Elizabeth Warren TAKES LEAD in NH Poll

Here’s something interesting. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth
Warren has now taken the lead in a new CBS primary pole, not nationally,
but specifically in the state of New Hampshire, which is an important primary state. It’s the second to vote in the primary season
after Iowa is caucus. So let’s dig into this particular primary
today and talk about the polling and some of the dynamics that are going on. So yes, the poll is within the margin of error
or Elizabeth Warren, 27 Joe Biden 26 Bernie Sanders, 25 but the momentum is really with
Elizabeth Warren in New Hampshire. If you think back to late May, early June,
that’s just a few months ago. She was in fourth place in New Hampshire,
polling about 8% and she’s roughly tripled her support there. And the importance of New Hampshire is maybe
more significant for Bernie Sanders than for anybody else. We’ve talked about this before. Bernie Sanders is a senator from Vermont,
previously a congressman from Vermont, previously a mayor of Burlington, Vermont, well liked
by Democrats in New Hampshire merely because of the proximity of Vermont and New Hampshire. Back in 2016 Bernie Sanders won easily in
the New Hampshire primary against Hillary Clinton. You might recall Bernie got more than 60%
of the vote over Hillary Clinton’s 38 and yet he still didn’t win the general primary
and become the 2016 Democratic presidential nominees. So when we see Elizabeth Warren surging in
this way in New Hampshire, it is an interesting monkey wrench. And there are two opinions about the importance
of New Hampshire. One view about what’s happening in New Hampshire
right now is, listen, Bernie crushed it in 2016 and New Hampshire. This is the neighbor’s state to his home state
of Vermont. If Bernie doesn’t win in New Hampshire, it
bides very poorly for Bernie. Sandra, it bodes very poorly for Bernie Sanders,
uh, in the broader 20, 20 Democratic primary. That’s one view. The other view on New Hampshire is it’s just
New Hampshire. Yes, it’s an early primary. Yes, it’s close geographically to where Bernie
Sanders, uh, is a senator. But in the end, it’s a very small primary. It is not actually going to tell us very much
big picture. Uh, the other view is that it’s sort of something
in between. Now we have to have all of the normal caveats
here. First of all, number one, yes, Elizabeth Warren
is in first place, but statistically this is a tie. It’s within the margin of error with Warren,
Bernie and Biden separated in total by only a couple of points, but the momentum is certainly
going in the direction of Elizabeth Warren. Number two. This is also only one poll. I mean all the other New Hampshire polls still
show, um, Joe Biden ahead gravis or or someone else ahead rather gravis has Bernie plus six
Emerson has Biden plus three. However, on the other hand, Warren is pulling
a big lead in New Hampshire as the second choice for voters. So aside from reminding us that some version
of ranked choice voting would be a great idea, consider that 25% of New Hampshire Democratic
primary voters say Warren is their second choice, followed by Bernie at 17% booted judge
at 13 and then Harrison Biden tied at 12 now there was something interesting developing
with Elizabeth Warren, not just in New Hampshire but more broadly and I have been getting emails
from people saying, David, you’ve got to talk about this. Elizabeth Warren is unquestionably becoming
more and more the safe status quo progressive candidate. Now what I mean by that is Joe Biden is obviously
the total status quo establishment democratic candidate. He straight up told rich donors behind closed
doors. If I win, nothing. His substance stuff substantively going to
change for you in terms of your privileged position in society. We know that with Biden, Bernie and Warren
are the strong progressive candidates in the Democratic primary. Now, I’ve talked with you before about how
even though on Policy Bernie and Warren ended up in very similar places, particularly domestic
policy. Bernie ends up there, pulled right from his,
kind of tear it all down and build it back up mentality that he comes from Elizabeth
Warren. On the other hand, ends up they’re being pulled
left from her center, left. Let’s make changes to the system and make
it work better for more people faced with the reality that Joe Biden may fall in the
2020 democratic primary. I’m reading more and more about Elizabeth
Warren being seen more as the safer to the status quo, progressive candidate on issues
ranging from healthcare to the financial industry in taxation and others. So my question for you today, basically there’s
two questions for you today. Number one, do you believe that this assessment
of Elizabeth Warren is accurate? In other words, do you see Warren as within
the strong progressive candidates, Bernie and Warren, the one that is safer to the,
uh, economic, uh, and broader status quo? Uh, and if you don’t tell me why not. Okay, let me know. I want to hear from you about this.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Sanders is losing in places he won in 2016. If you’re a Bernie supporter and you aren’t worried, you’re a complete fool.

