Everyone in Denmark is working for the government: Trish Regan

Maurice Vega

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  1. BURN!!! Suck on Denmark’s nuts Trisha. Stupid little bitch, just got your ass handled and yet you are speaking and talking crap about Sanders and the liberals. Poor poor little Trisha, suck my big cock bitch.

  2. Ohhh  TRISH(TRASH)….Venezuela is a dictator ship..And Denmark is not..How stupid are you….Denmark is one of the wealthist country in Europe..

  3. As a Swedish guy I have to say that if the US had free education maybe this "reporter" should get at least one thing right. I love my Danish brothers and sisters, and I've been to Denmark alot of times and I even had a Danish girlfriend at one point, and Denmark is a great country as all scandinavian countries is. Sure we have our problems , but overall I really believe that if you live in scandinavia you will be better of than most of the world, including the US. All the evidence point to this as well.

  4. Trish Regan needs to get an education over there in Denmark 🇩🇰 I’m sure they’d let her into a university.

  5. I love how Trish Regan became the encapsulation of the American right wing establishment, took aim at Denmark, and then proceeded to get so thoroughly curb stomped into oblivion that this nonsense is the only thing she's known for anymore.

  6. FAKE NEWS right back at you, Trish. What a load of C**P. Don't ever portray/compare another country, when you're this ignorant. It's embarrassing – so is your propaganda. In Denmark we don't have socialism. We have Social Democracy. We are a welfare state. Watch this one more time and learn https://youtu.be/JXecLXlzEXE

    Don't talk trash about a country that's so much better of than the US. The US has a failed healthcare and education system. We don't have that in Denmark. Shame on you and Fox News!!!

  7. The US has the strongest military in the world, ran by people like this. No wonder our world is in such deepshit

  8. I believe Franklin Roosevelt had used the measures from Socialism or state power to redistribute the rescources and wealth and save american from the ordeal of the great depression.

  9. If the US government did not sanction Venezuela and allow other countries to do business with and buy oil from Venezuela, their situation would be a lot better. Liar!

  10. The fact that 12k down vote and 500 upvote for this video yet it still exists in the fox news channel really shows they have no shame.

  11. Omg I can’t believe this is called news?! Everything is just based on false information and bashing other countries. I have never seen something like this before. Actually it reminds me of the North Korean anchor woman bashing America ! America is just a capitalism reflection of North Korea.

  12. Venusula's plight is caused by the US sanction. After US bullying, Trish now blames the wounds on the victim. Denmark is socialism and people do not work? China is a socialist country. Why people there work so much harder than the US? The Communist made them by pointing a gun on their heads, I suppose Trish will say? So the Communist also point a gun at the 12 million Chinese tourists by telling them to go out globe-trotting and engage in shopping sprees, I suppose? And they all return to China freely. Why? One year on we see that the US is mobilizing all the US companies to strike at Huawei. That surely is not capitalism? Who on earth these days is practicing the real Stalin brand of communism? The clear answer is the US. Ok Ok, US is never communist, it is just Fascist. Happy?.

  13. At least in an American school I would be shot within months,
    here in Denmark I'm stuck to study over and over while the rest of the world goes round and round
    "it's free so you can't complain about it"

  14. 😳
    Is she really saying that seriously? Isn't she kidding? Because if she is not, she has just become one of the most ignorant person I have ever seen. Isn't she ashamed to say that! Clearly she is not, she is too ignorant to even know she herself is a total iliterate moron.

  15. Six million people in Denmark manage themselves the way they do. Such a small country is more manageable. The country's GDP is almost four times smaller that than of New York City. Denmark is protected by the US through NATO.

  16. Does Venezuela have a welfare state? I've heard that it is a failed attempt at social democracy and that many of Chavez's policies tried to replicate those of Denmark, Germany, and other Northern and Western European countries. Is this actually true?

  17. The only reason they try to make Denmark look bad is because Bernie Sanders mentioned Denmark in his speeches lol. So sad and childish behavior Fox, Very dissapointed!

  18. I would rather live in denmark than the US, you can take your propaganda of how great it is to work til you die as Trumpian people never has to work a day in their life.
    Good luck voting for a lunatic again in 2020 cus you hate socialism.

