Elizabeth Warren’s Tremendous Gun Control Plan

I believe that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth
Warren are both running really good campaigns in different ways. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has been detailed
policy proposals and last week I told you about Elizabeth Warren’s public option for
the Internet proposal along with her ideas for restoring net neutrality. We’ve previously talked about her healthcare
ideas, education, so many others, and she has been benefiting. She’s been gaining about a point a month for
the last eight months. She’s now taken the second place position
over Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary polls, and I’m going to dig into that
polling data a little bit later. But what I want to talk about first is that
Elizabeth Warren has put out now a detailed plan for gun safety regulation. And it is really good and it addresses a lot
of the things that earlier in the show I mentioned have been demonstrated to reduce violent homicides
in other countries. So let’s look at it and pay attention to the
legality of all of this stuff because obviously a lot of gun fetishists won’t like what Elizabeth
Warren is proposing, but everything here is clearly legal, which is what’s really great. So first and foremost, Elizabeth Warren is
proposing to do some things by executive action and then other things by legislation. So that’s an important distinction. She is accounting for what can she do with
an executive order at versus what would she need congressional support to do. So, background checks for every gun purchase,
uh, by executive action, including at gun show or online obvious have got to do it. Uh, apply the 18 plus age restriction that
already exists on more sales. It does not currently apply to all sales. Closed what’s called the boyfriend loophole,
which there’s this reality where abusive spouses are banned from purchasing firearms in certain
situations but not dating partners. Uh, and that is what’s called the boyfriend
loophole. It should be closed, prosecuted, unlawful
gun trafficking and investigate the NRA. She can do this by, by executive action direct
the ATF to revoke gun dealer licenses. Um, and uh, that is a for violations that
they’ve already, um, uh, found or that have already been adjudicated or determined. Really important that we enforce a lot of
the rules, uh, that we have. And then Elizabeth Warren also wants to create
a federal licensing system for any gun and ammunition purchase with the idea of tracking
purchases across state lines and tracking concerning, uh, gun purchase behavior or patterns. A one week waiting period, increasing the
minimum age to 21 after the executive action would increase it to 18 plus. In all cases. She wants legislation passed by Congress to
up that to 21 years old, prohibit anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun, boost the
excise tax on handguns to 30% from 10% and on ammunition to 50% from 11%. Chris Rock said this years ago, make the bullets
really expensive. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth Warren is
proposing here. If you look at studies that look at violence
as a public health issue, they find that we have a problem that other countries don’t
have. Uh, with regard to gun culture. And one change alone won’t solve this. It has to be comprehensive. And what’s great about Elizabeth Warren’s
proposal is that number one, it attacks a lot of the different issues surrounding gun
violence in different ways. But number two, it doesn’t violate the first
amendment. Uh, the Second Amendment, obviously it doesn’t
violate the first amendment. It doesn’t focus in just one area. It’s tailored to the problems we have in this
country, uh, other than the cultural ones, which again are difficult to deal with and
it doesn’t violate the second amendment. Now, all of that being said, and given that
I support this plan, I am concerned that ELAC totally, this may not be the most advantageous. Uh, what I mean by that is the left does not
tend to see guns as a voting issue based on polling. This isn’t my opinion. The right also doesn’t see gun rights as a
voting issue nationally unless a Democrat is trying to restrict access to guns, in which
case, sometimes people who wouldn’t vote it all will come out to vote and vote for the
republican merely to oppose the gun safety regulations. It’s disgusting. It’s sick. But that’s the reality. So I’m behind Elizabeth Warren’s plan 110%
here, but I do wonder about the electoral implications, about focusing too much on this
issue over others merely from an electability standpoint. I’ve spoken with bill share about this in
the past, and I want to hear from you about that, aside from whether you like this proposal. And my prediction is a lot of people in my
audience will, uh, what do you think about the sort of elk Turrell, um, uh, viability
of making this a prominent issue? Let me know what you think.

