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people say that now we can let our embassies do you agree that we should elect MMB see compartir basis for party to sponsor candies or do you say that even draw panelist on Twitter if elected it should not be compact some basis so the yes and no they could enter as that even though apartment has agreed that they should be elected the people have said bringing polka parties or landfill capacity stay away for political parties this process has them that a parliament has now decided that this person should be elected we have polka parties it will be to a benefit that we ensure that we get a yes vote because we want to sponsor cannabis for these elections now if you go to them now hominem a polka party lukewarm because you haven't taken that decision to electable me see so I'll come in to us now whether we should be involved or not what should I put up artists we go this is the distinction that we have to make for everybody to understand this is the first step before you go to the second step of a referendum otherwise we go for random yes or no you have demanded this question here you have been taking the right step Naama to be the speaker we got to a point when the marathi chief was speaking I didn't know area in supporters who process orderin supported because we brought in arguments which gave the impression that he didn't support values of our usual process is not talking about more primaries and cost to the electorate or to the country all those things law sudden the critical items laughs it guys usually that have we agreed that mmm DC should know more reacquainted but should be elected and they should be left yet it's not for us to decide I should be on partisan basis he was reelected is that proposed you decide but we have been why now we are being given a part under 2 4 3 1 that was we amended because no name changed then then check part is the work of the the elections another a friend Walker and it's very stringent what is a forty seventy five but which our Speaker I believe that this is the I believe that indeed if we are committed to what we have said in our manifesto these are a time to go back and say that when the referendum fashion then we tell you whoever that probably is a gimmick but if indeed we believe that this is a workbook and we have and dusted not only the manifestos at various fora by party leaders general secretary chairman we have and all this at various fora now this is the wave wall to go I believe that we should proceed from there and not greater pressing to the world we are trickling out or we are giving the right hand and take you the left hand and to not make a speech to say and to not give that impression I indeed we want this process to go on and as far as I'm concerned this is the time to show the way is the time to tell people that we are we we are right state team in the documents and by proclaiming to the whole world the responses including the mega workshop but a Catholic Bishops Conference where a general circuitry of the Andes and a camera of MPP and rush this process we should not receive to be going back otherwise our sincerity will be induct so the speaker thank you so much and I am treat all members to support this motion to vote for M embassies no more to be appointed thank you to be elected by universal suffrage others are free and then me professor thank you so much as a speaker another member former presenter don't you be the speaker for 4% you thank me and then you misguide me by your actions so which one would be one with very well a new surfacing thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this ambush in the only list before this house and to state without any equivocation that the minority supports the attempt to have these three assemblies or district chief executives elected this is a matter that is not only limited to the 2000 and 2010 manifestos of the end FPP but engaged the minority the NDC in deep thought and consideration because of their immigration of such amendments and so when the member who just spoke so to create the impression that my minority chief is not in favor of electing the chief executives then I think that it means the point let's began it is important to state why we think that we should not or government should not be engaged in cherry-picking what we are doing presently is what can best be described as cherry-picking because because we got an amendment of article 2 for trade has consequences not only on article 2 4 3 1 which is second amended but article 2 4 1 3 this become 1 lakhs now when the album emotion was being crafted whether the movement louvers of the motion for both that our amendment of article 2 4 3 1 your effect will effect a tofu for tray tray Mystica not a leader and amendment and amendment of article 2 4 3 1 will affect article 2 4 6 2 and amendment of article 2 4 3 1 will affect article 2 4 6 8 yes began what is most much what is most disturbing what yes we come in behaved what is more disturbing is that these garments of articles are part of the Articles that are amended in this house so if the argument is that because you need time and space to conduct a referendum and that is why you are seeking to cherry-pick article 2 4 3 1 why why how will we consider the possibility of amending this respect the importance of conducting the referendum before this article is circumscribed in our Constitution article 1 of the Constitution the sovereignty of Ghana resides in the people of Ghana whose name for whose welfare the powers of government are to excise in a mana and within the limits laid down in this constitution as become that is why that is why this constitution provided for certain provisions of the Constitution to be entrenched it is because of the attempt of potential attempt to circumvent that the rules laid down by the Constitution that was why some aspect of the pursuit away were entrenched let's become for us as I said Elia this this side of the house the minority supposed our members a certain world support amendment government we have to draw attention to the fact that when elections are conducted on partisan basis one will have to one we have to take care of how we will ensure inclusiveness how do we ensure inclusivity indeed yes over say can you imagine the very foundation of disturbances in this country as well premise on notions of exclusiveness and so they look at Roman architecture was put in place to promote inclusiveness to provide opportunities for everybody to be part of the system of which began how do we creat I'm saying exactly what I'm saying that I'm saying exactly what I'm saying that that that is leaking in seeking to fulfill a presidential political party promised his second to fulfill a promise made to the people of this country your government this government and an honorable capacity should not close his eyes to the tenets that become as a result of