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– Donald Trump has sent
CNN a four-page letter that pledges legal action for
quote, “highly biased news.” The missive from Trump
attorney Charles Harder references recent videos
from Project Veritas purporting to have a CNN whistleblower discussing direction from
the cable news network’s president Jeff Zucker. Harder writes, “Your own
employees appear to state “that CNN is focused on trying
to take down President Trump, “driven by a ‘personal vendetta’ “that Mr. Zucker
purportedly has against him, “rather than reporting the
news in an objective manner. “In the footage, your
employees appear to state “that CNN attempts to make its reporting “appear neutral and unbiased, “when in fact its reporting
is far from neutral “and highly biased against the president.” Harder also claims that
CNN, a division of AT&T, is violating the Lanham Act for making misrepresentations
to the public and advertisers. The letter adds, “Accordingly,
my clients intend to file “legal action against you,
to seek compensatory damages, “treble damages, punitive
damages, injunctive relief, “reimbursement of legal costs, “and all other available
legal and equitable remedies, “to the maximum extent
permitted by the law.” The Lanham Act does have a provision against false advertising,
though it’s unclear whether Trump would have
standing in such a case. And in any event, a
suit would likely bring a fulsome First Amendment defense. Harder is inviting a negotiation, but writes it would
have to include a quote, “A substantial payment of damages.” For more on this story, head to Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (energetic electronic music)

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  1. What a loser trump is. We the people should sue fake fox for their complete bias for trump. It is comic relief to watch fakefox. When 9 out of 10 networks are reporting the same thing, I would have to say fakefox is spinning facts or lying! Trump is really desperate and using fascist tactics. He needs to keep his channel on fakefox!!!

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