Doug Collins: Adam Schiff is the first person who needs to testify

Maurice Vega

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  1. I can't believe Wallace can be so blinded from the facts. Then try to fabricate a hypothetical impeachable answer to confuse people.

  2. Dougy we notice the only channel you can lie on is fox for fruitcakes. Another republican that can kiss his career good-bye with fatman is out of office. Billboards will be going up in your district. Look for us

  3. Fox news, you should fire Chris Wallace. He's bringing down your ratings and causing you to lose the respect of your viewers. Not to mention that he will cause you to eventually lose your viewers because he's no different than Rachel Madcow. A leftist biased liar that is causing serious damage to your credibility.

  4. This is what was stated by the witnesses but then when questioned said it was there opinions and what they heard from other people, no first hand info.

  5. Nixon and Clinton who actually comitted crimes 11 felonies for Clinton had impeachment hearings in their 2nd term this is election meddling

  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA poor chris , i really cant wait to hear what COLLINS has to say [ l o l ] ' these are people that i USE to RESPECT , were in a strange time in the good ol U S of A '' strange in deed … now to the show

  7. Schiff was the one who made the claims of having evidence, yet NEVER produced ANY. Certainly he should be a witness at this point.

  8. I painfully watched those testimonies live and Chris Wallace did not present them in their complete and true context, thus making it a lie what he presents. Truth is in short supply in our nation these days, half truths are full lies.

  9. To Chris Wallace…..EVERYONE hates you……just so ya know……because you suck at masquerading as an objective reporter

  10. You know what I'm so tired of Adam schiff's Rhetoric, And began its all gonna fall apart. I say we just go out Christmas shopping Christmas, caroling Christmas, baking and Christmas parties. I'm boycotting these hearings.

  11. Trump wants the impeachment so he can take it in front of the Senate. The democrats have obviously had no evidence and prevented due process. I'm fairly certain that the democrats do not want this to go in front of the Senate because it would likely mean that several of them, the whistleblower, AND the Bidens would be called as witnesses under oath. So, I'm thinking that the Republicans should abstain from voting on the impeachment. That would force all democrats to demonstrate where their support lies and / or if they would actually vote towards their own detriment.

  12. As I recall these were all hearsay, Ambassador Taylor heard it from somebody who overheard a phone call. And we need to shut this hearing process down.

  13. Chris Wallace is so biased it shows in every question. How many ways do you have to say there was no quip pro quo. But then I’m a deplorable what the hell do I know.

  14. What wasn't hearsay was all opinions this is the way I feel we need safe spaces. Embassador Yvonovich, no one knows why she was there other than she was pulled from her post in the Ukraine and brought back to Washington to teach at a college and her feelings were hurt. And her feelings were hurt. That was the big democratic interview with her and how did that make you feel….. It's a bunch of bull trap they keep wasting our money and wasting our time with these fake hearings. I say to you democratic Congress people you need to get back to work and focus on things that are being done for our nation like the USMCA… As you can see President Trump's still doing his job

  15. im just here to see all the faux news clowns cry about wallace sprinkling a little truth in your alternative facts. per usual the clowns have yet to dissapoint. love it! ?

  16. soliciting material campaign aid from a foreign government, violates the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

    second area of legal liability relates to his request that Zelensky do him a "favor" right after mentioning how the US "does a lot for Ukraine," and more importantly, after Zelensky raised the issue of US military aid right before Trump requested he investigate Biden.

    from a criminal law point of view, that looks like a quid pro quo, under federal law, that could open up allegations that he committed the crime of bribery by offering one twhing in exchange for another, and doing so for his own personal benefit and not the country

    government funds used for his own gain, there is a very strong argument that there is a theft of taxpayer money, or misappropriation, taking place."

    Last, if Giuliani, Barr, and other officials were involved in Trump's efforts, as the complaint alleges, that would raise questions about a potential criminal conspiracy.

  17. Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House intelligence committee, wrongly implied that his committee had no contact with the whistleblower before receiving the complaint. Schiff claimed, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower,” when the whistleblower had in fact reached out to a committee aide before filing a complaint.

    A Democratic committee official told us Schiff “could have been more clear” but was “referring to the Committee officially interviewing the whistleblower, and himself personally.” It was clearly known, however, that the committee hadn’t officially interviewed the whistleblower at that time.