Maurice Vega

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  1. 80% of weapons and ammo used in Mass shootings are attained from a family member or stolen, so none of these laws are going to do anything to curb these shootings. If the killers want to kill bad enough they will find a way to get the weapons necessary.

  2. I’m very left leaning on most issues but on guns I’m more of a centrist. I don’t like some of the stuff she’s proposing at all like licensing and making bullets expensive. What those two things say to me is she doesn’t really want anyone to own guns (except maybe rich people).

    I would support stronger background checks, including for serious mental health issues and hate crime ideologies, red flag laws, closing loopholes to purchase, storage laws, 21 to purchase any guns besides shotguns and bolt action rifles, and some other proposals.

  3. These proposals don't address the fact that over 60% of gun deaths in the US are suicides. Almost everyone can afford one bullet. Approximately 80% of mass shooters purchased guns legally, so I doubt these measures will significantly reduce those numbers. The reality is politicians don't have the will or support to challenge the Second Amendment. Warren's proposals are a tepid response but no politicians seem to want to make the changes necessary seriously address the problem of gun violence in the US.

  4. Only now Warren releases her plan, after another mass shooting.

    FYI Tulsi Gabbard has had a similar plan on her website for over 6 months already:


  5. I love how David says I love Elizabeth's campaign because she actually has a plan….. not like Bernie who's just talk about things people want but doesn't have a plan to achieve it. Sounds familiar? Bernie never had a plan. He and Donald are just alike. Talk to their base and the red meat issues. Not substance. And now Bernie and Donald are bitching at the Washington Post….. Two of the same.

  6. That excise tax only hurts the poor….. That wouldn't be like some big money maker for the government. Poor people are more likely to actually benefit from gun ownership. They need means to protect themselves and their loved ones, same as everyone else.

  7. I think let’s get a good candidate in the White House and then focus on the gun issues. Too hot a topic. Very glad to know her plan. I live outside Washington DC and having someone who really knows policy and how to actually write laws is so important. She would be a fabulous President.

  8. One more reason to vote for Warren. They keep adding up. I have not yet decided but she is on the upswing for me.

  9. I'd like to see a 1 gun/month purchase limit like how we have in NJ. We were finding 80% of the guns at crime scenes originated in VA until they implemented a 1 gun/month limit. That was before McDonnell repealed it and allowed VA guns to flood the Northeast again.

  10. If she were to make the bullets cheaper at firing ranges, then I would agree. I'm not too sure about the 21 minimum age though. I will need some reasons for the number.

  11. Agree on all but the age limitation to 21 & taxing ammunition to 50%.Those two I believe will be to much for serious, professional gun owners.In certain states kids learn about hunting & guns early on,so they don't abuse that right & will most likely hunt way before they're even 18.If an 18yr. old can go to war they should be able to purchase a gun.I definitely want background checks & anyone with a charge of domestic violence shouldn't be able to purchase a gun.In Calif. they have to wait 10yrs after being charged with domestic violence.Those are no brainers to me,just think those two I mentioned are going to cause the entire plan to fail.

  12. It won’t hurt her electability. She won’t win over the gun nuts anyway and they’d probably come out for trump regardless.

  13. No one has more rights to my person and property than I do. Absolutely sick. Stop empowering phsycopaths to rule your lives. Can't believe I'm subbed to this channel. Gotta fix that. Gun violence is a very small amount of violence in this nation unless you look at the 3-6 American people murdered by police every day who are given judicial immunity.

  14. I definitely don't agree with the 21 minimum. At least give 18 year olds the option to have a federally offered unit of 1 shotgun, 1 hunting rifle and 1 hand gun, using the same training and regulation controls of other situations

  15. what's up with the gun tax. After all other regulations and training programs, why tax it at 50%? That seems really bizarre. Nobody is taxing freedom of speech

  16. Warren is good, she just needs to watch not to start pondering to much to the fringe…Andrew as well – wont help them, just distracts

  17. I thought the exact same thing as you did. If Democrat voters are smart, they should never pressure anti gun candidates to give a detailed list of what they will do, because those candidates can't do anything about gun control if they lose too many voters due to specific gun regulations.