political party partisanship districts assembly elections so I am saying that BOSU muscles we must not forget in our various constituencies and localities the minority majority dichotomy but having said this harvester this member dzasta tution yep institution and that underwent a constitutional review and the constitutional review clearly this is not a new idea by His Excellency not a deductible father the pollution our abusers constitutional review that was put in place by His Excellency professor University Mills and with deliberate is report on the 20th day of December 2011 grandly stated that were recommended that it was important to move the Constitution from a political Constitution to economic development our Constitution and in that light in that light that it was important to consider the possibility of electing our district chief executive so for us yes for us for us it is not a new idea and that's why we support it but we just want attention why destroy attention to the fact that there are patrols and that it is totally unacceptable to generate on what to do as your family Thank You speaker honorable Alaba Melissa for away thank you very much thank you very much mr. speaker the speaker since 1957 mr. speaker every intervention either constitutional or by the military in our constitutional dispensation or a method of governance has sought to concentrate more power in office or in a group of people but the speaker I want to refer to the 1960 Constitution stock 5 of the 1960 Constitution at the 55 get special powers to the first president plastic I don't want to visit it's for attributes for crosses so I'm the speaker what he did was that he gave the first president the power to bind legislative instruments with the speaker and he says all the parts of politics so by Ella if the first person decided that it was my interest of the country to change Annika Parliament you could change that act upon it says that the speaker he said the president whenever equal citizen message in the messages by legislative instrument give directions the effect of both directions is an act of Parliament the speaker I don't want to talk about the military interventions because in the militia dimensions power was concentrated grab our profits those poor people be the greatest redeem us sometimes publish now which spent about 18 years for subjective power in a few hands this is the first time in the history of our country that a person was power is really reasonable [Applause] business big article 58 of occupation yes Amanda thank you very much mr. speaker the speaker the Honorable Minister for gray wills is making a serious it's all getting very heated in the chamber as the parliamentarians debate other issues in anticipation of the media review being delivered by Ken Foree at a stay with this network for that and everything else related as we broadcast it to you live right here on the joi news channel my name is Cujo Langston Daniel does it takes over and will continue with you until the statement is read our guests remain and they'll continue to give the analysis it's been a pleasure stay with us Jessica object I have great respect and like him for my friend opposite America I'm talking the realm of the Constitution I'm talking about a little Sheba by Constitution means I'm talking about over Troy when I speak an article 58 of the Constitution and also attitude as a leader men gave the president part to appoint a duties mmm and an important a municipal chief executive well I think that the president has come here today but the thing about the mic that and that was to show the decision just now obvious in my name from the executive this is not a private member's fear the president has come here today to say that the power you give to me I'm giving back to the people should in fact alpha whether the process that care to come before the horse on the whole we should rather further that I want to remind them of the words on the weight of one of their most illustrious sons on the opposite side the former chairman of the party of blessed memory honorable and they were respectful he said famously that they are many ways of Caracas [Applause] we got I want to bring you I want to bring you to the preamble to the Constitution and I'll bring you to I'll just read for you two of the publishers of the principal object of the preamble it says that a principle of all paths of have met sprang from the sovereign will of the people that was repeated though I stand in article one it goes on to say that we believe in the principle of universal adult suffrage what in this world is that this process of contest contradictions with the speaker it was a compromise constitution based on a set industry we have not forgotten about that on our committee which thought in fact to create a National Assembly at that time we had with the Western world view that potential quantities of was and so as a compromise we decided at a certain part of our political life should be nonpartisan but another part is partisan we have been told that we are all aware that even what they say is no partisan is partisan because we have told you before you know it to use Danielle do you scania English you let me land before you commence the speaker yes political interests with all these elections the fact that we don't have particular doesn't mean we don't have a new test in fact we poor critical not have an interest with the speaker and that is why we must go by the step fest first of all we must remove the part of the president we must accept the offer by the president so we give back to the people we are talking today we are going to issue the speaker if we don't also for this book that we are standing against the people because if you see the president was to give back to the people he's active it actually and we are efficient then I will say anything yes we can indeed I've not had a single member of this house since against it so my approach is report of the when we got let me let me just continue was and I take my time to almost go huge bhrastika we were told we're cool when I told that it has provisions dealing with appointment it doesn't have permissions dealing with removal let me assure my colleague opposite that they are several attitudes in this constitution that are no completing ourselves look at for example the provision on the Commission on Human Rights and a great injustice in fact even though it is quite comprehensive in in Chapter 15 Act which provides further provision so the question about mover that we are just in an act mr. speaker the man says how when he wishes I will show how good a speaker in any day I want to thank also my colleague I respect a friend honorable to say the toothpaste on I was determined that how not allow integration so an anodized on his feet oh yes we got under me I should have been holding or about yoga on the fact of the matter is that when he says that what he