  2. Elizabeth Warren is the POTUS the US need. She might not be the one to burn everything down and rebuild it from the ashes, but as a wide consensus she has more ability to drag in more moderate voters. Yes Bernie would LEAP the US ahead in terms of societal development, but Warren will have an easier time getting in and getting things done. Either way, I hope my US friends get a good president, that makes the US truly great for everyone. You deserve it.

  3. Yes, the establishment considers Warren to be "the lesser of two evils" when compared to Bernie, as they believe there's a possibility that she can be bought. Warren is still second-best to Bernie, by quite a wide margin, when it comes to progressive candidates, and she's nothing like as trustworthy – but she would be so much better than any of the other candidates currently ranked as being in the top five that I would still consider it a major win for the US if she gained the presidency.

  4. not only is she safer, but she will be the nominee because too many of us see Biden already suffering from mental declines. Bernie is also seen to far left and Socialist is still a bad word. Then there is the fact Women will drive this election, not another old white guy. I also see her picking Yang as a running mate.

  5. I've been saying this for a long time. She can bring in the moderate voters that Bernie will struggle to get. Like it or not you have to appeal to as many voters as humanly possible.

  6. The developing story that no one is talking about is candidates polling under 15%.
    Winning 14% or less wins the candidate zero pledged delegates.
    If there are several candidates winning 14% or less, the front runners will win more pledged delegates.

  7. I'm scared for Bernie, honestly. Warren is always very close to him in the polls and if she gets the establishment support, she will snatch the nomination. Everyone is starting to realise what the problem is with Biden and the mainstream media is already laying out ground to move to Warren if necessary.

  8. No David, I don’t believe she’s a status quo politician. People are making this claim off meaningless nonsense. Look at how SEVERAL YouTube media sources demonized her simply for meeting with Hillary (without knowing the nature, and without knowing if it was even political). Other videos this week demonized her as using republican talking points on healthcare over a tweet she made that included the phrase “improved access to healthcare”. The media has picked up coverage of her solely because their viewers support warren, and yet we see video after video saying positive coverage in media MUST mean she’s corrupt and somethings going on. It’s ridiculous unsubstantiated claims among YouTube viewers that are snowballing conspiracies. And the reason for this is solely because of warrens success. The more she poses a threat to bernie, the more she becomes the enemy. It’s relatively easy psychology. If she was still 5 points below bernie, no one would be talking about her as being “establishment”. And if she becomes more successful still, the hit pieces are going to only get worse.

  9. Of course, the bigger questions are: will we have a 2020 election? Will Trump leave office if he loses? How can Dems even win with the electoral college, gerrymandering, and attacks on voting rights?

  10. Warren is being pushed by every msm as the lead. Shes a weak progressive.
    Meeting with Clinton and superdelegates, full of upcoming Corp donor money, pro war af.

  11. Bernie wants to make the system better(FJG,M4A,GND) It would be a pivot in the right direction.
    Warren wont change anything(Obama 2.0) Move on..
    Yang wants to change everything down to the way we measure our economy(GDP,Public Option(M4A),Federal Jobs Program,Anti MIC,Democracy Dollars,Block Chain voting,Rank choice voting,UBI)
    I got options!!

  12. NH is a neighboring state to Massachusetts just like Vermont and Warren is from Massachusetts. They're both just as close. I don't understand how its important for Bernie to win there because he's next door but Warren is next door too?

  13. Sanders as President would be a starter's gun shot for radical politics at every level across the U.S. Symbolically, he'd be far, far more weighty that way than Warren. In terms of what we could expect out of the administration in actual policy effects – I'd expect similar results in somewhat different flavors. I'm tickled at what has happened to the establishment's Overton Window when Warren is being regarded as "safe", as opposed to too far left to be considered at all.