  18. Some of these are really great ideas and would be a great start. Focusing on hate crimes and abuse and disqualifers would go a long way!

  19. That's actually a really good idea with making the bullets really expensive. America has a massive gun culture which honestly operates almost like its own religion. At the end of the day people want guns simply because they want guns. Logic will not persuade them. But if you change the way they view guns before restricting them entirely, then people might be less opposed. And if guns are so expensive that people know an all out ban wouldn't affect them that much, it will be much more likely to pass. The fanatics and the rich will buy the guns regardless but the rest of the population could have their position shifted in this way.

  20. Republican's "You can't take my guns away!" Dems:"Don't worry, we promise we won't change any gun laws! (because we'll just ban all bullets)"

  21. I vote for the candidate that supports the 2A most. Any other issue beyond that is fixable. Regaining that particular right would require large scale bloodshed, and I’m not big on needless wars.

  22. Well, she better have strong policy positions on guns. The Dayton shooter was a big fan of hers, I heard. I'm not American, so Australian levels of gun control don't seem extreme to me at all.

  23. I'm in favor of Warrens reforms but have this critique as a Gun Owner.
    Raising the prices on ammunition is unfair, unwise, and unproductive Lots of people shoot for sport and many others shoot in order to remain proficient. You are negatively impacting them- without any tangible reduction in risk of gun violence. The guns cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars already. A decent AR-15 costs at least $800. It costs about $0.18 a round to shoot it. Even if you raise the price by 20x anyone who can afford an $800 rifle can afford 100 rounds of ammo. So you hurt people shooting for sport- not mass shooters. You may feel that not shooting for sport is a fair trade off to save lives. Granted. But this particular piece of the proposal wouldnt save any lives and we should only infringe on freedoms or charge taxes when there is an actual benefit for citizens.

  24. Imagine not knowing there are already background checks for gun shows and online sales. You can't order guns online. They have to ship to a licensed FFL which then does an FBI background check. Same for gun shows. The only way to obtain a firearm without a background check is through private transactions. Now you all know Warren is full of shit and is just pandering. She knows these facts well. She is a senator in a state that has all of these laws. ATF already revokes dealer licenses for unlawful acts. There is already FFL restrictions on ammo purchases. You cannot buy ammo without a gun license. Prohibiting "hate crime convicts" from owning guns is already a thing. All felons aren't able to own guns. Excise tax literally does nothing but make it more irritating for lawful gun owners to purchase their weapons. Do I need to go on? When will you leftys just admit you want all guns banned. All of this is just an excuse for you. You don't care at all about making anyone safer with these laws. You just want to chip away at gun rights because you don't like guns. Admit it then maybe we will take you seriously.

  25. Damn, I was so hoping Bernie would set up straight to lead, but seeing EW leading up so strongly, I cant help feel a sort of Warren/Sanders instead of Sanders/Warren for president. They're both so strong and committed, I just dont know which one I want for President more! Keep up the great work! Everyone here! Cant wait for more updates from the DPS! Big fan!

  26. Great video, you mentioned at the start you’re gonna talk about Warren being at #2 in the polls. Is that video out?

  27. Hey! Another gun control [sic] plan that will have absolutely no effect on gun violence. But wtf at least this plan doesn’t involve putting us another trillion dollars in debt.

  28. How about instead of raising the purchasing age from the proposed 21, to age 30. And requiring yearly mental health checks for gun owners.

  29. Making the issue prominent vs. Electability: this comes right after 2 important mass shootings so people would probably be more prone to support the measures, and we are still 6 months from the first election, so I don't think it would harm her electability if she or others (or – sadly – the news) don't push the topic to the forefront every other day. It is better than releasing her plan on the issue next January…

  30. I'm Canadian, so I don't know how this part works, really. But wouldn't it be a good idea for a Democratic president to consider an executive order that bans gun control groups like the NRA from being able to make political donations? Seems to me that a lot of the Republican politicians are reluctant to make any gun control reforms, in part, because they receive so much money from the NRA.

