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I've spoken to Democrats and I said to them look we can't go on with this gridlock it's gone run for so many years it's gone on for so many years they can't get together we're gonna get together and I believe they want to get together you know why because it's time and the people are angry they're angry and they're gonna get together we're gonna make joint decisions we are and the nice part our victory was so great we have the house we have the Senate and we have the president but on some of the greatest business people in the world one of the network said why he put on a billionaire at Commerce well that's cuz this guy knows how to make money folks knows how to make money I'd like to put on a guy that failed all his life but we don't want that do we no they I mean I put on a killer and I I've been honest I said I am gonna be putting on the greatest killers you've ever seen so he's not gonna pick a loser Willie he's no welcome back to Morning Joe it's Friday December 7th he's enjoying doing that yes that's what he does don't you miss what else would he do this dude he missed it this thing that is his thing still with us as you can see managing editor of Bloomberg politics more Caltrain The Huffington Post Sam Stein MSNBC political correspondent Casey hunt the Washington Post David Ignatius and join the conversation former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former governor of Pennsylvania at Rendell and oh it's a president comments an associate out of the Washington Post Eugene Robinson Wow okay so let's go let's go to Ed Rendell right now and you know about making deals when you hear Donald Trump talking about we're gonna make deals we're gonna we're gonna work with the other side we're gonna bring the other side together you're skeptical or you think it can happen I think you can happen on a certain number of things where there's not an ideological divide so for example when we've talked about infrastructure I think both sides want to see some real progress on infrastructure right I think the question is how to pay for it I think we can work that out and that's an important challenge tax reform mr. Munsen sounded like you wanted to do both individual tax reform and corporate tax reform I think everyone's in favor of that the question is what happens to the money is saved does it go to reduce the debt does it go to stimulate the economy does it go to other programs so there are areas I think we're Democrats will be willing to work with the new president if he does what he says he's gonna do Gene Robinson what do you think this guy that obviously knows Chuck Schumer's contributed money to him contributed money to a lot of Democrats in fact it's more comfortable socially around we didn't say Paul Ryan is there any reason for Americans doubt that maybe this Congress and this president get it right Mary as it passed have not well if there's always hope you know I think ed rendell mentioned infrastructure we all talk about infrastructure how everybody agrees that that that we need a big infrastructure push so my question is how do you get the Republicans in the House to go along with that how do you get them to spend the money Jean is well yeah why price what Trump is gonna do is he'll well run them over if he has to look I think most Democrats yeah I've talked to a lot of Democrats who said but you know infrastructure bring it on we're all in favor of it so maybe he does it that way and just counts on non public support and goes out and has a bunch of rallies of the administration let's talk about though that's for very raw feelings that still exists given the election because that also can get in the way of progress we've got this post mortem session of the 2016 presidential campaign that turned into a shouting match at Harvard as top strategist from both the Clinton and Trump campaigns debated over how president elect Trump pulled off his victory on election day the session was a thing they do all the time every time part of a two-day forum that Harvard has sponsored in the wake of every presidential election since 1972 operatives from nearly all the primary and general election campaigns along with many of the journalists who covered them attended one of the most raw and emotional exchanges between Hillary Clinton's campaign director of communications Jen Palmieri and Trump campaign manager Kelly and Conway over whether Trump encouraged racism in his campaign if providing a platform for white-supremacist makes me brilliant student stress a brilliant tactician a shame glad to have lost and wanted hell it give me a minute David when I am more proud of Hillary Clinton's alright speech than any other moment on the campaign because I had the courage to stand up I would rather lose than win the way you guys did my proud proudest moments of her it's her standing up and saying with courage and clarity in Steve bandhans own words and Donald Trump's own words the platform that they gave to white supremacist white nationalists and it is a very very important moment and our history is our country you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform you're gonna look me in the face and tell me that it did for the white working-class voters you think this woman who has nothing in common with anyone but over 200 counties that President Obama won and Donald Trump just won you think that's because of what you just said or because people aren't ready for a woman president really how about it's Hillary Clinton she doesn't connect with heat people how about they have nothing in common with her you had no economic message besides I should tell you're angry but Wow I mean it's hash tag he's you're the resident how's that a hundred times on TV they're all here maybe a thousand times will he accept the election results will he accept will you will you ever accept the election oh it's really will you tell your post protesters he's their president too that's just not the way to do it it's just now if you know what if you're if you're not going to be able to handle yourself this early and I certainly understand just don't do it this the country doesn't need it certainly the kids watching that does don't need it it's really it's unfortunate win with grace you just don't go there and by the way and if you're on the other side accept defeat with grace or just don't go see what happened what led up to this because this did get to a point where it's just sort of cringe-worthy on both sides both making good points but kind of lost in the ugliness of it this is completely out of character with how these forums have gone in the past the tone people who have participated in them before say it's usually really set by the winners in 2012 when Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama David Axelrod and one of Romney's top strategists met during one of the breaks and he invited her to come speak at the Institute of Politics that's usually how these things play out I think this one the Clinton campaign had such visceral