Election night 2012 unfolds on CNN

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hawaii where he was born?!!! Yeah like Trump's father was born in New York and not Germany! Give me a break liberal media.

  2. Man 2012 was the last friendly election year. 4 years later 2016 had a really mean one and 2018 was even worse.

  3. I seriously cannot picture trump conceding to his opponent if he were to lose in 2020, he would probably bitch about it on twitter and mock them on TV.

  4. I typically lean Democratic but for whatever reason I voted for Romney at the time. I suppose I had some reasoning for whatever I was going through then? I can’t help but think though if he got elected Trump most likely would have been avoided

  5. I was a freshman in high school during this election. It defined pretty much the rest of my year. And honestly, I shouldn't have cared. I was only 14 and could make no impact. But if I could've voted for anyone, I would've voted for Obama because Kendrick Lamar was kinda right about Mitt Romney not having a good heart.

  6. I go to this and the new election and it’s funny. salty people from both sides. Good people from both sides too.

  7. Won over 50% of the popular vote in both presidential elections. Obama would have definitely won a 3rd term if he could have run.

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