says what he says what he said he couldn't move Google to come in an apartment I want to turn that is the house because the removal of the engine is in the Constitution so if you want to amend you amend them together you don't say that the appointment is misleading I have friends this is a point of debate you have I give you a point if you have a point of debate please give it to your other member if it's a procedural intervention another allowed a farm ignoring all the members on their feet give you how lot you I will be steadfast and say what I have to say blast pika I won't even fair the house I will refer to my honor I want you feather house 2 plus 16 plus if not the constitution of the other pot this is an amendment it says that that the necessity for further amendments so like I said before and I will say again as I said there are many ways to Connecticut we are killing discussed by doing this amendment and then we will look at animals as well so when I turn on a bucolic that we can amend offender by Act of Parliament it has already been a usage by the communities so I see our data committee reports you wouldn't kind of arrest photos via speaker I know today's a busy day let me Rhonda let me run up just by making one point to the speaker we were told here about a cost of democracy is an expensive fake Osman I couldn't agree with him more Thomas has become what is the cost of our time in the boogers what is the cost of the movement we have seen it in this country the cost of not having democracy is have about twelve people who the country it's about people tell us every summer since applause I'm a saint because eleventh generation does not know that mr. G gamma Trina's Wesley person support that cost the cost of important democracy is about a few people being able to dismiss changes at will but the speaker will report here to 0 42 we record banana 0:42 we recall other decrease from the speaker we must be very careful not to not to tell the people of Ghana that so cost in democracy yes democracy across but mr. speaker the cost of not having democracy is a cost than attack only the best I can describe it is referred to the humans who said the distancing was them enough for me thank you very much this is bigger and bolder local center thank you very much mr. speaker the speaker I think the consensus in this house is that we amend our Constitution to provide that this rich chief executives should be elected into office there is consensus on that the speaker from the report of your committee it also appears that there is an agreement that federal steps will be taken so that the election to a district assembly and chief executive positions will or can be on the basis of partisanship with political parties sponsoring candidates it doesn't appear to me that there's any dispute regarding the consensus on these two positions so speaker the only issue is that once we agree on this our actions must be seen to be jet hours achieving these two objectives the argument that I hear on the floor of the house from the minority is that it doesn't appear that strictly speaking in order to deal with the two positions that we have taken amending to for three fests is the best approach the speaker I am going to diverge a little to say that we could actually amend either of them first but to show that we are committed to the two approaches which is this issue should be elected and that they should elected on partisan basis there is something that we ought to have done this amendment because mr. speaker if you look at article 55 – it states and with your permission let me just quote for emphasis because you already know he says that subject to the provision of this article a political party is free to participate in shaping the political will of the people to disseminate information on political ideas social and economic programs of a national character and spawns a candidate for elections to any public office ever done to district assemblies or lower local government units when the speaker this is not the only prohibition to political parties participating in district assembly elections or lower political unit elections article two four eight to four it almost repeats 55:3 and excels in the speaker that a candidate seeking election to a district assembly or any lower local government unit shall present himself to the electorate as an individual and shall not use any symbol associated with any political party and to says a political party shall not endorse sponza offer a platform to or in any way campaign for or against a candidate seeking election to a district assembly or any law a local community so 55:3 has been repeated in article 2 4 8 with Africa if indeed if indeed we are committed to this draw opposition that last half DC is elected but let's also have them elected on partisan basis then we should have started by amending two four eight at this stage we should have composed a – we should have amended two for three and then also two because two for it is not an entrenched provision so this robbery that well amendment that should be taken place at this stage to show our commitment to show our commitment that we are committed to both elections and also elections on partisan basis if we don't amend true for it and we go and then we subsequently amend by deletion 55:3 we will still not be able to cut out elections on the basis of political parties pondering candidate at this with a serious that's not possible because two four eight was open in the way of political parties participating in sponsoring candidates at the district assembly so once I agree then we will start with two four three we will start with two four three but then also if we are committed to polygon parties participating let's add two for it at this stage to the process before we even go to the referendum so the speaker there's a political begin here green the minority support election but we are asking for election along partisan basis [Applause] and we're asking that you should also show commitment to this undertaking that we are making here but also adding to for April amendments and if you did that would be clear from the onset that you are committed to a partisan supported destroy our family elections does the first point the second point is that we appear in our debate to be creating an impression that all we have been doing not having district assemblies at this DC is an MC is a mayor's elected is necessarily a baton and it is not in tandem with democratic principles and values yes mr. speaker the principle is that the street chief executives mayors and MCS should be controlled by the people and vote indirectly body before will place them under the direct control there's no doubt about that and it is a lot of objective and I hear arguments that the majority should decide this current arrangement this current arrangement is to care the danger of majoritarian politics majoritarian politics