  31. Warren is a distraction from Bernie
    I unsubscribed david pakman cause he's pro Warren and Warren is an establishment-type progressive

  32. What I hear David say is there could possibly be a negative reaction at the ballot box due to these plans. Why not also explore the possibility that it could be a positive, that it could motivate more people to vote, especially those young voters and current 17 year olds who were in school when all of these recent school shootings have happened?

  33. Getting big money out of politics (incl. gun corporations and big donors via NRA) is far more important than the gun control issue.
    Im not sure if you can do this with executive action but one of the simplest ways to fight money in politics without having to repel any freedom of speech arguments is to ADD a bunch of public financing in, and to loudly publicise who accepts what money.

  34. Why not background checks for ammunition purchases? A lot of gun violence is committed with illegally purchased firearms and legally purchased ammunition.

  35. For what it is worth, Warren's got so many plans that one more may go largely unnoticed by the gun fetishists but still appreciated by the gun control voters. It's a beautiful counterpart to Trump's blizzard of offenses against the rule of law and effective government: sheer number provides camouflage to many individual elements.

  36. I don't think Elizabeth plans to make gun control a "prominent" plan in her campaign, but in light of current events, its smart for her to put out a plan. It demonstrates that she is thoughtful and it forces the other candidates to react to her ideas, in essence once again framing the dialogue. What is prominent for her and core to her message is the corruption and lobbying of the NRA and the gun manufacturers.

  37. The rest of the world is still looking at the US as if it's the craziest country on the planet, they are putting a light dressing on a broken leg,  their (so called) freedom is killing thousands of them every year, they are in a hole and they don't have the wit or the brains to get themselves out because uneducated Americans are holding them back, it's so sad.  BTW the legal alcohol drinking age in Europe is 18 in the US it's 21.

  38. Gun violence is not a mentionable problem, compare American "gun violence" with every other countries "violence". Guns are banned in China and they have more violence, most guns are banned in Brazil and they have WAY more violence.

  39. With such a plan, the U.S. would come closer to what other, more peaceful countries already have. You know, countries like Canada who had 51 mass shootings since June 1685 (most of them with less than 5 victims). That is as many as the USA since April 2017 (most of them with more than 5 victims, some with between 200 and up to 481 victims like in Las Vagas).

    ALL developed countries have such a plan …except one. Guess which?

  40. Sounds a lot like the laws here in NJ. They're reasonable, to an extent. We have hella crime in my state and making it harder for criminals to kill people isn't a bad idea. That said:
    -Wtf is with the typos on the "Plan," card?
    -Half of those laws already exist, a quarter exist in some way (ie 21 yo minimum for handgun purchases, cant think of a state that isn't this way. A work-around is building an AR pistol from a blank receiver.)
    -Why is regulation and legislation the best answer? Wouldn't the best answer to just enforce tf out of the laws we already have? Why fuck with people that aren't bothering anybody, or enacting laws that ensure you can't change your mind on the subject later?
    Guns are awesome, go buy one* and see for yourself.

    *as long as you don't plan on firing into a crowd of not-guilty people.

  41. News flash: You can't purchase a gun from a gun show anymore without a background ck on the spot. Believe me I've tried. You can't even purchase a rifle or shotgun without a background ck. So what are you talking about?

  42. Protestors in Japan wish they had a second amendment, citizens in Mexico wish they had a second amendment. You seem to be completely ignorant to the purpose of the 2nd amendment. It has already been infringed on and this would only further seriously infringe on the rights of individuals. You are not my friend David. Trump has been terrible for the 2nd amendment.

  43. I don't know… wouldn't it be better to just limit the visibility of violent video games at Walmart?

    Seriously though, all of this seems like common sense. If you are not onboard with doing this much to address gun violence, then I would be curious as to what you actually would be willing to do.