  14. Last 3 NH polls

    Harris X 9/6 – 9/11:
    Biden 22%
    Bernie 21%
    Warren 15%

    Boston Hearld 9/4 – 9-10
    Bernie 29%
    Biden 21%
    Warren 17%

    Emerson 9/6 – 9/9
    Biden 24%
    Warren 21%
    Bernie 13%

  15. Is she the safer canidate among the progressives? Yes, she though being progressive, represents policy that sounds a bit more establishment. Yet is a more progressive platform than any of the others excluding Bernie. She also doesn't have as large of a socialist chain around her neck. I like Bernie's policies, and the Socialist tag doesn't bother me. That said most still see it as the Red menace. people's view, is of US turning in to the former Soviet Union, and will never see it any other way. Since Bernie has fully embraced it, I belive Warren by default becomes the safer looking option.
    After reading the other comments, I'd like to repeat I do like Bernie.
    David conserning your specific poll used in this vid, I think I'd use more or others in the future. It apears that most viewers, reading comments not liking the poll you used, just saying.

  16. Yes, Elizabeth Warren is more of a progressive status quo while Bernie is more of a progressive rabble rouser.
    Bernie energizes the populous while Elizabeth calms the populous.
    Bernie scares the conservatives. Elizabeth, not as much.
    As for Biden, it's quite obvious he can be bought.
    The question is, do we want a president who motivates the people or congress?

  17. I can’t stand Elizabeth warren, maybe I’m sexist idk. It’s just something about her I don’t like. I think she just comes across as fake.

  18. Yep, agree 100%. I'd like to see Bernie Sanders on the ticket, would gladly vote for Elizabeth Warren, and would hold my nose to support Biden…and to be fair would vote for a random person off the street over Dotard Judas tRump.

  19. The poll you cite is a week old. Two subsequent polls show Warren falling by 10 points since this poll was released. She now trails Sanders by 12 points. The momentum for Warren is currently in the downward direction. This information is out of date even if you don’t include the latest poll. So you faked to provide the latest info and demonstrated that your prediction based on old news was dead wrong. Congratulations.

  20. Yes she's safer in the sense that she probably won't take on the establishment and corporations as strongly as Bernie would; she probably will make compromises that won't be as beneficial as Bernie's policies. But the main thing I'm concerned about Warren is if she's actually got what it takes to beat trump and I think the answer is no she does not.

  21. After the 2016 general election, I don't trust polls. We can analyze them all we want but the only thing that matters is who is voted for in the primaries in March.

  22. You Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools- She will pivot so hard during the general all progressives will be heading into the voting booth wearing a neck brace from the whiplash.

  23. Warren will be obama 2.0. Its becoming clearer every day with her meetings and verbiage. If bernie wins he should not choose her as vp. He needs someone like tulsi who has his back as has a good foreign policy.

  24. Warren is both progressive and academic, she's energetic and pragmatic, and she speaks well to both the financial wing and the populist-left wing of the electorate. "Safe" is a funny word here, but certainly, there's something of substance in her campaign for everyone to latch onto.

  25. The thing I take away from this is what states is Biden slated to win? Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention but it seems like Biden is winning in the general polls but when it comes to the individual states either Warren or Bernie seem to be winning most of them am i wrong? I think I saw that he could win SC but that's all I have heard.

  26. Interjected here as the most recent Sanders vs. Warren backbiting affair video – It's an article polling Democratic voters with ranked choice voting to see just who benefits how for X dropping out. In all, it looks better for Warren than for Sanders, and better for Biden (ugh) than for Sanders too.

  27. So, one poll in one state says she's ahead… meanwhile, the plurality of polls continue to show Biden or Sanders in first or second….
    Thanks for this non-story.

  28. I see Warren as the less radical candidate of the two so yes she is safer. I love most of Bernie’s policies but I doubt if his agenda would be remotely supported by the Democratic Party. This would hamstring any attempt at progress. I have no desire to see Biden win but will vote for him if only to remove tRump.