in our multi-ethnic setting can be a dangerous tracks to peace and stability miss Africa you may have districts with different ethnic composition one of them might just be a majority all the time what will happen is that in a parliamentary election the majority always we and then the candidate our image will be a member of a certain ethnic groups where do some elections you be almost the same thing but this current arrangement allows a leader a presence in Accra to say okay there are three major ethnic groups in this district and so if the material emerges from one admit to balance ensure harmony coexistence and progress let me balanced by elect my also nominated somewhere from a minority ethnic group so that we can live harmoniously among ourselves correlation and unity especially in a multi-ethnic cetera so it's not all together a very battle even though ideally ideally ideally voting directly by the people is also of very high bar for us and we support and encourage it we have speaker second teddy yeah we have also argued that and I just want to reiterate this point we have to amend we have to amend the bill that has been brought to us and your committee has made a proposal and this is the first doodle question a constitutional issue can we in this Parliament on our own amend and add the two for it because there is a proposal by this committee you're committing the speaker that we should amend which amended the bill to add this act shall come into force after the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2020 and in accordance with Clause 1 of article 2 4 6 of the Constitution so a committee is proposing that a new Clause on commencement should be inserted in the bill as follows a new Clause should be inserted as follows and that new Clause relate to a completely different article of the Constitution a completely different article of the Constitution and your committees being you are the committee's recommended that we should add this new clause so in effect based on the recommendation of the committee we're amending the Constitution without going through the procedures that the Constitution has prescribed for amending it and article 2 9 1 states how the Constitution should be amended how and Frank provision should be amended and how none in French provisions were amended this is an on and Trent provision and so for us to amend it economy the Constitution has to come here he has to go to the Council of state the customers that have to advise and then it will come back here – pika if your committee said no we should amend which amend this bill have we referred to the Council of states have we benefited from the advice of the council of safety we have not so on what basis are we going to be able but our own to just reset across amending a constitutional provision would that haven't benefited from the advice of the council of state so this is a very very very serious matter that we should consider procedural and just become a give a ruling on that were on our own we can just amend an in-frame provision by Jeff introducing an amendment to a bill by non-friend provision by just introducing an amendment to a bill was a speaker I take a position that we cannot because in the process we will be denying the Council of state its prowess role in the amendment of a non and French provision of the Constitution the speaker let me reiterate the position of the minority that will support the amendment to the Constitution to allow the switch chief executives report on chief executives and mayor's to be elected by universal adults often we do support that but we also request that this should be doable with the sponsorship and support of political parties given their strategic role in organizing so the good leadership who image to run our country impolitic titles are so important to be able to organize to determine Bush with a number one person the president why why shouldn't they be involved in determine who she will and the one person in a district it is different very important under blooms has become let me support the statement back to caution on these constitutional issues that are have raised and 2l that the bush Minister should reconsider some of the proposals especially those are the committee as the minister should to reconsider some Mr Speaker I think that a constitutional issue that our fridge we have had you it is a matter before us one the Matra is a Robeson Monica let me yes leader the Honourable member said in contributing an ending to the statement before the house a motion on the floor indicates to another people thank you I remember thank you I think you've concluded and I'll call on I was about to conclude in my support for the motion every move by the Attorney General but once I actually the Attorney General moved emotion she made statements and so the statements were the one that I was referring to our Minister for Logan yes we are with Nokia with so what Thank You mr. speaker Mr Speaker I rise to support the motion ever moved by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and commend the committee report and pray that the house would adopt the committee's report mr. speaker election of MMD see is is an issue that I think both sides of the house are talked about and debated Margaret Baucus entre given me mixed guidance as to ethnicity and taking care of minorities as I was under the impression that we are all in agreement that there should be election of mmm disease mr. speaker the constitutional review committee commended on that ganya's want to see the election am MDC's elected and indeed the president of the republic rezulin ocupado appeared at the constitutional committee and he did make this statement at the constitutional review committee both parties in our manifestos I've dedicated that we want to see our embassies elected so I want to say that we are all in agreement with that and even the motion today should not deter us from concentrating on what we had earlier on agreed to do just 2015 the sec report also indicated that yes susan i percent of daniels want to see their mmm disease elected in 2017 CDD after a barometer report indicated a massive 80% of Daniels were to Syria mm DC's elected so the government the president government is listening to the people while the people are requesting and we are seeking to meet the aspirations of the people by putting in place there are men men systems to allow for election of mmm Jesus Mr Speaker we have had different people talk to our freedom talking about a referendum they've had before the horse or the horse before they can indeed election of MMD see is isn't a different area article 2 for 3 it provides us the President shall appoint with prior approval of two-thirds majority of Assembly members present and voter ID because if the five three that they are talking about that was quoted if I may refer to it it talks about what is on participation and it talks