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Welcome to the show. I’m so happy to be here.
I missed you. It’s been a while since
I have seen you, and, uh, you know, I’ve-I’ve
been following you– not following you
like that– um…. I watch the things that you do, as I hope you
would hope people do, -Yeah. -um, and it’s been
exciting to see your journey going from, you know, like,
an actress in television shows into movies into producing
into directing, and now Dora the Explorer, the
movie, The Lost City of Gold, -Mm-hmm. -uh, has taken you
into a… into a new world. Why did you accept this film? Especially considering
that you just became a new mom when it happened–
like, as maternity leave? -I mean, as a movie, why
would you take the movie? -Yeah. -Basically the same. Yeah.
It’s, like… -(laughter) So relaxing. No, I was…
Santi was, uh, two months old, and I was breastfeeding,
and, um, I got the call, and, uh… and it was filming in Australia,
and so I was like, “I-I-I can’t do this.” But they… I grew up
with Dora, and I… Well, I think
I grew up with Dora. Actually, she’s only
20 years old, which means -I did not grow up with Dora.
-Right, but, you know, -Dora’s been around forever,
though. -Yeah, yeah, it’s, like, she’s been around forever–
I don’t remember a world without Dora the Explorer, and so
I was like, “I have to do this.” And my husband’s like,
“You’ve got to do this,” so we went-went to Australia,
the whole family. And I was on set,
and in the jungle, in the rain forest,
that’s where we shot Dora. But it was important, you know,
it’s important that we have, um,
a movie like Dora to represent Latinos -in a, in a positive
portrayal, you know. -Right. Representation matters, and so, when you see something, uh,
as empowering as Dora– She’s a little girl
who’s smart and brave and fearless and intelligent,
and, um, and she’s Latina, and you’re like, “Oh, yeah.
Latinos are other things that are not synonymous
with illegal.” You know? -Right. Right. Right.
Dora has been, -Yeah. for many people
and many generations an icon in, like, traveling, -learning languages,
being who she is. -Yeah. You know, teaching English,
but at the same time, -teaching Spanish.
-Mm-hmm. It’s been this
all-encompassing journey. -Was she in South Africa?
-Yeah, she was. -Oh, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, Dora’s
everywhere in the world. -I didn’t know that, by the way.
-Like, just… I thought she was just
a Hispanic icon, and then, uh,
when I got the call, when it was announced I was
gonna be Dora’s mom, my friends from London called,
my friend from Germany called, and I go, “How do you know
who she is?” And they were like,
“She’s global. “She teaches English
in other countries, but in the United States,
she teaches Spanish, so…” Yeah, she’s an explorer.
That’s… -Yes, I know. I know.
-…That’s what her thing is. -I know. I know. I forgot.
-She travels the world. I realize that,
but you’re right, she was ahead of her time,
because she, um, -encouraged cultural exchange.
-Yes, she did. She really did. And that’s what’s so beautiful
about her and the movie and the message, and… And I think it’s timely,
it’s important right now. I feel like, in many ways,
you teaming up with Dora is the perfect, you know,
marriage or union, because, like,
that’s, in many ways, what Eva Longoria
has always been about. You were always
a boundary breaker. You know, you were doing things
on TV at a time when many Latina women were
confined to a certain role or a certain idea of what
they were meant to be. And you came in, you broke down
stereotypes, ideas, platforms, boundaries,
everything. And you’ve really been,
you know, instrumental in driving
that change. Why do you think
that’s important and what do you strive to do in creating a new idea of what Latino people
can achieve on screen? Yeah. Well, you know, it’s true, I didn’t mean to break barriers, I just, I was who I am,
which is Mexican-American. I am– I straddle the hyphen.
I-I’m not– You know, people go, “Oh, you’re
half Mexican and half American.” And I’m like,
“No. I’m 100% Mexican -and 100% American at all
times.” -That’s interesting. -Right. -You know,
I love enchiladas, but I love burgers
and hot dogs. Like, you know, I like mariachi,
but I like John Legend. So it-it’s confusing. -(laughter and applause)
-Now I’m… -Now I’m picturing a…
-It’s so confusing! No, no, now I’m picturing -a John Legend,
mariachi, like, mash-up. -Yes. -That’s what we should do.
-That’s what I’m pic… -That’s exactly what
I’m picturing now. -We should. We should. But I think…
You know, so, so, like, roles or projects
that I do just reflect that. You know,
I-I’m ninth-generation American. I’m a… I’m a Texican. Uh, and-and in Texas, you know,
we didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us. -And, so, it is…
-Oh. I didn’t come up with that,
but it was good. -Oh, it’s… I’ve never heard it
before, though. -I didn’t. This was the first time
I heard it, so I’m like, “Damn. -All right.” -(laughs)
I should just drop the mic. -Yeah. Yeah. -You should’ve.
That’s a “drop the mic” moment. Yeah, no. But it’s true. There are so many, uh, Latinos
in the United States who have been here–
just like me– many, many, many generations, and so, like I was saying,
in the media right now, if you just watch the news, um, it-it just positions us in, um, in a bad light in that, uh,
we haven’t made contributions when, in reality,
we have made many contributions to the thread of this country. Right. The conversation
in and around Latinos has been defined
and restricted to -“it is only a person crossing
the border because of…” -Yeah. And it’s illegally.
It’s never anything successful. It’s very seldom -all the other stories
that come with it. -Yeah. Being from Texas,
you are also now in a position where today, you know,
we’re still dealing with what happened
over the weekend, -uh, the shooting that
took place in El Paso. -Yeah. You know, you… As you said,
you’re born and raised in Texas. You-You’ve lived the life
of being around guns, being around people
who like and respect guns, being around people
who don’t respect guns -but like them just as much.
-Mm-hmm. When you look at what happened
in El Paso, why it happened,
how it happened -as a Texan, specifically…
-Mm-hmm. How do you…
how do you deal with that and-and, you know,
like, where do you think people can even begin to go after seeing
something like this? I mean, it’s horrifying. Th-The reality
that it keeps happening is horrifying
and-and heartbreaking, but I think we’re beyond
that, “Oh, you know, thoughts and prayers,”
uh, thing. And I think we’re getting
a little numb to it, you know? -I mean, there’s two shootings
in one weekend. -Right. -You go, “Oh, another shooting.”
-Right. You get the alert on your phone,
and we’re becoming numb to it. And the reality is these things
are-are preventable. Some people think,
“Oh, that’s inevitable. -Who knew that guy was gonna go
in there and do that?” -Right. Well-well, the fact
that he had access to do that, -um, is the problem.
-Yes. And I think the fact
that our nation’s leaders have continued to, uh…
to fail us, -to-to protect us is…
-(cheering and applause) outraging.
You should be outraged. They… Their fidelity
to the NRA or the gun lobby is more valuable
than the lives of Americans, and that’s troubling. And that
should outrage all of us. -And as a Texan, I…
-(cheering and applause) It… As a Texan with a mother
who goes to Walmart… (chuckles)
there have been so many times I drop her off at the door
and I go, “I’m not going– Mom,
you’re gonna take too long.” And-and I’ll drop her off
at the door. And what–
Hearing that son’s story about he-he dropped off his mom
and he– It wasn’t even two minutes,
and he heard gunshots. And when he ran in,
his mother was dead. (voice breaking):
To think that was my mom, to think about that was
your mom, you know, and you would go, “Oh,
I wish I could’ve done something -before that moment.”
-Right. And-and, you know, we’re
the only country in the world that has more guns than people. And I think there is a way–
I know there’s a way to protect the Second Amendment but not allow it to be a death sentence
to thousands of Americans. There’s a way to do both. (cheering and applause) (chuckles):
I didn’t want to cry. It makes me so sad. You know what,
you-you have a right to be sad. But thank you
for bringing joy to us. Uh, you know?
I’m-I’m sorry that, you know,
the Dora the Explorer tour also has to be about,
um, gun violence. But I guess, in many ways, you
are now the Dora the Explorer of the message that comes,
uh, you know, with the movie. I am always more than happy
to talk about anything, any issue that can make
this country, um, stand up to what it–
what it’s meant to be, and-and that’s, you know,
a place that is welcoming and accepting and protective. And, uh… and, right now, I don’t think we’re-we’re doing
a good job of that. And I think we have to hold a lot of people accountable
for that. -(cheering, applause) -Thank you
so much for being on the show. Wonderful having you, as always. Dora and the Lost City of Gold
opens in theaters August 9. Eva Longoria, everybody.

