Ellen Responds to George W. Bush Criticism

I want to talk about the controversy that’s
exploded over Ellen de generous being friends with George W. Bush and defending her friendship
with them. And I actually knew about this friendship for a while, uh, between what seems in some way sort of like
an unlikely pair of people who would be friends with a leftist lesbian talk show host and
a neo-con Republican former president. And you know, I mean, I think it’s fine, but part
of Ellen’s commentary on this hasn’t been good. And I want to talk through it with you
because as I’ve said before, it’s really profitable to have a take on this that is either 100%
on one side or 100% on the other. And the truth is that there actually is some nuance
here that I think is relevant to discuss. And I’ve been very careful over the last two
and a half years of the Trump presidency, not to inadvertently rehabilitate George W.
Bush, his image. So when I say Trump is much worse than even George W. Bush on this or
on that, I want to couch it and make it clear that I am not looking back at the George W.
Bush presidency through Rose colored glasses, or in any way minimizing the horrors of the
war, criminality and all of the stuff that George W. Bush did. And the reason that I think this is important
is that with time it’s easy to forget how disgustingly terrible George w Bush’s presidency
was. And many of my viewers were really young. Uh, during that presidency and may not even
really remember it. So they’re getting a lot of their understanding of that presidency
from what I happened to offhandedly say. That’s why I take it really seriously not to in any
way rehabilitate George W. Bush, his image when I compare him to Donald Trump or to anything
else. So the other day, George W. Bush and Alan degenerates are spotted together at a
football game in Texas having a grand old time and some people started to be mad about
it. How dare Ellen be friends with someone as horrible as George W. Bush. And the controversy
got big enough that Ellen responded to it on her show. She did a several minute segment
on her show. Now the right thing to do, this segment correctly would be to play the video
for you now, and I planned to do it, but yesterday a bunch of people got copyright strikes and
their YouTube accounts got completely destroyed by Ellen’s production company for using a
clip of the show. And I don’t want to do that. I think that’ll
be counterproductive to the segment. So find the video online of her response. It’s very
easy. She essentially said, listen, I’m friends with lots of people I don’t agree with on
politics. We should be kind to everyone. When I say be kind to everyone, I mean everyone,
not just people. We agree politically. I’m friends with people who wear fur and I don’t
wear fur and I’m still friends with them. But when we say be kind to everyone, I mean
be kind to everyone. This is a paraphrasing of her response, but you can pause this video
if you’re watching on YouTube, find that video and then come back. I just want to avoid the
problem of a, of the wrath of Ellen’s production company. If I play the video now, she almost
has it right in a sense, but she goes too far. So if you want me to sit here and say, there’s
nothing wrong with what Ellen said, this is great bipartisan friendships. I’m not going
to say that. Do you want me to condemn Ellen as a terrible person for what she said and
saying it’s completely wrong. I’m also not going to do that. There is a good message
in there. Okay. If people were able to get along in general, better across party lines,
across religious lines, cultural, whatever, society would be much better off. And Ellen
is right. I mean we all have families and friends and colleagues and you can’t at every
opportunity that you meet someone with a different opinion, uh, even an opinion, you find disgusting.
Start attacking and yelling even during a football game and say, I will not be around
this person. You are not going to be invited anywhere. It’s not a pragmatic way to carry
about your life. That part of the message Ellen is 110% spot
on about, but this is a former president. Okay. So for Ellen to simply say, we have
disagreements, just like I know people who were for an I don’t, but we’re still friends,
it suggests a sort of political amnesia about the fact that George W. Bush is not just your
uncle who is against abortion. Right. And I think that that’s the problem I had with
