Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

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Maurice Vega

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  1. Sorry i prefer IQ and just be smart. Fuck you and all this bullshit to devalue real work. Sorry I am not buying it. EQ is important for large corporations because today Large corporations dont do any real work – its all contracted to people who are just Smart OR Strong or have good resources to get the job done. This is just rubbish to fill up all the useless meetings that large companies have. We could make a case for BQ – something that was really important back in the day when we had to survive with dangerous animals – it had to do with BRUTE strength – or Brute Intelligence and it was 10X more important to IQ for "determining success". Or back in the dark ages there was IMQ or Immune Intelligence – that was 100X more important for success when dangerous diseases like the bubonic plague – its based on our Immune Intelligence and it determined our ability to fight diseases. And Psychologists wonder why scientists laugh at them.

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