Maurice Vega

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    Amend – to alter, modify

    Summary. Your second amendment is shit.

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  11. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, confident, articulate and passionate for what she believes in. Perfect woman in every way.

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    Hearing her talk about the issue and tear up just broke my heart. What a wonderful, kind person she is 💜 thank you Trevor for inviting her 💕 much love to everyone who was affected by those horrible shootings, the recent ones and the many in the past

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    Mexican Independence from Spain, 1810
    Texas Independence from Mexico, 1836

    Most Tejanos don't think of themselves as Mexicans, Spaniards more likely, Texans for sure, Latinos definitively. But Mexicans? Very rarely.

    26 years under the Mexican flag, did not turn Tejanos into Mexicans.

    Now I don't know if Eva is a Tejano or a Mexican-American. But if you think you're a Mexican-American, then I have a feeling you are not a Tejano.

    A little point of interest, the Central American countries, were also under the original Independence Flag of Mexico in 1810. Now go convince El Salvadorians and Guatemalans that they're all Mexicans and let me know how many teeth you got to keep after that conversation.

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    Edit: i only know the dora teaching English…didn't know about the teaching Spanish thing in the US

  24. Using telepathy, We used this phone to write important message for all humaan creature beings.

    We are not from Earth, yet we have stopped many Earth war and civil war Earth in past. We trouble time help.

    Simply because we not from your planet is enough not reason to ignore this comment.
    Because Where we from not important to this time.

    We simply have strong feelings about lives of the humaan creature beings.

    We simply say we are concerned “citizen of Universe” who desire more peaceful stay on your planet.
    Because we very muchly liking humaan creatures beings.

    Now Some ways solve mass shootings that start of our evolution for us worked very in the well way.

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    Now Our planet has fastly creature in when compare yours.
    And weapons deadly not need.

    Because If feel need those deadly weapons to hunt then part of problem are you.
    The self defense excuse be con.
    You self defense Instead learn martial art or other fighting types styles. Like many us have.

    Now wars or violence of guns we not have for many millennia.

    Gun owners must need to now learn how to deal with negative emotions such like anger, rage and frustrations, among others.

    Now They must be trained like police and military trainer.

    Now Before you decide to get a gun you Must learn to control first your state of minds an your body physiology.
    Because if you angry easy you not get gun.
    Learn control you physical being lead to control you mind and true is opposite too.
    RM. Lee Bruce example of follow too.
    When you no longer angry over little thing you then weapon gun get.
    Also need to learn you to safely and properly use weapons deadly.

    Respect weapon yours and treat it the deadly weapon it being.
    Need discipline much too.

    Imagine living in peace free from mass shootings in a couple years from now, and thinking back to now as the moment you decided to get rid of all deadly weapons.

    Now If this pissed you off because you feel you deserve deadly gun. Then you failed test.
    You will soon lose your privilege to have gun must give gun to police.

    Now, Thank you and have a twenty-four hour increment of time that is pleasant.

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    Greetings, strength and good luck from Amsterdam.

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