emotion and the Trump campaign I think really felt you know to somewhat understandably that they have not been given the credit for what they managed to pull off and I think the Clinton team came in there essentially to try and defend Hillary Clinton's honor the the message I took away from them is that they think she lost largely because of sexism racism and James Comey I didn't hear a lot of introspection from them about that economic message that Kellyanne was talking about but at the same time the tone is just still so raw and so reflective of how this campaign went I'm not sure that we got the the usual kind of pulling back the lens here's the history of it we got another episode ed Rendell I did Pennsylvania flip because after voting for Barack Obama two times suddenly they woke up in 2016 and said you know we're racists were bigots were misogynist or you know or is it just the fact that 200 counties that went from Barack Obama eight years ago went for Donald Trump now and that either had something to do with Donald Trump or it had something to do with Hillary Clinton but if they voted for Obama eight years ago it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with racism no absolutely not it didn't and we didn't lose in Pennsylvania because of racism actually more important point was or Pennsylvanians ready to vote for a woman president or this woman president interestingly Hillary Clinton lost about 50,000 votes Katey beginning about 90,000 but the three Democratic row officer candidates Attorney General Auditor General state treasurer all one by an average of 250 which means a lot of probably Democrats walked into the polls didn't vote for either of the two women did vote for the man and voted for the men in fairly big numbers in governor how many times you know this how many times as a woman won statewide in Pennsylvania for a major office or only once we have that no women governor no woman senator and we have no women congressman hey Casey you were in the room last night for the full three hours we just heard of workout especially heated there was there any discussion or any admission from the Clinton side of hey maybe we made a mistake not going to Wisconsin for example or that their polling was wrong in an election Eve did they talk at all about tactical and strategic errors they may have made they acknowledged it a little bit kind of blew through it I would say they said hey if we could go back again sure maybe we would have gone to Wisconsin they also pointed out rightly that the margins were very narrow in these places and that any one prescription that everyone has been offering put Bernie Sanders on the ticket talk a little bit more about economics any one of those things might have made the difference here I will say to what the governor was just saying there was a very interesting and extended discussion about this idea that so many people said the American people are ready for a woman but just not this woman and Mandy Grunwald who has worked for the Clintons for decades said you know what look I understand that that's what people think but when I look at numbers for women candidates the hurdle is are they strong enough do the numbers show that and are they ready to be commander-in-chief and she said when you look at Hillary Clinton's numbers on those things she actually reads like a man if her name wasn't on the top of the sheet you might think it was a male candidate she said I've also elected six women to the Senate and I don't know when we're gonna see another candidate who shares those attributes that Hillary Clinton has built over a lifetime of service so I do think there is some you know yes you can talk about sexism in the broad sense but there's some very real data that that backs up this idea that there were real challenges there for Clinton because she was a woman except for the fact Eugene Robinson she had a lower honest and trustworthy number you know then Donald Trump that had absolutely nothing do with the fact know that she was a woman it had to do with the fact that she just couldn't get it straight on servers and the Clinton Foundation and without stuff mattered mattered every single day of her campaign was she was being hammered from another side in those numbers just collapsed well she was she was in that sense she was kind of fighting out of a whole run entire campaign and just just didn't quite get over the top I mean you know we did we do I know it doesn't count but she did get about 2.5 million more votes Donald Trump got so it's not that she did so terrible it's just that she didn't win and she said she didn't win in the Rust Belt that's more of an economic issue I think than anything else and you know was there a clear and coherent hopeful economic message from the Democratic Party I think you have to say that there was not there was I would argue that there wasn't a terribly coherent message from Donald Trump but it was a hopeful economic message and it clearly connected with enough people in the in enough of the right places you know that whole event at Harvard sounds it sounded like a really really bad morning on Morning Joe you know it's already after the show there never is a bad day at Morning Joe but the last time you on here yes I will say you said congratulations this is the worst episode of morning Joe ever in the nine year history it was very bad it was really awful I think did your mother tell you to say that no okay I'm just I can make my own thoughts really yeah really yes can you lift a hammer no I can I can ask you a question about this panel I think it's an important media question okay that one of the things that they said is the cutting people said is that because there was such an assumption that she would win right that the media scrutinized her and focused on her in a way that they never focused on Trump I wonder it's not like that's true no that's just that's one of the stupidest things that I've heard my life not from you but I'm saying that analysis again I have been challenging some media school maybe Colombia will do this you actually study and do what they do it every other campaign and let's see how many articles about Donald Trump are positive how many articles about Donald Trump were negative and then compare those with Hillary Clinton the numbers may not agree first they will be historically negative now the bigger her neck against on New York Times I think did that work sure they broke stories but it was so one-sided as for as and of course the media will say well there were more bad things right about Donald Trump but no it was overwhelmingly negative the media climate was so negative that Mark Halperin was actually called a lap dog by a columnist in the Washington Post because he simply said Donald Trump had a chance to get elected is that a dog whistle if you want to see how badly served the American people were by the media over 2016 just look at how the media responded the last two weeks to the few people that said Trump had a chance to win they were called lap dogs they were