    President Donald Trump has echoed this over and over in recent days while continuing to insist he's done nothing wrong amid the escalating impeachment inquiry.

    Trump seemingly believes a memo the White House released on his July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is exonerating, but legal experts say it's an extremely damning piece of evidence and that releasing it could be the biggest mistake the administration has made in the escalating scandal.

    The document, which contrary to Trump's characterization is not a verbatim transcript but a summary of the call, shows Trump urging a foreign leader to investigate a top political rival. This could constitute an abuse of power that undermines US national security.

    The so-called transcript is also corroborated by other documents and witness testimony in the impeachment inquiry that Trump has sought to discredit. To put it another way, Trump handed investigators evidence that could potentially be instrumental in him becoming the third president to be impeached.

    Asha Rangappa, a lawyer, former FBI special agent, and Yale lecturer, told Insider the White House summary on the call "is one of the most damning pieces of evidence we've received."

    "This is not hearsay, these are his own words," Rangappa added. "And what we hear him doing is using congressionally authorized aid as personal leverage for an election benefit."

  19. Biden assumed a lead role in U.S. diplomacy toward Ukraine after a popular revolution in early 2014 that led to pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country. Shokin became top prosecutor in 2015, after Yanukovych went into exile. A frustrated Biden in Dec. 2015 threatened to withhold $1 billion unless Shokin was fired, in hopes that a new prosecutor would do more to enforce the law. According to Biden, it worked. 

    Steven Pifer, a career foreign service officer who held positions in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, previously told PolitiFact that "virtually everyone" he knew in the U.S. government and virtually all non-governmental experts on Ukraine "felt that Shokin was not doing his job and should be fired."

  20. Get this thru your head : Any President of USA along with President Trump has a 'Right' to demand Quip Pro Quo in dealing with WORLD Leaders. I am so sure all past Presidents have done!! Investigate those

  21. ?New York liberal democrat do nothing Jerry Nadler you, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff make me sick with your 3- years of impeachment baloney witch-hunts. Just wasting taxpayer $money$ instead of getting things done, like an infrastructure bill, the North American trade agreement, lower drug prices. I think Democrats are going to all get voted out of office in 2020 elections as voters drain the swamp in Washington DC of career politicians like you 3 morons.

  22. Shitty painted himself into the corner and now he will have to testify along with this Leaker, Eric the Clown! CHECKMATE! Schiff is involved in corruption in the Ukraine like the rest of them, so at this point they are trying to cover their behind! TOO LATE!

  23. Chris Wallace do you deposit your brain in the dumpster in back of the Fox studio for cleaning? When it comes to reporting facts you seem to miss every time. Is distorting the news all you know? If so, please leave Fox and join your contemporaries at CNN.

  24. Rick Gates, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Alex Van der Zwaan, Robin Hayes, Chris Collins, Duncan Hunter. Fox news viewers : Democrats are criminals

  25. These asshats need to be fully trained to get their circular firing squad arrayed correctly.
    The way things are going for them they will run out of ammo before they shoot themselves properly.

  26. Your man Mr.Wallace is a far cry from his Father, his bias may as well be marked on his forehead, I was under the impression that Fox News was different than CNN, obviously you're not.

  27. I'm starting to think that this impeachment is to get people's minds off at Jeffrey Epstein and the Dems being pervs

  28. Wallace is trying to redeem the democrat impeachment failure.
    He is a Democrat flunky. He will find himself on the dung heap of history.

  29. Why does Chris Wallace never show that these witnesses were and now are not fact witnesses but supply nothing more than interpretations, then onto presumptions. All testimonies of every witness, eventually has said and will say, that very thing!! Why???

  30. It's funny how Chris tries to act like he's fair but yet only shows you three clips of the people saying that it was quid pro quo but yet like Doug Collins said just as I was listening to him with these videos I was wondering why aren't you showing the people that said there was no conditions for the White House meeting because that's what we all understand but yet Chris fails to show this he's doing just what CNN does cherry-picks and twist it so he can get his narrative out there if that isn't biased I don't know what is

  31. I respect Doug Collins. I do not respect Chris Wallace, he needs to go…hey Fox, the people of America have spoken, "Wallace is fired!" Impeachment hoax has already gone too far…they need to be stopped.

