Donald Trump well ahead of Ben Carson according to CNN Poll

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 15 October 2015 and we are
reporting on the latest CNN/ORC polls, which put Donald Trump ahead of the Republican Presidential
Race. According to CNN today “Donald Trump holds
double-digit leads over Ben Carson in both South Carolina and Nevada, the third and fourth
States scheduled to hold nominating contests in next year’s race for Presidency.”
Trump holds 38% support in Nevada, with Carson second at 22% and in South Carolina, Trump’s
support is 36% compared to Carson’s 18%. Interestingly the report says that the third
place candidate has less than 10% support. With Carly Fiorina holding third place in
Nevada at 8% it appears that her ‘rise to fortune’ so far has not been as great as
many had either hoped or anticipated. Jeb Bush, whom we still believe is the Party’s
choice, was trailing at 6%. These polls show that the strength of Trump’s
support is based upon the belief that he would handle the economy better than his opponents.
However, he fares less well when it comes to foreign policy and ISIS.
Interestingly despite this, Trump’s beef at the moment is based around the comment:
“If I were a Democrat, I’d have Secret Service by now” – implying that he is
either being left unprotected on purpose, despite the large crowds of 20,000 or more
he is attracting, so that an attempt on his life is enhanced, or that his success is not
being given the level of gravity or recognition it deserves.
Many listeners know that we follow Trump’s progress, because for the first time in a
long while, there is a candidate out there who is not part of the ‘true political establishment’
and is someone who has a serious prospect of winning the nomination, and therefore having
a chance at the Presidency itself. Admittedly the elections are still far into the future,
but we must not forget, that even by now, Trump has managed, to some extent, to alter
the political agenda – especially on immigration – so he does have an impact even without
holding power. We hope you have found this video helpful
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Maurice Vega

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