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Autocrats are like romaine lettuce. They're everywhere and every so often, 
they go on a killing spree, which is why I want to spend a little time
focusing on the Philippines, because Indians and Filipinos,
we're pretty much the same. I'm serious, we're like this. We love family, religion, 
transition lenses, giving our kids bowl cuts, and we are both
brought to you by Kaiser Permanente. Tomorrow, the Philippines are holding
their midterm elections, and you know how in America, 
politics is like sports? It's all about match ups.
Trump versus Hillary, Pete versus Beto, Biden versus woman's shoulders. In the Philippines, it's the same thing,
except their politicians literally play basketball 
against each other. Number 21, Director Bonny Bangladdie. Number 17, City Prosecutor
Romulon Tagaligud. Number 19, Director Homer Arenzo. Whoa wait, is this the Philippines or the 24 Hour Fitness in San Jose? Because I have definitely played 
with goggles guy. His name is Alfonso. He never passes the ball,
and he can't go left. Now, normally, midterms act as a check 
on the president's power. But there is nothing normal 
about President Rodrigo Duterte. Fuck you. Okay, that doesn't sound like a president. That sounds like someone who stole 
your parking spot at Costco. You'd be like, 
"Hey, man, you're in my spot." He's like, "Fuck you." In the last three years, Duterte has presided over 
a brutal drug war, cracking down on shabu
or crystal meth, and let's just say,
his tactics are pretty extreme. My campaign against drugs will not stop until the last pusher and the last drug lord are… Oh, my God. He beheads drug dealers
like a Looney Tunes ISIS video? Why does it sound like Donald Duck 
joined the Islamic State? Just… Now estimates vary, but according to the Philippine Commission
on Human Rights, since Duterte took office in 2016, the death toll from extrajudicial killing
could be as high… as 27,000. That is horrific. Here in America, 
we don't kill our drug dealers, okay? We have the decency 
to name museums after them. The human cost 
of Duterte's war is appalling, and suspected drug dealers 
aren't the only victims. Other Filipinos are getting caught 
in the crossfire. Over a thousand civilians were killed in the Philippines in 2018,
more than Iraq, Somalia
or the Democratic Republic of Congo. It's been called 
the worst human rights crisis in the Philippines in almost 50 years. Here's what's even more shocking. As the body count rises,
so does Duterte's popularity. According to a recent poll,
Duterte's approval rating is as high as 81%. Probably because he killed the other 19%. But a lot of Filipinos support Duterte because he cuts taxes,
provides free college tuition and invests in infrastructure. Even if people are being rounded up 
and killed without trial, they'll be like, 
"Hey, at least he's tough on crime." And tomorrow, more candidates 
like Duterte are poised to win. Twelve senate seats are up for grabs, and seven of the most popular candidates
are backed by Duterte. So, let's look at his starting lineup.
First off, we have Imee Marcos, the daughter of Ferdinand Marcos, 
who ruled the Philippines as a brutal dictator for two decades. During that time, 
her dad allegedly embezzled $5 to $10 billion. And her mom used some of that money
to buy 3,000 pairs of shoes. Now, I don't know why the people think
that's such a big deal. That's a healthy collection. You have the Jordan 11s, but not the 12s?
You gotta have the whole collection. But Imee Marcos has "dad's dictator DNA." In a default judgment, 
a US court said that in 1977, Imee Marcos had a college student tortured
and killed for asking her a question 
at a public forum, you know, just a politician 
with literal skeletons in her closet. Also running for senate is Bong Go,
who's Duterte's special assistant. Bong Go is known for one thing. Bong Go, quit being that thirsty friend! Ask people if they want 
to be in the picture. You're like Filipino Cory Booker. Look at all the selfies. Trudeau, Obama, Trump, and a mannequin at H&M. Bong Go was like,
"Come on, let's take a picture." And then Duterte put his arm 
around the mannequin. He just naturally gravitates towards 
the nearest dead body. Now, Bong Go also has his own 
line of sneakers called "Bong Go 3-Point King." It's straight up big baller Bong Go brand,
cuatro Bs. Can you imagine if our presidential 
sidekicks had signature shoes? No one is rocking Air Kushner's
except for Netanyahu. Now, another favorite for senate 
is Bato dela Rosa, the former head 
of Duterte's Philippine National Police. Another night and another killing in the Philippine government's 
war on drugs. Ronald Bato dela Rosa, 
nicknamed "The Rock," was chief of police during the killings. He's widely regarded as the architect
of the controversial drug war operations. Yeah, he's the brilliant architect
behind the drug war so he's basically the Frank Lloyd Wright 
of killing everyone, everywhere, all the time. These are the candidates expected to gain power tomorrow, 
which would mean voters are co-signing 
Duterte's bloody drug war through 2022, and this deadly crackdown
isn't just brutal, it's ineffective. It hasn't stopped the flow of drugs. In many neighborhoods, crystal meth is actually getting cheaper 
and more accessible. Duterte's war 
hasn't addressed the root of the problem. Duterte has exaggerated the drug problem 
in the Philippines to justify an inhumane war,
one that doesn't even address what experts say 
is the main cause of drug use: Poverty, which afflicts 
more than 20% of the population. Instead, his aggressive drug war
has mainly targeted the urban poor. Critics say
the war on drugs has mostly hit small-time users and dealers,
while the kingpins are still at large. But Duterte's administration doesn't seem
to care about the human cost. You don't sound terribly compassionate 
to people who might be poor and innocent. I mean, why is a victim less credible
than a police officer? He's like, 
"Hey, you can't make an omelette without shooting a few eggs 
execution style. Comes with the territory."
Now, some Filipinos are standing up to Duterte,
people like journalist Maria Ressa. I've been arrested twice in five weeks,
detained once. And the only thing I've done,
my only crime is to be a journalist, to speak truth to power. But it can't just be journalists. The Philippines need politicians
courageous enough to stand up to Duterte,
like Senator Leila de Lima. She has spoken out 
against Duterte's drug war. So, Duterte threw her in jail. They think they can silence me. They think I will stop fighting 
what I believe in, for truth and justice,
for the daily killings. It is an honor for me to go to prison 
for what I believe in. Senator de Lima was locked up 
for two years before she got a trial. Tomorrow's midterm election 
isn't likely to change much, which is upsetting. I told you,
I feel a deep connection to Filipinos. I love transition lenses, bowl cuts
and Jollibee, but this… That's not the answer.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hey you !before you react to our president and country do a research first! Try to live here in the Philippines so that you will know why us Filipinos loves our president duterte and very happy of what he did to our country!we the people know what happening to our country you'd better asked us! Don't just get an info coming from the article against the administration! Try to come here and say that things here I'm one to throw stone at you! You don't have the right to say misleading info!
    P.s we love and support our president duterte 💪💪💪👊👊👊

