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The trial of the notorious
drug lord El Chapo Guzmán. You may have missed
that he’s currently on trial in a Brooklyn courthouse because
you’ve probably been focusing on the criminal
who’s in the White House. -Peak resistance!
-(hip-hop air horn blowing) (cheering and applause) Anyway, the trial
of the world’s biggest drug lord has reached its halfway point, and what we’ve learned so far
is muy loco. Prosecutors are expected
to rest their case this week in the federal trial of
the notorious Mexican drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. REPORTER: Drugs, sex,
murder, and betrayal, Since November, a real-life
drama has been unfolding in Brooklyn federal court. The villain,
according to prosecutors, is 61-year-old
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Former associates testified that El Chapo protected
his drug pipeline into the U.S. with violence and bribes, including $100 million to former Mexican president
Enrique Peña Nieto, who denies the allegation. Goddamn.
El Chapo might have bribed the ex-Mexican president
$100 million. Although, to be fair, the Mexican president
has already denied it from the deck
of his $101 million yacht. But that is just, like,
one of the crazy revelations from this trial, right?
There are so many things that we’ve learned that sound
like they’re straight out of a movie. And the way we’re
learning all of these secrets is because many
of El Chapo’s former henchmen are testifying against him. REPORTER: So far, more than a
dozen witnesses have testified. Most are convicted
drug traffickers who are betraying El Chapo
in exchange for more lenient sentences. REPORTER 2: Including
German “Barbas” Rosero, the Beard, and
Juan Carlos “Chupeta” Ramírez, -Lollipop.
-(chuckling) Ramírez admitted
to killing 150 people. Wow, that was, uh,
an emotional roller coaster for you guys, huh? Yeah. You’re like,
“Ha-ha! His name is Lollipop!” “He killed 150 people.”
“I don’t think that’s funny “at all. It’s not–
Lollipop is a very formal name. I like that name.” I wonder how he got
that nickname. Yeah? They were just going
around the room, and the boss was like,
“You, you’re the Beard, man. “And you over there,
you’re Snake Eyes. “And you, you’re gonna be Lollipop.” He’s like, “What? No!
Can’t I just be No Beard, man? Why I got to be Lollipop?” “Because you’re so sweet, man.” “Oh! I love you guys. Now let’s go kill someone.” Now, believe it or not,
believe it or not, the weirdest thing
we learned about Lollipop isn’t the fact
that his name is Lollipop or the fact that he’s killed
more people than bird flu. No, it’s how he tried
to dodge the police. REPORTER 2: Ramírez admitted
to killing 150 people. To hide from police,
he used plastic surgery. (reading): ♪ My pussy and my crack. ♪ Sorry, I-I thought
we were singing. -No?
-(whooping) Okay, now, this, this, I don’t understand. If you’re trying to hide
from the police, it’s probably a bad idea
to give yourself the world’s
most distinctive face. What is this? The cops are just gonna be like, “Okay, guys,
we’re on the lookout “for a guy who looks
like a mannequin “(bleep)ed Fidel Castro. That’s who we’re looking for.” Who did this surgery? This is the first time
in history that anyone has looked better
in a courtroom sketch than in real life. But a creepy man-sized doll wasn’t the biggest witness
in this trial. No, that honor goes
to El Chapo’s I.T. guy. MAN: The star witness was
El Chapo’s personal tech guru, Christian Rodriguez.
He told jurors how El Chapo ordered him to install spyware called
“FlexiSPY” on 50 BlackBerrys, including the phones
of his wife and mistress. The fellow who set up all of the wiretaps,
set up the encryption, then got caught by the FBI,
started working for the FBI, and eventually hacked into
his own system for the FBI. So El Chapo got his IT guy to spy on the people
who work for him, and then, the FBI got the IT guy
to spy on El Chapo, which is a good lesson
for everyone. -Be nice to your IT guy.
-(laughter) Yeah, be nice to him. (applause and cheering) Is he here right now? Yeah. He may be condescending, he may give you a hard time
when you forget your password, and he may smell
like boiled hot dogs, but that dude knows everything. By the way, Dennis,
if you’re watching, I love you, and you smell great.
Please don’t leak my nudes. -All right, man.
-(laughter) And can we…
can we just for a moment…? Just for a moment, can we look
at this courtroom sketch? Why are you drawing a guy’s
face, and then blacking it out? Just don’t draw the face. Like, what-what is the dr…?
Like… Or maybe
we’re just looking at it wrong. Maybe this guy was just
on the witness stand wearing a V.R. headset. He was like, “So then, I
installed a program on his… Aah! Sorry. I’m on
a roller coaster right now!” So, it turns out this IT guy
is one of the biggest reasons El Chapo might be going down,
and he only agreed to turn because the FBI paid him. Of course, now,
because of the shutdown, the FBI says
they don’t have money to pay more informants
like him anymore. Yeah. Oh, and here’s another thing. The U.S. Marshals
who are guarding El Chapo– they aren’t getting paid
because of the shutdown. And now, I’m not saying
they’re gonna be bribed, but if there’s anyone you want
to be extra careful with, it’s El Chapo. This guy has escaped from prison
twice already, which is why,
whenever they move him around, they got to hold the back of
his neck like he’s a baby cat. -Yeah.
-(laughter) They also make him poop
in a litter box, but I think that’s just for fun. And remember,
the reason El Chapo became the most powerful drug lord
in history is that he figured out
how to smuggle more drugs across the border
than anybody else. And during this trial,
we found out how he’s done it. WOMAN: The U.S. Coast Guard
led a team on a drug bust off the coast of Guatemala
in 2008. They intercepted a huge cache, according
to federal prosecutors– $100 million of cocaine. But
that’s no ordinary drug boat. It’s actually
more like a submarine. And just one
of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán’s smuggling tricks,
according to prosecutors. If the sub didn’t work, there
were tunnels, trucks or planes, just part of the evidence
presented so far in the narco trafficker trial
of the century. This is insane.
El Chapo was using planes, tunnels and even submarines
to smuggle drugs into the U.S. So I guess it’s a good thing that Trump is building
that wall. Yeah. (laughter) You know, the sad thing… (applause and cheering) The sad thing is…
the sad thing is, even if Trump sees this trial,
it won’t change his mind. If anything,
he’ll probably just double down. He’ll be like, “You know what?
Forget the wall, folks. “We’re building a dome! And who’s gonna pay for it?

