Election (1999) Official Trailer #1 – Reese Witherspoon Movie HD

Maurice Vega

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  1. Some of the scenes remind me of Mr Rooney when he goes thru hell and back to get back at Ferris and now the shoe is on the other foot and he is now getting some karma for skipping school to take his buddies dads Ferrari out for a spin with his hot girlfriend 😂

  2. no wonder we are all crazy. The movies we watch and other things we do for entertainment are not based on biblical reality. Help us God.

  3. Just watched this film on HULU. I have to say, everyone in this movie contributed to its excellence. At first the drama gets you in the mood. Then it's involuntary laughter to the end. A story of deserved and undeserved comeuppance for the two main characters. If alien archeologists ever land on Earth long after we're gone, and they want to appreciate the true human spirit, this film will be a piton on their climb.

  4. If it was me that saw that poor defenseless 16 year old girl at a restaurant like that? I would vote and say we wait till she gets molested and lead us to her parents that are ISIS terrorists in America somewhere? What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKFsBx8XE4M

  5. a good satire about the injustice present in the elections and votations between the students of the high schools, and how some mean, hateful or simply idiots individuals, obtains unfair triumphs via cheating, and immoral means, obviously they must be stopped, this is probably the moral of this comical but dramatic film.

  6. Good film that bombed at the box office. The reason? Because this trailer sucks. It doesn't really make you want to see the flick. It makes it look juvenile, but not really funny. So everybody took a pass, even though it got great reviews.

  7. Liked it but she was strange but i was a tad tracey flick , hating on fun loving but now i am fun f un

  8. You never would have thought that this movie would have been a dark comedy, but when you're watching it you're kinda realizing, now I see why it is. Still one of my favorite movies though.

  9. recordaba esta pelicula bagamente de los 90 como q era satĂ­rica y divertida, la busque y ahora la he visto como 5 veces, me encanta, todos los actores estan genial.

  10. So based on the trailer, Tracy apparently spies on Paul making out with Lisa in a hot tub within the school office.

  11. I live in the Washington, DC area and I've known so damn many Tracy Flicks over the years. This movie perfectly captures the raw ambition and psychopathy of that type of young, bloodless overachiever. They're the kind of big fish/small pond type of character from a flyover state who's going to DC, New York or LA and going to take over the world. Most of them don't and end up holding on jealously and ferociously to whatever scraps of petty authority and title they can in their particular field.

  12. After was watching this film for the first time, whenever I saw Resee Witherspoonns I was alway like here comes trouble…

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