Donald Trump supports right to own assault weapons (CNN interview with Chris Cuomo)

Maurice Vega

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  1. gun haters can say what they want but no one will rob my house if they know i own a custom AR-15 that has all kinds of bells and whistle on it…also i have a gun safe so no psychos be running around with my guns shooting up some place

  2. The Founding Fathers wanted a well-armed American militia that rivaled the strength of the American military, so that the American people could overthrow their government if it became tyrannical. I'm not saying the American government is tyrannical now, but there is a case to be made that a well-armed militia should exist and should be as strong as the American military.

  3. What is an assault weapon? Is it an M-16? That's great! I'd get an M-16 then. That would be a fun thing to shoot once in a while and even have on hand if the FEMA CAMP ROUND UP was deployed. But then if Donald and Ben get in office; we don't have to worry about any FEMA CAMPS and instead of an assault weapon I'll just keep my AR-15.

  4. "the bad guys", sounds like a god damn child. "What happens when the bad guys come?" Grow up Trump

  5. Hillary will always be allowef to have one being the queen so we sure as fuck need them to keep our checks and balances

  6. Trump supports anything his disciples want to hear. Fact of the matter is… trump supports trump, the rest of you are tools to him. Some people are VERY willing to be tools.

  7. goddamn. most of you americans are so stupid. i hate to say that cause im an american! Trump is right you fucking retards. if you anti gun fuck done some research you would change youre mind. btw not just anyone can get an m4!!! also btw the number of americans killed in america with an m4 is 0. god you guys are so goddamn stupid. wake up smell the freedom. or move to another country.

  8. so your guys plan to to stop the number of homicides is taking away a weapon which is used in a half percent of them. why not go after knifes? they're used in two and a half times more murders? oh wait that's right you only care about gun homicides not homicides in general my bad.

  9. the assault weapons ban actually outlaws the 50 Cal Barrett as well. You are know how many homicides have been attained to that gun? 0 the only instance I could find of it being used in a crime was for an armored truck robbery in which they took out the engine block.

  10. I agree with him in that topic, most of those frustrated psychopaths attacks soft targets like schools,churches, theaters, etc, because there's no security on this places. But they'll never attack, police stations, airports, banks, etc. So I think instead of giving up rights we may increase the security on this places.

  11. I remember we took our guns to school here in Wisconsin back when I was in high school. And that was in a high school.

  12. I dunno, maybe see how sensible gun control has worked in Canada , Australia and many other 1st world countries (BTW, all "law-abiding" citizens can own guns in those countries too, ex: Canada has 65% of the gun ownership and 1/10 the gun violence of the U.S)

  13. trump is right again on this issue, the bad guys will not follow what ever restrictions you create on guns.. if you restrict the gun laws to much, the bad guys will always have the upper hand in a life and death situation…common sense !!!!!

  14. What would you rather have america, Guns and freedom or No guns with no freedom, slaves to a zionist communist government?

  15. Ever wonder why all gun owners say the same thing? He's absolutely right, laws only affect law abiding citizens not criminals.

  16. Fear is what dictates the republican reptile brain.  Let's go ahead and legalize murder since the bad guys will never follow that law. The only thing stopping a "good guy" with an assault rifle from becoming a "bad guy" with an assault rifle is one really bad day.

  17. Trump assumes that all bad guys start their lives as bad guys, very absolute thinking from him. The problem is that most of the gun violence isn't "bad guys" but good people that make bad decisions. Keeping assault weapons out of the hands of civilians is a great idea. Voting for a guy who has this type of thinking is a terrible idea.

  18. Fucking CNN!! It is illegal for a Civilian to own a Assault Rifle! unless you have a class 3 license!

    Assault Weapons are fully Auto and have been banned since 1934!

    An AR15 isn't an Assault Rifle. it's just a rifle no different then a Semi-Auto rifle, hell hunting rifles with the same fiction are more powerful then a AR15.

  19. The first step that the government has to make that in every college in America, every elementary school, high school, middle school has at least one armed policeman!With small office with cameras,close to the front door! Each police station that is nearest school or college to give one a police officer and to this be his workplace!

  20. The simple fact is that if I'm a criminal, I'm not gonna go to a gun show and try to massacre armed civilians… I would go to a place that has a "No Guns Allowed" sign on it! It's easier to kill something that isn't gonna be able o put up a fight back. I don't understand how there's actually people so empty in the head that they miss this.