Maurice Vega

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  1. The biggest drug lords are in suits an all work for the US GOVERNMENT. But hey…….what do I know I’m jus woke😂

  2. I think it's funny they think it's him? I've heard many stories saying Chapo paid a man to serve his sentence for him they say someone he's payed for some to look exactly like him haha

  3. When everybody drew straws, Chapo's was the shortest. His capture didnt do anything to curb the Sinaloa Cartel's influences nor markets.

  4. DEA was letting him get drugs across because they were doing that same thing. DEA are the biggest drug dealers.

  5. El chapo is in jail ok, but the us government really thinks that with him in the one of the "most secure jails" that gonna stop the drugs traffic? The USA is the number one customer, so what that means? While USA people dont stop buy drugs, the cartels never gonna stop, even a stupid wall

  6. Yaaay they got El Chapo…the world's safe no more drugs coming in! Plot twist…Chase Bank filling the void

  7. People like el chapo only exist cuz of the druggies who depend on his merch, no druggies/no chapo. That corrupt Mexican leech “president” stole billions from the country he governed, nothing new to hear he was also on chapós pocket.

  8. People have to under stand Joaquin Guzman being born in La Tuna which is an extremely poor and ISOLATED place that hasnt changed much since then… but HAS some bc of El Chapo, Cuz the gov't doesn't really mess with isolated places like those. Many people there produce drugs bc its a means of making money and one of the only ways to survive there. Like Guzman SAID "I never force or pushed anyone to snort, inhale, or inject Drugs… they did it cuz they wanted to." He just kept producing bc of all the demand he had(.)

  9. The goverments just hate that he was making so much money.
    Bribes and murder to protect your empire? Isn't that what the United Stated does everyday?

  10. 6:10 For those of you not following this, trump is using the wall to con you into thinking that immigrants are the problem and the wall will fix it. The real problem is your kids, your addicted brother, your neighbor, and your stock broker … WHO ARE BUYING DRUGS. They are the problem.

