Evelyn Yang joins 2020 hopeful husband Andrew for their first joint interview

Maurice Vega

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  1. Andrew Yang seems to be the better candidate out of all the yahoos running but I still don't agree with his view on American's 2nd amendment rights.  "Responsible gun owners should continue to enjoy the right to bear arms, subject to licensing and education requirements that will enhance public safety. But we need to ban the most dangerous weapons that make mass shootings as deadly as they have become…".  No thank you!  I'll keep him in mind if he changes his view.

  2. Why do you waste time on this fringe candidate and ignore Bernie Sanders? Don't be surprised when President Sanders ignores your calls.

  3. Would be great if president candidates don’t have to have “internal debates” between each other and could have instead an external debate.. if only there was some sort of… media? To organise it? Or something.. 🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 for big media; and 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 for Yang.

  4. how is it that Americans are so ignorant how National Health Care works? if you still want to go private, pay a private health care provider! duh……..

  5. Mark my words: Evelyn will be the common denominator, the Ace. She will have a moment that makes it all happen. ✌🏾❤️🌎

  6. This manufactured conflict over the term "Medicare for All" is so dumb. First off, Bernie did not coin the term M4A, he adopted it from pre-existing legislation. Second, The term was already being used to describe multiple bills and proposals by the time #Yang came into the picture so acting like he's responsible for fracturing the term is ludicrous. Third, the defining characteristic of M4A is to provide cheap, quality gov. insurance to all citizens as a right of citizenship, which #Yang's plan does. It is not defined by outlawing private insurance. That is only one possible way to achieve the goal and, to many, a needlessly antagonistic way. From what #Yang has said, the insurance provided should be similar to that of Bernie's plan. If it works as it should, then it will out-compete private and put them out of business. If it doesn't work, then it's best we not all be dragged down with the sinking ship. As usual, #Yang's plan is all the benefits without the drawbacks.

  7. Health care and broadband access should be consider like necessities such as water & utilities. He's making an excellent point where allowing private health insurance parallel to public health will be much more beneficial.

  8. He’s my favorite. I just want him to change his main policy. I love the idea of universal basic income but I hate that the rich will get $ they don’t need every month but the poorest among us who are already on welfare and food stamps, they will get less because they are already taking government assistance. I want someone to press him to change this part. Billionaires don’t need $1000 a month so they can “feel like an American” but the poorest among us absolutely need the full $1000 a month more than anybody.

  9. 12 weeks out from Iowa and still polling 2 to 3% nationally. Umm I think the Yang Gang may be more delusional than the Trump voters

  10. Andrew Yang has 8 videos on YouTube with over 1 million views, as of October 2019, but none from CNN.

    This video will likely hit 1M within November.

    It will have taken his secret weapon, Evelyn, to finally get him a million-view-video on CNN!

  11. And this is why when he becomes president he will make sure all the policies goes through as he is there to better his family, and all the other families he cares about.

  12. Out of ALL the candidates, I am listening more and more to what Yang has to say.

    What H.Ross Perot was in late 1980's early 1990's…. Yang is today.

    He is worth listening to.

  13. Suddenly pulling private health care would be really a shock to the system and would be met with resistance by the masses. He is right to implement Medicare for all as another avenue and to let the people choose whether or not it would be the right fit. The Country would be better off being phased in gradually. People are creatures of habit and would not like having their existing health care yanked out from under their feet.

  14. I recall the term, "Medicare for all," way before Bernie penned an official bill with that title. We had been calling the idea of public health care "medicare for all" for years due to how obvious it is that Medicare is a public health insurance plan.

  15. Fcking anchor thinks she is so smart, how arrogant is she when she ask questions. I would right away drilled her to the ground if I am in Andrew’s place. lady, when you interview donald trump; you will be shivering in front of him. I think sometimes we need people like donald trump to humble these kind of arrogant people, in fact any arrogant people. These anchors surely need donald trump’s wrath. Respect at least when the other person talks politely.

  16. Dude, honestly there wouldn't be anything more American than Andrew Yang being the leader of this country. Fingers crossed for either him or Tulsi

  17. I received $100 from Andrew Yang, and I’ve got to say, it felt good. This guy knows how to fix our country. He has disproven the theory that money doesn’t grow on trees. He has also figured out a way to majorly inflate the money supply, without getting the rise in prices known as “inflation.” Genius! Hey, and he apparently worked in tech somewhere, so that means he must be smart!