about parties concerned both parties both are candidates for election to any public office an adult adjusted assemblies or no one local government yes it doesn't mention this refers languages it doesn't so think about it in strict interpretation we could have this referendum and why I'm going to quarter still say that just a chief executives that is not affected by this room right by this magical 55:3 because at the computer factory talks about district elections and mmm DC were not subject matter of district level elections yeah so we have to create a ground put in place situated as an electable area so that when article 55 three is passed they will not have it covers mmm DC is it covers the street it come as no one units like the unit committees assembly that will have any other material other than elected under Pappas I see in the 55 you've got a strict interpretation and forty said that this does not affect a president can still avoid disease mr. speaker 2 4 3 1 we are asking for 241 to be amended as a principle that this house is committed to election of mmm Jesus send that message clear signal the people somatically the granules that the house is ready for election of mmm disease and we want you to go further the next day in December by working a resounding yes at the referendum to allow us to have a partisan election of our assembly members of our committee members and of our district chief executives it's a principle that we have to adopt and move forward mr. speaker 243 is talking about removal of the dystrophy facilities definitely if a district chief as negative is going to be alleged move because the process is no longer there pointing at all authority so the President cannot remove the dist the district chief integrity but we are bringing 243 one who get our two four three amended this end up just lies in the bosom of the south to send a signal and all the other methods become consequential legislations he's talked about to 4-h there before Baku Central has mentioned article two for it yes a tooth to for it is a Korean partisanship but so long as we have an untrained Clause ethical 55:3 that is and I'm trying to Australian that there should be no in this election we cannot go ahead and I meant to for it to want to alter the referendum exercise as they complete that is the key we we cannot we cannot bring to this house to for it to be amended this has to know a mention for it because we are bound by Article five five three that tells us is that there is no partisanship so two four eight can only be amended after the referendum has taken place mr. speaker that's not only the MP also indicated that first internment we should we could have all the elections together with Parliament and all that let's reflect our minds to ethical cube for since one of the Constitution that provides that this eleven elections must take place six months after parliamentary elections so we cannot do that now at any point in time the house is minded and it's for discussions for the tools for their us to discuss we think that this is the best way to go again we can discuss if I don't want to do that that it will require an amendment of two forces my character to for success this is eleven elections and murdered a and Palmetto elections should be six miles apart through a bad idea and that's what comes in the commencement the commencement freeze the First Amendment is not adding to the Constitution it's just to say that we are putting this on translational measure when we were to add it to the Constitution is a transitional measure to say that we are amending this given the signal to the people for the referendum after the referendum there are so many other laws constitutional provisions that we should amend to 14 is one about the appointment of Jesus who have to amend that to for eight who have to amend it to four three three two four three two and again who have how's discussion as to what how do we want our mm pieces to be removed to be the same as parties as empties she'll be the same as how we remove our MPs we have to discuss that and I put in the right measure is not a matter of the meeting the president's removal delivered the true test of district assemblies we have to replace it because there should be a system where MMD cease to be a should can be removed so the special legislation that will come in place and to talk about sovereignty of the conscience Mr Speaker we recall that the partition was a text it was written before we sent it today to the people to vote on get to vote on a referendum will recall that we don't go to the people to say vote on the Constitution when there was no text it was a text and it was voted on so this principle in 2 for 3 is to be established so that language has our friend room then we know that their friend and uncovers this with assembly members it covers unity committee members it covers district chief executives speaker they're the friend who definitely is looking at 2:43 is looking at election of mmm decency the consent is how but if this one passes and the other one doesn't pass well my answer to that is that if we passes we have to go out and work hard and ensure that article 5 5 3 is also amended in the sense that we get our grassroots people to go at the vote at the referendum and a show that is voted for in a friend enterprise therefore the person must stand out 75% has votes yes so that's a different field altogether Sellafield so this is a signal that we are sending out to the people Parliament is ready less than a second and I appeal to all of us man McGirt may not appeal to all of us let's amend this law send that signal out to the Gandia public that we've had 13 years of our decentralization system wilson benefits of it is prayer development in our district in our rural areas but we want to go the next step the next step is chilling in that governor's gap by providing for election of our mm DC's by providing for elections of our mmm enhance participation of our citizenry in the emblem has a more functional relationship with our citizens and the local level than given at the top so let's send a signal out if we work positively today to amend this bill then we can take some consolation that advocacy from the 5/3 will accordingly be amended and then we'll have our mm Jesus elected on the partisan basis miss Africa don't see any contradiction in this regard see any contradiction we are sending out this message this signal this light in our grocery the referendum is beyond us so let's turn off this trigger and then they'll be friend whom we can get mobilize and get people to vote for it Mr Speaker I never fall on the house to vote to vote massively behind the to test that's what hundred percent yeah but amendment Thank You mr. speaker yes my leadership speaker let me thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the motion emblem moved by the Leonard Attorney General that article 241 of the 1992 