  11. My neck, my back lick my pu**y and my crack! Most hilarious song on YouTube! Noah is a freaking living meme! That’s why i stopped watching 24/7 news channels because by the end I want to go full Fight Club destroy the financials and political systems that are only scamming us more and more and killing our planet. Let’s kill them first they’re all so old corruption of the elite is in their blood and transmitted by birth.
    But watching this Adonis of a man being so intelligent and wholesome… is there maybe hope? Maybe? But there’s no way around it global synchronised French like revolution followed by years of terrors so if anyone try bringing back their privileged with the drug and corruption money and tax evasion money they got, BAM GUILLOTINE MOTHERFUCKERS!

  12. Pause
    He killed 150 people. There's literally a man in US prison living and eating on a year's salary worth of taxpayer dollars. Taxpayers which he has certainly killed quite a few of by choking, stabbing, shooting, etc.

  13. Fun Fact: El Chapo money’s went to his town, he built schools, churches , and businesses. He also never killed the innocent but criminals

  14. All the criminals are in the white house, but of course, blame EVERYTHING on Mexicans and plaster their mugshots all over the place.
    White man gets scared when an Israelite starts getting money and power, but it’s ok for a child predator, PERVERTS like Epstein and trump to steal and keep that kind of money??
    HYPOCRISY RUNS DEEP IN THIS EMPIRE CALLED AMERICA. That’s right I said EMPIRE. America is a stolen land NOT A RACE OR NATION!! 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  15. this video cured my cancer ,ended world hunger and stopped all wars from occuring,but overall i give this video 1 star

  16. El Chapos life would make an awesome series! he should write a book about his life & get rich "legally" too 😉

  17. trevor,stop the naiveness,cartels can only do so much,they are unable to hide the weed on eveybodies sock drawer,or wc water tank or vents..they aint that powerful..border agents,mayors chiefs of police,politicians all along the border are IN on this…u.s. demand is so high it doesnt matter who brings it in,everyone is doped in america,you even make it look funny on every tv show,so you look for guilty parts STOP SMOKING SO MUCH WEED…theres not enough in the world to stone you daily,dope americans..

  18. Always assume there's cameras, even hidden cameras. Never assume to know who's watching the cameras. Assume someone is looking for blackmail in a society that speaks blackmail.

  19. That piece of shit of a president you'll have "Chump" I meant Trump it's way worse that El Chapo is because at least El Chapo Guzmán would sell you drugs feed from them and get high!! And "Chump" my bad Trump sells just lies and takes the money from the tax and you don't get anything!!!

  20. IT guy flipped because he was paid too? BS! Like Chapo didn't pay him. Like the FBI pays anyone that isn't an FBI agent. They don't even honor their reward offers.

  21. The IT Guy story kinda happened in Kenya after elections too. They opponents stole our presidency, we went around and stole their president. Now he works for us and with us, they are crying a river everywhere.

  22. Fucking assholes !!!!!!!!
    Stop spending money on that motherfucker
    Just shoot him in a head that all
    Fucking stupid half a dick heads

  23. In Guadalajara the people love el Chapo. He kept the community safe and built businesses and schools there. The U.S. arresting Chapo created a "power vacuum" and the crime rate in Guadalajara Mexico sky rocketed. They have train cars in the downtown area full of dead bodies on ice. Waiting for family members to identify them and collect their remains.
    Now, the last time I checked El Chapo didn't smuggle pills. Yet we are reeling from the effects of an opioid epidemic. Who is going to be put in jail for flooding our streets with pills?

  24. Trevor do some research, don’t be sarcastic or funny!! The USA is the biggest consumer when it come to illegal drugs!!! So yes a WALL won’t stop them from bringing drugs into the country and USA won’t stop consuming it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  25. Americans can be sold , ocean front property in Arizona! Trial of the century,what a joke! Tax dollars are being spent on this crap!if el Chapo is that rich,you know the USA got mad when it wasn't getting their cut! So el Chapo gotta go! Don't y'all think el Chapo would have counter surveillance equipment if he had all that money!

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