Election Results 2019: "Victory Of Democracy,” Says PM Modi After Massive Win | Watch Full Speech

Maurice Vega

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  1. NDTV -NEW DONKEY TELEVISION🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕.Their dream of turning india into 100%muslim nation and launch pad for chaliphate has failed cause pakistani sleeper cell agents(congress+ndtv) failed.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. People have given him the obvious mandate and yet their are comments crying foul and not acknowledging it as the rightful result of democracy. I pity these souls: living their lives in denial. The people who matters have voted and made their voices heard- this is democracy!

  3. Proud to have aPM like Modi ji…..in the comments section…can see lot of dogs and pigs barking….DESPITE all the hurdles and abuses made by you…..our TIGER Modi…Roared and marched towards Delhi….all of you were mute spectators…India is changing and booming big time…..so accept the change….dont abuse our country..Ab hoga TANDAV…..Jai Shri Ram….!!

  4. 2009: India rejects BJP, so proud of my India

    2014: South rejects BJP, South is real India

    2019: TN & Kerala rejects BJP – True Indian literate States

    2024: Mallapuram, Vellore, Kanyakumari rejects BJP – True Indian Towns

    2029: Poll booth no:354 rejects BJP – True Indian Booths.

  5. Sir shri Krishna has never said that he is in favour of Hastinapur even before Mahabharata held or after Mahabharat battle finished. He said he is in favour of Dharma… please have a proper information

  6. We need to see whether he keep up his word of taking care of 130cr Janata, in same way! Jo jeeta wahi sikandhar, you got very high responsibility to nation, neighbours and the world. May Almighty give will, courage, strength and health to lead the nation to it's best. Aameen

  7. Chalo acha hy ma yehi chahta tha k modi aye .. ab yehi india ke tukre krega .. pakistanio k leye acha hy 😂😂😂

  8. Respected Narendrabhaiji
    Namaste. The tiredness on your face is due to the too much election work done, for so many days, continuously. We, your well-wishers, humbly request you to please, please take a lot of sleep – for at least three to four days from now. You know it, as well as we do, that the body can only rebuild itself through sleep which has no substitute; and also drink at least ten glasses of water daily, to save from dehydration. May God give you a long healthy life – your Desh very much needs you!!

  9. Can't believe this Maut Ka Saudagar won again, that means Indian public is also criminal minded who voted for this neech, criminal beast

  10. नरेन्द्र मोदी भारत के प्रधान मंत्री भारतिय सभ्यता और सनातन धर्म का सम्मान करते हैं।
    Narendra Modi, the first prime minister of India who is truly proud of Indian and Hindu culture.

  11. गँठबंधन जिस समय हुआ था,
    उसी समय हम बोले थे।
    अतिथि-भवन की यादों में,
    विश्वासघात के शोले थे।
    इस बार होलिका नहीं जलेगी,
    अब प्रह्लाद जलेगा।
    बैठ बुआ की गोदी में वह,
    हर पल हाथ मलेगा।
    है सर्वोपरि राष्ट्र-भावना,
    सबसे प्रमुख वतन है।
    राष्ट्र-वाद की विजय हुई है,
    यह जन गण का मन है।।
    प्रश्न उठा आतंकी कितने
    मरे थे बालाकोट में ?
    जनता ने उत्तर दे डाला,
    लोकसभा के वोट में।।
    जितनी पीड़ा पाकिस्तान में,
    यहाँ भी उतनी छायी है।
    मारे थे आतंकी जितने,
    उतनी सीटें पायी हैं।।
    मुन्ना पाठक की गणना है,
    ऐसे कुछ संयोग रहे।
    सेना पर प्रश्न उठाने वाले,
    करनी का फल भोग रहे।।

  12. @ bye bye india's secular face…congrats to hindutwa….chor chowkidar face will be exposed by pak. 🇵🇰 is happy on this 2nd term…game has started…modi elections will definitely help to add fuel to kashmir cause…its pak success…modi must remove article 370…pak is close to give modi a dead body of hindutwa hero…kalbhushan (the terrorist)…😄😄😄😄

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