called unrealistic who's the guy there's this ABC correspondent on Saturday that you Sunday that used to work for Bush if you ever suggested a doubt and the doubt guy if you ever suggested the Donald Trump had a chance to win he would fire off ten nasty missives and it really was that way around the internal you have other ABC correspondent who's actually given to the Clinton Foundation who never receives any crew it's just sort of interesting the bias I mean seriously think of all the correspondents and anchors who've gone to visit the Obamas at Martha's Vineyard or all these little friendships that develops that they don't call friendships because they're objective I'm just saying it people need to keep it real so so is so now if you talk to that it over the New York Times who talked to that under the Washington Post they would tell you that Donald Trump is the worst creature that's ever walked on the face of the earth and the coverage has to be overwhelmingly negative but if they want to know why they woke up the morning after the election and had no idea what was happening it's because they were disconnected from America yeah I I said it on the show when I went out to a wedding and where was it in Scranton Pennsylvania I didn't have to go to Scranton Pennsylvania to know Donald Trump had a great chance of winning I just had to go to the target west of Nyack get out of Nayak I had to go to a target for a reason I walked in target and five minutes after being in the target I looked around and I called Mika and I said I think Donald Trump's gonna win I went to Jacksonville Florida here and I listen I know the state of Florida I know how conservative it is I walked through the airport I got in my rental car I drove 30 miles to see my mom I saw Trump yard signs all over the place I saw people wearing shirts I saw bumper stickers I called Mika I said it's all anecdotal but I've got to tell you everything I'm seeing anecdotal when I get outside of New York City tells me Donald Trump's gonna win well and and so I when 60-40 show from and Mark Halperin said that from light lying about them and suddenly it's it's it's blasphemy and we must be lapdogs for don't I'm sorry fact I called him a racist about 20 times during the campaign I'll give you that I think what and I think thank you for giving me that did the hammer I'm just saying no no no I think it's an important discussion I push back and I'm not saying I agree with this is that if you have an expectation that she's gonna win then you have to sort of try to find some critical coverage of her in a proportion to the expectation that she will win and what these clinton what the clone defenders look at is they look at the page the front page of New York Times the day that call me letter came out right with three main stories on top of the page about the new investigation and then they look at the exoneration letter yeah next day days later or a week later and it was not much it was like a column or something I I didn't they look at that and they say well the the proportionality of the coverage based on the seriousness of the issue is maybe off and that's where they come we can do a lot of retrospective on the campaign coverage which was as always imperfect I think the bigger question now for the Republic is what happens when people write big good investigative stories about Donald Trump the Washington Post did many the New York Times to me they seem to have no impact at least on his support I know and that's a little worse and that's that's the question is if you do investigative journalism yeah and it doesn't impact what people think of the person who said well you know why I'm do you know why because it's all white noise yeah because if you call Donald Trump a fascist or a Nazi or you know what let's just take examples of what happened this week right so Donald Trump puts out a tweet he talks about criminalizing flag-burning let's just take that part of it and everybody there's hair their hair is on fire and then Hillary oh my god this is the worst thing ever this is use emojis of prep you fascist I'll tell you he was a proto-fascist and then you walk out of the studio and somebody goes oh hey you know that Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton in 2006 co-sponsored the bill yeah to looking at criminalize flag burning right not saying it's the same thing he went beyond that by saying it's stripped citizenship which has been unconstitutional for 60 years but there's never context provided it's just Donald Trump is a Nazi yeah and if you hear that every day and you're in Scranton Pennsylvania or if you're in Pensacola Florida you're gonna go it's that and it's all but it's that but it's also Trump has run a very effective year-long campaign demonizing the media – I mean he and I think that has life Act but David Ignatius if the media told Americans the Donald Trump had a 1% chance of being a winning the Republican nomination and then they told the media they told Americans that he only had a 15% ceiling and then even late into November they were saying he only had like a 20% ceiling and even after he started winning primaries they were saying Marco Rubio was gonna still win the nomination this was like this is all historical record they were Marco Rubio was out of the race and the New York Times upshot was still saying Marco Rubio was gonna win the Republican nomination I'm not even saying that to be funny but if you get it wrong as consistently as the media has gotten it wrong then at some point Americans just turn off the media they could say they stop listening to us I you know Joe I think there's no question that what was perceived as the elite media's bias against Trump by a lot of his supporters deepened their support for him and I think that will look at this just as Clinton supporters will look at what happened and will assess how he how he covered politics all that introspection doesn't go to the real the heart of the matter which is can President Trump take this incredibly divided country and pull it together yeah that's the thing that I you know watching him on his victory tour there moments you think he really wants to that he wants to be liked by everybody not just by the people he voted for if that's true then he you know he's a smart politician he'll figure out ways to speak to the country as a whole okay I tell you the first thing I do hmm I'd bring my team in and I'd say you won and the in the words of Vince Lombardi when you score a touchdown act like you've been there before be gracious don't rub the other side's noses in it because we're going to be down at some point to remember how horrified everyone was when Obama said you know I won but this is worse in some ways what we're seeing with the team's David Ignatius thank you very much with us really hey there are chris hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click 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  1. If it were only possible for "you people" to tell the TRUTH… but you can't… too many mockingbirds!!! rofl