  32. Wallace gave it his best liberal shot. trying to trip Collins up, …he will need too get up a lot earlier in the morning, and still loose.

  33. Collins you look like a fool !
    Rerun ???
    This is our system, why are you fighting so hard to cover this up ?
    Congress has found Trump with his hand in the Cookie Jar. This is No Joke.
    Let Congress do their job.

  34. Chris Wallace is thinking: "Who could you have to testify, who could bring Trump down." I wonder if he even realizes that he comes across as a democratic shill?

  35. The White house sound scared to speak under oath…yes Adam, Trump, Biden and Rudy needs to testify and speak their truth and let the people and judges decide.

  36. Schiff will plead the 5th as will many on the left. Because they have no case and they know it. Nothing but wasting our taxes for the last 3 years. Vote them all out November 2020

  37. Why do Republicans keep talking about "overturning the results of the election?"
    It's not denying that he became president but that he's seeking foreign assistance in gaining an advantage in the next.

  38. Hey Fox news, What the hell makes you think I want to hear last months or was it last years testimony?
    America is tired of dealing with you communist sympathizers. Doug Collins is tired or dealing directly with the Communists.
    Get on the Constitutions side or get lost.

  39. Why didn’t the Rep open an investigation when Trump first took over and the controlled all three powers of authority?

  40. TRUMPS looking out for OUR tax dollars HA HA HA hA HA ha ha yha ' trying to put some more in his pocket HA HA HA HA HA HA , went bout the way i thought it would '' if these people have kids how do they look at them – guess they DUMB too HA HA HA HA Ha HA …. EVERY intel we have says RUSSIA ' again im an AMERCIAN and i only belive OUR AMERICA intel ' you dont ? YOU aint a TRUE AMERICAN = YOUR a russian


  42. Chris Wallace's sad attempt to keep hope alive at 8:00. "If I believe truly, deeply and continually that President Trump did something wrong, will my wet dream come true?" – Chris Wallace.

  43. Ok Doug, but hear me out, listen to these phony hand picked taped statements, based on presumption or assumption and not on fact. And what if Pres Trump had given conditions for Ukraine funding? Would that be impeachable? Even though when Pres T was asked, "What do you want from Ukraine," he said, "I want nothing, I want nothing, just tell Zelensky to do the right thing."

  44. If Sondland and the other witnesses in the hearing were wrong, and there were no conditions for the aid or the wh meeting, then why won't Trump send someone with firsthand knowledge to testify to that under oath? He could even take the stand himself under oath. It's not like they weren't given the chance to do so in the first round of hearings. It will be interesting to see what they do when this goes to trial in the senate.

  45. Still have fresh memories of how the false witnesses were 'coached' against Judge Kavanaugh which was a huge nothing burger. Very strong indication that Schiff met with the 'supposed whistleblower' coached him and his associates and only then formally launched the inquiry.

  46. I'd love to sit down with each and everyone of you. To hear your side of the story. What your facts are. These "puppets" have agendas and I'm willing to bet, democrat, republican, Color, creed, etc….. none of it matters. No one in this chat is on their agenda. If u were, u wouldnt be here. We can fight, argue, bicker. It only allows the hatred to propagate. And the void will be filled. The nature of politics is for the greater good. Less we lose sight of what matters. For order to take hold, we must all agree on certain principles. Truths that we hold to be self evident. Dont forget who you are or what makes u human. The answer does not lie in one man but in mankind. You are all amazing. Never forget that. I wont.

  47. All they are going to do is attack the witnesses! Why would he testify to you bastards??? Every time the witnesses testified they were attacked in various ways. This process is so flawed but it's the one we have!!!

  48. If Trump was so concerned about corruption then he should have vetted his picks for various posts better, and on top of that in that phone call he never mentions corruption. Why is it so hard to see through this mess?? Besides that Rudy Guiliani is even deeper in trouble and Trump started backpedaling on him too. When is it going to dawn on us. The Republicans are forked tongue devils. They complained that Nancy Pelosi was conducting a secret impeachment hearing without a vote, even though she was going slow and methodical, then held a vote for formal hearings! Now they are accused of rushing the process. What the hell is going on!???

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