  2. Hey, Hasan, don't mind the triggered Dutertards who believe everything FB troll farms post in their walls. Duterte phenom is a product of these troll farms. Not all Filipinos are killers or drug-crazed. Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Another disappointment. 😑 Another person feeling like he know it all. Just go to sleep and mind your country. You have no idea what is happening in my country and all your facts are bluff. What is your source? Rappler? The western media? 🙄🤦‍♀️ President Duterte is suffering enough from character assassination. Leave him alone!

    Those drug pushers that were killed was given a warning but thickheaded. Drug addiction is a serious problem here. There are a lot of rape victims that includes children, old lady and even infants. And oh just so you know millions of drug pusher surrender themselves. And of course you dont know.

  4. This guy, for me is an amatuer on what he is doing. He does not know what are the real events here at our country(Philippines). Mr. Hasan Minhaj, PLEASE, do some good research before you say any wisecrack. Maria Ressa is a tax evader and De Lima was prisoned due to the proved allegations to her.

    And also, we welcome you to our country to see the improvements our President made. Yes, he has a very bad mouth and also has attitude, but to the people who do harm. He has BALLS TO DO THE JOB that none of our previous Presidents, especially, Noynoy Aquino.

  5. You're a f**king racist. You're not from our country yet you attacked us like you know everything about our country. Do your research bruh! Indian Scammer.

  6. U have no idea what's its like living in the Philippines. U are so bias, 81% of the Filipinos are satisfied of how he run the government. My brother was a drug addict but now he changed, thanks to duterte's war on drugs.

  7. Hey you , i know what you are tryng to figured it out, your crazy person , why you dont come over here in philippines, if you are a brave , why you dont come here in philippines

  8. Hey hasan minhaj you dont know what your talking about get the facts straight before you make false accusations on our president..you are not a filipino you didnt even live a day here in our country..so shut your hole you idiot

  9. Imagine having people like him talking about things he has no full idea to begin with. You better get your ass here and see everything for yourself instead of relying on biased sources.

  10. Let's make it 1m subscribers. May pa prize si You Tube haha. This man only want a lot of subscribers to gained money.

  11. Hasan is just a stupid, naive comedian who doesn't do his research properly. He should get banned in the Philippines.