  18. Raising children I our future. We need to be able to raise our children without worrying how we are going to feed, clothe and educate our children. Investing our mother's and their families is investigating in our future. I know too many people who are unable to cope with life because their parents were either always at work and raised by other people or their parents unable to care for their own because of lack of income and healthcare as well as resources to help them. Not everyone can work in high paying jobs. We are still going to need skills that require manual labor and jobs nobody else wants to do like plumber's, welder's, electrician's, teachers, nurses etc. We can't all be in financing and technology fields that pay better. We also need to hold the extremely wealthy accountable and they need to pay their fair share of the tax burden. It's complex, but it can be done.

  19. He's the only candidate that I really like to vote for at this point. Trump talks too much crap about others and not enough on his strategies to make america great again. Will be watching the campaigns closely now.

  20. Don't be naive. I am an asian. I know well the chinese. No matter where they are, they only work for China ( brain wash). If you guys want to vote for this guy, you guys should start to learn Mandarin and eat soy sauce. America will have new name : Chinese America.

  21. He's the only appealing one on that stage of 20. He'd still stand out to me though even if they were all appealing. He offers something new and different.

  22. Oh boy… I see another Hillary Clinton hopefull lmaooooo his wife has future presidential aspirations. She's attempting to set things up for a greater come up!! Even tho his ballot will be short lived and won't last top 3 Demz

  23. What’s so hard to understand? Andrew Yang wants the Market to weed out weak and draconian private health insurance instead of banning everything out right.
    Government sets a high bar, capable private insurances that actually offer added value can still operate, but the draconian ones will die off because people won’t choose them anymore.

    Do Americans actually know what a market is for?
    Do Americans actually know what fair competition means?
    Do Americans know what empowering people means?
    Do Americans actually value democracy in its truest form?

    This lack of understanding towards the fundamental values the Americans always preach it makes me doubt the core value of this country more than the fact that Trump is the President.

  24. This guy is the most interesting candidate. But he’s a socialist version of Trump. Universal welfare solves nothing. Trump can build all the walls he wants, once America starts the $1000 handouts, the Mexicans will flood across the US borders like the zombies in World War Z.

  25. Andrew Yang was my favorite candidate until he backed down on medicare for all. I haven't cancelled my monthly campaign contributions yet, but that's only because Bernie Sanders is against poor immigrants.

  26. yawn…another day, another communist running for office in a democratic republic, trying to make it a communist sht hole police state.

  27. Andrew Yang critics don't get it. Even if he can't get universal basic income to work he's still one of the smartest, most flexible, most forward thinking people running for president. A smarter president that is in tune with average America as it is, not just with the loudest or richest is better for us all.

  28. Every question seemed to be trying to sweep a rug under him, but every one of Yang's responses didn't give them anything to work with!

  29. Finally someone competent with a good a brain and a future first lady that actually loves her husband and doesnt swat away his tiny little hand and the tarmac

  30. If you like what this man talks about go to www.yang2020.com/donate I was so inspired by his beautiful message of humanity first I wrote this song to share the spirit of moving Forward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gt39aM81A0

  31. I love them. They’re gonna take us back to the 50’s in a GOOD WAY. Moms or dads getting to stay at home and provide a stable environment for their kids due to this $1k check. This will decrease mental health issues and crime in the next generation. Wow.



  33. @6:15
    Theres an old adage that goes something like this, women know more about men; than men know about women. Looking through a critical feminist lense, we realize why and how this happens. The power dynamics in our society is highly unbalance on one side: men. It's a man's world. Men don't need to interpret reality, because they are reality. Whereas women they are just an afterthought. Therefore, they must live along the lines and shadows that men cast. They must do alot of interpretive labor, caring labor to sustain themselves and the men in their lives. Women do a shot load more work than us men, and it's about effin time someone talks about it. I just wish you identified this movement as a caring class movement. Caregivers, nurses, social workers, garbage cleaners, teachers, service works etc. And truly drain the swamp of bullshit jobs (administrators, bureaucrats!) and let people live. Instead we got Democants who are shoveling a federal jobs program. For what? The problem is not a lack of jobs. But a lack of meaning from those jobs. What's my purpose. My pain pushes me but my vision pulls me. Pain is material and small like losing weight, making money etc. Your vision is greater helping people, healing, educating, etc.

  34. Yang and Gabbard are my top 2…… no my only real Democratic picks for election. Bernie lost his fire from the last election. I really want to see one of them be elected President.

  35. I hope he wins the presidency but I doubt he can win. Look at the crazy Trump supporters, look at democrat nominees poll no's. All the best Yang

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