Editorial with Sujit Nair: Is CM Yogi's Politics different to PM Modi's Politics?

Maurice Vega

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  1. There's difference between delivering speeches n putting it into practice. R we foolish 2 believe all those things we hear ??

  2. AW Cmon Sujit Cheta !!! cant you see Our Supreme leader just says, no action. He allows these people to do what thy want to do and he will sit quietly just like he was quiet during 2002 riots..

  3. The repulsive force emerging due to ethos of country (s) a constitutional policies and
    vedic (jati & varna) ethos of polytheism politicising.

  4. Indians have dug their own Grave by electing Narendra Modi… all sort of nonsense is going to start shortly… even God cannot save this country .. I request Rahul Gandhi to start learning how to tell lies

  5. Demonetision was done for the UP elections.
    To set matters right it is now the time to demonetise Rs.2000/ notes. It is the main culprit.
    The common man does not require this note only the black- marketers and the corrupt who use it.
    For high value transactions cheques and funds transfer can do
    Also there are many other method's like paytm etc to help them.

  6. You are naive .. Mr. Modi knows everything, the moving of OBC into SC is to create a chasm in any chance of unity among them. SC vs OBC goes against the idea of unity of bahujan …it's to polarise OBC in favour of BJP, away from SP BSP

  7. Were you sleeping for 5 years. Talk is cheap, mere lip service does not help in any way. Th iui s has been going on since 2014. Give speeches and act exactly opposite

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