Elon’s response. George W. Bush is a war criminal with blood on his hands, whose decisions as
president led to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers, tens of thousands or hundreds
of thousands of Iraqi civilians. She’s going in the direction of almost suggesting that
these are differences like tastes in food or wine. Uh, but what we’re talking about
is one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in modern American history that led to endless
death sanctioning totally un-American, torture by the U S government campaigning against
LGBT rights. By the way, Ellen, of course being a lesbian
herself, um, scaling up the war on drugs really, really bad. And then the, a lot of hangers
on pop up and then they play the role of the enlightened centrist. And this is just so
stupid with really bad takes. Here’s one example. There’s a Hawaii Congresswoman named Tulsi
Gabbert who is running for president actually who tweeted quote Ellen’s message of being
kind to all is so needed right now. Enough with the divisiveness. We can’t let politics
terrorists apart. There are things we will disagree on strongly and things we agree on.
Let’s treat each other each other with respect, Aloha and work together for the people. So
listen, this is a fine message in general, but that doesn’t mean you have to apply it
to the few people on the planet who are actual war criminals and whose decisions have actually
led to the deaths of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Now, there will be people who say, but David,
you know, the truth is every president is responsible for deaths through foreign policy.
Right? That so does this mean you can’t ever be friends with any president? No, I’m not
even saying I have a problem with Ellen’s friendship with George W. Bush. But the sort
of flippant and glib, glib nature of not saying it’s not just disagreements, it’s his completely
boneheaded decisions. We’re not only discriminatory against an entire class of people, which I
am a member of, and led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. You know, it’s just, listen,
some people were for an I don’t, and it’s just, you know, we’re, we’re friends or whatever.
So I want to be really clear. This is not about cancel Ellen. I tweeted about this a
couple of days ago and people started writing back, wow, David, your cancel culture. Now
you’re trying to get Ellen canceled because she’s not being partisan. You’re part of the problem. No, I like Ellen.
She can be friends with George W. Bush. I don’t have a problem with a friendship per
se. Even I’m sure on a personal level, he’s a nice guy. He’ll tell you about his paintings
that he does and whatever, but the reason that I’m okay with the friendship is that
ideally with friendships like these, we would be preventing people like George W. Bush from
doing the horrible things that he did when he got into power in the first place. In other
words, we can’t diminish the sick nature of what he did to equating it to choices about
food, wine, or wearing fur or not, and that’s where Ellen loses me. This is a war criminal
with the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on his hands who were optional casualties
of his administration. There can be a limit to unconditional kindness that doesn’t make
us terrible people would we apply the same thing too? I mean, I’m thinking out loud. I don’t know
the answer. What did we say? Listen, Osama bin Laden did terrible, terrible things, but
I’m about being kind to everybody and we’re going to go hang out and watch soccer in Pakistan
or wherever else. I don’t know. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. What about a mass murderer?
Uh, treating someone with respect versus describing things as mere choice, disagreements is a
problem. So in the big picture, more discussion, more friendship, socializing between people
with political differences is good, but saying that she and Bush merely have differences
of opinion is political amnesia or it’s indifference of the worst kind. That’s the problem I have
with it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Whilst I may disagree with you…I COMPLETELY understand what you’re saying, particularly because you have an actual vested connection to your argument. We don’t have to agree, but we should always try and see where each other is coming from..and you made it clear that you disagree with her, but you get where Ellen is coming from…and we should afford that to you as well. 😁🤙🏽