  2. It's been over two years since this video and the majority of the media hasn't learned a thing. They are setting themselves, the Dems, and the regressive left up for massive failure in 2020.


    TO WATCH PALMERI BE HUMILIATED such a POS . Pedestal and the entire Clinton campaign dirt bags.

    One of the Top 5 Greatest Events in American History Nov. 8, 2016, The day the most corrupt POS Clinton’s were Rejected and Lost in a Humiliating Defeat.


  4. This is happening in whole world media is so biased against native ppl .media is permoteing leftist morons .word racist ,Nazi became a daily talking point.if you question left leader policies then media all the sudden paint you racist ,Nazi and alt right extra extra.tgey became mob and media became a propaganda tool of left even now they start openly doing this without any shame .many left activists inflitrated in these groups.even many judges started juidical activism .they are not interpreting the law .they are making law in courts or if any judge give judgement against these ppl then they start abusing judges.social media created outrage industry in whole world or these ppl giving opinion without any knowledge of subject now the ppl United against these ppl and this is a blow back and this is happening in whole world.these ppl used big words likes hummanity,moral , poverty extra extra even after every terrorist attack .these ppl paint terrorist a victim or if you ppl wanna counter them then unite politically bcz this is a war without bullet but with ballet paper

  5. So sick & tired of hearing all this bleating and hand wringing about the "unprecedented lack of civility" it's politics not Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

  6. Well Joe, then you and Mika along with the other idiots who are regulars like Willie G., Mike B., Donny D., Eugene R, John H, et al., should just shut your silly show down. No American should be subjected to so much BS so early in the morning. MSNBC could hire Sean Hannity and put him into your time slot. At least MSNBC would get at least 3-4 times as many viewers as Morning Joe now gets. Sean could handle it since he already has the 2nd highest rated radio show daily behind Rush Limbaugh. And he has the #1 rated show on all of cable TV (news, sports, reality, etc.) in the evening. Then you and Mika could spend all your time in bars around New York city which might make you and Mika happy. You two are just way too unhappy and it really shows big time on the TV screen. Give it some thought, Joe.

  7. I love the way Joe S refers to the 'media' as if it is 'some other'–but Joe and Mike are making nearly perfect sense in these segments!

  8. trump must be constantly reminded that he owes almost nothing to the radical leaders of the GOP.
    He must be rewarded when he acts right.

  9. "The Russians Rigged the Election" is the new "vast right wing conspiracy" and "Slam Dunk". The entire narrative in the mainstream press and by Democrats did a 180 degree after Trump won. This has a whiff of Clinton to it. Hillary and her allies will stop at nothing to put her on her throne.
    Look for the facts, relentlessly. Parse the texts of reporting and question the mirky language and the identities of the sources. How can you measure or quantify the impact of the Russian hacks on the election? So facts about Hillary and others came out. Are revelations of the true nature, of Hillary and friends something should not have had the right to see? There was no equal time or fairness in the display of Trump's dirty laundry, making the whole election suspect. Have not the Clintons been aided by cash outlays by the Saudi. Did not some of this fiancé her campaign. Note how Comey , held up as a model of virtue when clearing Hillary of wrongdoing, is now being portrayed as a partisan hack conspiring with the Russians.

  10. Kellyanne handled herself beautifully. She was honest, articulate and genuine. You are all off-base here.

  11. Not the way to do it? They put Kellyanne on the spot. What was she supposed to do? She was egged on by the Clinton group. No I am sorry the Clinton was wrong. Kellyanne was completely right here.

  12. Look, it doesn't make any difference what the media say. It's just that D Trump is not acceptable as the ultimate representative of the American people.

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