    Cop : You're under arrest!
    Mass Murderer : What, for killing these Christian kids?
    Cop : Of course not! Nobody cares about Christian lives!
    Mass Murderer : Then what did I do wrong?
    Cop : You brought a gun onto a "No Guns Allowed" premises!
    Mass Murderer : Oooooh… well okay. Here you can take my guns from me, I wont put up a fight or anything.
    Cop : Well thank you….. ya know, I've always had the utmost respect for murderers. I'll make sure to credit you in the news.
    Mass Murder : Tooooo f#ckin easy….
    Cop : What was that?
    Mass Murderer : Nothing… >:)

  21. Guns wouldnt work for Europe, but it could easily work in America. It is a different culture and we should respect that. Americans should be able to acquire weapons the same way people get a bank loan. That is, the gun authoriry delegates guns only to people who get endorsement from trustfull citizens. That exclude many blokes who no one trust them. But even before guns could be discussed I would prefer the correct any abnormality in your area aproach.

  22. if one guy with a gun enters the school who wants to go on a fucking rampage, do you honestly think he's still gonna want to do that if all the teachers are packing heat?…. FUCK NO!…. I say, give guns to teachers!…. if the dude who works at the fucking gas station is allowed to have a gun to prevent a fucking armed robbery, then why not give the adult staff at a school guns to prevent a mass shooting?!!!!…. you know what business is gonna become more profitable if your goddamn fucking stupid as shit gun control laws get passed?!!!…. the black market! the deep web! the silk road!….. if you don't think so then your a goddamn fucking moron and you can go jump off a fucking bridge for all I care you fucking assholes!…

  23. he makes absolute sense in this video, the bad guys will have the guns, you're going to make a law to prevent the good guys from having guns to defend ourselves from the bad guys that do have the guns? ok

  24. Here's the problem. There's no such thing as "assault weapons."

    There are assault rifles, select-fire rifles that use an intermediate cartridge. Strictly regulated in the US, because they're legally machine guns. Legally owned machine guns have been involved in less murders than you can count on one hand since their regulation began in 1934. And one of those was because of a cop.

    Then, there are semi-automatic rifles, which fire ONE cartridge per trigger pull.

    Some people would like you to believe they're the same. They aren't.

    A Mini-14 does the same thing as an AR-15. Both rifles fire a .223 cartridge from a closed bolt, once per trigger pull only.
    The AR-15, however, looks scarier than the Mini-14. It doesn't perform any differently, but damned if it isn't intimidating.

    I'm sure that whoever's on the business end will be more concerned that it has a bayonet lug or threaded barrel than the fact that they're on the business end of a gun at all.

    Not to mention that out of about 14,000 murders yearly, LESS THAN 300 involved rifles of ANY kind, let alone the "scary military look-alike" ones. Check the FBI's site if you don't believe me.

    And now for the downvotes because of people that don't like plain, un-sugarcoated facts.

  25. I love how liberals cannot answer that question? trumo 2016…I guess it makes to much sense to work in their idiotic minds

  26. Less bad guys will have assault weapons if there is more regulation, which will drive the cost of black market firearms through the roof. Look at Australia where a total gun ban has made even a pistol worth $15000. But you can buy an AK-47 in California's black market for $400. Lol. I'm sure a bit of regulation can drive that up and make so the very few criminals who actively use assault weapons to murder innocent civilians will become even fewer. So in the highly unlikely scenario that a madman with an assault rifle busts down your door, you can just shoot in the chest with a shotgun or a pistol. You're not going to be preventing any mass shootings with an AR because no one has been seen carrying an AR around at any shooting in history.

  27. He makes no sense. If assault weapons are legal, any idiot can get one. The police want these weapons banned. I think it should be their call, not Trumps.

  28. No one can debunk what trump has said. Criminals that plan to do harm will always find a gun. That's why the good guys need guns too! And no I am not a gun owner I grew up with out being allowed to have a gun on my toys. But after the corruption I've seen within our government and how Hillary is above the law but other ppl who do the same thing get charged. I promise you I will become a gun owner befor the election!

  29. can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm not ashamed that I am. seince for now Anarchy is out of the question
    I want him in the fucking white House!

  30. How many average citizens (re: good guys) who own an assault rifle are READY for a shoot out of that nature? How many even have the training?? He's arguing every individual needs to basically be a soldier and be prepared for war. No sense being allowed to own that kind of weapon without a clue of how to use it in a life or death situation. If he truly believes this, he should pass mandatory assault weapon training PRIOR to purchase of an assault weapon. You should need a special gun license for those weapons, Just like you need a special license for a motorcycle or a Transport Truck.

  31. Paranoid individuals harbor unrealistic fears. Megalomaniacs think they need control. If you think you need or want an assault weapon, you are mentally ill. That's why I want a tank. No it's not funny. This is the contradictory nature of civilization and illustrates the need for controlling laws and institutions such as our military and police that protect the most people from clear and present danger, not possible danger. We are a resourceful people and will have the tools to combat real danger when and if it comes.

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