    PS – I’m from Hawai’i and don’t quite agree with Tulsi either. Hehe.

  2. People should get along even when they have different opinions . You can even have a friendship with someone that has done some bad stuff in there past,but you have to draw the line somewhere. Staying friends with someone who cheated on there taxes should be okay . Being friends with an ax murderer or with someone who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent people's deaths after starting an illegal war is obviously crossing that line.

  3. Bush and his BFF buddies Cheney and Rumsfeld are WAR CRIMINALS . They knowingly and willfully killed and tortured people. Their party's official platform was anti-LGBTQ in every way, including the right to marriage. I have lost all my respect for Ellen. I thought she was smarter than that. I don't really thing the issue is that she is wealthy now; I think she is a bit amoral.

  4. You’re not gay seeing a gay person forgive someone who worked tirelessly to end freedom for gays.
    Frankly, straight people have no business piping in when they are not affected. Soon the Kangaroo Court of the Banana Republicans is going to make it legal to fire gay people. Do you live in fear in your own country? FUCK ELLEN!!!

  5. Hey David. There are millions of people who think abortion is murder and are disgusted by it and those who support it. Should they treat you like shit because they disagree with you? That's the argument you are making.

  6. Who actually gives a shit either way who Ellen is friends with? I don’t get why this is a thing. She’s a daytime talkshow host, not a political figure or somebody in a position of national leadership

  7. That sort of willingness to get along with anyone reeks of cowardice and indifference. Neutrality means that you don't really care.

  8. I’m no fan of W, but war criminal? That seems a tad hyperbolic. He has been a private citizen for a decade. If he’s a known criminal, why hasn’t he been tried nor convicted?

  9. You're never gonna change anyone's opinion unless you talk to them. If Ellen has a positive effect on George W Bush, I don't really see the harm. Hate and vengeance will never change anything.

  10. David is spot on here. And let me add: The way Ellen talks about this, she is trivializing the senseless murder of hundreds of thousands of people. My guess is she is sporting a sort of „spoiled-naive“ outlook – which she can easily afford, living in America, in a high-security mansion, probably protected by bodyguards.

  11. Why would being a war criminal matter? It's a difference without a distinction. The question of whether such a person should be prosecuted and imprisoned and whether such a person who have friends are two separate, unrelated questions. Remember The Green Mile, a movie in which a bully spit on the corpse of a man after he'd been executed? Tom Hanks delivered the (correct) liberal message that "this man is square with the house" because he paid for his crimes… there's no need to mistreat someone just because they're a criminal. That's not the liberal way, to have a bleeding heart for some people but to be tribal against others.

  12. I can sit next to someone who has a different opinion on the proper capital gains tax rate. Or school vouchers. You know what? Even more tax breaks for the rich.

    I would not sit next to Pol Pot.

  13. Much of our defense is outsourced. Defense contractors, who are mostly republican and fund political campaigns, made a fortune during the Bush/Cheney years.

  14. I heard from mutiple sources that Bush is a pleasant person to hang around with, even though most people who I've heard this say disagreed with his policies.

  15. Would you be kind and be friend with murderers? Bush committed war criminals which led to millions of death. He is far worse than a murderer.

  16. David her friendship with him is not good. He is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives she is a discrace

  17. I think people need to grow up. Pick your battles. The world is in danger, there is a danger in the WH, there is danger everywhere you look. Bush is out of office now and Ellen is a TV celebrity, who cares. The evil things happened and they continue to happen, why focus on this!

  18. How is this even a bad thing… If Bush and Ellen and hanging out I am sure that it's helping him become a slightly better person in general and thus by extension others too. Like David said I do not forgive him for the horrible things he got away with but we live in a free society where a maniac like Bush is totally ok to hang out with Ellen. Instead of this why don't you do a video on the 276 years of salary Trump has spent on his golf retreats.

  19. Haha. This was a good segment David, I like to hear you think out loud. Non-definitive open ended answers and commentary is what I think you should do more of. I agree with the Ellen thing, she could have just defended her friendship like she did and added at the end …….”but I think he’s a terrible war criminal who has pushed us into war”. You can be friends and still criticize your friends. She should have made that her focus, being able to criticize friends instead of just the idea of being able to be friends. My god if THATs the commentary we need in America….. that we all can’t even be friends

  20. Hey David, the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were NOT "blunders". Both those illegal invasions were INTENTIONAL ACTS and monstrous war crimes. There was no blunder about it. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz, etc. knew exactly what they were doing … they just didn't CARE about the costs.

