had GLENN BECK on and CNN is up OBAMA's ass? Are you crazy? FAUX "news" cannot even call itself news. Even Murdoch knows that.

  34. How about blowing off "fair and balanced?." There really is a truthful side to stories. Unfortunately the "news" media thinks they have to present both sides regardless of which side is true but given them both the same weight. There ARE sides. Pure & Simple. CNN is not even worth watching. Lost all credibility by hiring Beck and having Dobbs on every night.

  35. With all respect, you certainly have a source of facts and are entitled to your opinion, but for you to be of the ethical standard required by science you must explain how you can disagree with so many scientist who indicate that even such a minute amount of change can have an impact. If you have any personal attachment to the use of fossil fuels for as a personal preference or because it has supported your loved ones in some way, your bias must be considered. Hydrogen gas is so much cleaner.

  36. They do, actually. Plants need light to convert CO2 into O2. At night they, actually, do the opposite. The lack of light causes plants to convert O2 into CO2.

  37. ya i'll have to agree with maggieRoara on this one, because obviously plants produce CO2 but they net oxygen.. so they're reducing the amount of CO2 in the world.. and yes you are right we need CO2 but their argument is that we have too much which is causing a slight increase in temperature

  38. I would like to see something here like the "Prime Minister's Questions." That is some great stuff, I remember watching Tony Blair do that and thinking how Bush would last about 2 minutes in an environment like that. Those guys would grill Blair and they all looked like they had a few pints before they came in and did it too.

  39. The MSM have let down far more people than they have as viewers. They bring you one side of the story and that is the side that benefits them and their owners and the agenda.

  40. A. Science does not require morality/ethics to be correct. The facts are the facts, moral or not.
    B. No bias, my family not connected to the use of fossil fuels, either directly or indirectly.
    C. Yes a small change can impact the environment, and yes hydrogen fuel is cleaner, and yes it'd be better if everyone used it.
    None of this is evidence of Global Climate change. I agree that we should make more of an effort to not pollute our environment. But climate change is an illusion.

  41. Unfortunately, I don't think your sarcasm was as apparent as it should have been, based on how people rated your comment….

    Or either they're just too stupid to get sarcasm.

    Funny though. Palin would have been written off IMMEDIATELY if Russert had had a crack at her. McCain would have had to get a new running mate (something he probably should have done anyway).

    If Katie f'n Couric's questions pwnt Palin as bad as they did, Russert would have single-handedly destroyed her political career.

  42. CNN might be a 3rd in America but in the rest of the world its still a major news network.
    FoxNews & MSNBC are mouth pieces for the right & left of american politics and are more commentators of veiw points then actual journalists. If you want real news check out BBC.

  43. Right, but I asked for the actual source name. I won't ridicule you, I'll check it out for myself. If I think it's bull for good reason, I'll call you on it and tell you why. Surely, this is a big deal and people should know about it?

  44. fox does not report both sides. They edit news in a way that benefits their own agenda. I'm not saying other news don't do that, but to say fox news reports both side is a lie.

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