  29. Warren is too wishy-washy… I'm worried she's gonna be another "do-nothing" or be in the tank for the establishment. We don't need more promises. We need delivery. I'm also worried about a Warren vs. Trump – I have a feeling Trump will eat her alive with stupidity. It's Bernie this time around or I really feel the country is lost for good.

  30. David, I have not heard of any candidate promising to reverse the tax breaks for the rich. Does any Democrat take a stand on this issue or are both parties afraid of offending this relatively small but extremely powerful group?

  31. Bernie is the best candidate by far and can shellac the Drumpster. However, I could live with Warren over Biden if it came down to it. That said I am uncertain if she can beat Trump.. and Biden is suffering from dementia and lord knows what else. He can barely form a coherent sentence. Well they can't pretend Bernie doesn't exist forever. The Bern will be felt and many polls that are ignored show he has tremendous support. Like Dave said we must get out the vote. No Russian Trump bots or sketchy DNC moves fucking it up again.

  32. It's time to start telling the uninformed that Warren is not the way. She has too many problems now. She is a standard politician who is just trying to say all the right things. We cant let this incrimentalist take away Bernie's shot. He is the real deal. Warren waffles on M4A, chills with the Hill shill, has no problem voting for gross military spending, etc. The media is propping her up. We can't trust her. The writing is on the wall. #bernie2020 accept no substitutes.

  33. Yes I agree with you an also I think that Warren has more heart than any of the others and will call out wrong doing in there face including Trump. The last think Trump wants is to debate her. She will make him look stupid which won't be hard and her platform is solid, she got my vote!

  34. For the life of me, I just don't understand how David and others can still call EW a Progressive, when it is clear that her framework for getting things done is within the current corrupt/corporate system that lead to Trump being President!!! Policy positions are just words! What makes someone Progressive is having the courage to STAND UP to the current corrupt/corporate system not work with it!!! The fact that EW believes that she can somehow get monied interests and bought politicians to implement policies that will help ALL Americans in a MEANINGFUL way and turn our country away from being an oligarchy and toward being a democracy makes her unbelievably naive and, IMHO, therefore, unfit to be President. Of course the Establishment, will gladly back EW should it come down to her and Bernie. They know that, not only does she neither have the backbone nor desire to stand up to them (evidenced in 2016), but she is willing to play ball. And we all know how well that has worked for most Americans. EW is a #faugressive. Besides Tulsi, the only true Progressive candidate is Bernie! #Bernie2020 #Sanders2020

  35. The larger cities of New Hampshire are closer to Massachusetts (Boston) in the southeastern part of the state… So I don't really understand this [bad/incomplete] idea that Vermont bordering NH means Bernie's time in Vermont means he has some ownership of their votes and that he's in trouble (he's not)

  36. It’s Bernie Bro propaganda that Warren is somehow a “stooge” for “the Establishment” or a “traitor” to progressivism when she and Sanders are essentially the same on the bulk of policies or at least occupying the same space.

    That said, Warren has a unique edge that seems to have the potential to unite the left and centrist wings of the Democratic Party with a policy-based approach. You can’t fight a war of attrition against half of your own party and then expect to win the nation.

  37. I'll go even further and say that Warren isn't really a progressive but a regular Dem with a few progressive ideas. After the story broke about her talking with Shillary, I have less faith in her. Give her a position in Bernie's gov't sure, but not right for President.

  38. The poll in this video was from Sunday the 8th = Warren +1.
    Tuesday the 10th was another poll from NH = Biden +3.
    Wednesday the 11th was ANOTHER poll from NH = Sanders +8.

  39. Warren can take her butt home, we want someone with the reliability and conviction that Bernie Sanders has, not someone pretending.

  40. I honestly don't trust these polls much. Every two year we look at the numbers, making assumptions and hopes of some flip states or congressional districts, but the results are nearly half different. YouGov/Economist always gives Warren's number higher than Bernie, while HarrisX does the opposite. One thing I can agree is that Biden is slipping and Warren is surging.

  41. If Warren gets in I really hope that the memory of her personal experience of the flipside of the American dream being financially undone will hold.her from straying too much from her pronouncements
    To a degree candidates have to play the game and no one sets out to deceive but they are in a race where the rules are not strictly adhered to and she has to climb to the top somehow so she can hopefully be a good Capt of the ship .