  21. What was she supposed to do? Sit there for three hours giving him the finger? Besides he wasn’t even president

  22. So she backs Trumps friendships with Putin and Kim Jong Un and other murderous despots? You can be kind to people without being their friends if their beliefs and actions are monstrous. I once became friends with someone who, on first acquaintance, seemed like a nice person. One day the topic of race came up and I found out that the person was a complete racist. To be honest it made me feel sick. I could no longer be friends with them, although I was kind. I just couldn't bring myself to see them without thinking about some of the hideously racist things they'd said and knowing that they would treat someone of colour with contempt and hatred. I wouldn't want to be friends with Kim Jong murderer or Putin genocider either. The old adage "Lie down with dogs and you get up
    with fleas" is probably appropriate. I'm not saying that George is that bad, I think he's a puppet and probably an okay person to talk to…but still, the argument she makes is a little/lot flawed.

  23. I remember the Vietnam war and President Lyndon Johnson. Was he a war criminal? I thought so at the time. if I had to choose whether Johnson or Bush was worse, I would have to say Johnson

  24. From Monty Python Holy Grail…as Lancelot attacks castle: Ellen(father): Did you kill all those guards? 
    W (Lancelot): Uh… Oh, yes. Sorry. 
    Ellen: They cost fifty pounds each! 
    W: Well, I'm awfully sorry. Um, I really can explain everything. 
    HERBERT?: Don't be afraid of him, Sir Lancelot. I've got a rope all ready. 
    Ellen: You killed eight wedding guests in all! 
    W: Well, uh, you see, the thing is, I thought your son was a lady. 
    Ellen: I can understand that. 
    HERBERT?: Hurry, Sir Lancelot! Hurry! 
    Ellen: Shut up! You only killed the bride's father, that's all! 
    W: Well, I really didn't mean to… 
    Ellen: Didn't mean to?! You put your sword right through his head! 
    W: Oh, dear. Is he all right? 
    Ellen: You even kicked the bride in the chest! This is going to cost me a fortune! 
    W: Well, I can explain. I was in the forest, um, riding north from Camelot, when I got this note, you see– 
    Ellen: Camelot? Are you from, uh, Camelot?

  25. aryan neoliberal phony gay Hollywood sellout sits next to racist war criminal and gaslights her own audience for their lack of empathy. "We're all different (neoliberal fascist ruling elite) and that's ok.

  26. Pac man is so fake lol and a very bad actor … it was hilarious when he pretended to have forgotten the name of tulsi

  27. Not to mention I've heard Ellen Degeneres has a friendly relationship with that war criminal Barack Obama, even after he droned all those civilians, and we'll never know how many innocents were killed and maimed. The same Obama who kept the torture show going at Guantanamo Bay. And has Ellen ever acknowledged the horrible history of her good friend Hillary Clinton? That war criminal who voted for the Iraq War, and helped create the bloody chaos in Libya as well? I can't believe Ellen would associate with all these war criminals who caused the deaths of thousands and thousands of people. Well, at least we won't have to worry about Elizabeth Warren associating with people like that.

  28. First: stop the class thing thing, she was born poor, she got rich through her entertainment . Classist is if you were born rich, and have no sympathy for poor people.
    Second, she was friends with him for years, but she never endorsed his politics. She seperates the man from the office.
    There are people who are friends with murderers, i am friends with conservative voters.
    Bush's decision to start this war was wrong, but let's be honest: most of the GOP at the time said they would have done the same, so they are as bad. As are people who voted for him (specially the second time)

  29. Started watching this channel in an attempt to blue-pill myself but I'm just feeling more disgusted, you guys don't know what kindness is, all you seem to want to do is bully and punish everyone you disagree with.

  30. People tend to listen more openly to people they are friends with. No guarantees, but I think at times, it's worth trying.

  31. Funny how this is coming from the folks that want everyone to treat others with tolerance and inclusion until Ellen shows former president George W Bush tolerance and inclusion.

  32. It's weird because usually Gabbard is far more vocal about her opposition to interventionist policies than most other candidates.

  33. That is what is wrong with the Democrats, as the Republicans are kicking them in the guts and stomping on their heads. They're saying can't we just be friends, then the Republicans proceed to kick their teeth in. Weak as piss Dem's.