Constitution be amended to allow for the elective principle of metropolitan district chief executive male speaker there seem to be a national consensus with consensus is in support of the electric principle America we need to appreciate two dimensions one the history of decentralization in Ghana is one that can be traced in 1988 year and this will go to seven at the time that it was established those there were no political parties in Ghana and political parties were bad therefore we did not have the opportunity as a country to contribute to an reaching that aspect of the Constitution grants pika when I speak away on this side and I want to affair our colleagues even though you have significant majority you do not have the numbers constitutionally require without the cooperation and support of the minority advise them to engage and consult product so that we can build a national consensus on this matter American biography article 291 of the Constitution the African article to 91 and probably as you begin with ethical 289 which provides for amendment to the Constitution and to 892 says this constitution shall not be amended by an act of Parliament or altered whether directly or indirectly unless America 2-night one with just with learn and trend provisions of the Constitution provides an article two nine one trail where parliament approved a bill it may only be presented to the president for his assent it was approved at the second and Terry or in Parliament by the hoods of at least two tales of the members of parliament therefore there is an onerous positional obligation that you must reach out and engage for all of us to build a national consensus on this matter so when you yell a shout when you yell and shout we can help you defeated if we do not support it we can help you defeat it but as a speaker anybody who believes in devolution of power and anybody who believes in deeper decentralization deeper accountability within the decentralized system will accept to the principle of an elected Metropolitan chief executive the speaker was admitting that politics can be a Agnew centric and that can pose a danger to minority groups we need to find answers as to how to resolve some of these issues and more importantly mr. speaker the matter of winner takes away all much of it and people are reset and we will contributed to the answer vigilantism and many of the killers that we are introducing this will also cure that particular defect marykarmelina refer you to your committee's report and in particular I'm quoting from paragraph 6.2 and chairman of the committee you may want to note even in your report you jump from paragraph four point three to four point five to four point seven when you are concluding you have to make consequential Corrections your report in page two from paragraph four point three I see five point four four point five addressing four point four and then in your head is where your stakeholder consultations you have you are as – pika I was cotton paragraph six point two improperly position any reads the committee America's ongoing processes to amend other provisions of the Constitution to give full effect to a proposed amendment for instance the committee knows that they're billed to a man article 55 3 of the she is ready for a referendum in December 2019 America this is my emphasis again the state attorneys of the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice inform the committee that processes have already initiated to feather amend relevant clauses of article 2 4 3 on the Constitution initiative attorneys and I miss you and the committee are agreeing that article 2 4 3 1 has been presented to this house now is not exhaustive it's inadequate is narrow is limited and does not serve their purposes by your own committee report America honourable member for who raised a critical issue of procedure whether or not this Parliament is closed with a mandate and authority to begin the process of amendment of the Constitution with a speaker we are respectfully refer you to article 11 of the 1992 Constitution to elucidate my point Emira speaker article 11 the loss of ghana article 11 provides for those of those events were stated constitutional interpretation and I know the Attorney General do as well mr. speaker the hierarchy of the laws and therefore the hierarchy of the laws is established in article 11 it says an organic shall comprise this constitution the Gulag Mr Speaker I there I you cannot use an act of Parliament to amend the Constitution unless you follow the processes elaborated in article 2 9 1 of the Constitution so those he came to seek amendment to article 2 4 3 1 male speaker as I speak before this house Parliament before the Council of State we know of only one proposed amendment article 2 4 3 1 therefore this house in my view have no mandate to proceed two to four three two and two four three three and the speaker a little too for tray of the Constitution and it provides and I quote with a speaker for our purposes article 2 for tray provides and I read the office of District Attorney shall become the country in a vote of no-confidence supported by the voice of knowledge and to tears of all the members of the distance under is passed against him it anticipated that he was brought in by elected Assemblyman now he will be brought in by universal adult suffrage you are a man you only Article 2 4 3 1 and we are silent on to entry Attorney General this is a constitutional inadequacy we are pointed out to you if you go further with a speaker there was a brilliant article written by Linson and professor michael quick decentralization with our political parties missing a micro pig well we do provide a micro pig at a time the Honourable member for Boca Center we also have raised an argument about article 55 and we are being told that which you go out and force the speaker I had honourable minister for real ways and let him be reminded that in article 1 of this constitution sovereignty resides in their people and therefore there is nothing new that sovereignty sovereignty resides in the people of Ghana and is for them to whom you exercise any authority that one is a speaker if you come to article 55 trade the speaker is not for nothing that the Constitution provides to work weeks if you are imagine an entire provision go to the people to and referendum the refrain your question has not been decided so the question we will post is assuming you go to the referendum and it fills what happens to this amendment now you are carrying out to call sovereignty resides in the people that people may decide otherwise you cannot determine so me last week uh we on this side we on this side our support this amendment is conditional conditional to the fact that elect this is but elect them on partisan lines that is a principle we would support and that is a principle we will work with pika pika pika as we seek amendment to article 55 