  42. BERNIE / NINA 2020!!! The REAL deal!!! I believe Berniehas been the frontrunner all along and that the pollsare rigged!!!! Remenber, who do elites fear most????

  43. Yes, I do think Warren is the safer bet for a steady economy. I switched to her from Bernie when he announced he would retroactively cancel student debt. I passionately want free public education for the future–but not my money being given to students who already signed financial contracts. At this point, all progressive candidates are cancelling student debt retroactively, which similarly incenses me, but at least the others have some limits.

  44. Warren is bad news, and the polls cannot be trusted. Warren will take big donor money, which means she is compromised. The entire electoral process needs to be reformed and Sanders is the only one who refuses to be bribed. The answer is obvious.

  45. Warren vs Bernie will split the vote as usual and so we're gonna get Trump 2020 thanks "progressives" your ego will get us 4 more non progressive years.

  46. i think Warren has too many red flags and is the establishments ace in the hole, he taking of corporate cash after primary will mean a right pivot and the usual failed strategy of corpo dems

  47. Warren is without a doubt the "safer" progressive. I like Bernie but let's face it, the establishment hates him and that is going to be a huge impediment to him. I believe Warren can tread that narrow road where we on the left get a progressive in the WH but we don't get everything we want. Also Warren has strong and clear views on tackling climate change which is my #1 issue. If Trump wins we get nothing.

  48. Warren is at her game lead currently. Once there is focus on her and the debates start to rage she will fall. Her voting background does not match her current progressive status in enough areas. Once the realities are pointed out she will fall flat. I look for Yang to continue his upward trend since the underlying data show him to be less well known yet consistently climbing up very steadily. It will be tight for him since time is quickly closing in but he has a well rounded appeal for both sides of the political aisle that may draw in voters.

  49. CBS poll! Oh my! NO, the momentum if you attend any rally, there are thousands of people over 15,000 in comparison to Biden:10 or Warren 15 people who show up. Why don´t you bring up the fact that Sanders campaign has thousands of volunteers not corporations behind him like Warren or Biden or the rest. BERNIE or BUST!

  50. Do you actually believe these lies or should I say corporate media propaganda? Many of us don´t & let me tell you, as a woman of color, teacher, I will NEVER vote for fake progressive Warren. She is a republican in disguise. Bernie is consistent, compare their records. BERNIEALLTHEWAYTO2020!

  51. Trump, would crush every cell of Elizabeth Warren. The only candidate that can & will beat Trump (if the DNC does not cheat him again) is SANDERS!

  52. Warren is seen as safe to the financial industry because she will maintain the status quo?!?!??!? Not sure if you are saying you believe that, David, but if you do, get off social media for a sec and remind yourself of the core of Warren’s political identity.
    If you think Warren’s a phony lying Manchurian candidate… well, go to hell, Bernie Bros.

  53. Im a lifelong democrat. The worst ive ever done when i dont like a democratic candidate is not vote. But if warren (or sanders) wins ill be voting for trump.

  54. I'm Norwegian and thus Bernie is right in the centre politically here. However, I hear concerns that if Biden doesn't win there could be havoc among large US companies. What do you think about that? Another thing is that with the current insanity in US politics, having "Uncle Joe" who is so likeable, as president would be an asset to the world.

  55. As much as Id love to say I'll vote for the Dem come what may, I honestly can't get behind a party so self destructive– not to mention selfish and insular– that they'd toss aside the candidate who would actually excite people simply because their taxes would go up or it challenges their status quo or they think he talks too loud. It's just all so pathetic. Bernie or Bust, I say. And if Trump wins again having thrown aside Little Big Woman Warren or Dementia Joe, understand that you brought it on yourselves.

  56. They're choosing diet Coke vs real coke I can't believe people are going to make the same mistake again America deserves Trump fuck it at some point you have to start blaming the voters

  57. HAH!!!!!! Poor woman can barely get several hundred people in a rally here in Texas while Trump gets several THOUSAND ?. She's done!!!!

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