ELECTION MEMES 2019 (very funny 😂👌)

Here comes Modi! Modi! Everyone say —
JAI SHREE RAM Congrtulations to BJP. They won the 2019 Elections. People ask what has BJP done in the past 5 years. I dont know much about politics,
so I won't comment on that. But I know for sure, that the Indian Meme community has evolved a lot in the last 5 years. And as a result, we are going to see some nice spicy memes collected by my intern Timothy Also as i said, Im not very much into politics So in this video I wont support
either the left wing or the right wing. You need both wings to fly an aeroplane right? So in this video, I'll make fun of both the wings, so that I lose subscribers from both sides! So without any further ado… Timothy, Put that video! "We wont be cheated,
we'll bring the Congress government" "Whoever is an anti-national in India,
ur mom gay" Stop this! This song is stuck in my head (hums the song) ur mom's …. ur mom's blessings. JAI SHREE – – – "This year in elections they have spent
2600 crore rupees." "That means that they are buying the media.
Say that they are buying the media with Rs.2600 crore." The thought behind this meme was good, but… Please use a new meme This is like a 10 year old meme (Modi Ji's controversial statement
about radars and clouds) A cloud-radar joke, everybody. Why am I making this video? 🙁 I actually like losing subscribers
that is why Im making this video. Ok I've seen this meme. Its brilliantly edited. Haha I love this meme This Ajmal guy made it. This is what im saying! The Indian meme community has developed a lot! "Sister's pu**y, I want Modi" What passion! People voted for Modi with this passion!
That's why he won. Did anyone vote for Congress with such passion ??? Now it's too late. You lost your chance. This was the last elections to happen in India. Now Modi government will be here forever! (A scene from the new movie about
our PM Narendra Modi) "People's jobs have disapperaed." "Everything has disappeared" "Even the voice of our PM has disappeared!" (A clip from Modi's press conference,
where he was silent throughout.) "Why do these BJP people
call Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu' 😠😠😠?" "Why do these BJP people
call Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu' 😠😠😠?" You can feel the pain in his emotions. from now on I'll never call Pappu… I mean I wont call Rahul Gandhi Pappu again. (Indian TV news spreading pro-Modi propaganda) This feels a bit too much.
Why do they promote him so much? I understand Modi Ji is great, no doubt … but this too much. (Ileana ka garam peshab = Ileana's warm urine.)
(Yes, it's a meme) Politics may divide people, but Ileana's warm urine brings people together. This is nice.
I also have electile disfunction. "But being in the center is also taking a side, Saiman" Baby, there is no one at home. Should I come over? No Why babe? Because only Modi will come. *curses in Marathi* Ok I think that's it for today Can not take this anymore Again, Im not taking any sides, Im just having fun. *** wait for it ***

Maurice Vega

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  2. Bet all indians can relate 8:05, 8:51 when you're having the best day of your life in a party and you dance like crazy and everyone else around you is just lost and looking at your akwardly

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