Episode 596 – Part 4 – Why the Bible is Central to Governance

you I hope that your Christmas plans are going well that you're having a blessed Advent season and that you have a wonderful Christmas season with your family let us pray for each other that we truly rejoice in our saviors birth and that we Herald the good news that Emmanuel God is with us and he has come to be our Savior to save us from our sins I'd like to give you some perspective in these closing moments regarding America and the narrative as we look at our normalization of relations with Cuban that it's in keeping with a lot of other treacheries that were committing i believe it was james madison might have been monroe but one of them said that the the world owes the Israelites a great gift or a great debt of gratitude because they gave us the law of God the law of God came through the Jews in the law of God as the foundation for common law any scholar of Europe and especially England and America will tell you that the Bible is central to governance and the whole concept of separation of powers is in the Bible and representative government they got to choose their elders in their cities it's all there what didn't come from the Greeks that came from the Jews so they were the good guy in the narrative God talk about them being a sign to the world and a wandering a glory what it was like for a people who have a God so near who gives them laws but when they turned against God and they began to murder their children they began to saw off ur their children to pagan gods to Molech when they turned Solomon's Temple into a place where idols were in homosexual prostitution booths the days were numbered God took them out the Babylonian captivity was horrific because there's a God in heaven and his laws are binding on all men at all times and we can break the laws of God for a while just like the Jews did but sooner or later there's a penalty to pay we are in deep trouble friends as a nation we are in deep trouble and Obama is a reflection of the trouble that we are in not the cause of it if you and I want things to get better we have to beg God for His mercy and then we have to get up and fight for all were worth for God's truth and God's justice

Maurice Vega

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