train 55 train and it has become I want to be 55 3 against 2 for 8 and it has weakened this is what article 2 5 3 article to 50 55 3 provides there has become because we got 55:3 provided subjective a provision of this article a political party is free to participate in shaping the political will of the people to designate information on political ideas social and economic programs of a national character and sponsor candidates for election to any public office I got them to district assembly election yes because the pretense must end all of se anodic understanding political party support district assembly elections in Ghana to understand Li is provided in the constitutional review report and I can read portion of it for you terminal speaker Dupree supports a mental confusion I love a popular election of these years but do it on the principle of partisanship that we will support without that mr. speaker it may be typical support a bill a speaker let me share let me show the the Commission observe that one of the key institutional variation in local government important development at world is the issue of whether political parties have a place in local elections so in resolving this question Leonard Attorney General let's resolve the issue as a country whether political parties have a role in local elections in country such as lack of working and Nigeria Senegal and South Africa they work on the basis of partisanship in other countries such as Canada the provisional government you may not have the same situation even with Uganda so Mr Speaker we support the principle and that is a major policy shift for our political party and that is consistent with what the wishes of the Ghanaian people are I then add that we support elektra principle we support that there be elected we need to find answers to the winner take away all but as was questioned by the member for Boko central in some cultures and in so societies and in some parts of Ghana you may not be able to manage issues of representation if other groups dominates the electoral process of the election of the DCA and that can lead to political exclusion and that can undermine the unity and question of our country and therefore Mr Speaker we should take that in addition but because certain Authority recommendations were made and nothing it 8 1 2007 was passed there were no political parties in Ghana and therefore it did not benefit from this debate male speaker finally let me conclude on article 2 4 8 so Leonard Attorney General and as co-sponsors of this true for it provides a candlestick in relation to district assemble or any lower local government unit shall present himself to the electric as an individual and shall not use any symbol associated with any political party it goes further into for a to a birthday party shall not end or sponsor and as I said we do it clandestinely we do and we must accept it so to cure it let it be done on partisan basis so Miller speaker let me remind my colleagues that this is not one amendment for with your majority is enough to work away which be reminded and the speaker is one I read article to 9 1 of the Constitution also refer to the report of the committee we say that amendments are already on the way practical to for trade that is not known to this house that is not known to the castle of day and we cannot proceed further when we are not comprehensively to do with article two four three two and three article two four seven article 2 for a and all the consequential amendment which is contingent on a referendum when a speaker and polymers remind yourself that the people are gonna have some responsibility to determine the referendum question on article 55 trade it's only fair and proper that we defer to the referendum question or we add an additional question to the referendum which person will be that do you want a partisan local government system where will you get a say added to your pending question so Mr Speaker we are proposing that an additional two not just being a member of article 55 trade there should be an additional question whether granule people accept election based on partisan lines or not to call mr. speaker in acquisition if you report a majority of ghanians were in favor others were against the principle somila speaker let me conclude by thanking you and thanking the Attorney General and say that we do not find the amendment to article 2 4 3 1 alone sufficient and adequate it needs to be done comprehensively with other provisions of 2 for trade and it must work through the same elaborate constitutional process defined in article 2 9 1 of the Constitution – pika let Agana people be told that nobody on this side or in the NDC is against an elective principle of mmm disease what we have said is that further engage or consult or we help you give a terminal case to this proposed constitutional amendment by diffusion or to go with you it lies within our right but we should be looking at deeper accountability mr. speaker this will also have resolved a complete conflict between disease and empties when the Iowa office nanika also been around for this Ridge effective and that may minimize conflict somila speaker thank you for the opportunity and I think that we have raised a main constitutional issues that means the – prayer response of the Attorney General thank you my dirty leadership Thank You mr. Speaker I rise in support of the motion every move by the Eternity one the Minister for justice just bigger to begin with I think that we all agree that our district as relatives must be elected and we all agree that we must be elected on partisan basis there are two processes that have been set in motion to ensure that we elect the chief executives in the first place and also to emphasize that we are elected on partisan basis the speaker Watson before us now is article 2 4 3 1 an amendment to the particular article and the amendment of article 2 4 3 1 will make it possible for us to elect our representatives first by universal adult suffrage and then the referendum that is to be held in December will add flavor to it by ensuring if the people of Ghana agree to the proposal of amending article 53 55 3 then we can elect our chief executives on partisan basis the speaker we are seeking to empower the people of Dan granules elect presidents and since 1992 unions have been electing presidents granules have been electing members of parliament unions have been elected Assembly members and unions have been electing unit committee members but there was a gap one of the principal offices in our governance system which is the dispatchable Socrates is appointed by the President and now we have a consensus we are agreeing with the president that the provision in our Constitution should be knocked down and the power given to the people so that the deficit that we have in our democracy or governance is our quest writing I'm happy that all of us in this house