  19. The United States isn't 22 trillion in debt. You people don't mind when the rich get socialism and so does the military industrial complex but you con-servatives never bat an eye when it's time for government spending on their behalf

  20. I really cant believe how factual wrong this is.

    I know it's a way to get people to fear Socialism, but it is just so wrong and misguided.

  21. I am from former soviet republic and you know what? We have free education, 3 years of maternal (vacation?) , and about university we pay only a part like becoming an engineer cost my government 40000 per year, i payed for one year 9000 and because of good grades i received ~some money back as monthly payment, and this year i will study for free. Also we have free houses for poor disabled people and some help like “first home” for young generation’s families. the problem is that usa sponsored a criminal to take advantage on my country for 10 years and now is hiding him in maiami and he stoled milliards of money.

  22. Trish, you are mistaken about Denmark. There are 5-6 millions so its' a lot smaller etc. I paid 49% in CANADA the last year I worked which is WAY MORE than I would have paid in Denmark since I would have gotten a lot of personal deduction….mortgage, driving money etc etc. Denmark is NOT 100% socialism, there is a bit of capitalism as well. IF the big Co didn't get a break, they would have moved out. Denmark is an educated Nation….period . Now, Denmark was forced to take migrants , thanks to Merkel. I believe there are now 4-5 % and they take 70%+ of the social welfare!!!!!!!!! That the Danes don't want to work is INCORRECT. Their min wage is also a lot higher and IF anyone asked me today if it would be a good idea to emigrate to Canada from Denmark, my answer would be noooooooooo.

  23. She doesn’t have a clue😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Among OECD Countries:
    US #7 highest Poverty rates among 66+ olds // Denmark has the lowest score. (thats good btw)
    US #5 highest child poverty // Denmark has the lowest score.
    US #4 when it comes to homicides per 100,000 people // Denmark ranks #25
    US has the highest prison population in the world costing billions a year. That is a Prison population higher than every other country together even with Russia. (China #2 not included)

    The US is a big country and not everyone is a bad person, I have friends in America and overall I think Americans can be lovely people. But don´t ignore your own issues and point fingers at others. There are people in your country living absolute shitty lives but no one talks about it because only the one who can pay being taken seriously in your country.

    I am not a socialist, I am not a radical like Antifa or something like this. But I don't like it when Americans go out and bash Europeans for having more opportunities, better healthcare, free education.

  25. You say what's happening in Venezuela is bad. THEN LIFT THE SANCTIONS!

    Venezuela was THRIVING under Chavez. It went from bs to a major oil producer in the world! Typical American trash.

  26. I have never heard such an unprepared journalist who has no idea she is talking about. You seen with Nordic eyes uq as the lowest world has met yes even a blind chicken is smarter than Trish Regan

  27. Yeah but they earn more then tipical US citizen…. and when you are sick you go to a hospital and not to bank first….

  28. What’s wrong with her? Their own President Obama has used Denmark as an example of how USA should be. And where does the cupcake thing come from? My god she is so stupid.

  29. I’m glad to see these comments. Denmark is definitely a great and wonderful country, and I’m proud of being danish. I’ll gladly say this, America is definitely one of the greatest countries, but this woman probably shouldn’t be a journalist, and I know the common American is smarter than this😂

  30. Denmark is the second happiest country in the world, our schools are not a big shotting range like the amarican schools, we are stil paying for the School in taxes. Copenhagen was wining the best plays to visit in the world last year. And we are not having dumb news reporters like you. Silly Slot!!

  31. Free education. Check. I speak 5 languages and so do most of my danish family and friends. Respond in Danish will you Trish.. Or just contact me when you’ve saved up for the danish lessons.

  32. Trish Regan is a lying orange corporatist bootlicking shill. I’m an American and went to Iceland and Denmark in 2016 just a week before the election here. My take away from having visited both countries: so this is what a normal society & people look like. When I arrived back in the US the first thing I thought was: so this is what a dysfunctional uneducated society & people look like. Countries like Denmark have been around a long time and have gone through many challenges and learned from them. The US on the other hand is a young and arrogant country that despite being an obnoxious loud teenager thinks they have it all figured out and there’s nothing to learn from others.

  33. How can this be allowed??? They are taking a dump in the heads of every American and they can just do that…. horrible….

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