  44. Well-researched, concrete plans for gun control could be better for the left than avoiding the discussion and allowing the right to claim the left just wants to take their guns away. The candidates need to avoid the urge to "out-left" each other on the issues and instead try to clarify their positions on talk shows and debates. Boring policy talk can reduce the effectiveness of right-wing mischaracterizations of progressive platforms.

  45. The hate crime restriction seems very questionable. Given how meaningless and potentially broad this could be, I think many libertarians or people whom have their rights in mind will oppose it based on this.

  46. I think she has to push it. Most of the country is behind her on this. I 'd rather try to get pro-regulation folks out to vote than try to appease the gun nuts.

  47. I like it all but I am not cool with the excessive tax on ammo and handguns….I like to shoot and practice using my firearm. It's hard to do that when ammo is expensive…

  48. This sounds like a sound plan, but isnt the bigger problem enforcement? A lot of states already have stricter gun laws right? I like to hear her talk about the practical implications of these plans.

  49. i was hunting by my self at the age of 9 ,my father beat gun safety into my head
    it is not the gun it is the lazy parents that are to busy to teach their children right and wrong,they just let the video games baby sit until it is to late.

  50. David, you need to read the recently released massive 50 year long study by the Violence Project on American violence and mass shootings. You’ll find that we’ve identified the actual issues leading to mass shootings – and if you’re an honest progressive, the results will be upsetting but we have to maintain intellectual honesty to fix this problem.

  51. She so smart, I like how she has actually plans down on paper. Trump is freaking insane… he still doesn’t know wtf he’s doing, that mf takes it day by day

  52. God, I was hoping for something reasonable, most of this is already also, what about the people who just turn 18, and have nothing to defend themselves, when they live in the cheap housing with many people owning illegal guns? I agree upholding the laws we already have, but for another example, if a 250 pound muscle bound man wants to rape a young 90 pound woman on the street the only way she has any chance at all is to use a weapon.

  53. I don't agree with raising the age of gun ownership unless one also raises the age of voting, age of consent, age of accountability, military service and driving a car along with it. If we're going to base gun ownership on psychological and neurological research that the human brain isn't fully developed and capable of impulse control until age 23, then we should up the age for driving, and other accountability.
    The young voters may revolt based upon age discrimination. But IF it's fair and in line with drinking age, then they're more apt to reason the changes are okay. But so many believe they should not be in military service if the drinking age is still 21 and the age of accountability is 18.

  54. Don’t even own a gun and this legislation is why I would purposefully vote for her opponent.

    Minimum age to purchase gun is 21? Thats fine if you raise the age of being an adult to 21.

    Tax the fuck out of it, so it’s harder for “the working class” to have a gun and ammo.

    Licensing system? You mean another tax and monitoring system.

    Now, I saw a video yesterday about your fear of ‘authoritarianism” from Trump stopping a corporation from limiting speech because you know, more free speech is evil. LIMITING yours and everyone else’s rights is not authoritarianism because it fits in with your fantasy.

    Also, requiring a license to vote is discriminatory towards minorities because they’re so broke that they can’t afford a $20 license every 10 years. With that logic, this policy is extremely racist and you shouldn’t stand for it.

  55. The only thing the 50% ammo tax will do it increase making your own. Most of the rest of this already exists in my state so it would make other states have the same laws.

  56. I just decided today. My vote will go to EW. As l go, usually about 13 others go, too. My family follows my vote. We are in FL.

  57. Any comments on New Zealand’s gun buy-back program? Would something like that fly in the US? Admittedly I don’t know much about it.

  58. Decent plan. To David’s point about focusing on it and the right making it an issue. Can’t believe I have to say this to a progressive media channel. They are gonna say the left is gonna go after your guns either way. I was pretty young in 07/08 but I don’t remember Obama running hard on gun reform but they still called him a communist coming for their guns.
    Also 70% of voters are in favor of an assault weapons ban and she didn’t include that in her platform?

    Love Liz, but not impressed. So sorry David but gotta disagree with the title of the video.

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