Election Results: "My Advice To Congress – Retire Rahul Gandhi", Says Himanta Biswa To Prannoy Roy

Maurice Vega

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  1. How desperate are the these crooks NDTV and pronnoy Roy by begging and asking Hemanta if he will
    Join congress and now look at Nidhi
    And all
    Anchors are stuttering and blabbering and do not know what to say or ask morons !

  2. Which type of English which is used to advice answering to public. I mean his English is not good compared from talented manipuri n Malayalam people's.

  3. Hemanta Biswa Sarma gave the best answer regarding the NRC totally shut the mouth of Nidhi Razdhan aka alleged mistress of Omar Abdullah

  4. Jaab muslims k baat aya dekho urban naxal leftiest kutta bok ne laga.. Hindu torture ka baat ata hain secular baan jata hain

  5. Himanta is very clever. He only thinks about his and his family, which is very good. No point in doing work for corrupt assamese people. Assamese people don't deserve development.

  6. See the faces of NDTV looks very very dried up even Anchor Nidhi Rajdan unable to frame sentence of question

  7. Why does not Hemant Biswa Sharma come to Delhi as minister. He seems to be balanced and articulate. Also Tejaswi Surya should be brought to Delhi

  8. There is absolutlely no need to worry for BJP, till Pappu is Congress President..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…and also NDTV is their sucker..😜😜

  9. CAB will be in soon assam. This election result shows that migrants outnumber the real Ahom and assamese people.

  10. Hemanta biswas being in politics should know that nothing is permanent. Modi is not going to be in power forever. congress is not going to be in opposition for ever. Vajpayee and BJP lost so many elections before 80's . They waited for their turn.

  11. Hemant Biswa Sharma is a great leader of BJP in Assam.I think become 2024 election He Wii be priminister of India.

  12. Prannoy Roy and his NDTV team pretend to live in a fairy tale universe, where all events occur in perfect alignment with their leftist ideology. Nothing else matters facts of history(history is irrelevant because its too old), ground realities & laws of nature no longer apply to humans(because humans today are no longer mammals, but have evolved into angles).

  13. Danm r we a dustbin if they r persecuted send them to Africa, saudi Arabia, Lebanon etc etc 55 countries they beleive in Allah n muslim brotherhood send them to a muslim country.

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