agreeable on those principles mr. speaker all the political parties in the country also subscribe to the election of the church as a catalyst and civil society organizations with a majority of well-meaning majority of Daniels support this exercise Ghana seems to be all when it comes to election of Mayors or chief executives or local government officials we are becoming an island we did the sub-regional in Africa because in almost all countries chief executives are elected directly by the people began without ourselves as the for parents of four bells of democracy in Africa but we have this deficit and it's important that we address it modesta colleagues on the other side have real issues about some of the articles in our Constitution as to whether we are putting the cart before the horse or the horse before the hands as the minority chip we alluded to the speaker if you amend article 243 1 then the power has been given to the people to elect then we go further to amend at the referendum article 55 3 then you are adding the introduction of partisanship into the election of the district chief executives so we think that the sequence is to first introduce the elective principle and then you add universal adult suffrage then you go on to enable political parties to participate in the process by amending article 55 3 yes figure these articles or provisions in the Constitution 243 impact across cross stream and the speaker agrees with your permission I read the office of the district if a secretive shall become vacant if a vote of no-confidence supported by the booth of not less than two tales of the of all the members of the district assembly is pass against him or be he is removed from office by the President or see he resigns orders the speaker the committee has given indications that there are processes in motion to ensure that this provision other provisions amended subsequently but Mr Speaker if you amend article 243 one today and we say you have introduced the elective principle and you a main article 243 three what we must remember is that the tenure of office of the chief executives will end sometime in 2021 if you amend this battle proposition what it means is that even if there is an errant chief executive between now if we pass the amendment today between now until when the attempt ends the president can attach them the district assembly members can also not pass a vote of no confidence in them that is why the amendment of such a provision must wait because now there are the appointees of the president and the president must reserve the power to terminate your appointment if you take the power out away from the president now what it means is that Bettina and nests or our Julius when we elect the chief a relative's then the president will be disabled to act when we do that male speaker we agree we agree that article 247 article 246 to article 248 must all give way but I cannot be immediate it cannot be immediate for the reasons that I have given article 248 in particular seems to prescribe political party participation in local government elections you have another article which this and train to 48 is not and train so you must first go after the entrance provision and come back because if the entrance provision that we are seeking to amend fills but for me fills and every friend on then what is the use of amending 248 valina with that we have been made so just little oil before me please so meet mr. speaker for us the serpents on the chronology is that we are meant to 43 1 fests we are made at about 55 3 to make it partisan than all other prohibitive provisions in the Constitution subsequent you follow it in that respect Mr Speaker I support the motion I'm most grateful I love members there's no disagreement in principle ones we are good in principle our responsibility as a group is to work together to ensure that what we are doing principle that's happened but we are doing that we look the question today in view of the Finance Minister coming to meet the media of Europe so I will defer the question yes or no valina speaker believe you are right a depreciating medium we are green by giving what you have to do today and the fact that we may have to run this through a signal balance you take quite a while to complete the process because we have to have the media review all the budgets with tons we wrote down and possibly do tomorrow the day after but we'll have to have some some discussions amongst ourselves on the way for the government say that who sent the divorce down and then attend to the yeah thank you very much very well passing on the motion number eight effect yes or not majority leader what the majority leader indicated the main reason for an assembled here it's for minister for finance to present to this house the mid-year review of the budget statement and economic policy of the government of Ghana which is the supplementary ask me that's because the Minister for finance is with us in in your lobby and I assumed that we would be walking in together with their Majority Leader to present the media we are reading for the finance minister and I think that our focus should be that principle business of the media review of the budget we want to know the state of the economy and the speed of the Guardian people true info panel members mr. speaker will take this yes honourable member for a purpose I thought you on your feet to catch my pajamas burger I was on my feet to attend to a private hole but very well the last time you get your feet big that's it I don't want to give it to me that all right dad I don't want to get you down in any kitchen the speaker we we are ready to take the motion set out on the other people I didn't do that is the the order be pardoned the approval of the media review the statement and economic policy permits and supplementary estimates for 2019 financial I believe that machine itself a little problem but I believe it will be appropriately addressed at the end of the day because was a speaker when immediate regime of a budget statement is brought resources from them formation of this house it really does not require approval commissars but a supplementary estimate will require the approval of reserves unfortunately is being contained I am saying that when we get there what we get a speaker after the motion is moved you know what to do what is the focus danyoung people have been with private sector businesses ordinary Italians you are talking procedure what did you advertise here you go supplementary estimates so Mira speaker he was a minister if you are here for media review would you take the formal statements as you did in the past we are reading if you are action for supplementary improve our access to do what is needful constitutional thank you the speaker so are ready for you item and then do on the other paper Minister for finance

Maurice Vega

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