    If you want to live with drug dealers and murderers be my guest but don't make us do it. Duterte ordered to kill drug dealers so that Philippines becomes safer for innocent bystandards. They didn't kill innocent people.

    Your analogies are effing stupid. Keep your libtardness in your country. How about you make a video of Obama's and Clinton's crimes? You have unlimited source and news there.

  12. No we are not even closed in culture.. We take a bath, u smell like goat.. U dont know wat u r talking, ur not even here to see the reality..

  13. you're nothing but idiot you know! what are you telling here are just gossip. victims of Drug war is not 27k , maria ressa's crime committed was TAX Evasion, and libel sued by private citizen, and Leila delima was a Drug protector…and to tell you tommorow might be the proclamation of the 12 newly elected senators, most of them are from administration and not even single opposition candidates won because they are all MORONS like you. filipino people are contended with the present leadership of Pres. Duterte

  14. I’m so embarrassed that my fellow Filipinos are continuing to support this murderer of a president 😰

  15. Lmao..do your research dude. Ask the 90% of filipinos who are satisfied with their current government.

  16. Hey Hassan Minhaj… First of all my country and yours are not the same. You are not in the place to say something about my country Philippines. Visit our country. Stupid. You don't know about our country. Be careful to all your words address to my country. Calling out all Filipino to make some noise to boo.out this person.

  17. Your info is from capitalist media, mainly to sensationaLIES, to make money, and you are either one of the people who capitaLIES in this or you are a willing pawn. Research before you do this. I sure you know karma, everything you do comes back to you especially if there is malice. Just sayin.

    #SensationaLIES #capitaLIES

  18. This is somewhat racist and stereotyping filipinos. If your career relies on roasting other countries President, culture and decision well you must have a very cliche life my friend. Pathetic.

  19. This guy is completely ignorant, I hope that not all his listeners will believe on his delusions! Such a pretentious speaker, seeking for attention. I am a Filipino, 15 years old, I am a living witness that the Duterte's regime is the best regime after the regime of Marcos'. Hanan Minhaj, bro, you disgusts me. You are completely ignorant on what is happening on our country, go worship your rats!

  20. You do not have any idea what are you talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I grow up from the streets of manila. You never seen anything like this in your own eyes and personally. You never been in a situation where I see at the age of 8 drug addicts are buying drugs in front of me, you never seen how the life of this drug addicts changes from riches to rags, you never seen how the drugs destroy our community . Innocent people get killed as a collateral yes it is happening but god knows if this is your time, its your time. I would love to see drug pushers, drug addicts, drug lords shoot in public than innocent woman's or children's are getting raped and killed in everyday news broadcast. Most of the stupid reasons why the people commit crimes in my country is the only word DRUGS, They never talk about my family is poor or someone is in the hospital or I need to pay the school fees of my children's. Having the drugs in the life of the poor people who sell drugs in any area of the country means their having a rough life or not even having any education to get a proper job, they are willing to take the risk for the sake of their daily life which is also a victim of drugs. DRUGS is just destroying the LIFE of my country which should STOP. Going to your country did by any chance your president solve the drug problems in your country, just like this link https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-46218646, I believe it is NOT. My President is fighting for the future of the our country and this is the best action he did for the love to all of the Filipinos. Your hundred percent WRONG. If Trump wants to make America great again, Duterte wants PHILIPPINES to be PERFECT AGAIN.

  21. what has USA done to control and then remove the drug abuse from its homes and streets?.. like really.. how many years of history does the "war on drugs" have but no actual results.. and this poverty you guys mentioned is a result of the purchasing drugs.. of having slums or neighborhoods controlled by drug pedlars.. i honestly hope they are going donald duck on every rank within the drug dealers chain of command..

  22. Chutea Ghandu you need to check your facts and do research first before you making fun of our government, our new GOVERNMENT. All the things you said are all wrong.

  23. My Pres. Du30 Say Crazy Things, but he keep thigs done.
    Indian and Filipino are not the same, you Indian are known to have the worst body Odor🤮

  24. Do you know that laila delima is protector of a drug lord in the philippines? And ofcourse that maria ressa chairman of rappler is violating the law, she did not pay her tax over the years when the time of LP.

  25. F*K you, your not a filipino, what do you know about philippines, do you leave here,, your just a pet of CIA,, trying to take control of the philippine government.

  26. Can you please also do some research about Philippines before Duterte?How corrupt government officials are, how drugs rule the streets,How slow Infra projects and social services,now we have free health care, free tertieary education, fast Infra projects, dismantled Drug cartels,New Police and rescue Equipments,911 all over the country,and safer streets. Your show is a pure one sided propaganda

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