Duterte-Xi verbal agreement on fishing 'not policy,' says Locsin | ANC

you also said now that you will not enforce this supposedly meant verbal agreement how do you I didn't even know there's a verbal agreement so they have said it because he was led he was given the impression that there are that there is a level of beyond allowable catch that if there's a surplus you can you can share it with a foreign with foreign fishermen not so secretary the president never told you about this supposed verbal and I would you do that it was in 20 which goes to show that this was not written down otherwise I would be briefed upon taking the position it's something he said I don't know if you actually say if he said he did then the perhaps it did on the impression that this is surplus now so this verbal agreement because secretary Sal panellist I mean has been issuing statements about this as well you believe it does not legally stand this verbal agreement the verbal agreement cannot be enforced there it can be enforced on us because it's it's verbal exactly as frank grillo and said my boss in Accra that you need the prior document to prove an agreement that's just the way it is so you feel this whole argument is useless it's pointless it's pointless yeah I mean I've said worse things but the question is is it policy it's not policy yeah it'd be it may have been led to believe we had a surplus and he may have said sure it's fine but to make such a point about it because you lost the last election you are rejected by the nation and you can't stand the fact that you're a loser and trying to make the opposition is doing they tried to make a capital case out of something what what have we done surrendered anything no but we we enforce everything that is our right under the Angoon clause we insist on it I protest it's violation can we go further than that that's a judgement call made by the president president feels that it may create it may create a conflict that will hurt the country the more we progress the more vulnerable we are because there's more targets that's his call I'm not the president okay well on foreign policy there is this to be said for the president when I took my oath I looked at him and said any instructions and he said no I just gave you the ball play with it you

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  1. Kung totoo ito, e si Duterte pala ang stupid at di yung mga hinahamon at tinatawag ni Duterte na stupid. Okay na sana si Duterte hanggan lumabas na manduduro lang pala siya at ni mapaniwalaan ang mga sinbasabi niya. Bulero at dalwang dila. Ano nga ba ang animal na may dalawang dila?

  2. Dyan pumapasok ang importansiya ng oposisyon official sa gobyerno. Kpag may mga statement ang presidente na di pabor sa mga mamayan ng bansa. Kpag wlang kumuwestiyon sa mga salita nya eh maipapatupad yan sa bandang huli. Pero dhil may mga bumabatikos eh magdadalawang isip si duterte kahit papaano at magpalusot na lang siya at ang mga nkapaligid niyang kunsensiya na nagsisinungaling para sa kanya na JOKE LANG YAN!!!!

  3. Oh Locsin u didnt heard?where have u been?Answer the question directly u keep going around it without really answering..we are asians, verbal are honored like in syndicates..ur President surrendered the country to China,admit it.

  4. latest news: thanks to DUTAE china ballistic missile test close to SPRATLYS is successful……….. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1TX2QZ

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