  34. Majority of rich people stand for nothing , Ellen is comfortable and rich. She’s married and got her shit done , wdf does she care? Had bush gotten his way she be dead due to many things but hey! Let’s hang out.
    If you can’t stand on your principles in every aspect of life then you stand for nothing , in the bigger picture.

  35. To be fair, George W seems like a cool guy to hang with… in a superficial sense. He is still a terrible person.

  36. How does she not understand that she is normalising horrific crimes by being friendly with Bush 43?
    I am all for being friendly with mass murderers – when they are in jail.

  37. Bush is worse thenTrump are comparing records currently. He sold my generation down the river. I was 19 at the beginning of the Bush admin. I witnessed a dumpster fire in real time over those 8 years. Let’s recap- The Patriot Act, Permanent Tax Cuts for the wealthy, The Afghan War,The Iraq War, Opposing Gay Marriage (Ellen probably isn’t even aware of that) , Trying to privatize social security, War Crimes,The Great Recession, I could go on but these are real events with real consequences. Trump is coarse and both liberal and conservative elites hate his guts so a lot of them will automatically say Bush wasn’t that bad. It’s a bunch of crap. Bush was hoooooorible. Compete dolt Trust find baby, worst President of my lifetime

  38. Imagine Bush being president now, being friends with Ellen, and some anti-gay-rights bill pops up, or a demonstration or an anti-gay wave in the Republican party. That friendship, by itself, would be quite the counter-weight. Sure, some will say that he would betray her, but even then. That betrayal would not go well with the public. Also, I think Bush's main flaw was his naivety, which made him very influenceable . I mean…don't think Ellen would be friends with Dick Cheney. I wish Trump had friends like Ellen.

  39. Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed Ellen and made her cry. When the kids came out to play he bombed them because he was a sociopathic war criminal.

  40. This is why I will not watch her show anymore. While I agree with her message I have a problem with her being buds with Bush.

  41. People are missing the point. The hyperpartisan talk has gone on since Clinton beat Bush in 1992. It's gotten so bad, it created the scenario that created Trump. Both the Bushes
    (Dad & son) along with the Clintons & Obamas have taken note & are trying to send a message of trying to get along.
    All of them are horrified by Trump! Remember W Bush & Michelle Obama getting cozy at McCain's funeral & a few other public events over the last few years? Bill Clinton & HW Clinton getting chummy in the Bush compound in Maine? They are all subtlety sending us messages to unite and get rid of Trump. It's kinda cool considering the state of Washington DC these days.

  42. Ridiculous, no one was making the point that a democratic shouldn't hang out with a republican David, the problem was an anti gay war criminal being normalized by a seemingly liberal elite

  43. George W Bush was in office to pass the Patriot Act, create 9-11, and kill millions in an illegal war. WHY shouldn't he be friends with Ellen?

  44. UN says 1 million Iraqi men women children killed as a direct response to America's criminal invasion of said country.

  45. Pakman mentioned lots of lines – religious lines, political lines, etc – but this friendship doesn’t cross the class line

  46. Ellen has never been a friend of the LGBTQ community.. She is very rich actress.. That's all she ever will be. Lol who cares who she pretends to be friends with..

  47. Yeah off the top of my head this would be like a reality tv host being best friends with kim jon il or something. We just can't forgive certain people in power for their abuse of power.

  48. So, does her "making nice" with all sorts of people include Trump when he's removed? How about Guiliani? Well, Guiliani isn't rich, but Trump is probably rich enough for her to hobnob with.

  49. Ellen is a passive-aggressive pantomime character who delights in scaring her guests in a kind of Year 10 bully shit head way. I despise her. Bush is a war criminal in the vein of Saddam Hussein. She has to wear it.

  50. Well… George W. Bush is naive and a bit of a goof. Most of the horrible things that administration did came mostly form Dick Cheney and friends. Yes, Bush signed on to what they sad or did but I don't think he quite understod what the consequences would be. This does not excuse his behavior but it does not make him evil unlike Trump.

  51. Where can I find more information on the things Bush did as president? I'm finding it difficult to locate a resource that I would trust.

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